PS3: 3.60 keys released


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14 Responses

  1. Rafael707 says:

    owned.. sony its your move

  2. PSDev says:

    Decrypt the EBOOT and re-sign elf for 3.55 and walala

  3. DeadlyData says:

    When did the VITA support start?, And do you think sony made another bad mistake like they did leaving the keys in the PS3 for the PSP?

    Would be quite a hilarious thing if it were possible to get the keys to sign VITA binaries from the PS3 firmware just like what happened previously.

  4. Acid_Snake says:

    I think they are mostly doing this to get people into buying the E3 flasher, and I don’t blame them, the E3 flasher is a way more handy and permanent tool than those f*cking dongles.

  5. FiliaRyu says:

    Now waiting for Mathelieu to tell us he knew these keys already…

  6. A FabledHero says:

    free ps3 games or what?

  7. The End says:

    Your welcome

    • wololo says:

      Oh come on… fake ps vita keys, fake promise of a vita exploit by the end of July, and now you take credit for this? You’ve ran out of credits, dude.

      Insert release to continue.

  8. Onamaeyu says:

    I’m new to all of this and would like to know if any body can put a step by step together on how u do this.

  9. CATPowah says:


  10. paKO JONES says:


    Two two or three years ago when Total Noob’s HEN was released I told you I saw some ads on Mercado Libre asking for money to get those files on a cd sent to your house. Could it be possible to warn people about this situation? I mean, may be someone will burn the 3.60 keys on a cd an ask for money for them…

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