Ubisoft’s “Uplay” DRM contains a rootkit, hundreds of thousands of PCs potentially vulnerable


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29 Responses

  1. Kevin

    Wololo, you need a facepalm emote on this blog xD

  2. D

    I wonder what other DRM has backdoors.

  3. UtterN

    Thank you very much wololo for bringing these news, I’m very aware of my privacy and I like to protect it.

  4. jd20dog

    good thing grandia 2 wasnt on the list lol

  5. james way

    So From Dust is not attested? Yay. What about steam ubisoft games? They still run Uplay.

  6. Acid_Snake

    This is a perfectly good time to say:


  7. Linux user

    Its the Uplay ‘plugin in your browser’ that has the problem not the OS
    last time I checked linux runs plugins in their browsers 😀

  8. Zak

    I know that this off topic buy how did you come up with the name wololo?

  9. Clicks

    My first experience with obstructive drm was with bioshock, for some unknowable reason my connection just disagreed with the drm. At first I used a work-around patch, but the game crashed whenever I first entered Rapture after the little sub-capsule tour thingy. After a long call, reboots, safemode, and other fun things I got the game installed again for another go. Turns out the game just didn’t want to work with my gpu, an issue that was never resolved after the game’s PC team released a single patch for the buggy game and called it quits. Now THAT turned me off PC gaming for a good long while and drm for good (well that and my collector edition bioshock being destroyed in transit).

  10. auron

    we need one of these security guys to hack the vita 😛 find more backdoors and exploits.

    • FGG@TEA

      hahaha yea already waiting too long want to play XD heheheh(sorry bad english)always playing PSP GO i get mad on bottons and size of PSP XD Cheer Up

      • auron

        yeah, guys who work as network security or something like that know the inns and out to that stuff, a guy told me anything’s possible with hacking we just need to look and its pretty obvious where we should look.

  11. ndh777

    …another reason why I prefer consoles to PC lol I feel sorry for everyone with any of these games. This is a serious issue. Hopefully Ubisoft does something about it soon.

    • svenn

      Yeah, but i don’t see you do bank transactions using a console. So your argument is invalid. Every software has bugs, including console.

  12. Norml

    Always a rootkit on all these DRMs, shisty companies, I don’t support their evil ways. The consumer should have the same easy(superior) access to the products they buy that pirates get for free. Why is this concept backwards?(Like the drug war, it’s obvious these tactics are a failure) Come on consumers, stop supporting these idiots, they DON’T care about you…DRM is for their protection only, it’s like a 4-5-6th party type of deal where the consumer goes through constant hurdles until the excitement and pleasure is ripped out of them…plug and play, remember? Nonsense.

  13. Bob

    It’s a shame when you have to download a crack for games you already own….

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