Get Gravity Rush for free if you purchase a Vita

Amazon is running a promotional offer, sending you a free copy of Gravity rush as well as a protective film if you buy a PS Vita:

For a limited time, get “Gravity Rush” and PlayStation Vita Protective Film with the purchase of a qualifying PlayStation Vita console.

This works with both the Wifi and the 3G model, but the offer is, of course, limited in time. Gravity Rush is one of the most popular games on the PS Vita today, so hurry up while the offer lasts. There are other Vita bundles like this available, but they are pre-orders.

Get to the offer here.

  1. Thien Huynh’s avatar

    Wish Sony would actually put out more good games so this wouldn’t happen I love my vita the hardware is amazing but the software needs work. So much untapped potential


    1. ???’s avatar

      That’s why it needs to be hacked ASAP!


      1. Ronald’s avatar

        If its hacked game development ends right there no more. Developers will not make games for a console where games can be pirated.


        1. ADR’s avatar

          Except for PS Vita, every gaming consoles on the market now can be hacked. I see no problem with game development for those consoles.


          1. Rico’s avatar

            3DS is not hacked too. Hacked consoles can boost sales. Piracy can boost sales of the consoles too but games sales would suffer which would in turn kill the console over time. I prefer barring piracy but support hacking for homebrew use.

  2. Talec’s avatar

    Makes me feel kinda… stupid?.. that I bought a Vita early, with no bonus.


  3. Zonic’s avatar

    bu bu bu bu bu but I just bought a white vita on amazon yesterday and gave my black one to a friend and I get no bonus. Damn


  4. Chocogow’s avatar

    There is an offer like this at gamestop buy a new psvita and get one of 4 games and one is Gravity Rush other is Resistance and the other i cant remember


  5. Jxx’s avatar

    god damn sony, you wouldnt have to give games away if you’d sell them at a decent price to begin with
    i’d have bought GR by now if it wasnt f-ing 30 dollars.
    i’ll pay that for MGS HD collection because its 2 games..but GR….damn it sony, just give me stuff


    1. Jxx’s avatar

      i apologize for the language, i was emotional


    2. Kefkiroth’s avatar

      It’s not really a big deal, 3DS games are usually $40 at launch too. Which actually makes the Vita games worth it ($50 ones might be kind of pushing it though).


    3. Kid’s avatar

      Paid $60 for Gravity Rush in Australia.


  6. mojofosho’s avatar

    If the vita does get hacked what kind of things would you like there to be on the vita other than iso loaders or homebrew


  7. clicks’s avatar

    After how ridiculously locked down and restricted the Vita was/is, I won’t be buying another Playstation-whatever without a good bonus or price drop in excess of $30 value. It may seem dramatic but I never expected the Vita to be worse at handling media than it’s predecessor! From the ridiculously annoying and slow upload process to how unorganized everything has to be, even the browser is a thousand times more annoying by lacking the ability to download pictures quickly/consistently or even REAL tabbing (maybe this has changed a bit, I’m using the SC3 VHLB and haven’t updated or checked what gets updated). At this point I’m only using my Vita as a poorman’s (richman’s?) PSP, minus my old PSP games.


  8. Jecht’s avatar

    shame theyre doing it with one of the few vita games that are actually good right now and worth the price… :I


  9. SSJ-Vita’s avatar

    I plan to be patient with my vita, shelve it when not playing MK. Give it 6 months to a year and it’s software capabilities should start to shine bright. Yeah I agree it should have came with something better than the browser it’s got, but hopefully that just means the upgrades are going to be that much better as time passes.


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Yeah, I think it’s the cost of being an early adopter. I got my PSP 1 year after it was out, and the game library was acceptable


  10. solid214’s avatar

    i had a very similiar experience the first year the ps3 came out. I had to wait a really long time for a great game to come out and i had to buy an hd tv to fully enjoy that game. Gaming has become way too expensive now a days. i also watched a documentary about old school consoles where they touched on the fact that it doesnt matter if you have a great console if you dont have good games for it. Back then people bought the console that had their favorite arcade game on it like pacman. Now a days if you want good gaming, you always turn back to your pc because you get more options. The last time i enjoyed a really great game was FF7 on PS1. Just my opinion.


  11. Rico’s avatar

    My Vita & 3DS is gathering dust where as my PSP is getting a lot of playtime. The emulators on the PSP are just awesome. Still waiting for CFW for the Vita…I bought the Vita a free Uncharted( which as awesome) and Marvel vs Capcom(which was lame as hell)…


  12. Thom’s avatar

    I agree with most of the people here. My Vita (very first portable gaming device excluding smartphones, ipods etc) lacks enjoyment despite its potential. The only game im looking forward to is the Xseed translated version of ragnarok odyssey. Otherwise hope they port the original PS one games (like FF VIII) to the vita. The vita lacks so much, but it is only about a year now.
    Plus the accessory port has been useless still.



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