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Vita: Flash dump of the psp emulator by wth


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  1. memku says:

    thnks wololo for that already on my pc ill wait for the .80 vhbl

  2. Xemnas says:

    Why is it illegal to release this?

    • wololo says:

      I am not entirely sure, but I assume some portions of the files are copyrighted

      • naki says:

        well, we can’t post links to rco files from the flash, so surely this equals that right? I mean, rcos being not allowed is a bit OTT, but its up to the mods I guess.(wololo, you’re the admin!! you should know :))

        • ndh777 says:

          Wololo is just trying to play it as safe as possible. He’s not a lawyer so he doesn’t know all of the laws or how to combat the laws. So he does as little as possible to just be on the safe side. It could be illegal, so posting links to another website that hosts the files is less risky. Many torrent sites have begun doing that to escape legal issues, so smart on Wololo’s part.

    • Kid says:

      Possibly for the same reason sharing PS2 bios is illegal.

  3. bsanehi says:

    Would *somehow* swapping PSvita’s “ifhandle.prx” with PSP 6.60 “ifhandle.prx” bring back the kxploit used in 6.60 OFW PSP?

  4. SSJ-Vita says:

    Feels like I’m playin an online game, could seek out an elite or super item but it’s lvl 110 and I’m lvl 7 lol. Basically I mean, wololo, should the files be something important enough to at least hold onto.. skilled or not?

  5. nune says:

    so what could we do with this ?

  6. nune says:

    so what could we do with this

  7. OMightyBuggy says:

    I was lookin forward to one of these flashes showing up somewhere again, thx. 🙂

  8. SSJ-Vita says:

    Eh I snagged it in case anyone ever needs. -and so then the horse said ‘YOUR IN A BAR’ hahahahaha-

  9. Wrozen says:

    When I download Psp Cipher, there isn’t anything but source code?

  10. maverickwolf says:

    Will this dump help with creating more compatible and stable releases of VHBL?

  11. natsu says:

    thank god it’s getting interesting again.. ^__^

  12. dimy93 says:

    Any plans on releasing(the kexploit I mean)?

  13. darkAvenger says:

    For those of you who didn’t get the download links:

  14. nune says:

    so what can we do with this ?

    • thecobra says:

      normal users can’t use this for anything but developers can use this to find other kxploit for example. other can use it to understand the system better. etc….

    • svenn says:

      Well after reading the post I believe it will magically hack any psp/pspvita.

  15. ×_× says:

    I say quit the bullsht give us the kernel exploit or we will abandon the vita and this site for the Droid x360, thumbs up if u agree

    • thecobra says:

      I don’t want to sound rude but if you can’t/want to wait patiently for a release of kxploit then you can always search for one using this files. that what I did and I learn allot in the process. there will be a kxploit release some day this year but evenyone seems to agreed that right now isn’t the time. I may be one of the ones who will release it but right now we have to wait… I am also looking forward with sharing it with everyone.

    • dboyz says:

      dude,go getlife.ru =.=
      just do wat u wan, noone cares

    • rabidchild says:

      You’ll be missed.

  16. wololo do you think there will ever be a ps vita cfw? or will we always be stuck on psp emulator hacks.

    • Jd8531 says:

      well get cfw eventually, most likely not any time soon and it all depends on Sonys dedication to keep it off the vita

  17. Norml says:

    Cool beans, always enjoy the updated Vita news(or PSP on Vita). Can’t wait to replay them without forking out another outrageous charge just to do so, I feel I’m being punished for NOT pirating on the PSP.

  18. ThAt_GuY says:

    Like how your helping the people who know nothing about VHBL by putting, ” It won’t magically hack your system.”

    • yosh says:

      It means
      “If you want a hack already just learn some basic mips asm” lol
      or wait until we release smthg (nothing before 1.80 as it’d be dumb else)

  19. steve says:

    it may sound a very stupid question XD but: basically, what’s the difference between a kernel exploit in the PSP emulator and a psvita kernel exploit?

    • wololo says:

      A Kernel exploit in the PSP emulator gives you full access to what the psp emulator can do, but that’s it. It does not give you access to the Vita. In particular, it does not give you access to the full vita power, or to the vita touchscreen, etc…
      It also has the limitations of the PSP emulator: 333MHz CPU, 32MB ram, etc…

  20. Micheal says:

    Where’s the best section of your forum is the best place to find stuff like this? I don’t want to be searching all over the Internet. I think your site is filled with knowledge.

  21. z2442 says:

    I am attempting to lean basic mips asm im grasping most of it and i would like to learn more about how the kernel exploits work is there any well documented old ones or good places you would suggest i look to learn more ?

  22. z2442 says:

    thank you wololo. It was very helpful

  23. WolfRamiO says:

    Vita CFW… mmmm… correct me if i´m wrong but PS3 got one like 5/6 years after initial release?

  24. Developer says:

    3years to be correct, I asume you live somewhere in the US, so that’s a 2007, only Japan had a release of end December 2006.

  25. qwikrazor87 says:

    Hey I just tried PSP Cipher and all the prx files I threw at it were unknown to it, even the ones that PrxDecrypter could decrypt.

  26. Developer says:

    You mean that your computer doesnt reconize the prx files?

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