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Droid X360 – The best Vita knockoff ever?


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  1. aabnet says:


  2. Raziel says:

    Better images.
    Im actually annoyed at how good it looks, because if it had specs that were almost rival to the Vita then I would have sold my Vita, but sadly since it is alittle weaker and the screen is average then I rather my Vita. Which is beyond annoying since this thing is PERFECT, a HDMI port ? my god I wish I could hook my Vita up to the TV like this, so annpyed and hoping they make one with better specs soon.

  3. ricardo says:

    from somebody:

    Aliexpress is a marketplace. Since they don’t regulate all of the sellers on Aliexpress, many of them are scams.

    However Aliexpress itself is not a scam and there are many reputable vendors on there that conduct lots of business.

  4. ricardo says:

    All the people who bought the device, not yet received.
    But the date of first purchase is July 24

  5. solidsnake says:

    I ordered one from willgoo yesterday. I should have it in 10 days or so. But I still feel like im taking a small risk for some reason. From the pictures and video I saw, it looked like it has a microSD slot. Those are around 15 bucks for 32gb, the vita is still over 80 bucks for 32gb. Seems too good to be true, but I will let you know when it arrives.

    If i was going to post a review of it, what would be the best place to do that? On the forums, or on this page?
    Im new and have not posted a review before.

    • wololo says:

      I guess you would do it on the forum (allows you to edit, add images, etc..), and then maybe post a link to your forum thread, here on the blog’s comments

      I also ordered one, and I think we all got it from the same seller (he shipped yesterday to me as well). I sure hope it is not a scam. I mean, I’m not expecting something awesome, but I will be happy if the hardware I receive actually has the described specs. I’ve read horror stories about some sellers on aliexpress, so I hope this seller understands our community as a whole can guarantee him dozens of super positive or super negative votes…

  6. zorak torok says:

    well, i used alibaba to order one about 4 days ago, so ill let you know whats up soon. Thanks wololo for the link… all other sites indicate that there is no way to order yet… still my 124$$ is gone out of my account, said 5 days to process then ship. prob august 10th im guessing. ill post as much about it as i can

  7. zorak torok says:

    received shipping tracking number… must be on the way.

  8. new says:

    @Zorak Torak === dudde, could you please keep us informed and a review the unit when you receive it. And please test the SNES emulator and see if it runs at full speed with sound.

    • zorak_torok says:

      will do, preliminary review on youtube by qbertaddict1 indicates control issues, but check page 2 here for a link by wololo for a thread trying to resolve the problem… mabey software issues. You can also watch the 10:34 video to see that snes is full speed with sound… n64 seems to even run too fast indicating that the frame limit nees to be manually adjusted per game; games with alot of sprites as opposed to polygons will be diffrent… let you know more hopefully soon.

  9. unbornchiken says:

    @zorak torok I also used Alixpress and received the tracking number today, although it is not working yet in the Canada Post tracking system…Did you buy the console from Sam Zn too?

    • wololo says:

      Yes I think we all got it from the same seller. I think my blog post made a man quite rich over one week, I really hope this is not a scam. Feel free to report your experience here.

    • zorak_torok says:

      yes sir, and i think this was the plan. Wololo ; if not for you and a few other webmasters, i dont think this device would garnish the support it deserves. even if it dosnt live up to what we want, a customer base for this type of device is being discovered. 124 well spent to intrigue other developers to get on the band waggon. ps3 controllers are portable and will be supported, if not at this minute, very soon. prepackaged mini hdmi is a huge bonus, i once bought one for $35. perhaps the console on youtube was just faulty, but no matter, controls can be worked around. Still, i will through my ¥2 when i get mine…

  10. Raziel says:

    Should have ordered from WillGoo, they are more legit then most websites from China.

  11. Thanosserres says:

    i dont like it it is like you have a ps3 console box with xbox name and wii games i like to have a ps3 for the games not a console that have a copy from 3 other consols this is my opinion

  12. unbornchiken says:

    Did you guys watch this? Not very nice news for those that already purchased the console.

    • solidsnake says:

      I just watched the utube review. I expected a whole lot worse. The only REAL issue was the controls. All of the handhelds i have owned have the same problem. The wiz for example cant play any game that has circle motions for a haduken fireball. You must sacrifice something. No cheap console is ever perfect. The review also did not mention anything major wrong with the specs or any app running slowly. Just bad controls. Maybe the one he recieved was just not so good. Or maybe the controls need to be broken in just like a new mouse. The price is too cheap for perfection.

    • new says:

      OMG I’m so sad:( what a waste.. Couldn’t they just copy the PS Vita D-PAD and Digital nubs? and the waiting game for my perfect SNES Emulator continues.. maybe on Droid X720!

  13. Raziel says:

    If anyone wants a Emulator System I highly suggest anything from JXD to Yinlips from Willgoo, the Droid X360 looked like it was going to be a improvement over the rest but ultimately fails. If you really want one with duel analog sticks I highly suggest just waiting till the Vita gets home-brewed or wait until Yinlips releases a new version since I assume later down the year they will make one.

  14. solidsnake says:

    I just did some searching and found a video that decribes how to hook up a gamepad to any android 3.2 and above device. Go to google play and get the :usb/bt: joystick app. Then all you need to do is plug your usb gamepad into the droid x360 usb otg cable. The rest should be self explanitory. I found this info fast and easily on google. This has not been tested yet for i havent recieved the droid x360 yet. But i like the idea of not being stuck with having to use the default controls.

    • The End says:

      Why would you want to hook up a gamepad to this ,that would defeat the whole purpose of the machine derp

      • solidsnake says:

        Thanks for your reply. You have a good question. The quick answer is that it is a personal preference and I will not be using the Droid X360 on the go, just in my house.
        I tend to buy cheap devices with flaws in them and then weigh the pros and cons with the price.

        PRO: Its $115, it supports android and google play, it runs emulators that psp has a hard time with like N64 and Mame. It has a usb otg cable, the 32gb microSD cards are $15, it runs adobe flash. It is everything I ever wanted out of the vita.

        CON: The controls are the worst they could possibly be.

        So I dont mind having to use a controller. Its a lot better than staring at your vita waiting for something to happen.

  15. Raziel says:

    Don’t see why people keep asking him, as Wololo has said countless times he is waiting until 1.80 I don’t see the point in him releasing any info at this point unless for some miracle someone finds a extremely useful exploit. Now for the love of god stop asking him.

  16. zorak_torok says:

    i pride myself in my resourcefulness on the net, but due to the obvious search confusion i cant find the 360s 3g adapter. specs indicates one is available, and i hope you have searched your quadrants. Second, vhbl app for 3g wifi hotspot avl? if network is not dropped in psp emu mode , possible for net homebrew?

  17. Zorak_torok says:

    Heh, post after myself 9 days later… I don’t see much reason to convey my thoughts of the droid at this time except that I stated I would earlier. My x360 didn’t come till saturday — I wasn’t home to sign –… didn’t actually get it till yesterday morning and I havn’t had much time to mess with it, initial thoughts are exactly as stated by wololo and qbertaddict1 except that the touch functions worked less like they should than they gave it credit for… still havn’t updated with the superscript, but as soon as I get time I will. My right “analog” stick seems to catch and not work correctly, but luckly the left is fully functional. After all the preloaded *** is taked off I’ll give a better review.. core functions and loads everything wonderfully fast, now if these control issues just lighten up I would recomend it to anyone… 1 note, fighting games with any diagonal inputs for specials will not be happy no matter what software tweaks may come … the thumbstick may get WORE in, but the dpad just won’t physically allow you to press diagonal directions in any kind os fluid motion… finger hits the plastic and not the two points of pressure needed to make the diagonal press.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks. It’s good to get feedback from various people to see if I got a bad unit or if the bad controls are a global thing

  18. Zorak_Torok says:

    I’m working right now and i only tried to get it into service mode a couple times… my ru button kept hanging up so i had no success adding super script. Ill attempt it again tomorrow. I have noticed that the “analog” sticks are working better now… also the touch functions seem to be effected by background processes so i think that will free up with the script… angry birds would release my touch on its own, fruit ninja sometimes wouldnt regster touch, etc. if i load one of these games initially , they work fine, but within 10 minutes they get bogged down. Intresting thing though, when resetting to default The commercial roms are still present. Sd card is located at /mnt/extsd so most apps like ttorrent try to download to /mnt/sdcard which is actually internal memory by default.

  19. zorak_torok says:

    Okay… So, i didnt get but 3 hours sleep; however, im running superscript.2 now. As bad as the button presses were, i can now say that i can spin earthworm jims head around with ease or get slap happy with ehonda. that should contest the validity of the patch. My biggest issue upon receiving the droid was the bad touch controls (i already knew the physical ones were ***). Now i can say they work as well as a lower end htc. Its no vita, but i have no issues with it as it is. Dpad still sucks, but i got lucky because the left analog works completly fine for me now. All emus run as they should although im going to try another snes emu… dkc2 does NOT work. I can say that body harvest works on n64 which i havnt seen run well even on pc. I do have one huge concern with the file structure though. gameloft games install to /sdcard which is internal… that means that when i BOUGHT supernova 3 i couldnt choose to install it to my 32 gb micro sd. I guess the developers are forcing piracy :-> With the super script ALL roms and .apk files are erased so if you want your pirated copy of pvz, asphalt or whatever, back em up. I also had trouble getting a generic drive to use livesuit. Windows randomly listed diffrent devices it seemed. Finally ld_something_something worked and i got my mandatory format message. All things aside, i would recommend it for $124 after tweaks… just hoping someone points me in the right direction for the default dir’s alteration.

  20. zorak_torok says:

    guess i said something wrong…

  21. zorak_torok says:

    heh, im always on my vita at work… i have noticed (now anyway) that refresh sometimes loads a cache. my message disappeared and wouldnt show up untill i actually hit the comments link. Cant really explain it that well… just dosnt make sense, but now i know.

  22. Zorak_Torok says:

    Looks like deen0X is trying to get us a d-pad fix… some luck, but still hard at it

  23. First I thoiught X-Box (Microsoft copyed cuz it says x360)

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