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Release: PS Vita .pkg xTractor 1.01 by SKFU


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  1. ZgamerR says:

    Hey Wololo

    I have heard about this but i still don’t get what it does. Can it extract the ps vita firmware from the actual console into encrypted .pkg files on our computers?
    Or does it just extract a certain thing’s from the ps vita firmware folder (If there is one).



    • wololo says:

      pkg files are the “installation” files for games, etc… This tool allows to extract the files from within these files, but not to decrypt them

      • devilmarx says:

        wololo what is the benefit of this skfu to us?… does this one can install to ps vita once we extract it to computers?..

  2. rafael707 says:

    i heard skfu computer crashed… thats sucks when you lose alot of your work and your a dev…

    on another note, nice to know hes still alive xD good luck

  3. Rico says:

    so does this mean i can extract my games and install them on my card?

  4. cristian says:

    When can hack 1.67 ps European vita

  5. Dev says:

    @ Christian
    If you followed the news here on the site, you would’ve known that Wololo-San is keeping an exploit hidden *somewhere in a dark heavily guarded secret place* untill Sony decides to introduce/release the PS1 support for the PSvita.

    • Cristal666 says:

      Oh no,so this means i have to keep my ps vita un my box until that come out of the darkness?,i have only *** demos and is a box until i get a game but i want to play emulators until i have money to buy a game.So sad that we cant play nds games on vita i did play castlevania on a emulator but this is my first touch console and i want it to play it in ps vita.Oh what the heck i’ll wait XD.Does anyone thing that this console is awesome but it doesnt have a decent game like everybody espected?,like,King of fighters XIII,Kingdom hearts,final fantasy,god of war and any rpg that doesnt look like wii rpg games like run and hit similar as Radiata stories in ps2?,this console must have at least Castlevania but not 3d i want a 2d game like ds those games were awesome.

  6. new says:

    I have a request.. I check this site on a daily basis looking for the inevitable jailbreak vita kernel access announcement. When that happens, I would like you to name the announcement/tittle like “PSVita – Ladies and Gentleman” or “PSVita – Lets get ready to rumble” or “PSVita lets the games begin”. Yes, I know that a “PSVita jailbreak kernel access” would do the job but would not be as fun:)

    • Green Ranger says:


      There’s no Vita-Kernel Access out there…just a PSP-Kernel-Access. And you can do more on your PSP than on your Vita.


      An release for such an exploit just to enable piracy on the PSP-Site of the Vita were such a waste, since you can play all of your backup’s on your PSP.

      AT LEAST!

      Everyone should read first the Blog here and then ask a question. Some month ago i doesn’t know anything about exploits and now i learn more and more about finding those exploits, Mips Assembly and C. And it doesn’t matter how old you are, i know devs who just turn 16 and some who are over 30. And it’s fun to see how plugins were coded and the exciting moment when you found your own exploit and copile your first hello world.

      Just inform yourself before asking, or ask questions who belong to the Blog Entry.

      Then you would know how rare kxploit’s are, why Iso-Loader under VHBL not possible and why request for ps2 Emus and such things just stupid.

      Sorry to sound harsh :3 but it makes everything easier on all sites 😉

  7. devilmarx says:

    (@ new) just stay tune on this page so that you’ll know what happends wololo’s always updating us for the new update on our dev. as I always do. i’ll always stay tune on this site while i am working hehehehehheheh i am using my ps vita 3g just to stay tune

    thanks wololo for your effort with out you ps vita will never been exiting…

    • Cristal666 says:

      I miss to buy those games that let you play amulators and now i have to wait let’s see…about november or dicember to get one because someone said that it will be release when sony put the compatibility with psx and that will be in summer im angry with miself XD.

  8. cscash241 says:

    I downloaded it from the wololo mirror and it’s missing aes.key

  9. Mad-Hunter69 says:

    @wololo, i would like to seek for your help i download the program but it missing the AES.KEY where can i find it? another question i downloaded a Legit game from PSP Store via Media Go PC application i have the PKG file how can i convert it to a file that PS VITA CMA can recognize? i had downloaded the MGS1 PSone Classic and i don’t own a PS3 i would like to Play it on my vita and the TN-V Exploits doesn’t play the game… Pls response to my post or email me back… Thanks and more power!!!

  10. rus_lol_ says:

    Hey!written:no valid pkg.What to do?

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