[PS3] 3.6+ “backups” possible on DEX hack: the cat is out of the bag


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  1. fresno says:

    That was fast, thank you for the news Wololo.

  2. scott says:

    So, where can i find this hack? does it work on Kmeaw 3.55 ?

    • fate6 says:

      first re-read the post then ask again >__>
      (in other words no its for Debug PS3’s)

      • Green Ranger says:

        sorry fate :3 thihi

        First, you’re PS3 have to be on a 3.55 CFW to covert your CEX to a DEX Console 😉

        Second, @Scott, if you have to ask such a question you should stay away from such a method because there’s a chance that you brick your PS3.

        *brick = you transform your working PS3 into a expensive paper weight.

        *CEX-Console = a normal retail PS3 such yours.

        *DEX-Console = A Devkit PS3 for Developer.

  3. Mud says:

    I have 3.55 CFW, and there is a few new games I would love to play but cant because they require firmware updates so I might try this.

  4. ZeRo says:

    It’s good “the end of those stupid DRM dongles” nice words, and the way to convert in dex console isn’t simple, but not difficult.

  5. nhvfdij says:

    I think some sites make too much drama concerning dongles. Who wants to buy will buy, who doesn’t won’t. It’s simple as that.
    Now, about this release, is piracy really only that can be achieved? Because, I mean, it’s a Debug Unit, after all! It had to be useful in a way or another, at least for developers to dig more inside the PS3.

  6. rafael707 says:

    Someone is lookin at a lawsuit real soon…

  7. Lion_Amongst_Men says:

    Wololo you know very few followers will understand this post and most of them will attempt to pirate their games.. hmmm i always say if you dont know how it works don’t do it.

    • Green Ranger says:

      I would say it’s a way to keep the possibility to play Homebrews on our PS3 and could play 3.60+ Games.

      That Piracy comes out of those possibilitys is normal and not everyone join the pirate train. And for “normal People” who just want to play their backup’s it’s not easy to convert their consoles to a DEX-PS3…and there’s still the chance to tranform your PS3 into a expensive paper weight when you haven’t a dump of your NAND/NOR (the new tool to convert from CEX to DEX seems to avoid those bricks)…but we will see ^^

  8. Buu-San says:

    I guess this is good news for some folks. I hope this leads to something more than just piracy though.


    what about the backwards compatible ps3? will it be possible to backup ps2 games?

    • Green Ranger says:

      No, because of missing hardware all PS3 exept from the first FAT PS3 weren’t able to play PS2 Games. Even if some Dev’s try to create a PS2 Emu for the PS2 just a few Games would run and just on 10 FPS.

      • rodakk says:

        What about Cobra dongle?

        • Green Ranger says:

          Oh Okay :3 my fault ^^

          With Cobra-Dongle you could play PS2 Games on PS3 🙂 sorry for my mistake.

          And yeah! It’s not an hardware problem. It’s probably because they used selfs from a firmware < 2.70 FW.

          • Green Ranger says:

            and a Quote from “defyboy” from ps3Hax:

            “Originally the only models compatible were the original launch models which had both the Emotion Engine (CPU) and Graphics Synthesizer (GPU) from the PS2 hardware and had very good compatibility. The CPU was removed in later models and compatibility was still good, but not great.

            The PS2 hardware was then further removed all-together from later models (including the slims), I am not sure where the full software emulation came about but no PS3 officially supported it, the compatibility is very poor, it appears they reached a stalling point with the GPU emulator which may have hit the upper bounds of the PS3’s capabilities and thus was not implemented as a feature on these consoles.”

  10. Norml says:

    6) You do not condone piracy…remember?

  11. gamerb0y says:

    wow nice!!! hoping for a new cfw will come out

  12. sam says:

    Hi I’m a big fan of your work wololo I bought a vita for homebrews now vita games I don’t really play them I have only bought gravity rush and fifa thats about it I use to do a lot of testing on the psp for homebrews so when you do release the new exploit i will be getting it I can test hombrews on it and give you full feed back on what works and what does not let me know what you think and by the way have you ever considerd game reviews? for the vita would be great to hear your thoughts on games 😀

  13. HHH says:

    hopping for 3.66 cfw will come out..

  14. Guardian says:

    “How far do you think people are ready to go to play “backups”? Are the piracy dongles still relevant when the techniques to pirate games are that complex?”

    The answer for this questions and more tomorrow in the same WO-channel at the same Wo-time. Remember the worst is yet to come!

    -credit scene-
    nah nah nah nah wololo!
    nah nah nah nah wololo!
    nah nah nah nah wololo!
    wololo! wololo! wololo!

  15. Moedogg30 says:

    Game Genie Save Editor for PS3 is out I got mines

  16. akenateb says:

    ** R.I.P TB **

    • doctorwho05 says:

      finally!!! take that you money grubbing TB dev’s. Give them 2 big middle fingers. And i own True Blue. Taking other Dev’s hard work and rolling it into a money scam. Way to go TB

  17. CATPowah says:

    I have nothing to say about this anymore.

  18. mentatkgs says:

    The PS3 is dead anyway. There are no good exclusives near sight. The best games are best on the PC.

  19. gunblade says:

    on da ps2 emulater would it be possible to connect a ps2 to a ps3 hardware wise jus was wandering thought of a project i guess..

  20. gunblade says:

    yea pc game a great to do better hardware but the ps3 did come out long wen the pentium 4 had ht n dea was basic ddr but now days u got ddr 3 running intel core 7 wit good graphic cards but yea time for som next gen consles

  21. 2die4 says:

    It’s become noob proof to go to dex from cex you just need to install to pkgs flatz eid0 key dumper and the latest version of multiman

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