“Like” Playstation’s facebook and get two minis for free


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59 Responses

  1. Shaitan

    Sweet thanks for the heads up mate, got mine:)

  2. Kosuke

    wish i didnt have to do much just to download them and play them on my vita but thanks anyway

  3. Ryugi

    wow fantastic. there are a possibilite, this minis can they have a exploit how can i control?

  4. distefano

    nice find , thanks for this

  5. Dev

    This one is pretty old though.
    Please don’t get me wrong, thanks for sharing..

    If you like I could post some news about these stuff too.

  6. Zer01ne

    Search Farm Frenzy 2 in the PlayStation Store, you will Farm Frenzy 2 Mini for free when you choosing it !

  7. sony can kiss my ass

    so this is how far people go for a ‘like’ on facebook…

  8. garrei

    yeah im sticking to 1.61 and im not able to access psn, someone can have my code (be quick!)


  9. jlo138

    Wololo likes them and they are like “wait, we know who you are. This promotion does not apply to you!” lol.

  10. jigsaw

    i bet these 2 games are exploitable, if they have savedata. given enough time, though.

    • StepS

      they were already proven as not exploitable a long time ago.

      • wololo

        “proof” is a mathematical concept that is difficult to attach to the possibility of exploiting a game or not. I think what you mean is “one person tried and did not succeed”.

        • Mr. Awsome

          Ok, its now obvious that either of these games are being exploited next. Just tell us, and we would be fine. Especially with all these “corrections” that just further make it more believable.

  11. zaga

    there is no free farm frenzy 2 in portugal..

    • knokers

      Yes there is i’ve download it a few weeks ago…(faz pesquisar e escreve o nome do jogo e verifica que é “2” pois tens o primeiro que não é gratis!!de qualquer forma já fiz DL a algum tempo e se calhar já o removeram)

  12. Kravenbcn

    Some months ago That this offer is available, at least in Spain (from May)

  13. HIMFan

    I live in America. Here’s the process I took to get to use the games after I like the PS Facebook.

    1.I followed the link at the top of this page and liked PS.
    2.I opened up MediaGo (if you don’t know what it is, it’s the PSP store on PC)
    3.I signed into my account and entered the code I was given from Facebook.
    4.Downloaded the games.
    5.Plugged in my PSP with 6.60 CFW on it.
    6.Transferred the games using MediaGo.

    • HIMFan

      The reason it worked is because of the fact that my PSP has the CFW on it. I did the same thing after I bought Everybody’s Tennis for my Vita and accidently update my Vita. I realized, hey, I effin paid for the game, I should be able to have my Vita on my US PSN account and still be able to play the EUR version of the game. I had already downloaded it through MediaGo and so I said screw it, and tried transferring it to my PSP. It worked!

    • HIMFan

      Step 3.5, the PSN account has to be a foreign PSN account. Made for a country listed above. You cannot use your normal US account, otherwise you could just type it in when signed in on your US Vita, PSP, or PS3.

      • HIMFan

        Also, MediaGo will stop and say, Hey, this stuff isn’t activated under your account and might not work, Still wanna do it? Just say yes.

    • kryptic

      it didnt work

    • wololo

      You really want to run these games on your vita too.

  14. ZeRo

    In US only offer 50% of discount for plus members, but two interesting games right there, Gta Liberty city histories and Midnight club. Can They repeat the story with GTA ?

  15. andrew

    Can I have someone code plz

  16. andrew

    Can someone kidly let me have your code,plz I have no games for the vita because I got it for my bday yesterday

    • Ghost

      Sure why not..
      Post any email where you want it sent.

      I’ll give you my code.
      Since I can’t redeem it here in United States.
      If your PSN is registered to any of the Countries below it will work.

      Offer open until 31/07/2012
      Participating Countries:





      Czech Republic













      New Zealand





      Saudi Arabia


      South Africa







      United Kingdom

  17. Chocogow

    Hey those anybody that you can import from you’re ps3 to the vita the echochrome psp demo to you’re psvita its the only demo that allows me to copy and it does run can somwone check if this is usefull

  18. Kid

    Is it worth it?

  19. Chocogow

    No but it could be used to get the old demos and maybe revive the patapon demo exploit i wonder not sure but it dosent appear when i try to copy it

  20. ChrisHighwind

    If only the US Playstation Store was kind enough to give us free minis…

  21. Mr. Awsome

    I just had to reset my system TWICE, once to get the free games, and the other to reset back to the original US account, and guess what happens afterwards?


    • wololo

      Of course, you need to be on the EU account if you want to use the game. You’ll have to switch back.

      • Mr. Awsome

        is there at least any way to make a game transfer to another account. Maybe from the same system if I have it on the ps3 maybe?

  22. Norml

    Old offer, lame games.

    • Mr. Awsome

      alright then, miss on the possibility of cool surprises in the future! Trust us, you will not regret it. Soon enough you will know.

  23. Wrozen

    It’s not working for me! :(

  24. Taronish3

    i wish only 1 thing come out of this vhbl… or a homebrew loader…

  25. Skip