VHBL: Neur0n’s exploit confirmed (again) to work on the Vita, US port ready


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  1. bobachilles says:

    Great to hear! Nice work fellas 🙂

  2. CoolGuyMoe says:

    Great job. Keep up to good work.

  3. ZeRo says:

    Good work, good news, I want to test someday 😉

  4. Wow! congratulations! 🙂 this is some pretty impressive work, keep it up guys! will be patiently waiting for the release and game name thanks for all your hard work 🙂

  5. Aye Guy says:

    Sweet 😀

  6. noobtiger says:

    I am ready ….I have funds in my PSN wallet….all i need is the game’s name

  7. Zatch Corentin says:

    yay 😀 you have no idea how excited I am for this!

  8. OMightyBuggy says:

    So is Neur0n going to keep helping you at Wololo or is it just for this exploit?

    • wololo says:

      Neur0N is free as the wind, sometimes we work together, sometimes we don’t 🙂
      But he is involved in so many projects on the scene that I think it won’t be the last time you hear from him on my blog 😉

  9. Ali says:

    keep it up bro!
    Good job!

  10. Hizaki says:

    Awesome news!!!
    If you need any testers I don’t mind updating from 1.61^^

  11. TrECeNTeRs says:

    @Wololo, will this VHBL exploit be more compatible with home brew then the SuperCollapse3 version?

  12. CrystalMusic says:

    That’s another great news to hear! 😉
    ***, I just want to make rpg on vita I have now my gamedesign for it but my knowledge for programming is not that good anyway I hope Neuron and wololo will make some app/game on vita using PSM.

  13. Sessohmaru209 says:

    Thank you Wololo and Neur0n! It’s great news that more exciting things are in development as we speak.

  14. mirko8054 says:

    pls, i want vhbl for 1.69, wololo pls…

  15. UtterN says:

    Awesome work fellas! Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  16. rafael707 says:

    nice work on the u.s port, cant wait to upgrade to 1.80 and use the youtube app + hbl, keep up the good work guys, we appreciate it 😉

  17. Nyaa says:

    dat white PSVita, fuuuuu~~~

  18. Uzku says:

    Great job, thanks for waiting for 1.80 I cant wait to unlock this beauty!! Cheers

  19. Mud says:

    So will this exploit work better than the Super Collapse 3 exploit? I really want a good working SNES emulator. 😉 among other things.

    • wololo says:

      In theory, yes, the game seems to have more imports than Super Collapse 3. Not sure how that will translate into Snes emulation. Snes9x seems to work pretty well for me on SC3.

  20. Peter says:

    i will give you a million cents if you tell me which game

    • Mud says:

      Shouldn’t even ask nar-tard. you’ll get band from ever finding out in time, so be cool.
      Hope its a small game my 8GB card is full.:/

  21. Baldassano says:


  22. SSJ-Vita says:

    Definitely some moves in the right direction Wololo,Neur0n and all of the above not mentioned. No doubt even if just a little, that these steps forward are going to eventually lead to bigger better things “psv cfw crown jewel” Great job guys and be sure to let us all know any ways we can be of assistance!

  23. Tiago says:

    the exploit game ..is a psp,psvita, game???…psp game cost money …is not viable to some people,only a original game is the best for hbl.

    • lounge says:

      does it matter? wololo and neuron will release the “game” at their own discretion, WE don’t have any choice if it’s expensive or not. Unfortunately this is what we have to deal with until an easier and cheap exploit comes out.

      Awesome work as always, Neur0n.

  24. bb says:

    any concern that we might be wasting a exploit if we wait for the new FW and Sony patches it? I would think you release it now and be guaranteed of having another vhbl for the vita. I know that the new FW brings PS1 backups but that’s been there done that for sometime. I would just hate to see this exploit lost in the event sony patches.

    • xpblader20 says:

      How is Sony going to patch it without knowing which game the exploit is coming from and what the exploit is? You don’t need to worry about it getting patch yet. Usually they just remove the game from PSN/PEN a couple of hours after the exploit gets released.

  25. z3r01 says:

    when does the new firmware get released

  26. distefano says:

    i would love to test it also , spend money yesterday for motorstorm and apperntly this doesnt work anymore .
    you got my mail , can test for eu versions .
    and would be an honor

  27. Multiboy2K says:

    Of course I am extremely excited about this news
    The main reason I bought the Vita was to replace having to carry an Ipad around everywhere with me.

    Wololo can you Please confirm that the Bookr app now works with this latest exploit?

    Thank You
    I have cash in my psn just for this purpose.

  28. J4N83 says:

    OH MY GAASHh!!! So awesome! wololo and Neuron you are a genius!!! my respects!! so happyy!!

  29. alisson says:

    this picture is the psx game, wheel vhbl this?

  30. Prymed says:

    I’d like to know at least how much the game costs so I can load up some cash on my PSN account. :p

  31. BattaTrattaKill says:

    the game cost’s $10.00US, the white ps vita looks so sick. I purchased one from Japan and i have to say. Wait for the blue ps vita/madden released in NA.

  32. SLeePLatED says:

    Wow that was the good new!!!

  33. Justin says:

    I hope they wait for a full release after next weekend, just paid my expensive *** cable bill

  34. mad8vad says:

    @Wololo, if new firmware will block this exploit will you release it? So people that haven’t updated may use it

    • wololo says:

      That’s up to neur0n, but I guess yet. I don’t expect Sony to block that specific exploit (they’ve never done that in the past), but it’s possible they block some generic stuff to prevent VHBL from running. If that happens, we’ll discuss our options

  35. BattaTrattaKill says:

    @Wololo why you delete my post? I mean, I already have the game needed to boot up VHBL…why not say the price of it? disclose the name of it, the game’s name was already leaked, But w/e man and goodluck.

    • mad8vad says:

      Can you point where game name was leaked?

      • wololo says:

        Before something stupid happens, let me clarify one thing: if the game’s name is leaked before firmware 1.80, we won’t have the time to release our work in good conditions, and Sony will patch the game before anybody has a chance to use the exploit. Remember, there’s a reason we do “ninja releases”.

        Also, remember that without the exploit, the game name is nothing, it could be someone trying to get you to buy a game just as a prank, this happened already in the comments of this blog. Don’t get tricked into buying a game if you don’t have a good reason to trust the person giving you its name (basically, if it’s not coming from me or Neur0n, you shouldn’t trust anybody).

        Finally, I don’t see any reason to even release my work (and I’m sure Neur0n will do the same) if the release doesn’t happen the way we planned it. So good luck to whoever wants to port VHBL if the game name is leaked 🙂

        I’ll also make sure that people who ask for leaks, or lead people to (correct or incorrect) leaks, will be the last to know about future exploits. You might think it’s good to get this game name in advance, but you might regret it in 6 months when we release a Vita root exploit and you’re out of the loop (not that I have that yet, but who knows 🙂 )

    • lunalilo says:

      harsh words coming from a person that that probably never donated to Wololo’s cause…ever…

  36. BattaTrattaKill says:

    oh my bad man. I din’t see my post until now. Sorry about that. but yea. hopefully everything goes out as planned. once again I’m sorry for the double posting.

  37. DESTROYER_ONER says:

    hope i can get the game on time

  38. windgust says:

    hey ppl come on lets wait and hope good things happen.i would like to see this new vhbl PS Vita Remote Desktop i need to update for it.would be sweet playing pc games on the vita though 🙂 gl wololo

  39. distefano says:

    wololo , i have bought 2 days ago motorstorm .
    this doesnt work anymore ?
    cause it keeps saying corrupt data to me when i bring in the savegame .
    i am on 1.69 now but keeps saying corrupt data .
    regards m8

    • wololo says:

      No, the motorstorm exploit was patched after firmware 1.61

      • distefano says:

        aaaargg , should have known that before i bought the game then .
        thanks for the reply m8 .
        grts from the small belgium country 😀