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VHBL: Neur0n’s exploit confirmed (again) to work on the Vita, US port ready


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  1. teckno

    People you need to understand but by guessing price/game you may damage the release as there is still no know date even to when it comes out. Be patient ignore leaks wait for wololo and neurons official release.

  2. Cristal666

    ***,my psn was on spain and i was trying to buy motorstorm artic edge but when it says please put password when i try to put money on my wallet for first time,and searchin in google says that in order to purchase a game with dollars you have to create an account in USA,i did and keeps asking me for pass and when i realize that it was my pass i say “How stupid can i be” Jajajaja.After all that i found out that Motorstorm is not available on USA my god i did get mad but what the heck,i have money but i cant put it on because my mom is afraid someone steel her money,i tell her that is an important company but she say no,so i have to buy a *** psn card and more sad my printer is dead so in order to do that i have to buy it,go to a cyber if in one place even exist one use internet “Money”,print a copy “Money” and theeeen finaly pay it im angry jajaajaja.Does anyone know if there’s going to be Gow “God of war”,Kof “The king of fighters” and KH “Kingdom Hearts” for the vita?.

  3. macmac

    can this load iso games?

  4. SteWieH

    is there a way to sign up to get a email on when the gae name/exploit is released on here? at ties i find the name only after its to late 🙁
    I am sorry but i dont have time to contantly refresh wololo every hour

    • wololo

      People registered on our forums get the information in advance. You don’t have to refresh every hour. Quickly checking once or twice a day is usually enough.

  5. Mohammad

    Great work I can’t wait to see this things possibilities
    I would like to help in any way!!

  6. People you need to understand but by guessing price/game you may damage the release as there is still no know date even to when it comes out. Be patient ignore leaks wait for wololo and neurons official release.

  7. Shiro Itami

    Awesome, cant wait. I hope I can get a card and the game before Sony gets wind of it. The least I want to do is lose my chance because I didn’t have the money.

  8. Prometheus

    I just hope to play ps2 games . like RE4 . or better

    left for dead

  9. Johnny

    Wololo please tell us the Range Price of the game before u announce it id like to buy a NA PSN Card.

  10. Memku

    be patient about the ninja release im a member of the forum will i recive an email before the game name get public release even if i dont participate to much on the forums?

  11. John

    Wololo, sorry for the simple question but is this game available in the asian store (hong kong)?

  12. quetz

    can’t wait for it!! means pico drive and other emu will be working fine on this vhbl? hope that the new ram unlocked + the fw1.80 with psx emulator in the new fw will run at least psx<psp iso loading 😉

  13. Jason

    Hats of To Lord Wololo and NeuR0n
    you guys are the lords of knowledge..
    m sure “DARK ALEX” is sooooo proud n happy
    to see PSP scene is not dead (i know you guys are ps vita) lol

  14. x7l7j8cc

    Wololo can we know the name of the game???
    And we (all of us) can start to buy that game before sony takeit of from store…
    So, if you can send it by email to all of us, well be a pleasure…

  15. jorge

    tanks for your great work
    Bonne continuation pour tes futur projet.
    Dit le nom du game par email.
    merci en avance.

  16. anka


    I just want to ask for how many year more we have to wait to play Vita as our PSP`s game isos

  17. Kaushal

    I dont know how to download vhbl so can anyone please send me link on my email adress My email address is Kaushal5863484@yahoo.com Thanks.

  18. neo511

    hey guys i have a ps vita with 1.69 and ive been going crazy trying to add hbl on it can some one plz tell me how to do this my email is luishernandez511@gmail.com thanks in advance

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