Release: PS Vita Remote Desktop by DigitalArts001

A few days ago I wrote about PS Vita Remote Desktop, a tool that allows you to stream PC games on your Vita, and control them with the Vita.

The author of that application, DigitalArts001 (a.k.a. melfice002) just released the source code for that application on the playstation forums.

One of the “proof of concept” videos that impressed people the most was Left 4 Dead running through this application. If you have an up to date Playstation Mobile SDK, as well as an up to date Vita (yup, you’ll probably need firmware 1.691), and a bit of motivation and/or programming skills, then do give this app a try.

Download and install

Quoting the author here:

I’d like to share a sample of my remote desktop application because lots of users are asking for a sample. This is my first C# and PS Vita Application.


I haven’t though of a good name for my application yet because I’am very picky when it comes to naming, but for now I will call this PS Vita Remote Deskop, an application that allows you access your computer remotely using the PS Vita, by translating the PS Vita’s input to keyboard/mouse input.


System Requirement:


Windows 7 (haven’t tried this on XP or Vista)
.net Frame work 3.5 above
PlayStaion Mobile SDK 0.99 for PC
PlayStation Mobile Dev Assistant 0.99 for PS Vita



How to Install


1. download PS Vita Remote Desktop here
2. extract the PS VITA REMOTE DESKTOP.rar
3. load and install “VitaRemoteClient” using the PSM Studio.
4. locate “VitaRemoteServer.exe” from the “VitaRemoteServer folder”, run the server.
5. windows security alert will appear, select allow access.
6. a ballon tooltip will appear showing the computer’s Ip address
input the ip address to your vita then tap connect.


D pad = arrows keys;
Left Analog stick = W, A, S, D;
Right Analog Stick = Mouse Movement;
Gyro X and Y axis only = mouse movement;
accelerometer X axis only = A, D;
Lbutton = U;
Rbutton= O;
Square = J;
Cross = K;
Circle = L;
start = numpad0;
select= show/hide mouse cursor;



TouchScreen “don’t function well still working on it.”


Tap = executes a left mouse click;
double tap = executes a left mouse double click;
Draging with one finger = moves the mouse;
Draging with two fingers = moves the view port;



Max Resolution 480 x 270;
lowest Resolution 400×200;
Audio not yet available
definining key inputnot yet available
the program is 30% complete but it’s working.

It’s not perfect yet, though: several people are reporting various problems: compilation errors, black screens, etc… but most of them seem to be configuration issues that can simply be solved. If you have any problem, feel free to discuss them on our thread at /talk.

Note: I haven’t tried this myself yet.

Source melfice002 on, via jd8531 on /talk

  1. GaDo’s avatar

    i cant see the FullScreen in my Vita my current Resu in my PC is 1600×900! and the avail resu in Remotedeskstop is 800×600


    1. distefano’s avatar

      you need to set your desktop to 800×600 too , then you see your fullscreen too .
      i got tony hawk pro skater to work that way , works great , however most other newer games dont .
      now trying to get mw2 and saints row to work .


  2. Jakub’s avatar

    are you fucking kidding me? how to install via PSM studio? this is really retarded “how to install”


    1. Hereiam’s avatar

      Its the only way… Not that hard.


    2. Ryan’s avatar

      Chill out bro? Heard of something called Google?


  3. Hereiam’s avatar

    I seem to be the only one in the world but… Why wont my mouse work in games like fable 3, bioshock 2, and any other for that matter?


    1. Brett’s avatar

      Look i realize it is something i must change in sdk thats fine i can handle that. just can someone point me in the right direction within the code?

      Otherwise this app is useless unless for old boring emulators.


  4. Prymed’s avatar

    Works great for me! I regretted having to update to 1.69, but I decided to anyway. Hopefully your next VHBL will work on 1.69, @wololo. xD But the only real complaints I have is that when you run games on fullscreen It won’t show up on the vita, and some games (Portal 2, Skyrim) the right analog stick won’t move the axis of the game, but move the mouse. But all-in-all, grats to DigitalArts001 for his great effort on such a wonderful app. :p


  5. ghadz’s avatar

    Great app plugged my pc to the hdmi tv run any emulator… Looks like my vita turns into a controller joystiq… =)


  6. ratatatattaa’s avatar

    we want more apps ….. can you give to us more apps?


  7. Dee.’s avatar

    How do you install? This doesn’t make much sense especially with no readme


  8. wes’s avatar

    For all of you saying it doesn’t work you should read you need other itmes such as the ps sdk for your PC and the psvita dev assistant so its not just download and it works as wololo said” you need so motivation and/or programming skills”


  9. lalalalalla’s avatar

    I know how to play left4dead onluy go to options in the game an put video and put short screen and adjust the size ok the pakxbd


  10. Justabit’s avatar

    Although its allowed through my firewall, the ip I’m inputting is correct and both PSM and PSM studio are up to date (as a matter of fact I downloaded the both after this was posted and updated PSM Dev) I am still getting a black screen. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?


  11. maxmeecehgan’s avatar



  12. Ins4niaC’s avatar

    my screen turns black when i am trying to connect!? :(


  13. WHYYY!!!!!!’s avatar

    when im using my psvita and starting VitaRemoteClient it just has a black screen please someone elp


  14. waaaaa’s avatar

    pleasae make an update,im gettin a black screen with fps


    1. Darton Staker’s avatar

      Will anybody assist with black screen errors?!


  15. sonic99190’s avatar

    where do you get the cliant thing i cant find it on google


  16. sonic99190’s avatar

    where d oyou put in the ip address


  17. Samantha’s avatar

    I followed the directions carefully but when I try to load the app (or any of the demos) on my vita I get this error:

    “Failed to install application on device. Please make App Key Ring file from PSM Publishing Utility.”

    Can someone please tell me how to solve this? Thank you!


    1. Billy’s avatar

      You gotta buy a publisher license from sony. There isn’t a current fix for this right now. I currently am waiting myself :/


  18. ASD’s avatar

    we want a new version.. so please update this psvita remote desktop


  19. ERA’s avatar

    yeah I also for new version


  20. David Hargrave’s avatar

    website says theres an error; dosent have it any more :(


  21. David Hargrave’s avatar

    the website says that the download was invalid, and I cant find the download :(


  22. David Hargrave’s avatar

    cant get to download :(


  23. david’s avatar

    cant find the download


    1. wololo’s avatar

      This was removed a while ago, and was only available when Playstation suite was on beta


  24. Je-Al’s avatar

    wololo im having problem when i connect the ip address i only saw black screen on my vita…but i can use the right stick of my vita as mouse..what should i do..?


    1. jonny2jo’s avatar

      Just change the code and redeploy it into your vita and voila (i got it for the psm dev forum)

      Original code:

      // Set up the graphics system
      graphics = new GraphicsContext();
      sceneMain = new MainUI();

      dgl_connection = new dialog.DLG_CONNECTION();

      UISystem.SetScene(sceneMain, null);

      Fixed code:

      // Set up the graphics system
      graphics = new GraphicsContext();

      dgl_connection = new dialog.DLG_CONNECTION();



      1. Dean’s avatar

        I’m sorry but I am new to the whole PSM scene but I have obtained my publishing license today and I want to know where this code you have is supposed to go in the project. I don’t know where to put it and I am getting a black screen on my vita and the mobile simulator on my pc so something is blocking it please help!


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