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[PS3] CEX to DEX, connecting the dots


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  1. BattaTrattaKill says:

    cool post man. I still believe your’e better off on the Handheld scene than on home consoles (ps3).

  2. Grand says:

    Nice explanation! Thx for this. So when i understand correctly u must be on 3.55 OFW right? Could be this extended someday for 3.55 – 4.XX or is this impossible?

  3. PSX says:

    I wish Wololo was in the PS3 Scene!

  4. Medox says:

    Great article but regarding the piracy potential of this… it will lead to more piracy. If you check some scene forums you’ll see people being able to run 3.60+ games from a usb hdd by using the dex bd emulator.

    You are not wrong about unsigned eboots, just that Sony had a ‘genius’ at work again… and one can run ANY game using the bd emu IF it has an retail update (most have).

    Check the latest posts from the original thread on ps3news for more.

    The downside is that you can’t put a lot of games on the usb hdd (which also has to be sacrificed “just” for this), but that will change I guess.

    • UE says:

      If you see the scene forums you will see a lot of people claiming a lot of things…

      Your info is pretty off and I do not have the energy to correct it atm…

      • Medox says:

        I know it also has something to do with edats being in said update packages and other mumbo-jumbo (that’s why I said to check the original thread for more) but it’s possible and confirmed by legit users (from other forums too) that you can run 3.60+ backups. Not only confirmed but also explained.

        Maybe some games can’t use the exploit or something like that but anyways. 3.60+ backups on 4.xx dex is possible and confirmed. No need to get the energy to correct me.

  5. Korben says:

    Really ? An article about DEX/debug unit/firmware without point out that it is easier to debug PlayStation 3 application with this (or maybe i’ve missed this part) ? 😀

    Anyway, except this little tease, it is obvious that this blogpost is one of the best article/news about this subject. It is ironic because like you said (Wololo), you’re not even in the “PlayStation 3 scene”.

    So this proves that i was right about this (see an old discussion on another news).

    Well, good read, thanks Wololo.

    ps : It is funny to see the “old Troll(s)” reappear in the PS3 forums, saying some “facts” (this means the usual semi-facts/lies they tell) about this subject.

    subscript/tips : I’m talking about some people who converted (or helped to convert) retail in debug and sold (or helped to sold) them after the process. By the way, they were not using the same method that the “naehrwert’s group” are using.

    re-ps : It seems the leak was done by zecoxao (or not ?), how the heck did he mange to got a hand on the “naehrwert’s group” work ? Yet another “snoop” lurking on (private ?) IRC.

  6. Mitdog says:

    I have a debug/ test unit untried to run ratchet and clank 4 on 3.55 and it asked me update nomater what setting I am on so for anyone trying the cex to dex just for games that run on higher firmwares it does not work
    This is just me so maybe some one knows better but it did not work nomater what dev setting I have it on

  7. ViRGE says:

    So my knowledge of PS3 security is a little shaky, but with the ability to run unsigned code on a 4.xx console, what is keeping hackers from being able to recover the decryption keys for 3.6+ games and/or having the console decrypt said games?

    Obviously the firmware has them since it’s using them for 3.6+ Blu-Ray games, so everything needed is present. It just seems like there’s very little protection left at this point.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, this sounds like a correct statement, based on my own limited understanding of how it works. Other people (with more knowledge than me) have contacted me, saying it’s a matter of days before techniques on how to run 3.6+ backups are made public on these firmwares.

  8. jd20dog says:

    this is awesome
    but ill wait on a better guide for the old a01 ps3’s
    i have an 80gb for official games so its not that necessary to risk the a01 yet
    4.xx cfw here we go lol

  9. madking says:

    Great read man, thanks! I waited a while to play my legit copy of Arkham City, but eventually ended up just trading it in for for the 360 version :\ Would this have allowed me to use the TB eboot to play it donglefree?

  10. Bruno says:

    So it is possible to install a Dexfw on a console that has come from the factory with a 3.6 +?
    Is that it?

  11. john smith says:

    Ow I know I don’t know too much.but I read that the dex 4.11 fw was leaked.so could we some how update our cex to dex consoles to 4.11 and then download psps or even vita psn files on the internet then put them on the console then transfer them over to our vita and since we made the ps3 think theyre legit we could make the vita think its legit somehow too

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