“Playstation Mobile” (formerly Playstation Suite) SDK updated to 0.99


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34 Responses

  1. omegarob says:

    maybe now you can think to sign vhbl
    so no more exploit needed

    • taiyaki04 says:

      imho, i dont think it is possible, since if we use vhbl, we will be using emulators, gba from nintendo dor example, which has copyright.

    • Adam says:

      vhbl runs in the psp emulator on the vita while PS mobile doesn’t so that isn’t possible.

  2. GodofDark says:

    Wololo, I updated my PSM on PSV and PC and it seems when you click on PSM a popup on your computer shows up and says “PSVita as been disconnected” so I guess that’s the end of that. I’ve already sent PM.

  3. Vinnie says:

    This is the opportunity for the developers out there :)

  4. I ran into a problem with this update wololo so if you manage to delete and re-install the former app i would advise so because when i had installed it my installed apps for the pss would not work and i have not updated it since downloading it again.

  5. GodofDark says:

    Ok so I re installed and it was somehow on 0.98 which still doesn’t work so i guess it was the PSM for PC, the only new thing I installed.

  6. GodofDark says:

    Uninstalled PSM for PC and still not working now am confuzzled :D

  7. GodofDark says:

    Sorry for spam, but when I exit CMA then VitaConnect works but when I click on Comic Go it returns to home screen

  8. Utterly Utter says:

    Nice! Now we got something to play with until some smart person find out how to exploit kernal on Vita! :)

  9. auron says:

    will these apps be on the store soon?

  10. OMightyBuggy says:

    When you bring up PS Suite Dev on the PS Vita menu it has a yellow update icon. When you click the tab it says that you have to update your system firmware to update the app. Soooo for now I am NOT gonna update my system. :P

  11. auron says:

    ok i got the SDK where are the apps?

  12. Okay! sorry @Wololo i figured my last post would not get post so i conviniently put everything here : (https://www.facebook.com/groups/PlaystationOnlineTeam/doc/441877762501473/) this link is for people are getting into the playstation suite.

  13. auron says:

    oh thanks! where did you find them?

  14. auron says:

    oh wow, thanks for the hard work!

  15. Monk9899 says:

    I think i read in sony’s T&C that they won’t allow free apps.
    Can anyone confirm this?

  16. Cameron says:

    does anyone know of any place where people are posting their apps and homebrew games for this? as i’m pretty *** at making any apps, though i’m having a play, i would be interested in looking at apps others have made and seeing what they’ve done, play around with theirs and hopefully learn a lot, but also it would be good to see what other people are making and that :)

  17. omegarob says:

    hey me too !!!!!!! ;-)

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