Release: VHBL 154-TC For Super Collapse 3, by TheCobra


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  1. OMightyBuggy

    Gonna try it now. Thanks TheCobra for the VHBL official-unofficial update and Wololo for the news. 🙂

  2. HIMFan

    Yup, I’m still on it.

  3. vhblfans

    thanks for wololo and thecobra.

    ye ye ye

  4. tonyuk73

    Still with 1.68. Going to install if I ever get off this bus….

  5. Acid_Snake

    force_exit_buttons is not working (set as default 0x00000009)

    • fate6

      works for me but only when in example in the title menu of lamecraft
      same with Daedalus but only after I press it for a while

    • wololo

      Acid_Snake: rename hbl_config.txt into hblconf.txt. I think thecobra forgot to do a bunch of renames, as I changed some of the filenames in a recent revision.
      also, all .nids files need to be renamed into .nid , but that seems to be less critical.

  6. sepi

    actually vhbl to nothing….so why you just hack ps vita for play pirated psp games…And make 1000 people happy……every day i wanna drop my vitain trash can…but because of u i dont to it yet…plz a lots of people want psp game on their vita….:( 🙁

    • fate6

      good luck with your research >__>

    • cain kirisgai

      please stop asking the devs be glad you get anything at all damn they have answered that so many times not go a read a little

    • rabidchild

      VHBL isn’t for piracy, scumbag! It’s because of people like you that everyone else misunderstands those who want to use the Vita for homebrew or emulators. Why don’t YOU make “1000 people” happy and go away?

  7. The End

    //PSV private byte[] PSVAesKey = new byte[16] { 0x6B, 0x7B, 0x71, 0xD7, 0xC9, 0xD5, 0xA1, 0x8F, 0xA3, 0x66, 0x3D, 0x18, 0x88, 0x28, 0xC2, 0xA6 };

    Your welcome

  8. Jd8531

    i hate to be a pain, but could someone please link me to wololo’s guide on finding an exploit. i cant find it ;/

  9. Qwerty

    Thank you TheCobra good job!

  10. Pom

    Can I still use ymenu with this update?

  11. Peter

    And for the majority of the population we will have to wait for a new exploit to be released…

  12. Pom


  13. tylersuper27

    im still on 1.67 but where do i download the game from plz someone answer me if anything email me

  14. Carla

    so i cant use theme because the gamen is not in ps store ? if anyone can helpm this my email (sorry for my bad english i for mexico)

  15. Alasdair

    Pretty new to the PSvita scene, but I’m pretty savvy with my old PSP. Anyway, I thought I was on the latest Vita firmware, but it turns out I still have a 1.67 Vita… but I take it from everything I’ve read, I’ve missed the bandwagon and will have to wait till a new exploit is released? I gather you also have to be quick off the mark to grab the game needed before it disappears? Probably a no brainer, but is it worth updating it to 1.69 or am I better sticking with 1.67?

    • wololo

      With my current knowledge, I’d say updating to 1.69 will not shut you out of any useful hack. *BUT* I don’t necessarily know everything, so my advice is: update only if you need to.

  16. Asmith906

    anybody know if this fixes the issue with picodrive where it freezes

    • thecobra

      Asmith906@ Yeah, i receive report that it did fix the problem with picodrive freezing. Only problem is with some audio but i fix that later with time.

      • geise

        Does sega cd mp3 playback work on Picrodrive while using it in VHBL? I have a gp2x wiz system and all my sega cd games playback mp3 audio fine, but when used in VHBL it does not. Am I the only one with this issue, or is this a common problem?

  17. Kial

    It didn’t really help with other games like duke nukem most games still give you an error code (c1-2858-3)

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