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OUYA: a new gaming console for 99$


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31 Responses

  1. AlphaKiloCharlie

    Do you think it could succeed? Please give us your thoughts when you receive it.

  2. HIMFan

    If you read all of the FAQ’s on their page, they’re doing a lot more than just a TV that runs Android tablet/phone stuff. It delves into even deeper things.

    Watch the video. Read every piece of text. It’s golden.


  3. James Way

    “Just the same way you are not worried to access your bank account from your computer, because the fact that your computer is “open" to development has nothing to do with the security of your bank’s website.”

    Very well put good sir. I’m excited for this.

  4. WTF

    no thanks.. psp cheaper for homebrew 🙂

  5. WTF2

    then some wallhack and whatevers will grow and destroy online gaming experience using “this” console 😛

    • wololo

      It’s the responsibility of game developers to code their games properly, with security in mind. Read the full article, and the bank analogy

  6. salkfhkas

    How its performance.

  7. Kid

    Considering this won’t do much a phone plus controller hooked up to a TV couldn’t potentially do. I’m not interested and with the likely announcements of more next gen consoles and the Wii U release next year. This will probably get forgotten about and looked over by many. I can’t imagine so many amazing game coming to this either if plans I hear of retailing games for <$20 are true. But only time will tell I suppose.

    Maybe this will go the same way as onlive, in a best case scenario, it might have some success but only remain in the background overlooked by many?

    • wololo

      To me the big factors of success will be the price and the “consistent” experience. The issue with phones/tablets right now is the lack of a dedicated gaming platform such as the PSN, and device fragmentation. With a unified device, we could start seeing games made specifically for this platform.
      Again, that’s lots of “if” here, and you are right it could end up being a gimmick. But at worst it will be a cheap android, I don’t mind paying 100$ for an ok Android device I can hook up to my TV. It will be a nice media center.

  8. Watching The World Burn

    YAY I HELPED. Also if and when it’s released since they don’t mind you or someone else could probably make a psp emulator for it so we could play our psp homebrew on it. Also when I find something I find all the good stuff 🙂

  9. Watching The World Burn

    Also with all the comments on the kickstarter page they probably will be adding more memory and ram for it

  10. SSJ-Vita

    Man watch out Mortal Kombat, “which is the only thing my vita has going for it” I just may have to sell you along with the sega I mean sony that you run on.

  11. svenn

    The reply is also true wolololo, an open system is more “breakable” then a closed. Then again, your comparing a pc vs a ps3/xbox360, endless discussion.

    I however am exciting as I hoped for this, dreamed about such a system. Its just will big game company’s spend money to bring games for it ? I have an android and there a few cool games out there, but then again, if you’r not the avg joe there is not much in the android game store.

  12. Wolfdre

    Ive made my pledge as well.
    I tossed in the extra few $ for a second controller too 😉

  13. jd20dog

    man i wish Open Pandora was as well funded as this

    • new

      man, I wish Open Pandora was $99 or had 2012 spec and a realistic down to earth price tag.

      • wololo

        Agreed. Hopefully this will give some incentive for the creators of the open pandora to do an “open pandora sequel”. They have the know-how and the community, kickstarter is all they need to take the prices down.

  14. Vandurol

    Hi Wololo,

    Long time no chat! ^^ I still love visiting this site. Just haven’t participated much as I should :P.

    However, this is truly intriguing. Base on the specs (mostly on the hard drive and size of the unit based on the video) it seems to be a thoroughly planned out OnLive console? Sure it has potential to run software offline (based on Android OS) but I fear it won’t be able to graphically compete with today’s standards (which is intentional, yes I know). It just seems odd to what is this console’s purpose? Enable android for console gaming? Well other devices (as mentioned in the comments) can enable that. But your argument is “lack of a dedicating gaming platform.”

    So in a nutshell, OUYA is a generic android device with a dedicated gaming platform giving a console feel and enabling easy use for developers to create and sell games. Genius marketing strategy. Who knows, I feel it is one of those “big hit or big flop” type of idea. As for perception of the audience, it seems it already is becoming a hit haha. Already $3 million in two days. Curious to see their promoting strategy.


  15. OMightyBuggy

    I backed OUYA with $99. 🙂

  16. Zer01ne

    If the interface is Android and the programing language is Java…Useless, Android Phone can do the same !

    • OMightyBuggy

      For something “useless” you say, it already has $3.9m as of right now! XD

      Like to see other Android devices top that in 3 days Zer01ne. 😛

  17. Norml

    Whoa, that went fast.
    PLEDGED OF $950,000 GOAL

  18. Casavult

    Already backed it. It looks to be an awesome console and I love the fact that it’s OPEN! 😀

  19. Javier

    Are you doing Wagic for this one? that would be awesome.

  20. mtb

    This was my dream to do this.

  21. Mud

    I’ll buy one if Wagic will run on it.

  22. Timberack

    Can’t wait for this, it’s going to be so awesome. Can’t wait to run all the emulators and homebrew. Finally a console for the hackers. And at $99 you can’t beat that price. Free games and internet, count me in.

  23. Alasdair Young

    I know I’m responding to a rather old post, and the fact that Wagic is on hold, but a Ouya version would be so awesome!

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