The current state of Vita hacking


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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  1. thes says:

    A “group” said something about a fake WIFI point.
    When logging into PSN this, “emulated” server
    would catch teh PSVs comm.
    Then you could download your games “iso’s” that way
    and the PSV thinks they are legit and stores them away
    you can play. BUT they didnt get past initial stages becase
    they cant deceode some signature or something and
    the ISO downloaded but when run on the vita it gave a
    “corrupt file, redownload” error.

    they abandoned the project.
    I long lost the web URL but google may show something
    for those interested. they gave up too soon I think
    or maybe they realized dead end? I dont know for sure
    they never said why they stopped.

  2. Dencho says:

    Hey I like the progress thanks for keepin us updated. Me myself I’d prefer that the whole system gets hacked instead of just the psp emulator but, why not have both going on at the same time? It’s too bad we cant use these devices the way we can a psp. If I could help I would but I’m just a leecher xD good luck!

  3. Jake says:

    I believe we should wait, so that developers can still sell games without it being Downloaded and we could create a cfw which attempts to block pirated games (idk how maybe make a homebrew signature known only by Wololo & Others) Dark_Alex……. HELP US (jokes i no he wont but m3h)

  4. Marcotizer says:

    I would be okay for the PSP access ONLY. At least with that, there are still some value into owning a Ps Vita, where you have to buy games every now and then. Also, unless you want to happen what happened in the PSP scene where developers stopped making games, it is best to just leave the vita unhack (for now at least). The Vita hack with a PSP access isn’t bad, at least you only carry one piece of gadget.

  5. Dream says:

    Hey wololo… don’t post this, but why not hack the vita through the accessory port. I looked into it and it seems to be a possible way to getting in to the system using the reboot menu… can you pass this through… Thanks.

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