The current state of Vita hacking


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71 Responses

  1. Zimond says:

    I can wait. If i wanted a psp homebrew machine i would have bought a PSP.

  2. mirko8054 says:

    i need the vhbl for 1.69, i need the game name for do it.

  3. Necrotek says:

    Well, if kernel exploits are really so rare (like 2-3 for now) then it’s better to keep them for vita mode hacking. But if there are some spare kernel exploits, then I’d wait for major firmware release and release exploit.

  4. maxmeecehgan says:

    i hope the real vita hack will come soon.

  5. Meibs says:

    Just my opinion…Since i already have VHBL for 1.67, i am in no rush to get anything VHBL related for newer firmwares. I say wait for a PSVita kernel hack or something close to it and do a major ninja release :) But if people really want a VHBL release, i say wait until at least 1.80 is released. Maybe something new will come about with the PSOne emulators??

  6. jlo138 says:

    I say release them but don’t give them vita isos. It would hurt Sony a little but they will make up the money in vita sales and people will still have to buy vita games. You don’t want to hurt them too much. I mean, they do make the best portable consoles ever. Let the SCFW be released. Sony would be on the edge of their seats but might feel somewhat at ease if they read (hopefully here…lol) that vita isos etc was not what we’re after. yeah, you can do that with a psp but now you would have a larger and better screen. Also you could have one console for both needs. They would still get support from vita game and vita console sales this way. That’s what I think.

  7. jd20dog says:

    psp’s are cheap
    1000’s are around $20 or even free
    2000s run you about $30 to $50
    and 3000’s go around $30 to $80 depending on condition and games included
    psp go’s are still between $50 and $150(also uses same charger brick and car charger as the vita)
    and the memory cards are hitting lower prices every day now with 16gb and 32gb pro duo and m2’s going for under $23 plus shipping, while vita mem is still absurdly priced
    so i say keep the exploits for vita hack

    plus you don’t have to deal with content mangier

  8. Saidros says:

    Well i have no problem waiting all i really want to is the emulators for n64 games so… maybe they can bring more stuff like unlock 3g for all countries that would be great cause mine is locked with att

  9. Jd8531 says:

    In my opinion, finding a more permanent solution for everyone being able to do VHBL would be better.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Also if we did get a full on “hack” what could we possibly see people do on the vita besides run isos?

      • xSpectrum says:

        Run bins and EBOOTS.

        O ye of little faith, there would be people making homebrew and tweaks.

        • David says:

          Yeah, because someone is really going to make homebrew that takes full advantage of the vita hardware and can’t run in the psp emu. Who is going to do that? And if they do, how many will there ever be? There isn’t a lot of reason to hack the vita for homebrew purposes unless its required to use the dual sticks for some of the N64 emus or something.

  10. ??? says:

    the next vhbl release should after the ps1 update imo

    • SMOKE says:

      Ya I was gonna say the same thing. I want PS1 games! lol

    • SteWieH says:

      same here, tou honestly i would like to hack my vita for the pure purpose of being able to play ps1 (sorry not labeling them PSX due to the PSX being a dvr in japan. look it up ppz) with DUAL sticks on the vita… Thou i actually buy still buy games for my vita and i wouldnt like to see vita isos being ran in the vita. we all saw what that dud to the original PSP and thats why I think not many people wanted to devlop for it and well why they arent many games out for the ivta. devlopers are scared of piracy..

  11. auron says:

    wololo, when 1.80 comes out do you recommend us to update? once it comes out I want to update, but I fear that i will not be able to get another VHBL. do you think if the kernel exploits are releases we would need the VHBL to use the exploit?

  12. Fresno says:

    For the begining i will be happy to convert my PSP games for Vita and maybe one day to stock a bunch of Vita games on the memory card. And again “maybe”.

  13. Localhost says:

    People and you didn’t think that while we will wait for that that of “Best” Sonia these are “Best” will find and will close…., It seems, as adult people, and all the same naive as children.

  14. plinker says:

    uh… DAVEE?… it’s your cue… you know… saving the day… again…with an exploit or something… without the hack… my ps vita is a overpriced media player and a internet browser that sucks. DAVEE!! where are you?!?

  15. plinker says:

    Better yet I’ll just play WAGIC on my samsung.


    BTW.. Wololo, with the other variations in card games. why not start making card games in a different storyline format. Example: UNCHARTED THE CARD GAME

    I love card games!

    • qwerty says:

      You can always do it yourself with the Wagic engine if you want that. In addition, I think Wololo doesn’t want to break a trade mark.

  16. GS1Azul says:


  17. TrECeNTeRs says:

    If they do not start making more AAA titles for Vita soon then yeah I will just want the PSP titles for it.

    Hopefully this holiday there will be some good titles.

  18. jagerman420 says:

    i think the hacking the vita should stay to just the psp side of things we get great emu and home brew and dont forget that hacking just about killed the psp and i for one would like to see some good first party titles for my 300$ system this is my fist post here so i would also to give props to wololo for all the hard work u have done thanks man

  19. KS810 says:

    I agree with ??? I am not in a hurry to get full use of the vita, but
    I did buy it for the experience that psp owners got to enjoy, and hopefully more.
    Slow and steady growth would keep me more interested in the long run than a full hack next week.
    I completely missed the psp party, but I am here early for the VITA party!!!
    So let’s not get the attention of the cops before we have a little fun!!

  20. BattaTrattaKill says:

    Well I say Don’t release anything for these selfish sob’s. All they do is cry like fan boy’s. “I wan this, I want that, can you please release something because there are no games to play!”. I say let them burn with their own system. I’m doing my own stuff on the vita. If you can’t code or hack than just stick to playing with your’e self or just buy a barbie and play dress up. Every time I come into this website there’s always a kid crying about something. Wololo respect, but you sometimes have to put a limit into this nonsense.

  21. SSJ-Vita says:

    Here’s how I see it, I’m going to enjoy my mortal kombat online experience on the vita, but that’s about it. Sony leaves people like myself “who like to customize stuff” no reason to show further interest in their lock down prison software. So hacked or not it’s basically going to be a dust collector when I’m not playing online games on it. The only way to change my mind would be to completely overhaul the entire thing to be far more user friendly. My G1 ipod touch can watch weather in motion, so long as the vita can’t it’s nothing more than upgraded junk/trash.

  22. jamhouse says:

    i still have high hopes for the vita to be hacked! if u think about it. it took like 4 years for the ps3 to be hacked so ppl just need to be patient. with so many ppl working on it, its just a matter of time. its pretty much impossible for a device to be 100% secure its just a matter of finding the holes in the security that takes time! anyways keep up the great work wololo and everyone else in the scene!

  23. Kain says:

    My opinion is that we should get a PSP Kernel hack and not a full Vita hack (for now). I had a PSP but sold it to get the Vita, and I’m really wanting PSP iso loading (not re-buying all my umds). I think that doing that is a good start. Vita ISO loading would be terrible IMO. Sony and developers will lose a lot of money and developers won’t want to make games on the Vita anymore. I say hackers wait on Vita hacks for a few years. Things should be taken one step at a time.

  24. dreadbarrell says:

    For me just the psp games for vita
    let’s support game devs for vita

  25. Peter says:

    I just want to hack my Vita

  26. Zonic says:

    honestly I think that we should just stick to psp mode hacks for a few years so that we can have some great games come out for the vita and then hack it for ISO’s

  27. TheD0ct0r says:

    I say forget about a fully hacked Vita, and focus on hacking the PSP sandbox. The only thing that’s keeping me from buying a Vita right now is that I have too many UMD games on my PSP that I would prefer to be able to use on a Vita if I ever got one. But since Sony’s U.S. division decided not to go with Sony Japan’s UMD conversion program, the only way I’m going to be able to play my PSP games on the Vita is if I pay full price on PSN (not gonna happen), or if someone releases an iso loader for SCFW.

  28. Shaitan says:

    I think we should definitely keep the kernel exploits private for now, I lost my VHBL game and can’t wait for another one but if it means better hacks(not necessarily iso support) for the console whether psp or vita related I’ll wait years if I need to. I just hope releasing new exploits so soon doesn’t give sony better ways to block them. So yeah, do what you need to do to make it better for all of us and hold off from releasing a true vita hack for a while so we don’t scare off game developers

  29. Green Ranger says:

    I don’t want a full hacked PSVita for now (exept some homebrews on the Vita Site like a stable N64 Emu) but i would like to have an SCFW on the PSPsite to use my Vita like my PSP. Also, i have a lot PSP Games on UMD like Yugioh Tagforce 4 and a lot of others and they would never been able to download via PSN. So i would prefere that we waste just one Kxploit to get Kernel Access on the PSPEmu and have the Ability to run a CFW in the sandboxed Emulator.

    So we have (maybe) an other Kernelexploit left to work on other solutions to hack the Vitasite through the PSPEmulator.

  30. octaslash says:

    If they can make some apps on vita and can load psp games using psp emulator that would be nice and fun but I don’t like hacking those official ps vita games, I just want to give support to all Game Devs and same to you Wololo.

  31. GingerIpods says:

    I can wait until we have a working Vita hack because it would mean so much more with increased features and such.

  32. The End says:

    Doesn’t matter we will release this “scfw” sooner or later..

  33. TheStxrm says:

    Vous devriez sortir le SCFW pour plusieurs raison :

    1/Plusieurs équipe ne veule pas donner le hack de peur de se faire attrapé car cela est illégal , alors si vous ne sortez pas le hack et que vous travaillez sur un hack vita , le jour ou il sera là , personne n’osera le sortir de peur que sony n’attaque en justice (comme avec Geohot pour la PS3 ) tandis que la un SCFW PSP et beaucoup moins important qu’un CFW Vita qui pourrai charger des iso Vita.

    2/Cela permettrez au personne qui possède la vita des ne pas re achetez leur jeux.

    3/ Ce serai le premier hack sur Vita ! Et je pense que cela ferais plaisir a pas mal de personne et donnerez également envie a des personne d’achetez la Vita.

    Je réécrirai le texte en Anglais apres la je suis un peu pressé :/

    • TheStxrm says:

      You should take out the SCFW for several reasons:
      1 / some teams no veules not no to give the hack for fear of being caught because it is illegal, then if you do not take out the hack and what you work on a hack vita, when it will be there, nobody will dare to take out him(it) being afraid that are take in to court (as with Geohot for the PS3) whereas there a SCFW PSP and much less important than a CFW Vita which could load(charge) isos Vita.
      2 / Cela will allow the persons which(who) possesses the vita of not re buy their games(sets).
      3/It would be the hack first one on Vita! And I think that it would please quite a lot of persons and will also tempt persons to buy Vita.

  34. Watching The World Burn says:

    Unless Sony Ignores you for a little bit Wololo and let us show them all we want is emulators and homebrew games. Sony will do somthing stupid and close the PSN for the Vita to “Update” the security and screw the Vita over and I don’t want that to happen most users (besides the idiots) saw what happened to the PSP and don’t want that to happen again. The PSP was a pirate platform and I don’t want this to happen to the Vita until the next handheld is revealed or somthing when the vita is almost dead

  35. The End says:

    You will be amazed at what kernel mode can do on the vita,ive writtin an app to act as a task manager , along with clock speed counter but sadly the speed cannot be changed without errors and lockups

  36. booler says:

    I would be happy with psp iso loader on my vita
    since I don’t want to pay for games that I already own.

    Also ps vita kernel exploit would be great, because then we can see some vita homebrews.

    PSV is almost dead – no games (ell there was about 3 but you cannot play them 1000000 times again and again), no soft (youtube and skype + browser = any descent phone can do).

    So there’s nothing left.
    Hope for some real big game announces soon

  37. Some guy says:

    A lot of us are having quite a bit of progress with the Vita, but it may be quiet awhile before anyone can produce a kernel exploit. Of course, there’s a lot of documentation available online if you feel you could be an asset to this community.

    I suggest getting to know the hardware you’re working with. The following link contains the most inclusive analysis that I’ve ever read, I highly recommend it.

  38. Mangosteam says:

    what i want to see is vita running ps2 and ps 3 games or emulator , and working psp iso and vita iso that i can surely wait if thats what their vita hack really is all about!!

  39. Christopher Yu says:

    Hey Wololo, is this ‘hack’ any good? It claims that you can fully jailbreak and play vita game backups and it looks pretty recent so I wonder if you would be so kind as to take a look at it and see if it is the real thing or just a scam.

    • Christopher Yu says:

      whoops, trying it out now and it is looking more like a scam since the download of the tool for the vita hack still requires me to answer surveys.

  40. Raziel says:

    I personally want Emulation on my Vita running N64 Ps1 PsP and so on on my Vita would be great. But don’t take the risk Wololo just keep working hard until you find something more concrete.

  41. hard_boy says:

    tell it like it is: all (or almost) seriously expect a hack of life with the possibility of starting up. I do not think that the owners are happy just the start VHBL or psp. Sorry for my English, I have recently begun to study it.

  42. cscash241 says:

    I think that there is no reason not to release a usefull kxploit in the emulator, and by usefull I mean its a full sandboxed hen of some kind and not just hey look I can load isos. A vita exploit needs time because we have to decide how everything is going to work and how are not signed apps going to get to the masses? are they going to be copied via cma or is there going to be something like cydia?

  43. The End says:

    lol looks like your “dev kit fund raiser ” has cone to a halt, better think of something else

  44. auron says:

    everyone says how they want all this stuff, i think we should donate more to SKFU, when i get some more money I will donate again. he’s like 26% there, come on guys!

  45. Stranger says:

    As long there is no ISO loader out there a homebrew is awesome. But a easy and common iso loader will destroy the console :/

    • Jdub says:

      I agree. I honestly would prefer just to get my hands on vhbl to run some psp and ps1 games and older emulators, not hack the vita entirely destroying any chance the system has for the future.

  46. Dean Mc says:

    to be honest i just want to play psp games on this. the vita is new and if it is hacked and games are downloadable this early in or at any other point then developers will stop creating games leading to an early death of the vita :(

  47. auron says:

    I dont really care for an iso loader, psp’s dead, I want the psp CFW on vita, i want my homebrews and the psp hack on my psp. Were bored with our vitas now. I hope to see the CFW soon. wololo can you get an answer from the anonymous guy on when he will release this hack.

  48. Utterly Utter says:

    I bought my second playstation console (Vita) a couple of days ago and I’ve read alot about hacking it on this site.
    I agree with many of you about not to use the Vita iso’s since that could damage Vita game market. What I would like to play on my Vita are ps1, psp, gameboy, and snes games.

  49. User1975623 says:

    I am curious:
    With the vita being pretty much a merge of gaming system & smart phone, perhaps the idea is being attacked from the wrong perspective.

    Has anyone tried to figure out a way to ‘root’ the vita instead of just a hack or exploit?

    • wololo says:

      How do you think phones are rooted exactly?

      • User1975623 says:

        I’ll be the first to admit that I do not know. I was merely posing the question, because the terminology is different.

        Would it be possible to attack through a false cell tower for the 3g models, or a router for the wifi models?

        Like I said, I know next to nothing about the intricacies involved, but sometimes it helps to ask a question. You never know how you might get the ball rolling.

  50. thes says:

    A “group” said something about a fake WIFI point.
    When logging into PSN this, “emulated” server
    would catch teh PSVs comm.
    Then you could download your games “iso’s” that way
    and the PSV thinks they are legit and stores them away
    you can play. BUT they didnt get past initial stages becase
    they cant deceode some signature or something and
    the ISO downloaded but when run on the vita it gave a
    “corrupt file, redownload” error.

    they abandoned the project.
    I long lost the web URL but google may show something
    for those interested. they gave up too soon I think
    or maybe they realized dead end? I dont know for sure
    they never said why they stopped.

  51. Dencho says:

    Hey I like the progress thanks for keepin us updated. Me myself I’d prefer that the whole system gets hacked instead of just the psp emulator but, why not have both going on at the same time? It’s too bad we cant use these devices the way we can a psp. If I could help I would but I’m just a leecher xD good luck!

  52. Jake says:

    I believe we should wait, so that developers can still sell games without it being Downloaded and we could create a cfw which attempts to block pirated games (idk how maybe make a homebrew signature known only by Wololo & Others) Dark_Alex……. HELP US (jokes i no he wont but m3h)

  53. Marcotizer says:

    I would be okay for the PSP access ONLY. At least with that, there are still some value into owning a Ps Vita, where you have to buy games every now and then. Also, unless you want to happen what happened in the PSP scene where developers stopped making games, it is best to just leave the vita unhack (for now at least). The Vita hack with a PSP access isn’t bad, at least you only carry one piece of gadget.

  54. Dream says:

    Hey wololo… don’t post this, but why not hack the vita through the accessory port. I looked into it and it seems to be a possible way to getting in to the system using the reboot menu… can you pass this through… Thanks.

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