The current state of Vita hacking


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  1. hard_boy says:

    tell it like it is: all (or almost) seriously expect a hack of life with the possibility of starting up. I do not think that the owners are happy just the start VHBL or psp. Sorry for my English, I have recently begun to study it.

  2. cscash241 says:

    I think that there is no reason not to release a usefull kxploit in the emulator, and by usefull I mean its a full sandboxed hen of some kind and not just hey look I can load isos. A vita exploit needs time because we have to decide how everything is going to work and how are not signed apps going to get to the masses? are they going to be copied via cma or is there going to be something like cydia?

  3. The End says:

    lol looks like your “dev kit fund raiser ” has cone to a halt, better think of something else

  4. auron says:

    everyone says how they want all this stuff, i think we should donate more to SKFU, when i get some more money I will donate again. he’s like 26% there, come on guys!

  5. Stranger says:

    As long there is no ISO loader out there a homebrew is awesome. But a easy and common iso loader will destroy the console :/

    • Jdub says:

      I agree. I honestly would prefer just to get my hands on vhbl to run some psp and ps1 games and older emulators, not hack the vita entirely destroying any chance the system has for the future.

  6. Dean Mc says:

    to be honest i just want to play psp games on this. the vita is new and if it is hacked and games are downloadable this early in or at any other point then developers will stop creating games leading to an early death of the vita 🙁

  7. auron says:

    I dont really care for an iso loader, psp’s dead, I want the psp CFW on vita, i want my homebrews and the psp hack on my psp. Were bored with our vitas now. I hope to see the CFW soon. wololo can you get an answer from the anonymous guy on when he will release this hack.

  8. Utterly Utter says:

    I bought my second playstation console (Vita) a couple of days ago and I’ve read alot about hacking it on this site.
    I agree with many of you about not to use the Vita iso’s since that could damage Vita game market. What I would like to play on my Vita are ps1, psp, gameboy, and snes games.

  9. mrx says:

    Lets face it guys. Anyone reading this… VITA simply isnt gonna cut it the way it is right now.

    Its locked, somber, LIFELESS. Popularity? is there still any? really?

    Only CFW can save Vita from total fail. Everyone was talking about the PSP, when even a new tiny cool hack, app, emulator came out. People were excited about it. What is to talk about Vita? nothing. And ultimately save the hurt sales BULLLSHIT for yourself.

    God of War, GTA’s, sold millions. Oh and Gran Turismo topped 1.8mil sales in three months. And unless you were living under a rock, when GT for PSP came out, the CFW scene was at it’s peak i could say.

    Ironically, Custom Firmware will save Vita from sinking even futher into the dark depths. It’s a *** booring junk right now.

  10. User1975623 says:

    I am curious:
    With the vita being pretty much a merge of gaming system & smart phone, perhaps the idea is being attacked from the wrong perspective.

    Has anyone tried to figure out a way to ‘root’ the vita instead of just a hack or exploit?

    • wololo says:

      How do you think phones are rooted exactly?

      • User1975623 says:

        I’ll be the first to admit that I do not know. I was merely posing the question, because the terminology is different.

        Would it be possible to attack through a false cell tower for the 3g models, or a router for the wifi models?

        Like I said, I know next to nothing about the intricacies involved, but sometimes it helps to ask a question. You never know how you might get the ball rolling.

        • Ronald says:

          Rooting is hacking its gaining superuser,kernel or root permissions all the same *** just means you have administrative control of device.

  11. thes says:

    A “group” said something about a fake WIFI point.
    When logging into PSN this, “emulated” server
    would catch teh PSVs comm.
    Then you could download your games “iso’s” that way
    and the PSV thinks they are legit and stores them away
    you can play. BUT they didnt get past initial stages becase
    they cant deceode some signature or something and
    the ISO downloaded but when run on the vita it gave a
    “corrupt file, redownload” error.

    they abandoned the project.
    I long lost the web URL but google may show something
    for those interested. they gave up too soon I think
    or maybe they realized dead end? I dont know for sure
    they never said why they stopped.

  12. Dencho says:

    Hey I like the progress thanks for keepin us updated. Me myself I’d prefer that the whole system gets hacked instead of just the psp emulator but, why not have both going on at the same time? It’s too bad we cant use these devices the way we can a psp. If I could help I would but I’m just a leecher xD good luck!

  13. Jake says:

    I believe we should wait, so that developers can still sell games without it being Downloaded and we could create a cfw which attempts to block pirated games (idk how maybe make a homebrew signature known only by Wololo & Others) Dark_Alex……. HELP US (jokes i no he wont but m3h)

  14. Marcotizer says:

    I would be okay for the PSP access ONLY. At least with that, there are still some value into owning a Ps Vita, where you have to buy games every now and then. Also, unless you want to happen what happened in the PSP scene where developers stopped making games, it is best to just leave the vita unhack (for now at least). The Vita hack with a PSP access isn’t bad, at least you only carry one piece of gadget.

  15. Dream says:

    Hey wololo… don’t post this, but why not hack the vita through the accessory port. I looked into it and it seems to be a possible way to getting in to the system using the reboot menu… can you pass this through… Thanks.

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