Vita Firmware 1.80 announced for this summer, will have PS1 games support


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50 Responses

  1. Zorak_torok says:

    Unfortunatly updatingto 1.69 now… location kentucky USA

  2. CC says:

    As always, Sony can never give a decent date.
    I don’t want to be annoying but, you think we can get a release for “Tony’s” PSP CFW on this firmware?

    • natsu says:

      amen to that,…

    • Green Ranger says:

      News about Tony’s kxploit were good tho! But it’s hard to say when he should release the kxploit. I mean if Sony still Updates the Funktions of the Vita then we’re probably wasting an kxploit……, but for now i don’t see any useful Updates…

      PSX and PCEngine Support would work on a CFW too….

  3. Zorak_torok says:

    heh, orginal firmware hasn’t been cracked yet, doubting their giving us an update with bigger “holes” :->

  4. Zorak_torok says:

    @cc , I havn’t gotten lucky enough to get hbl on my vita yet, I still have a GO for that… I want to keep one legit vita… albeit the lack of great games I want to keep this one legit… all my other systems are hacked and I like being able to get online with it… when easier access to homebrew and such is available and the price comes down I will get another…. My vita is my phone… I don’t have a cell.

  5. John says:

    “Sony announced today that they will bring Playstation 2 support to the PS3, as part of their “game archives” program, on July 25. 5 games will be initially made available (including one of the Resident evil games, as well as Siren), for prices going between 800 yen and 1500 yen (roughly between 10 and 20 dollars).”

    does this mean only the digital copies downloaded from PSN?

    how about the CD?

  6. Cristal666 says:

    *** Sony my uncle has a ps2 and a lots of games because of me and i prefer to buy ps2 instead download in euro,it’s so much cheaper to download or copy my uncle games for me to play anything i want.If they release those games with something new that will be great but it’s only the same thing but for ps vita.

  7. Zorak_torok says:

    I DO hope that sony makes the mistake of rendering a pops loader for these games and open a window for futher development without kernel access :->

  8. jlo138 says:

    I thought the ps3 already played ps2 discs. So now they will have them digital also, or is that the only way now? Digital ps2 games should of been done a long time ago and available for vita.

    • Zorak_torok says:

      Very few ps3s play ps2, only phat models with ps2 hardware built inside… no emulation is used for the play of ps2 games…..

  9. cscash241 says:

    I am still on 1.67 in case when some decides to release a good kxplot for the psp emulator, it will probably be on older firmwares first.

    • Zorak_torok says:

      Thats the right idea… my view is that sony dosn’t increase security untill a flaw has been found and exploited, thats why ps3s were good to go till 3.55 was hacked… it was up to date with psn for a little while untill they became “aware”

  10. Gilgamesh says:

    I’m pretty sure this is referring to the rumored “cloud gaming service,” which will be a subscription service allowing you to play PS2 titles online, instead of downloading them to your PS3, kind of like that old-school online gaming site. Which is to say that we won’t be seeing anymore PS2 classics through the PSN.

    Judging by the webpage, it looks like the titles available to play online will change every month.

  11. 8-bitmonster says:

    @wololo The title says ps1 but in the traslated part ,you have it saying pc engine,
    doesn’t that mean turbo graffix 16 emulator ?

    • wololo says:

      They mention both pc engine and the ps1. Both are part of the games archives program, but currently only pc engine games are playable on the vita.

    • rabidchild says:

      TurboGrafx 16 was the North American/UK version of the PC Engine.

  12. auron says:

    I heard the update wont be out till late august early September.

  13. erroldde says:

    hey wololo can you find a way to downgrage the vitas firmware but if you are unable to cn you tell me how to test games to find out if they are exploitable and can you also find out how to copy vita games that was downloaded by someone else because i have downloaded super collapse 3 (
    and my vita wont let me copy it…

    • fate6 says:

      so you want us to help you pirate a game….. yea I’ll get right on that
      (BTW downgrading wont help you use it as its not signed to your profile)

    • Hene193 says:

      You can’t downgrade your vita, sorry about that.
      You need psp (modded) to find game exploits and you can’t play pirated games on vita 😀

  14. erlkio says:

    yo wololo can you help me by finding a way to fix a bricked psp go because i tried all the button combos and nothing seems to be working and i dont have permanent custom firmware so i cant use recovery menu (ps i think it has something to do with flash 0 because i found a tutorial on youtube on how to change a gameboot (this vid contains what i did but instead of the game loading my psp turned off and i cant start it again even now!!!… but when i loaded a game it bricked my psp go pls help!!!

  15. yeah i notice the update for 1.69.1 today i
    did not knew tbere was a silent update anyone
    know why,what are the fixes on 1.69.1 as theres
    no info about it,not that i know off. anyone notice
    the changes?

  16. Sessohmaru209 says:

    erlkio- I think I can help you! But I’m not 100% sure. Please look at my video of my old psp slim. Here’s the link

  17. Norml says:

    So I take it you guys missed the re-release of v1.69, it was on a few days ago but an error came up but yesterday low and behold it worked for me. I wonder if this is because games were not working…the Escape Plan demo which they took off the PSN failed to work….$ony $ony $ony Someone else on the forums stated their PSN Gravity Rush failed to work after buying it…it’s be how many days now since this firmware released?
    Not buying Escape Plan until that demo comes back to see if it works…

  18. MUD says:

    Wow, it has me thinking about updating.. Back to the PSP for homebrews?… I think not. 😉

  19. Peter says:

    God i hate “digital library” and Sony trying to scum as for ever more money, so what am i going to do with my 20+ original PS2 games which I would love to play on PS3 and not on my PS2? Bastards…..

  20. Rico says:

    If the Vita can emulate PS2, I’m pretty darn sure that would make it very enticing…lots of memories on the pS2…

  21. Norml says:

    PS1 classics…hahaha. $ony is crazy, don’t buy into this people. Old old old games & not even the good one’s like Pocket Fighter, resold at a high price.

  22. Norml says:

    But yet no PS2…ps3 which already should have it but they took the emulator away. lol

  23. Raziel says:

    Buy a PS2 if you want to play your PS2 games so badly, or PC, the amount of complaining over Backwards comparability jesus…

    • wololo says:

      Then again I can’t carry my PS2 on the train… that’s kind of why emulation on the psp was so attractive in the first place

  24. Nowcry says:

    Wololo you know, if the scene will liberate tonys kernel exploit for this update, or we will wait more time??

  25. Alasdair says:

    I really love some of the old PS1 games, but I’ll be fooked if I’m paying for them again just so I can play them on the Vita! I’ll just stick to using my trusty old PSP1000 and convert them myself. Yet another cash in technique from Sony. Where is their loyalty to some of us that have been buying their games for the past 18 years?

    • Mr. Awsome says:

      Do you at least know that PS1 games bought on your account are free then on even for the vita? Probably not.

  26. Oscar Betancourt says:

    Hey I know this isn’t the right place to be asking this, but does anybody know how to update the ps vita from 1.06 to 1.67 because I had to get a new ps vita since my other one got messed up.

  27. devilmarx says:

    wololo does the 1.69 update on ps vita support the ps1 games?… and i don’t know how can I put the games on vita can you help me?… how to put ps1 games on vita?..

  28. Cerealkiller says:

    What is the point of 1.691?