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Best PSP/Vita/PS3 Homebrews for June 2012


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  1. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    What about Doom? Can’t it be played on the Vita?

  2. booler says:

    What’s the point of reposting about existing psv homebrews and all ps3 stuff?

    moving towards ps3 means that there is progress on psv

    kinda disappointing since this site was the most interesting in terms of psv scene.

    • ??? says:

      Hey booler you’re stupid you know that

      Wololo start posting the top 10 most downloaded homebrew every end of the month ever since he started the /download

      Being new to this site is not an excuse for being an idiot

    • wololo says:

      yMenu, PSPokemon, Prox CFW C, and PS3USercheat are all homebrews that are less than 2 months old, were you aware of them?
      The other ones are all time classics, I don’t make the rankings. We add new homebrews to the database on a daily basis, it’s not my fault that some old ones are really good ๐Ÿ™‚

      As I said several times, there is movement in the Vita scene, but there are things I can talk about, and things I can’t.

  3. SSJ-Vita says:

    I know this is off topic but I wanted to say thx to the haxzors who will “Anonymously” do the right thing on the 4’th. Not only is your courage admirable, but it will be emulated by many and read about in history books by countless more. In my opinion each and every one of you deserve the title link since you will all prove to be heroes in time. We do not forgive, we do not forget, it is too late for them to expect us.

    • ??? says:

      What the f*** are you talking about?

      If you’re talking about the group Anonymous, don’t believe in them because they are the the biggest trolls on the the internet today, all they can so is just talk but can’t do anything at all

  4. booler says:

    to ???

    *** you idiot.

    to others

    The so called “movement” in psv scene leads nowhere

    There is no person with descent technical details about vita’s kernel and memory work process.

    The “buffer overflow” hack and other “kernel exploits” won’t get hackers anywhere.

    The only possibility of a descent kernel hack is if sony will make some mistake.

    • wololo says:

      I don’t understand your point, especially in relation to this article.

      So, what is your complain exactly? That I’m not clever enough to hack the vita? That I blog about non vita stuff despite not being done with the vita?

      That’s mostly irrelevant. If you have stuff to share about the vita hacking, feel free to share it. If you don’t, then what are you complaining about? I won’t make up news if I don’t have anything new to blog about, just to please you…

  5. 4th of July is Independence Day

    but all them stupid Anons want to do is DDOS usa.gov on that day

    I do not forgive, I do not forget, it is too late for you to expect me.

  6. Shapeshifter says:

    Hey which is the racing game in the pro cfw video on this page?thanks in advance

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