Best PSP/Vita/PS3 Homebrews for June 2012

Here are the 10 most popular homebrews as voted by you in June 2012. We just started adding PS3 homebrews to our database, so it is still missing lots of classics for this platform, but feel free to add homebrews (no login required!) to /Downloads and I’ll review them shortly!

10. PS3UserCheat (PS3)

octox0r’s reverse of one of the DRM dongles seems to gather lots of attention lately. Will he help to reverse engineer the infamous True Blue? In the meantime, the PS3UserCheat dongle has become obsolete with this application, which lets you cheat in PS3 games on any CFW.


Download PS3UserCheat here.

9. Lamecraft (compatible PSP/Vita)

One year after its release, the popular Minecraft is still doing strong. Its creator Drakon updated it recently to make it compatible with VHBL on the PS Vita. Feel free to check our Lamecraft forums for mods, themes, maps, and the popular s4inexCraft

Download Lamecraft here

8. PSPokemon Grey

A Pokemon “clone” for the PSP.

Still in its early Beta stages, but it’s gathering more and more attention

Download PSPokemon Grey here

7. NesterJ (compatible PSP/Vita)

The popular NES Emulator for the PSP. also works on the Vita if you’re one of the lucky VHBL owners.

Download NesterJ Here

6. Pro CFW

I don’t think we could live without Pro CFW. It was already perfect last year, but the recent updates turned it into a full free online service for those of you who want to play adhoc games with friends all over the world (and who’d rather get a fully integrated solution rather than going through the xlinkkai setup, or the “you need a ps3 to enjoy your psp to it’s full potential” adhoc party. Pro CFW B is dead, long live Pro CFW C!

download Pro CFW here


5. yMenu

Yosh’s alternate menu for VHBL was an instant hit. It provides a “horizontal version” of the XMB for all your homebrews in VHBL. If you are one of those enjoying VHBL on your Vita, just replace the EBOOT.PBP file from VHBL with the one provided by Yosh, and enjoy this great menu!

Download yMenu here


The best screenshot plugin ever made for the PSP. The Vita features a “screenshot” utility to take pictures of your favorite games, but the PSP doesn’t have that… well, if you’re on a CFW, plugins can help with that, and prxShot is by far the best tool for screenshots.

Download prxShot here

3. Snes9xTYL (Compatible PSP/Vita)

With the NES emulator NesterJ mentioned above, this is the second Nintendo emulator mentioned in this list. Hey PSP scene, do we have some kind of Nintendo complex?

Well, Snes9xTYL really deserves it, it’s a very impressive and stable emulator, and has been in the top list forever :)

Download Snes9xTYL here (This version is recommended for VHBL)


2. Cave Story (Compatible PSP/Vita)

The old school platformer with some RPG elements is still one of people’s favorites. This guy, like snes9xTYL above, has been in our Top 10 for a long, long time.

Works on the vita too!

Download Cave Story here

1. Bookr and… Some Forgotten Homebrews

We’ve got an ex-aequo situation here for number 1. First, Bookr, the best eBook reader on the PSP. It works with the Vita too on VHBL, and, well… basically it’s a must have on both platforms, if you ever thought once that you could use your PSP or your Vita for something else than games :)

download Bookr here

And with as many votes, Mishka84 ‘s compilation of almost 100 awesome homebrews from the past. I won’t name them all, some of them require the Leda plugin to work, others will work fine on HBL/VHBL, or directly on a CFW psp. So yeah, this one is not a single homebrew, but I guess your votes are here to say thanks to Mishka84 for the great work in collecting those.

Download Forgotten Homebrews here


We have many more cool homebrews on /downloads, feel free to add yours and to rate your favorite ones!

  1. oO Flowzilla Oo’s avatar

    What about Doom? Can’t it be played on the Vita?


    1. StepS’s avatar

      it can, but its not in the top downloads list


      1. toBsucht’s avatar

        ups (o:
        maybe have a look to the dl-url and homebrew name^^


  2. booler’s avatar

    What’s the point of reposting about existing psv homebrews and all ps3 stuff?

    moving towards ps3 means that there is progress on psv

    kinda disappointing since this site was the most interesting in terms of psv scene.


    1. ???’s avatar

      Hey booler you’re stupid you know that

      Wololo start posting the top 10 most downloaded homebrew every end of the month ever since he started the /download

      Being new to this site is not an excuse for being an idiot


      1. booler’s avatar

        f((k you idiot


    2. wololo’s avatar

      yMenu, PSPokemon, Prox CFW C, and PS3USercheat are all homebrews that are less than 2 months old, were you aware of them?
      The other ones are all time classics, I don’t make the rankings. We add new homebrews to the database on a daily basis, it’s not my fault that some old ones are really good :)

      As I said several times, there is movement in the Vita scene, but there are things I can talk about, and things I can’t.


      1. youngoz’s avatar

        GOTCHA! *wink* ;)


  3. SSJ-Vita’s avatar

    I know this is off topic but I wanted to say thx to the haxzors who will “Anonymously” do the right thing on the 4′th. Not only is your courage admirable, but it will be emulated by many and read about in history books by countless more. In my opinion each and every one of you deserve the title link since you will all prove to be heroes in time. We do not forgive, we do not forget, it is too late for them to expect us.


    1. ???’s avatar

      What the f*** are you talking about?

      If you’re talking about the group Anonymous, don’t believe in them because they are the the biggest trolls on the the internet today, all they can so is just talk but can’t do anything at all


  4. booler’s avatar

    to ???

    Fuck you idiot.

    to others

    The so called “movement” in psv scene leads nowhere

    There is no person with descent technical details about vita’s kernel and memory work process.

    The “buffer overflow” hack and other “kernel exploits” won’t get hackers anywhere.

    The only possibility of a descent kernel hack is if sony will make some mistake.


    1. wololo’s avatar

      I don’t understand your point, especially in relation to this article.

      So, what is your complain exactly? That I’m not clever enough to hack the vita? That I blog about non vita stuff despite not being done with the vita?

      That’s mostly irrelevant. If you have stuff to share about the vita hacking, feel free to share it. If you don’t, then what are you complaining about? I won’t make up news if I don’t have anything new to blog about, just to please you…


  5. 4th of july’s avatar

    4th of July is Independence Day

    but all them stupid Anons want to do is DDOS on that day

    I do not forgive, I do not forget, it is too late for you to expect me.


  6. Shapeshifter’s avatar

    Hey which is the racing game in the pro cfw video on this page?thanks in advance



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