PS3 Tools Gui Edition 2.1

Developer PsDev released a new version of his tool for PS3 Developers: PS3 Tools.

This windows GUI allows you to manipulate various PS3 files by decrypting/encrypting them. This latest version allows you to decrypt and extract Retail PKG files.

Credits for this tool, besides PsDev, go to naehwert, KaKaRoToKS, geohot, Math, eussNL and Fail0verFlow.


download PS3Tools here

Source ps3hax via psDev

  1. garrei’s avatar

    first? ;)

    looks sweet… still need to get a ps3 :/


  2. Casavult’s avatar



  3. StepS’s avatar

    I like that small picture that you use in the head of ps3 news :)
    it makes me laugh :D don’t ask me why



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