Sony finally admits hackers were right all along


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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41 Responses

  1. alex says:

    all right but doom is a good game~XDD

  2. Metalliphyll says:

    Shadow Warrior

  3. Yc096Ps says:

    Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction would be a blast on sonys new handheld!

  4. ndh777 says:

    Halo. I know we have gHalo or whatever it’s called, but it’s not the same lol

  5. TheBudds says:

    Take this as you will but when this story first broke wololo and and thoughts on how finally the ps3 is cool now.

    I know this is my own taste but not having doom was the only thing that bugged me in the whole xbox vs. ps3 thing. I for one am truly glad to see the ps3 get Doomed in form of a three pack :)

    • TheBudds says:

      Oops, first part is supposed to be…

      Wololo and thoughts on how the ps3 is finally cool now danced through my head. :(

  6. Yol Morefi says:

    Wasn’t Wolfenstein 3D the first FPS ?

  7. TrECeNTeRs says:

    Port over “Kingpin : The Life of Crime”

    (Quake 2 engine)

  8. BattaTrattaKill says:

    Wololo are you this bored? Come on and get serious with this. Try and “Spend” time with your’e kid or try and make vhbl better so it can run smoother and better with most game’s. I understand your’e blog or webpage gets lame. But come on man. jesus f’n christ. Doom’ sucked by the way. I prefer to play Red Dead Redemption on the ps vita via a jailbroken 3.55 ps3 anyday bro. cheers.

    • wololo says:

      How about you improve vhbl? It’s open source for a reason. Then you might finally understand there is a huge difference between spending 30minutes to write a blog article, and 20h to get a couple more homebrews to run in vhbl.

      • Sporo says:

        MomomomomomomoMONSTER kill.
        Thx for that wololo :)

      • Lolz says:

        not trying to be rude or anything, but how about giving us useful news instead of trolling us like this?

        • wololo says:

          If you think Doom coming to the PS3 is not useful news, I’m sorry for you :)

          Seriously though: yeah, the title was intentionally misleading, but I think this is very relevant to what we do here. I think based on my videos you can tell I’m a huge Doom fan, so there is something ironic about Sony finally bringing it to one of their console. We could also discuss for hours the lack of support for the Vita…

          • BattaTrattaKill says:

            Actually I am still learning vhbl and how it works, Coding with it is just like going in and banging your’e wife for 2 hours than coming out with a red long face. For me Doom’ is a shitty game, yes everyone has their taste and their opinions. But come on. We’re in 2012 and you guy’s still want to play a 30p game? Like the Nintendo Fanboy’s who get so excited about a Super Mario game every year that only change’s Mario’s ears size. Now as for psp iso’s on the Vita that I will support. Kernel access to the vita is vital, and you can actually run a M33-CFW on the vita via a portal. Time will tell for all the Great things to appear on the ps vita. cheer’s mate.

    • natsu says:

      This person doesn’t know the golden rule not to ask eta or demand stuffs if you are not paying for anything.

    • Aizen_Idiot says:

      DOOM sucks? LOL, it’s the father of FPS

    • CMDR188 says:

      Seriously, Grow up! Why don’t you go spend your time working on VHBL, it is open source. Personlly, and I would say I’m not the only on, I like reading about Wololo’s view on what’s happening oug there in the Gaming World!

    • rabidchild says:

      Your attitude sucks. Just so you know. And I think we can safely assume you cheated your way through DOOM, or it owned your ass and you just quit.

  9. Aizen_Idiot says:

    01/2012 – Hackers run Doom on the PS Vita thru PSP emulator

  10. zonic says:

    pacman, galaga,digdug,asteroids and centipede

  11. TheNinja2012 says:

    So does that mean no Doom for PSP? (except the homebrew one, ofc)

    • JackleJoe says:

      I don’t think Sony cares enough about the PSP anymore to release it. They should focus on the Vita. The PSP is still great for homebrew, but I will never buy a PSP game again.

  12. Riku says:

    Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia, Chrono Trigger…

  13. tronpsp says:

    I would like to see NBA JAM and NFL Blitz ported to vita they have them for ps3 the old school looking ones not the new NFL Blitz.

  14. ricer says:

    i will love to see magaman 9 and 10 on it that wold be epic

  15. DESTROYER_ONER says:

    Final Doom night mare

  16. TenCashMan says:

    Let’s see some open source raycasting engines :)
    I made one in Lua but it sucksss…
    I’ve made one in OSLib but I am not really a pro at optimizations.

  17. Hey wolz.
    Can we get a promote comment button (like kotaku has) or like a +1 or a like button for comments?
    cuz like some the comments that get posted here are friggin hilarious.

  18. juan577 says:

    man doom was and is my first and favorite game ever if u guys hate it but still be positive about it. if id software had`nt made doom the 2d/3d fps games wouldnt be but who knows anyway

  19. power_bi says:

    I know this is off topic, but is
    it possible to emulate a
    PSNetwork, by sending packages directly to
    the Vita. sorry 4 bad english.%)

  20. TobeyDemon says:

    pc minecraft not through remote play & not s4inexcraft lamecraft, or lamecraft redstone piston mod, or 2d sidescrolling mindcraft. real pc multiplayer minecraft.

  21. Blast says:

    Ps3. Needs sega’s chakan the foreverman. And also a HD version of Socom 3/ combined assault with multiplayer online. That game would sell millions again.

  22. synapze says:

    Doom is nice and all…BUT BRING QUAKE 3 ARENA TO THE VITA! Playing the homebrew version is cool and all, but having a full version of Q3 Arena would be SICK :D

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