PSX on the Vita: An interview with the mysterious Vita Hacker


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99 Responses

  1. 12345jkl says:

    Nice! Really great new.

  2. Riv says:

    cool,that is awesome

  3. Trigger says:

    For my part, I would like to see a release of the exploit.
    Anyone agree?

  4. hene193 says:

    That guy knows what he is doing. He isn’t noob, that man is like Drak Alex from old days. He would be a hero. He is real hacker: If something is missing, he will add to it. Like “If i pay 300$ for my ps3 and i decide to play pong, then i’m gona play some **** Pong”

    I like his style.

  5. Danniemonroe says:

    I understand how “Tony” feels, I mean if he releases the exploit great but if he doesn’t oh well. It won’t be the end of the world. The vita is not everything.

  6. Davee says:

    How very pretentious.

  7. ogobogo says:

    Hey here is another project is it true?

    • fate6 says:

      from what I can see im going to call it fake :/

    • ndh777 says:

      Most of these “” websites claiming to have PS3 and PSVita hacks are almost always 100% fake. I have a blogspot (bought a custom domain though) but most of the ones claiming to have hacks are 100% bogus.

    • wololo says:

      Lol, I’ve rarely seen such a poor attempt . Come back when there’s actually something on the blog… even the worst fakers have a video or something, not just 2 lines of text.

  8. alessa says:

    in 4hours ? lol why any other hackers dont can hack ith then ….

    • jigsaw says:

      Honestly this is doable since porting procfw 660 (or any 660 level HEN/CFW) to Vita should be not more than copy-paste, since he already has a kexploit, which may already took him weeks or even months.

      • wololo says:

        He only told me how long it took to port an existing hack+ CFW to the vita, not how long it took him to find the exploit or create the CFW in the first place

  9. npissoawsome says:

    Man, if you think it’s bad to be proud of coding skills, and they’re just “geeks”, than you’re just arrogant. Shame

  10. raheemop says:

    so wololo wen do u think the kernel exploit will be released

  11. jigsaw says:

    Parkour, piano, girls, cool…

    On one hand I still believe its too early to release kexploits; on the other hand I’d like to see whether we found the same one (or more). =P

  12. raheemop says:

    so wololo wen do u think we will see this release

  13. raheemop says:

    does anyone know where i could find a tutorial on coding

  14. SSJ-Vita says:

    I would say to (Tony) that swimming sounds like a great idea. I would just like my tablet with dual analogs to be able to do what other analogless tablets can do, no thx to adobe. Surfing freedom *lol get it*, and internet radio are my only 2 concerns. Good luck and happy gaming all.

  15. cris says:

    i knew that it was possible for a ps vita psp cfw excellent hope they make a tool to flash without needing the game to exploit 😉

  16. kevin says:

    wow that guy should be proud of having the ability to code lol.I would’nt call him a nerd.Thats talent xD

  17. Kid says:

    Aww and I thought this guy was kind of cool until he said “I spare my money for disco, clothes and alcohol =P”. I’m fine with alcohol, but disco? he must be from eastern Europe.

    Very interesting hack though. This is big news.

  18. auron says:

    wow that is very cool! he is very admirable and i truly respect him. And I hope to see a hack like this goes public soon.

  19. WTF says:

    nice one there … :) live ur life

  20. YoungMoney says:

    Great news. Cant wait for a release!

  21. ndh777 says:

    Haha I love his attitude. But good for him! There is more to life than sitting around and doing one thing that will probably be meaningless in 10 or less years. No offense to hackers and devs cause I love gaming, but with anything, we gotta be realistic, there is more to life than whatever we think is important for the time being. He seems humble, not arrogant. People calling him arrogant just sound jealous that they couldn’t do what he did in 4 hours over a months span.

    If he releases it, that’d be great and I can’t wait for the release!

  22. Abdou says:

    WHAT A GREAT NEWSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! PS1,PSP iso loader in our beautiful VITA :D. Can’t WAit. Thanks Wololo for the news 😀

  23. AlphaKiloCharlie says:

    That’s pretty damn cool. I’m sorry this is kinda off-topic, but i recently found my PSP 3000 and i bricked back in early 2011 and was wondering, is there any possible way to fix it. I messed up 1 file in the Flash0 Memory, i believe it was one to remove the Sony logo in the gameboot. Thanks for anyone that took the time to answer.

    Yes, i know its supposedly impossible to do so, but asking wont hurt will it?

    • Jd8531 says:

      Its been awhile but mine bricked and i either put it in recovery mode or did something through media manager but i cant really remember sorry :/

    • fate6 says:

      no asking a question wont hurt but asking a obvious or already answered one will

      but as for my answer, if you can get to a recovery menu then you could replace the file other then that only Sony can fix it
      (FYI unless you know exactly what your doing, dont mess with the flash)

  24. Jd8531 says:

    If it gets released i would be really happy and a psp iso loader wouldn’t hurt the vita. If it doesn’t then its not a big deal and HBL is fine as long as i get it next release :) What would be sick tho is everyone working together and porting ps2 games!

  25. auron says:

    wololo did you ask him to release the hacking method? when will it be shown? i hope soon.

    • wololo says:

      To be perfectly honest he has not been clear on that subject (or, rather, it felt like he changes his mind quite often on this subject). On the one hand he said he would gladly release it, on the other hand he was clear that if he sends it to me for tests, I am not supposed to share it.

      • auron says:

        oh ok once you test could you tell us whats its like? I think it would be good to make it public after the vita psx update if possible.

      • Green Ranger says:

        Haha funny guy :) he must been from Germany how it sounds ^^.

        And about the kxploit and the CFW, with the next mayor update it would be fine to release it. I mean, theres no real interesting PS-Vita Game on the long range (Thanks Sony!) and no really impressive Apps even if Sony could easily port a lot of Android-Apps to the Vita. So there would be no Problem to to stay at an for example 2.00 FW.So even if someone find a way to hack the Vita-OS were still good to go.

        And after the kxploit gets released more and more devs could investigate the emu and search for holes and flaws to break through the sandboxed emulator.

        On the other Hand, we don’t know if we really could break through the Sandboxed-Emu so here we need some more infos about how the Vita works (SKFU and his plan to purchase a VITA Debug-Unit could lead to some useful infos)but for now, the kxploit and investigate the Emu is our only way to try things out. So i can’t really say if an release of an CFW for the Emu is an waste of an kxploit.

      • auron says:

        I just hope he keeps his word and releases it some time soon.

  26. ??? says:

    Too much BULLS**T in that interview

  27. ??? says:

    He’s just acting cool like Davee

  28. xoom says:

    He never said anything about a release date..he only said if you guys want we could have it but it would requierevwololo to get a hold of it then doing a mass release or ninja release as he’s been doing with vhbl….i hope he does release Tho cuz why would I pay ridicoulos $39.99 for Tekken 6

  29. whutlee says:

    Such a exciting news! i love tough guy

  30. youngoz says:

    Thanks for the info Wololo! I hope you can implement this exploit with VHBL… that way it can be released numerous times for many people to enjoy.

  31. masterse7en says:

    this is geat news, seems like the dude just wants his vita to do what he wants it to do and is basically saying ya heck give it to us but he doesnt want his life to revolve around his coding work. I cant wait to get it if he releases it

  32. Empc says:

    Guys like him , make me feel like nothing =(

  33. svenn says:

    If this wasn’t “wololo” i’d call a fake. However I still don’t trust the “girls, parcour, party” joke.

    In no way, PSP/PSPV is a easy console to hack in, as far as I know you need a solid programming base to even start with it, popping from out of nowhere is kinda suspicous and the fact that he is kinda insulting all work done in the past feels somehow “pretentious” as previously stated.

    But since he doesn’t care, good luck with your k-exploit.

    • yosh says:

      looks like he just dropped his previous hacking time and now kinda denies it, teenage issues I guess lol

    • Zett says:

      Fake? He did even a port of PS1 to Vita, how should this be a fake? And i can confirm it, this “tony” is the guy who ported the stuff 😉

  34. Piu says:

    Hi Wololo,
    Great interview, Thanks.
    I Hope the Vita PspCfw come soon.
    Best Regards,

  35. rodakk says:

    “If you guys want, I’ll release the kernel exploit with all the source code“
    Of course we want it!

  36. alessa says:

    sure we want it ;D … without iso loader ^^^:D

  37. The Kid says:

    I say dont release it. If I want to play PSX, I’ll fire up the PS1, if I want PSP games, I already have a PSP with CFW. Dont release it……enjoy jumping from rooftop to rooftop

  38. natsu says:

    i hope he releases it and have it licensed under GPL..:D

  39. coldboot says:

    Whatever the exploit is, it doesn’t appear to require vita games running because he stated that he doesn’t own any vita games.

    Kudos to “Tony” for pointing out that there are more important things to life than computers and video games.

  40. bb says:

    wololo – can you PLEASE confirm with this guy when he will release it or understand if he’s going to release it? I hear a lot of back and fourth but if he’s true to his word he will release ASAP right? This is the most important part b/c as he says why announce it if you’re not going to release.

  41. Arnookie says:

    Great news but we all know sony will block it anyhow. Wololo knows the score better than all of us. Its chase an exploit or hack and be chased. Sony need to stop with the stupid fight but they never will.
    Its going to be another case of buy one for legit use and buy one for exploits / iso loaders for the psp psx games.
    Sony make money either way but they still can’t see that.

    I’m more gutted that they led everyone to beleive that Ps3 games would be playable through remote play and then don’t and won’t give it to us. Now that sucks big style Sony!

    What’s more is the fact that people want a device they can do whatever they want with. Look at Android and how successful that is, even though most people use pirate games and apps on the device. Google Android got it right so why can’t Sony? Android like making money and profit. Sony for some strange reason don’t seem to like doing that.
    Well thats my two cents anyhow! :0)

  42. openvita says:

    release it if it´s not davees exploit.

    • Jin says:

      I wish it was Davee’s exploit because that kid is a fake. It’s been weeks/months and he hasn’t even said anything about it because he can’t do it. I know what he’s done for the PSP scene but this is different. “Tony” is at least giving us the chance to have fun with his exploit, not being a *** and saying, “Look what I can do!” without releasing anything. What’s the point otherwise? The Vita will be hacked no matter what (like now) and Davee will be nothing special and hopefully known as a fraud.

  43. knickname spits says:

    Davees a deuch -_-

  44. sony can kiss my ass says:

    no offense but saying that those hackers are nerds that have no live is kinda stupid since he doesn’t know anything about their personal life.

  45. auron says:

    i appreciate what these hackers do, we need more giving and humble hackers like him, and less selfish hackers who keep good hacks for themselves without a good reason.

  46. Megaman0x says:

    ok he said it was a cfw for the psp emu (inside of the vita), not a cfw for the vita itself. OK ppl dam.

    p.s wonder how good is he at cat walks

  47. dmnchief001 says:

    Do you support such a hack since it can load PSX and PSP ISOs? If so, will you bring the hack to your site, or are you afraid of what Sony might do to you? Remember Geohot, and how Sony sued him? They even gained access to his Paypal account!!! That said, I think PSX emulation is no different that the N64 emulation already existing, and the PSP emulation isn’t much worse.

  48. Norml says:

    Blah blah blah, imagine that, someone worthy of such hack(so it seems, still no public release but why do that when $ony only updates to patch hacks and reduce compatablity(latest update v1.69, yet again, still no PSP AdHOC fix and now certain VITA games have stopped working…useless company $ony has become.)

  49. auron says:

    just be patient, it will come out, we just have to wait till after sony’s big update the 2.0 and I’m sure we will see some would be completely *** to have it out now while we know of a big update coming within weeks and patch something so difficult to come by while there is a OFW coming soon. so give it time.

  50. whitey_mcguee says:

    Honestly I hope that he does stay in the shadows. I see how the dev’s are treated in the community. If I had those capabilities, im not sure if I would stick around gotten abuse. I cant blame him for wanting to enjoy his youth. I do mma, am a manager, repair electronics in my free time and spend time with my wife. I say good for him, I just hope someone gets a hold of the exploit and is willing to release it.

  51. Sylen7Nato says:

    wow, very exciting news!!…ill be waiting patiently/eagerly to see what happens…either way, i still love my vita…many thanks to all who support the CFW scene and continue to stick it to sony!! keep up the great work.

  52. Rain says:

    Ah, another victim of popular thought. Sure, live your life and don’t waste all your time on games and hacking, but since when is having the ability to hack “geeky”. If I could do what he does, I’d be so proud of myself. I hate how people think that video games are “geeky”, and that it’s only cool to be at a bar and watch football.
    But hey, maybe he isn’t a victim of popular thought. He could truly enjoy swimming, parkour, and disco, but I feel like a lot of people act like that just to fit in because that’s “what’s cool”. They force themselves to like things that they really may not. I think that living to please others is lame (not saying he does) not being a hacker. What happened to being yourself?

  53. Mem says:

    Any moronic troglodyte with a pulse can get laid or jump around, and he has one of the only Vita kernel exploits in the world and thinks nothing of it?

    What a waste of a brain.

  54. Neku says:

    I’ll leave this here

    No I’m not a “nerd”, I also study music and play instruments, go outside, but honestly this guy seems like a big jerk.

  55. anothergamer says:

    “i hate people who show off with their work then dont release” sounds like a hypocrite to me

    • Roberto1 says:

      He never showed off and I dont think he even made a video of it.We only know it exists because wololo tracked him down :)

  56. Green Ranger says:

    He just won’t release it for now, because we should wait till Sony drops a new Mayor FW for the Vita with probably add a Flashplayer (better Html5) or PSX Support to the Vita and the we have the possibility to play newer Games…

    For now, it would just be a waste on FW 1.69 😉

    be patient, he said, he will release it soon.

  57. auron says:

    who knows when sony will push out the FW 2.0 i want my psX games.

  58. anothergamer says:

    I can be patient, but how ironic would it be if fw 2.0 played psx games

  59. auron says:

    wololo, have you tried it yet?

  60. Yifan Lu says:

    Hmm, I don’t know too many real “hackers”, but the handful I do know is nothing like the stereotype this guy used. I mean, no offense, but it seems like he’s describing the characters of that 1990s movie Hackers. The people I do know are pretty interesting and do have lives outside of computers but they just don’t tell the public because what’s the point. Also, some of his statements are a bit contradictory: “I don’t need to show you guys how cool I am.” and the very next sentence “I just ported the CFW to my PSVita in only 4 hours in the night”. If he doesn’t need to show how cool he is and if he doesn’t care what people think, what’s the point of saying he ported a CFW? “I am proud that I play the piano and do Parkour. But these nerds…look at them, they really have no life.” Isn’t that more proving he’s cool? And again, why generalize and elevate himself if he “neither need respectability nor fame”?

    • wololo says:

      You’d be surprised at the world of console hacking. The more I get into it, the more I realize it is split between “kids” and “grown ups”, and those are two different worlds. Mind you, age is not always accurate to classify some hackers in the “kids” or “grownups” sections, it’s just about the way some people behave and think :)
      It is very possible he has always been in contact with people in the “kids” section.

  61. CC says:

    Strange, I have that same feeling. Maybe it’s the hypocritical statement of “I hate people who show off with their work [then don’t release]”.

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