PSX on the Vita: An interview with the mysterious Vita Hacker


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99 Responses

  1. whitey_mcguee says:

    Honestly I hope that he does stay in the shadows. I see how the dev’s are treated in the community. If I had those capabilities, im not sure if I would stick around gotten abuse. I cant blame him for wanting to enjoy his youth. I do mma, am a manager, repair electronics in my free time and spend time with my wife. I say good for him, I just hope someone gets a hold of the exploit and is willing to release it.

  2. Sylen7Nato says:

    wow, very exciting news!!…ill be waiting patiently/eagerly to see what happens…either way, i still love my vita…many thanks to all who support the CFW scene and continue to stick it to sony!! keep up the great work.

  3. Rain says:

    Ah, another victim of popular thought. Sure, live your life and don’t waste all your time on games and hacking, but since when is having the ability to hack “geeky”. If I could do what he does, I’d be so proud of myself. I hate how people think that video games are “geeky”, and that it’s only cool to be at a bar and watch football.
    But hey, maybe he isn’t a victim of popular thought. He could truly enjoy swimming, parkour, and disco, but I feel like a lot of people act like that just to fit in because that’s “what’s cool”. They force themselves to like things that they really may not. I think that living to please others is lame (not saying he does) not being a hacker. What happened to being yourself?

  4. Mem says:

    Any moronic troglodyte with a pulse can get laid or jump around, and he has one of the only Vita kernel exploits in the world and thinks nothing of it?

    What a waste of a brain.

  5. Neku says:

    I’ll leave this here

    No I’m not a “nerd”, I also study music and play instruments, go outside, but honestly this guy seems like a big jerk.

  6. anothergamer says:

    “i hate people who show off with their work then dont release” sounds like a hypocrite to me

    • Roberto1 says:

      He never showed off and I dont think he even made a video of it.We only know it exists because wololo tracked him down :)

  7. Green Ranger says:

    He just won’t release it for now, because we should wait till Sony drops a new Mayor FW for the Vita with probably add a Flashplayer (better Html5) or PSX Support to the Vita and the we have the possibility to play newer Games…

    For now, it would just be a waste on FW 1.69 ;)

    be patient, he said, he will release it soon.

  8. auron says:

    who knows when sony will push out the FW 2.0 i want my psX games.

  9. anothergamer says:

    I can be patient, but how ironic would it be if fw 2.0 played psx games

  10. auron says:

    wololo, have you tried it yet?

  11. Yifan Lu says:

    Hmm, I don’t know too many real “hackers”, but the handful I do know is nothing like the stereotype this guy used. I mean, no offense, but it seems like he’s describing the characters of that 1990s movie Hackers. The people I do know are pretty interesting and do have lives outside of computers but they just don’t tell the public because what’s the point. Also, some of his statements are a bit contradictory: “I don’t need to show you guys how cool I am.” and the very next sentence “I just ported the CFW to my PSVita in only 4 hours in the night”. If he doesn’t need to show how cool he is and if he doesn’t care what people think, what’s the point of saying he ported a CFW? “I am proud that I play the piano and do Parkour. But these nerds…look at them, they really have no life.” Isn’t that more proving he’s cool? And again, why generalize and elevate himself if he “neither need respectability nor fame”?

    • wololo says:

      You’d be surprised at the world of console hacking. The more I get into it, the more I realize it is split between “kids” and “grown ups”, and those are two different worlds. Mind you, age is not always accurate to classify some hackers in the “kids” or “grownups” sections, it’s just about the way some people behave and think :)
      It is very possible he has always been in contact with people in the “kids” section.

  12. CC says:

    Strange, I have that same feeling. Maybe it’s the hypocritical statement of “I hate people who show off with their work [then don’t release]”.

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