PS Vita Firmware 1.69 patches the Super Collapse 3 exploit


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35 Responses

  1. fate6 says:

    yay I ish mentioned :3

    heres hoping there wont be any mandatory updates till 2.0 or what ever the PSX update will be

  2. anon says:

    Let’s see if Gravity Rush App via PSN forces 1.69 update upon launching. Clearly the cart doesn’t.

    All the while they lose $$ everyday not from homebrew but from mismanaging the vitas roster of NEW game titles to make consumers actually -want- to buy the product for it’s “great” gaming experiences. Perhaps they should fix that first before updating firmware. Dunno, just an idea. :-S

  3. Mr. Awsome says:

    Its pointless, I can still go on psn with 1.67. Im just gonna wait till 2.0 to update since i REALLY want to have PS1 emulation added so I can play my other games again.

  4. jair says:

    in mexico the update is live 😛

  5. youngoz says:

    WOW… I’m a little disappointed at this firmware update… everyone including myself is FIENDING for the new VHBL but I really hope Wololo wait for another update before he releases the new exploit… at the same time I hope when that future firmware update comes the game that Wololo is planning on releasing still works… *keep fingers crossed*

    • afrothegreat says:

      best thing to do is get an RSS feed app on your phone or whatever device you keep with you most, subscribe to this site, and wait for the leprechaun.

  6. Kyle says:

    Thank for the info wololo 🙂 looking forward to a possible 4th exploit! ill be on the lookout

  7. OMightyBuggy says:

    Does anybody know if it fixed the bluetooth turning on bug?

  8. garrei says:

    k next vhbl release plox?

    lol i dont care when a new release is… i still use motorstorm exploit 😛 and im sticking to it 😀

    its just funny to keep being a pain in the *** to sony until they just give up on patching harmless exploits.

  9. James Way says:

    Sony sux. I get it they don’t want you playing nintendo on a sony device, but if their games did not suck and they gave gamers what they want, PS One support, we wouldn’t need to find exploits to get to use the system in a fun way. While rayman orgins rocked, I effing loved it, it was kinda short. I got asphalt, which was ok up until the harder levels where you realized that the other drivers drove on rails, like taking u-turns at 60+MPH without any failure, and other weird engine *** that would *** me off from time to time, and some that I had fun with (like driving in reverse and pushing the other drivers behind the finish line). I got dissidia for the psp and that drove me to the point that I told my girl to hide the vita for me and to hide it well. If I managed to find it somewhere I was going to take a hammer to it. Redbox, I got a laptop and a tab. Skype, got the lappy, cell and tab for that. With the huge library of ps one and two games they could allow us to play or even port by installing from the ps3 and transferring over, I don’t know why they haven’t. Why yes devs and publishers may not want to support the system, but if they do this, the hardcore gamers, which are pretty much the ones getting the vita, as it even lacks IR to be used for something else, will still but the system for the ps 1,2, psp and few vita games, plus if hacked for nintendo or other emulators, Sony will at least be making $$ somewhere.Instead I’m just contemplating selling mine and waiting to get the Wii U. They put out a device that does the same things most other devices already do, has a small assortment of games, and they keep trying to prevent the few people that are making the system interesting or worthwhile to buy for GAMERS. This is not your grandpa’s system, nor your toddler’s nor your whatever-age-comes-after-toddlerhood’s system, it is for gamers, the true gamers that gave in to the promise of playing psone games. All we got so far are the psp scraps, some being good, and an abysmal serving main courses. I do wish I had gotten wipeout instead of asphalt. Both demos look good, one just *** me off near the end.

    • garrei says:

      well, they did announce ps1 support soon at E3, but most of this is true… i mean ***, they couldnt even put crisis core on psn, that is my favourite game of all time on any platform, I was stoked when TN-HEN came out and i could finally play it again on my new pspgo at the time. It’s reasons like this we have to hack to actually get what we want. shame on you sony, bring out a powerful device but you put so many limits on it that a 7 year old hacked psp console can do more than a 2012 model portable gaming system.

  10. surVfate says:

    It will take a lot of time for the scene to reach 100% the Power of the Vita… I hope I get mine (I mean If I have enough money) when that happen… 😉
    Now I’m continue to stick with Sony-abandon-PSP… *sad*

  11. Logan says:

    thank u wololo for warning me i am able to update it but i wont even though i dont have vhbl on my vita but i will try to keep a watch

  12. w00tguy123 says:

    Funny how Sony brings out an update shortly after wololo mentions that he’s waiting just for that before doing another VHBL port. Maybe Sony was hoping they could patch two ports with one update. Gawd, it’s like they don’t have more important things to do than patch VHBL games!

  13. dimy93 says:

    1.69 is an optional update so if U need VHBL don’t update

  14. knickname spits says:

    Updates like these make me want the vita hacked even faster, Sony cares more about patching then bringing us new features smmfh

  15. SSJ-Vita says:

    I wonder who adobes competition is if they even have any? Adobe needs to go out of business asap never to be wanted or asked for again. Who will our vita savior be? Will sony ever put out a worthwhile update? And last but not least, why oh why did Rand Paul join forces with Robomney?………the world may never know…

  16. Chocogow says:

    If sony actually put like any game on remote play or youtube or even Psone games in one update i would actually get it no ofence but the super colapse exploit isint perfect but gets the job done if some companys just let the people hack their devices that would be awsome dont release yet wololo fight sony prics

  17. Sin says:

    thanks for the risk Fate6 n jvhellraiser!!

  18. StepS says:

    I updated just now 🙂 and it indeed patches VHBL 🙂

    • StepS says:

      i mean, the Super Collapse 3 exploit.

    • yosh says:

      I guess it only patches the latest released super collapse 3 exploit, so no risk for me
      but I won’t update as the released flash0 dump is for 1.67, so if I find a working kxploit then I can test it on vita thx to the dump’s addresses ^^

      • StepS says:

        I don’t think there’s any critical change apart the module that responds for blacked savedatas

  19. Apollo says:

    They actually make money when an exploit comes out…everyone rushes to buy the game…I don’t see the logic

    • yosh says:

      They just can’t officially support being hacked, and not doing anything would be the same
      Makes sense, if they allowed homebrews we wouldn’t have to bother with vhbl

  20. Chris Highwind says:

    Good thing I knew about this. I thought I was on 1.67, but it turns out I was on 1.66 the entire time, and the Escape Plan demo wants me to update to 1.67, but if I use the Software Update, I’d end up on 1.69 instead, and I’m not going to risk homebrew just to play a demo I probably won’t even like.

  21. tigahawk says:

    Confirming that downloading Gravity Rush via the US PSN store did NOT upgrade the firmware.

    Still sitting on 1.67 hoping i can actualy get VBHL next release on my PSV!

  22. Hiram says:

    guys one question…..if i already update my vita to 1.69 can i restore de vita to go back to 1.67 so i can install super collapse 3 exploit?????…..

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