Release: CFW Pro C


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  1. Yoti says:

    Really? :3

  2. Omar says:

    Fix 4 was released 19 hours ago.

    • Steven says:

      that fix4 you’re talking about is only for 6.39 since it has the wrong CIPL flasher

      *) Fixed several memory unlocking problems like the VSH exit crash (broken homescreen).
      *) Added high memory forcing support for SEN NPDRM EBOOTs (most useful in combination with Prometheus Online –
      *) Relinked the PSP online manual to the PRO CFW server.
      *) Fixed CIPL Section Brick

      6.39 PRO-C fix3 contained the wrong CIPL installer. “fix4 contains the right one.”

  3. Lenny says:

    If you have a psp-1000, is there any advantages of this update over the pro b-10 cfw, considering that 1000’s cannot use the Prometheus online system anyway?

  4. JackleJoe says:

    Amen, Wololo!

  5. Draggy says:

    Great news. 😉 I’ll check it out tomorrow, I hope the Prometheus system will work for me.

  6. Machado says:

    I have a psp 1004 and i have installed a cfw pro c but don’t work my favorite homebrew : mame4all ! Have you a solution? Sorry for my english

  7. Peleep says:

    Is it safe to go straight to this 6.60 Pro-C and CIPL flash from 6.60 Pro-B10 on a PSP phat 1000 with CIPL Flash completed?


  8. BaDocha says:

    does this have a permanent mode like pro-b or you have to boot it everytime you shutdown your psp?

  9. Kiyoshi says:

    is it now safe to launch 6.60 PRO-C fix 3’s CIPL flasher? cuz mine was bricked when I Installed PRO-C fix 2’s CIPL,,, thanks :]

  10. Kiyoshi says:

    is it now safe to launch 6.60 PRO-C fix 3’s CIPL flasher? cuz mine was bricked when I Installed PRO-C fix 2’s CIPL, thanks :]

  11. M3rror says:

    I got a problem, and this probably should be posted in the PRO C forum so I can get help faster, but I’m trying to go from 6.60 ME 1.6 -> PRO C but the update crashes at the gameboot screen. I know a work-a-round I can do (pop in the ole pandora’s battery, downgrade, then upgrade to 6.60 OFW), but due to it being late and me wanting to take a easier/lazier route, is there any other way?

  12. SixtySixHundred says:

    Hi Wololo,

    Love your work, I’ve been around the PSP scene for a while now, and have been happy with every CFW released to date, but now I’ve gone to Pro-C but a lot of my homebrew crashes, (Emulator SNES9xTYL and does not exit correctly, among others) and some times games fail to boot, so I want to go back to Pro-B10.
    My (fairly no0bish) question is, is it ok to just install Pro-B10 over Pro-C? Or will that cause a brick? I have no Pandora battery y’see, otherwise I’d have just done it.

    Thanks for your time.

    • wololo says:

      Hi, I believe it is fine to go back from C to B10. I have done it myself when I ran into issues with the CIPL. I will ask Coldbird next time I talk to him though, if there would be side effects. Also, crashes in homebrews is clearly not intentional so I think you should report a bug on their google code page.

      • SixtySixHundred says:

        Thanks, I will stay on Pro-C for a while to report the bugs I find with my favourite homebrew.
        Thanks for the very speedy reply.

    • toBsucht says:

      For me pro-c works as well as b! Btw i think thiere is a fix4 (CIPL flasher fixed).

  13. Br says:

    Hello wololo,

    Congratulation on your site, I always love coming arroung to see scene news.

    I have a question. I have a PSP3000 which is on OFW 5.03, using gen-c. During a long time, 5.03 was considered the place to be for psp3000.

    Do you recommend passing to 6.60? Which flavor of 6.60 CFW do you prefer?



    • wololo says:

      Yes, 6.60 is where you want to be now. I think except a minority of plugins, 6.60 does everything 5.03 did, and does it better.
      You basically want either Pro CFW B10 or pro CFW C. Some people have been reporting homebrew issues with Pro C, I haven’t used it long enough to confirm. I have been running all my psps (1000, 3000, Go) on Pro CFW B10 for months without a problem.
      Check this page for installation:

  14. MR.ß says:


  15. damilad says:

    mr. wololo pliz help me on how to mood pandora battery coz dis ur syt is interesting

  16. Manav says:

    Is there any way to install old home brews which required old cfw’s ? Eg: irshell works on 5.50 Gen but do sent work on my 6.60 pro c fix 3 ? And also which is better pro c or pro b10 ? If its pro b10 can u tell me a way to install pro b10 on pro c permanent install without the use of Pandora battery?

  17. XIX says:


    I have a psp 3000, 6.60 Pro B-10. kernel 9g.
    Can i install pro-C without going back to OFW 6.60?

  18. steve says:

    i just installed 660 pro c on my psp 1001 using the wololo way.

    if i go online with a game using 660 pro c will my psp be banned in anyway?

  19. fretslapper says:

    Is this an lcfw? Or is it a cfw? I’m asking because I have a psp 3000 with 6.39 on it and I’m at pro-b 10. Is it safe as long as I don’t use cipl?

  20. fretslapper says:

    ok thanks.

  21. steve says:

    has the cipl flasher for 6.60pro c on a psp 1000 been fixed or will it still brick a psp 1000?

  22. craig says:

    hi, i am already running psp go on 6.2 pro b10 using fast recovery, will it be safe to update to this and if not is it safe to update to official 6.60 firmware and then do a fresh installation of pro c, many thanks if you can help

  23. Jesus says:

    I have a psp 1001 and i upgrade to 6.60 pro b10 but its not detecting the iso. i even have the iso file but it don’t want to wark. what do you think i need to do???

  24. Mealmightyme says:

    i am having trouble with getting cheats for some games, like installing cwcheats and the selct button doesn’t do anything (i’ve hopped from websites to other websites to figure out the problem) i get more confused so im starting all over again with cfw.
    -Are those plugins and cheats compatible with psp cfw 6.60 pro c, or do i need 6.60 pro b10 or something?
    -And to make the cheats work do i just need the cfw, cwcheat and cheat codes, nothing more or nothing less?

    Really grateful if help is given 😐

  25. Helam says:

    Running 6.60 pro-b10 fix1 on a psp1001 with cipl permanent hack. I am a little scared to update a working system to pro-c2. Should I run the B10 PROUPDATE and CIPL_Flasher again to remove pro-b10 and then run pro-c update and new cipl? Is there any risk to running 6.60pro-c2 PROUPDATE and CIPL_Flasher from OFW without removing B10 first? Thanks.

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