SKFU launches a fund raising operation to hack the vita

Famous PS3/Vita developer SKFU just announced on his blog that he is running a donation drive to get a Vita development kit. Those “kits”, if my understanding is correct, contain a debug device (a special version of the Vita that can run unsigned code), as well as afull SDK and documentation. In the case of the PSP, access to those kits helped dramatically to hack the device, according to SKFU.

They are fairly expensive though (2000 euros), and since SKFU says he has no intent to actually use the kit for anything else than helping the scene, he is asking for the community’s financial contribution to the project. He has also plans (that are kept under wraps due to the legal risk for his contact who will be acquiring the development kit) to give access to that devkit to a number of trusted devs, in order to make fast progress on vita hacking.

So what do you guys think? Are we touching the gray area of hacking here, or is it a fair way to access more knowledge about the Vita? Either way, feel free to donate to SKFU for his project, by checking his blog post here.

  1. knickname spits’s avatar

    Any news on how much has been raised or did everyone just give up , I do feel like something fishy here skfu doesn’t say much


    1. wololo’s avatar

      He has a counter on his page, he’s up to about 20% now


  2. BaNZ’s avatar

    I wonder where is he gonna buy it?


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