SKFU launches a fund raising operation to hack the vita


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  1. ftwftwftwftw says:

    ive been reading alot about this cev kit since march-april of last year sony saying this kit is signifily lower priced than the other consoles dev kits and that they encourage “garage devs” to make games, do u really think sony will make this dev kit fully exploitable for the low price of $2000, i mean im sure they are confident in there security mabey thier dev kis are fairly limited also, like limited cpu speed the playstation suite

  2. ftwftwftwftw says:

    ..and as inexploitable i mean easy to readhow the vita works,mabey the kit uses some kind of sandbox emu and will be useless to skfu and other devs making this donation a waste of time and money

  3. SLeePLatED says:

    For me, I just want to use any home-brew apps that all. I do not care it can play pirate games or not however if it can be true that would be the greatest thing.

  4. knickname spits says:

    The vita will most likely need a dongle :*-(

    • wololo says:

      You know what, given the strange form factor of some of the I/O (usb connection, etc…) of the vita, I am thinking that yes, service mode on the vita is probably accessed by leveraging some of the unused pins in there…

      • knickname spits says:

        k That would be cool if we can somehow inject code using the USB port using the proprietary USB cord, kind of like cut the end off…well u get it (kind of like the cobra dongle;)

  5. F says:

    So we’re gonna donate to SKFU only to have him tell us he won’t be releasing any of his hacks once he gets his dev Vita? LMAO!

  6. knickname spits says:

    How’s the progress going with the fund raiser wololo, how much has been raised so far?

  7. auron says:

    325 Euros out of 2000 Euros. I wish i could give more.

  8. DeadlyData says:


    You should add me on MSN zack6925(@)gmail(dot)com.

    I’ve got a slight gift to give you if you still play PS3/and now that you’ve updated your VITA ( to everyone else I know this is off topic to the thread but I figured it’d be worth mentioning).

    Wololo, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this but I can’t talk about it in public.

  9. auron says:

    ooo, im intrigued a bit… Deadly have you decided to donate the rest of the funds to get the dev kit? just curious.

  10. knickname spits says:

    Any news on how much has been raised or did everyone just give up , I do feel like something fishy here skfu doesn’t say much

  11. BaNZ says:

    I wonder where is he gonna buy it?

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