[PS3] More dongles info decrypted by oct0xor


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  1. garrei says:

    … Im getting a PS3

  2. GoodBoy says:

    Let’s encourage PIRACY!

  3. svenn says:

    I still kinda wonder how oct0xor can do this and Sony can’t.

  4. anon says:

    Coz oct0xor reverse engineers with skills, while Sony is a media and entertainment company that whacks off to hollywood and wonderbooks.

  5. commodore 64 says:

    .. Hope you are happy at what your group has become Bad Boy and BlackHawk.. 1989-1994 you stood for something. 2012 you sell out like whores on a street corner.

    Pull your group back to together, don’t forget where you came from.. .

  6. ViRGE says:

    I suspect we’re going to see scenario #2 in the end. TB can come out with new encryption schemes, but if they’re using the same basic attack to patch all 3.6+ games then you only need to decrypt a couple of them to get a handle on how it works. All of that can be done by exploring the current dongle, FW, and games, which means newer security systems won’t necessarily prevent analysis by 3rd parties.

  7. NOT COOL says:

    So this means new CFW for the PS3??

  8. z3r01 says:

    here what the future holds:

    -true blue dongle gets hacked>method of which they patch games discovered>true blue dies…even if they change security, its pointless since the scene already know how they patch>sony steps in and patches that up with next firmware upgrade>scene dies for pirates>people complain for new hacks>pirates cry for the newsiest games

  9. A FabledHero says:

    so ken i get free gaems yet or not?

  10. dklfbq says:

    I dont think it could mean cfw. maybe it could mean a permanent fix to PSN for 3.55 though.

  11. Shadoxi says:

    Sorry Wololo, but i don’t agree with your analysis.
    First of all, decrypt True blue payload will not lead Sony to understand “How Tb decrypt original Eboot” because trueblue team use their own exploit to decrypt original Eboot and after that, Tb team use also their own reencryption scheme (like a drm).
    So, decrypt Tb payload will only lead to decrypt and bypass TB eboot drm.
    Yes, “the people behind True Blue are not amateurs in the hacking scene” and in the state of the art, this stage 2 of payload probably represent no more than the tip of the iceberg (but great work oct0xor).According to me, the most important stage is lv2 hash verification.

    p.s: to erradicate dongle disease just disconnect write protect pin from pcb and connect it to gnd.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks Shadoxi, you make a good point.

      I thought the hypothesis was that the games where debug/unsigned versions that came from some leaks on an underground website or irc channel… but I can’t remember if I’m entirely making this up or if I read it somewhere :/

      • Shadoxi says:

        I think you make reference to Mathieulh comments.
        But,we have no proof that the games come from debug versions.
        And Mathieulh said also that the payload send to TB dongle the encrypted header but it’s false !

        Just, patch sys_sm_shutdown syscall from True Blue upgrade Eboot. Launch it , unplug your dongle and exit apps-> it will exit without reset lv2 memory. Now you can launch Tb eboot without TB dongle.

        I do not understand why Sony does not react against TB dongle?
        May be like you said, Tb team buy debug game from corrupted employees (social engineering).And that’s why Sony can’t do anything.

  12. the-green says:

    I don’t knew why, but I hate TrueBlue hater’s even if I don’t have this dongle !! without TrueBlue, PS3 hack would be buried 8 months ago !!!
    No one will stay on CFW 3.55 to play a SNES emulator !!
    Those reverse-engeneering storys are just bullshits ! nothing more, nothing less !
    Leave the TrueBlue alone & let them doing their job !!

  13. xpl0s10n says:

    Would he not be able to reencrypt a release with the same encryption that TruBlue had on it? Just curious… not sure how hard that would be to do lol

    • wololo says:

      What would be the goal?

      • xpl0s10n says:

        The exact same thing true blue is doing now, except released for free.. encrypted so Sony can’t decrypt it just as it is now. Obviously you couldn’t make this open source but wouldn’t this theoretically work? Again I have no idea how the dongle works.. just a thought…

        • xpl0s10n says:

          To be honest I was stupid stoned when I read this article the first. I interpreted it totally wrong lol I’m gonna be quiet now : P

  14. ricfoda says:

    Interessante isso tudo acabaram com o true blue,agora temos apenas 1 jogo por mes pra jogar.
    Grandes merdas fizeram os caras do true blue eram realmente inteligentes vcs que são burros que fazem tudo de graça kkkkk.Retornem true blue e mostrem quem realmente são os bons de verdade.

  15. ricfoda says:

    equipe duplex somente liberou fifa 13 onde está o resident evil 6 estamos esperando,se true blue estive-se ai já estariamos jogando.return true blue!

  1. June 13, 2012

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