Game Review: LIMBO

I love indie games, I really like how indie developers put their creativity in these games with no limits, and I really enjoy
the simple mechanics of indie games.
LIMBO is a masterpiece, in my opinion, I started playing it just two days ago, but now I can’t stop.

This is a perfect example of a simple yet awesome game.
Made by Danish developer Playdead, it was originally released for Xbox Live Arcade only, and recently ported to Windows, PS3, Mac OSX and Linux (using wine).
It’s a sidescroller puzzle game, with very simple graphics and environment interactions.
Even if it looks simple at the beginning, it starts getting harder and harder every level. The game never stops, but each puzzle is a chapter, so if you die you don’t have to start from the beginning. If you play it for the first time, it’s impossible to complete the game without dying: the only way to find the solution for a puzzle, is to die first.

The graphics are dark, in fact, sometimes the game looks almost horror: in this game you’re a boy, looking for his sister in a creepy dark forest. You’ll meet other human beings and animals during the game, but none of them will be friendly.
The animations are one of the best parts in this game: sometimes, the death animations will make you feel bad for the poor boy.
This game has only one problem, basically: it has no plot at all; the task of looking for the boy’s sister looks more like a “placeholder” than a real plot, also the game starts with no context at all: you’ll find your objective only at the end.
Some people think that this game is too short, I can just say that if it was longer, I would never have been able to complete it.

As I said, this game is available on multiple platforms: you can get it on XBLA, PSN, on Playdead’s official website, or you can get it with the Humble Bundle V along with other 3 (4 if you’re generous :)) games.

  1. tolo’s avatar

    Totally agree with you. This is the most simplest and lovely game ever played.

    I am pretty sure sure you won´t stop until you get the last episode.


  2. Shacq Gnarly’s avatar

    It should of been longer, it wasnt impossible. if anything, it could have a sequel or something.


  3. ukyosake’s avatar

    The game is great and really fun, but then you beat it and little need to keep playing. I would have liked a time trial mode for replay. I do love games like this though.


  4. mindstate’s avatar

    Yes wololo, Limbo is one of the best Indie games i have ever played, and its extremely addicting. I still have no beat it though.


    1. wololo’s avatar

      The article was not written by me, but by Freddy :)


  5. TheSpillmonkey’s avatar

    I bought and played this game through (1 sitting, late at night into the morning) on my Xbox360 the very day it came out. I loved it. I hold this up to be one of the best Indie games around and as an example of what they can be.


  6. TheSpillmonkey’s avatar

    Also, there was a plot, it was just a simple plot.
    You are separated from the girl. She is taken off.
    You are stuck in a nightmarish Limbo (it’s why it is called limbo). That is all the narration you need. Any direct narration, speech, or ham-fisted plot delivery would have taken away from the amazing ambiance that really takes you into this post-death shadow world where nothing is certain.

    The levels and atmosphere themselves


  7. TheSpillmonkey’s avatar

    (continued as I palmed enter)
    The levels and atmosphere themselves communicate everything you need to know (and everything that little boy knows) about this new existence.


  8. yosh’s avatar

    pretty cool game indeed


  9. Baldassano’s avatar

    this needs to be ported to the PSP asap


  10. garrei’s avatar

    i syopped playing it when i finished it :P


  11. Dovahkiin’s avatar

    Why? Coz its simple and addictive!!!


  12. svenn’s avatar

    Freddy you are my hero ! I made a few of my friends buy this HB, and all they talk is the other games. I was really shocked by the quality of LIMBO, you call it puzzle, while there is more to it, somehow its also a bit “trickjumping” and action adventure like. I can’t play it for to long cause my boy always dies, and I feel sorry for it :P (well agree sometimes its funny :D)
    I love how the game is simple dark but still very accurate and great grafics, they make the game great. Its the only one still installed for now.

    Thx for the review, great to see people recognize this epic game. (haven’t played it out yet ;))


  13. Shinny’s avatar

    Why cant he port it to PSP/Vita, it looks good and the gameplay is nice =)


    1. svenn’s avatar

      You are right, this game would be great on PSP (/vita)


  14. dragng8’s avatar

    Wow thanks for the heads up wololo. I definately would’ve missed the humble bundle opportunity. I LOVE Limbo! My daughter hates it though, but we can work around that lol


  15. Raziel’s avatar

    I really like this game. I finished it in 2 days. :D Terrific puzzles, simplicity & great atmosphere. Honestly, this little game is 100times better compared to the big boring & overrated games like Assassin’s Creed series.



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