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Will E3 save the PS Vita?


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  1. Lindo says:

    the only thing sony can do for PS Vita are unlock 3g version for the us model, nobody are slave of AT&T.

  2. virgil says:

    i know this wont happen…bu it would make me use my vita alot more…….i ve always wanted a good umpc but they are way to expensive 500 for sonys latest vaio ux series second hand and also they are heavily underpowered …so seeing some form of desktop os boot option on the vita would be amazing , or even emulation of an os, an android ics or jelly bean option or maybe even windows 8 in the near future ???….any thoughts????

  3. yosh says:

    Good question, and it could be resumed to “Will the PSVita actually get a few games so that people buy it ? ” lol

  4. Abdou says:

    the games are so Expensive :). i share a ps account with a friend. and we ‘ve bought only 2 games (fifa and ridge racer). i wish it would be hacked as the psp. so that ps vita WILL HAVE THE HONOR it deserves.

  5. garrei says:

    well… it is about on schedule that the PS4 would be announced (according to previous console release dates)

    • Shacq Gnarly says:

      Sony and Microsoft have both said that they’re on a 10 year lifespan for their 7th gen consoles and feel as if the PS Move and the Kinect has increased those lifespans. AFAIK only nintendo will be revealing their eith gen console, the Wii U, at E3 this year.

  6. corvis87 says:

    Sony uses great hardware but seems to never use its full potential. The ps3 is a learning exerpience for me being that they can now remove products we paid for, a lot of money for (I own 3). The vita will probably pick back up after the beta of PS Suite is over allowing people to release their own games. My only fear out of this is how much will those games cost? I travel a lot and just the fact that I can use skype without having to carry a full laptop around is very nice for me… youtube will be interesting though most of our phones already have it…

  7. Alec says:

    Just Cause 2 or 3 for Vita would be nice. GTA, MGS you name it.

  8. Rich says:

    I’d like Sony to announce an upcoming Gaikai or OnLive app on the PS Vita because I would really like to play PS3/PS2 games on the handheld. Moreover, I’d rather have the choice of streaming demos over to the Vita as my 8GB memory card can’t store all of the Psp games, minis and demos that I’ve downloaded.
    By the way, does anyone know why the heck the file size of the demos are the same as the full games?
    It was annoying to delete a couple of games in order to download the 3GB demo of Resistance: BS.

  9. Clarkalel says:

    Playstation Move was a Cash scam, very few games were supporting the motion control and it sucks compare to the competition Kinect and Wii.Never going to buy a Sony product again, Good hardware for sure but lock down tighter then Alcatraz Prison

  10. Mycael says:

    Some monster hunter titles probli?
    Oh oh, and some awesome doujinshi games!! *_*
    Eroooge geeeeemu~

  11. Crimson says:

    Lost Planet series and Resident Evil games FTW!

  12. Jurian_Assassin says:

    Actually I personally believe the move was much more responsive and has better control than both the wii and kinect (speaking from experience). The only thing that I took issue with is that there wasn’t many titles for it.

  13. InfinityX says:

    That’s kind of magic circle as I say…
    No one will buy new hardware till there’s enough software to be used.
    But no one will develop new software till there’s enough of users that own the HW…

  14. svenn says:

    Honestly with tablets around, I wouldn’t buy a vita anymore. They still use 90 century idea’s about game device, closed source, no open dev. platform, stupid (/asian?) idea’s. In general I forgot how Vita even can compare against laptops, tablets and mobiles. Sony failed, I don’t understand how kids would spend 250 euro/dollar for a device that is far less usable then a simple computer. But I guess that’s me growing old.

  15. sortadan says:

    The only thing that will save this platform is if they get more games. THPS and SSX are the two franchises that are missing most. Too bad there isn’t a Microsoft portable, then maybe we could get a decent FPS with Halo and a load of original xbox games.

  16. ossprey says:

    Here’s how they save Vita: Diablo 3 on Vita.

    • Rey says:

      haha! that would completely blow everyone’s mind’s in E3. I didn’t even think of that!

    • wololo says:

      I admit I would like that, and I agree that it would be a jaw dropping announcement. Sadly, I think it will be a much more conventional stupid AAA sequel… just have to find what they haven’t announced yet in their gigantic collection of 10 AAA series, the same ones we’ve been seeing for 15 years…

    • chris says:

      diablo 3 on the vita would be killer and would work very well with the touch screen plus analog but its not going to happen, instead they will announce a release date for warriors lair

  17. Rowan says:

    A usb adapter with ntfs support and mkv and any other movie and audio files support, the vita would make a great on the go media player, the screen is so amazing on it

  18. Jonas says:

    Vita Big money scam after the network hacking, and E3 Will not save it it’s done for

  19. Kerberos says:

    If Sony announces Vita: PSP emulator giveaway! —> in near future firmware they will “patch” to some “hackable” version emulator with way to install “emulator custom homebrew” + they will announce how to… (I really want there gameboy emulator!!!) 😀 THIS WILL DEFINITELY GIVE ME MORE REASONS TO USE MY VITA!

  20. Shinny says:

    Well i think Sony could announce for Vita an PS1 emulation that supports multyplayer, like PSP used Adhoc to play PSP games the same goes for PS1 titels.. and another thing came across my mind.. maybe an good tactical RPG.. like Jeanne D’arc or maybe Metal Gear Acid 3.. who knows…

  21. Zimond says:

    The Hardware is great but the games you can get are nothing but a big joke. I really really hope that someone will hack the *** out of it so we can use it as an awesome homebrew machine.

    Even if i could pirate vita games i would not know what i should pirate. The 5 games that meet my interests.. i bought and finished those long ago.

    Just a big unfunny Joke!

  22. Daryl says:

    In a world where people have had their eyes opened to the potential of their devices, I think sony will have to adapt or die. Android platforms allow infinite customization, jail breaking your phone allows you to carry entire libraries of retro games in your pocket, open source handhelds allow for a gaming device that play titles from all your favorite developers regardless of the dubious nature of said device… Motion control technology has failed as anything more than a novelty, currently the only way graphics could get more realistic would be with actual video, so unless Sony has virtual gaming tech up their sleeves, the only way I see them surviving in the gaming market is by giving people what they have come to expect from all the electronics they buy. Last time I saw sales comparison figures of psp versus ps vita, the psp was still outselling the vita. ( I haven’t looked very recently, so that may have changed) But it is because the psp is open to use how you would like. Custom themes that don’t cost a fortune, emulators, ( I love carrying every game I own in a single device) music, movies, maps, books, whatever you want! Whereas the ps vita relies on a restrictive “big brother” client to manage what goes on the device. Open the ps vita up and sales will skyrocket regardless of available titles.
    All that being said, releasing ps2 games on vita could also dramatically improve sales. I would rebuy every game released by naughty dog studios in a heartbeat…

  23. Kenny530 says:

    Sony just needs to successfully advertise the Vita and exploit some potentials in the Vita that can convince consumers to buy the Vita. Reason why I bought the Vita is to see how much potential a Vita gets when hackers exploit it.

  24. UnboredTimez says:

    Well all I know is that I’ll be watching to find out.

  25. Richard_Wayne says:

    PS one confirmed by Sony @ E3 coming to Vita this summer!

  26. Danny says:

    Wololo how often do you play your vita?

    • wololo says:

      Basically, never. I only have Ridge Racer which is the crappiest game I ever bought in my life, and I just recently bought Mortal Kombat which is really cool but hurts my fingers.

      • OMightyBuggy says:

        Uncharted wasn’t that great to me, so save your money Wololo. I know a lot of people say its good but its more worth a rent then a buy and not worth 50-60$.

        I am just gonna let the dust collect on my PS Vita system or play DOOM thats about it.

      • Hellinferno says:

        Jajajaja same happen to my yesterday jajajajajaja along with UMVC3 those are excelent games.

  27. A FabledHero says:

    but i like ‘biyng’ games

  28. DjNeo says:

    Who wanna sell me his/her vita? :p

  29. Hellinferno says:

    First of all Sony have to make games that worth more than the games they have been release like God of war,King of fighters,metal slug,parasite eve,Crash bandicoot,wild arms,kingdom hearts,final fantasy,if that happen it will rise the sell of the vita i skip tons of games that they may could make for the vita the only thing they have to do is make those games because people like new games but also old remakes and new franchises of the older games.

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