[PS3] True Blue dongle reverse engineered, the beginning of a free solution?

Developer naehrwert, with help from oct0xor, published today technical details on the reverse of the True Blue dongle. For those who don’t know what the True blue dongle is on the PS3, I posted about it a few days ago.

That dongle is closed source and extremely well protected against reverse engineering. It seems naehrwert unfolded one layer of the system, by understanding that the True Blue code runs on an obfuscated virtual machine, probably to make disassembly even more complex.

By revealing part of his work, naehrwert is giving people hope that open source and free solutions might come soon, but this is a double edged sword. First, it is clearer every day that the people who created True blue are no amateurs, and will find ways to leverage this info to protect their system even more in further releases. Second, some people fear that the securities on True Blue, even though they prevent the scene from getting a fully free solution (True Blue is just for piracy), also protect the dongle from being patched by Sony themselves. In other words, revealing too much about True Blue could shut down the only entry for Piracy on the PS3. I personally think this would be a good thing, seeing that True Blue are exactly what gives console hackers a bad image these days: people who enable piracy for money.

Source: naehrwert, via ps3hax

  1. garrei’s avatar

    eh people can pirate if they want… most games are online anyway and without online play its like they are using a trial of the retail game… thats just the way I see it… I do buy games if i download them and like them. having the actual physical product gives me somewhat more satisfaction than a pirated copy. So, I have nothing against these dongles beside the fact they are making money from it.. ah well, see what happens :P


  2. dimy93’s avatar

    Closed code piracy – this is an oxymoron


  3. IKnowBetterThanYou’s avatar

    True Blue are a bunch of scumbags


  4. svenn’s avatar

    Where allot of hackers flirt in the grey zone, this is definatly illegal, I wonder why Sony does’t cut them down.


    1. ViRGE’s avatar

      Actually I think that’s a great question. Certainly these guys are causing material harm to Sony and are profiting from it. I have to imagine these guys are hard to track down, but getting shipments blocked shouldn’t be all that hard.

      In any case, hopefully this research can break up their racket. Piracy is one thing, but piracy for profit – particularly when the physical device is solely to layer DRM on top of it – is abhorrent.


  5. mindstate’s avatar

    this is great news. i do not agree with true blue or the “clones” making profit off of piracy.


  6. Chris Highwind’s avatar

    I just find it so d**n hypocritical when someone plagiarizes something, or enables piracy, and then has the gall to put in anti-plagiarism or anti-piracy in their work. It’s like “Oh, plagiarizing and piracy is wrong!” and in tiny tiny footnote “…if you plagiarize or pirate from us.” Just makes me sick. Half the time, the only reason I pirate is because I don’t have the time or the money to go out and buy what I want to play, and even then, it’s not uncommon for me to actually buy what I pirate in some form or another, likely even more than once! I’ve pirated Fallout 3 and New Vegas on the PC, and yet I bought Fallout 3 three times (two on the PS3, one GOTY Edition on the PC) and Fallout NV at least twice (one on the PS3, one ultimate edition on the PC). To me, pirating is just “try as much as you want, and if you like it, buy it later on so you can take advantage of legit features, such as online (something I never use when pirating)”


  7. yassin’s avatar

    thanks for the great newsssss

    I really have one dumb question but I have to ask, even if it makes no sense to others.

    Why people like ((naehrwert, oct0xor )) don’t just ignore the true blue and hack the sony system itself ,, like if there was no true blue , what the scene will look like ?????

    NB: I *@*%^## hate True blue , and am not going to buy it, no matter what, even If I go update my ps3 system and buy games… but paying for ppl who took advantage on others this is bullshish

    This is my opinion no body have to be mad about it


    1. wololo’s avatar

      I assume hackers think (rightfully) that it will be easier to hack true blue than to hack 4.11. True Blue, to many of them, is also like a mosquito that annoys you so much, you have to get rid of it before moving on to other stuff



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