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Youtube coming to the Vita


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  1. fate6 says:

    I would rather they improved the browser >___<
    (oh and silly wololo of course US gets it, did you forget who owns Youtube ? you silly filly ^__^)

  2. auron says:

    This is still not good enough, hackers could do a better job giving it a better flash support.

  3. asdfjuma says:

    Software… Where is the proper software Sony!

  4. vvololo says:

    New game exploit coming tomorrow 12 PM PST. Please hurry if you want VHBL because Sony will take it down within the hour!

  5. Richard_Wayne says:

    Screw the app! Gives us html5 support in the browser!

  6. AlphaKiloCharlie says:

    I would rather have proper HTML5 support, but i’m fine with the App since i do want YouTube for the Vita. I hate getting out my phone when i’m sitting down playing games or something for a walk through.

  7. renotsrng says:

    obviously we want them to improve the browser but I still like stand alone apps for things like youtube, I prefer the YouTube app on my android phone to using the browser so as long as this app works well and doesn’t crash all the time like Flickr then I’ll be quite happy. still need a better browser though.

  8. jlo138 says:

    YouTube is only experimenting with html5 right now. If you have an account you can go on the bottom where it says try something new. Then try the HTML5 player. They should implement flash into the browser like all android phones have. I have an iPhone now and if I view desktop YouTube then I can only view HTML 5 videos. If I get to a video with an advert then it won’t play unless I go to the mobile version. Based on that I would say they need to support flash into the browser. I don’t have a vita.

  9. Omega Weapon says:

    Sony is deaf! and they are losing a battle against more portable devices, like the iPhone or Android based smart phones with thousands or free apps, games, etc. I’ll take the YouTube app, I guess. But there’s nothing exciting about having “YouTube”, this should’ve been part of the standard package!

    It’s like telling a hungry dog “ok, I know I fed you 3 days ago and I should have given you water, but guess what??? I finally have water for you!!” “Here you go, boy!”

    • Mr. Awsome says:

      And take into consideration that were dealing with a device made for games and not for “thoslusands of paid and free games, apps, etc.” like the iphone and androids. If they focused on the browser, than they might as well make another xperia play and just screw the next gen of PORTABLE GAMING completely! Then people will hate sony more for not giving their PLAYs android 4.0…

  10. sony can kiss my ass says:

    probably just as crappy as the browser. means that most video don’t work. but that is just my past experience with playstation devices…

  11. Shacq Gnarly says:

    Browser… Youtube isnt the only site that has videos you know :/ i’d like to watch full episodes of anime. the ones on youtube are always broken into parts and aren’t always easy to find.

    • Rey says:

      there are websites that let you download anime in PS Vita format… and the file-host they use has PS Vita support, animeonthego.ucoz.com is one of them.

  12. StepS says:

    i think it’s because of sony being afraid that people would play flash/html5 games in the browser as homebrews rather than buying the psn titles 🙂
    just a thought lol, btw google pac-man works 😀

  13. TrE says:

    Not to excited being that you can already download the videos you want from the PS Vita browser and then keep them in the media center to watch later while offline.

    Maybe If I was out of memory that would be good.

    Not really excited though.

    • Kefkiroth says:

      I don’t get why you would rather download videos than stream them, unless they were longer like anime episodes. I’d rather stream short lolcat vids than download short lolcat vids. They’re simply not worth archiving.

  14. SSJ-Vita says:

    (App)ologies in advance for being vulgar but the expressions are needed, I was expecting sony to at least sit on the pot and eventually take a ***….not fart and call it done! I mean come on.

  15. Josh says:

    Finally, maybe they’ll support PSX games by the end of the year if we’re luck.

  16. asdfADRiAN says:

    How about they completely just dont prioritize apps for the time being and actually get a proper firmware update. Browser enhancements would sum everything up. All you would need to do is just add HTML5 and you can forget the app all together!

  17. Sony will make both) HTML5 browser and pack of applications, so you can use whatever you want. It’s logical, isn’t it?

  18. Daeniel says:

    We need the followings:

    A good browser (something like opera will be great)
    More apps (yahoo messenger, odnoklassniki, etc)
    More free games
    Mario 🙂


  19. Guardian says:

    Give the browser full support for html5. In my opinion that will do.

  20. dr. swag says:


  21. james braselton says:

    hi there yeah youtube will be comming out soon daeniel opera browser and mario is on nintendo

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