Best PSP/Vita Homebrews for May 2012

Here are the 10 most popular homebrews as voted by you in May 2012. Lots of “long time champions” in this list, but a few new comers as well… Enjoy!

10. Flyer

This one is still a technical Demo more than a full game, but it already has a few goals, even if it’s lacking enemies currently. In Flyer, you handle a spaceship, and need to destroy targets to progress in the level.


Download Flyer here.

9. Pro CFW

The open source Custom Firmware is still growing strong, progressively replacing older Custom Firmwares on everybody’s PSP.

download Pro CFW here

8. Lamecraft (compatible PSP/Vita)

Since it was released in 2011, Lamecraft, a great Minecraft clone, has never lost its popularity. Its creator Drakon updated it recently to make it compatible with VHBL on the PS Vita!

Download Lamecraft here

7. Mindcraft

Mindcraft is a 2D clone of the popular game Minecraft, not unlike Lamecraft presented above.

Download Mindcraft here

6. PSPokemon Grey

A Pokemon “clone” for the PSP. Beta1 of this game was merely a demo, but Beta 2, released a month ago, is a full game with actual battles, etc… The only issue is that it’s in German for now…let’s hope for updates :)

Download PSPokemon Grey here


HomebrewStore is a digital marketplace for homebrew PSP content. This content ranges from games to applications to themes. All of the content on the HomebrewStore, including the HomebrewStore itself can operate on any PSP unit from firmware 5.00 and up, no hacking required.

It also features a nice “autoupdate” feature!

Download HomebrewStore here


Our homebrew loader is getting lots of attention since it is currently the only way to run homebrews on Sony’s Playstation Vita. On the Vita, you’ll need one of the exploitable games (we’ll release new ones soon enough) in order to run HBL.

Download VHBL here

3. Open CMA

Still need to introduce this? Open CMA is Virtuous Flame’s tool that allows you to copy files from and to your vita without the need to be connected to the internet.

download Open CMA here

2. Cave Story (Compatible PSP/Vita)

The old school platformer with some RPG elements is still one of people’s favorites.

Works on the vita too!

Download Cave Story here


1. Snes9xTYL (Compatible PSP/Vita)

The most stable and fastest Super NES emulator on the PSP, also works on the Vita with VHBL. ’nuff said?

Download Snes9xTYL here (This version is recommended for VHBL)

We have many more cool homebrews on /downloads, feel free to add yours and to rate your favorite ones!

Also be sure to check the best homebrews for February and March! (Yeah, I’m lame, didn’t do it for April…)

  1. M10’s avatar


    we R waitting 4 one of the exploitable games

    thaaaaaanx BRO

    U R the best


  2. PotaDos125’s avatar

    Will you still be doing exploits?I am prepared to buy the game as soon as announced! :D


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Yes, I am still working on some new VHBL exploits, but it is taking time (port + testing + bug fixings… al the work to re-do from scratch every time)


      1. toBsucht’s avatar

        It´s realy sad that afrothunder don´t host any file with homebrewstore since 21.5.2012


  3. naki’s avatar

    good old cave story! still in the top 10! :)


  4. youngoz’s avatar

    WOW… I can’t wait to start playing the SNES9xtyl emulator on my vita again! Keep up the good work WOLOLO!


  5. TheNinja2011’s avatar

    SNES9xTyl is the best! I’ve recently started playing it, and i love the UI and the games! And i’ve got to try out PSPokemon and MindCraft.


  6. CATPowah’s avatar

    Ah, the nice homebrew. Good time,good time…



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