Taking PSP games online for free!

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  1. fer

    Coldbird is my idol! God Job, man!

  2. AlphaKiloCharlie

    Don’t really think its to necessary but its cool for people that still use psp’s often. I’m still waiting on some cool homebrew for the Vita

  3. Yogurtkid

    Well this is great news. especially since the PSP scene in terms of player base is still going quite strong in Japan, this shouldn’t go to waste at all. Kudos!

  4. Cercata

    This is F*ck*ng Amazing !!!!
    I Still can’t beleive many of the achievements of the sceners !!!!!
    What would they do if they were hired by sony, and given creative freedom ???? We’ll never known … :(

  5. Mycael

    Wow! Goodbye Xlink Kai!
    Been drooling over the idea of Pro-C for quite a while.
    Great to know that there are still devs working on le PSP xD

  6. Monk9899

    But fat princess already has online multiplayer and it works just fine(obviously there’s no voice so it’s not as good as the ps3 version but then there’s no voice in this one either)

  7. Can’t wait for FFD or FFD012 to be supported :)

  8. Kravenbcn

    Good job. Now, just need to get the word out to more people using it.

  9. The Kid

    Not trying to toot anyone’s horn but if you have a PS3, you can download from the PSN a free app named “Ad-Hoc Party” that will allow you to create a lobby to invite friends to join in your Ad-Hoc game.

    The problems are as follows:
    1. Your PS3 will need to be hard wired(ethernet) and not connected wirelessly because it need its wireless capability to connect to the PSP.

    2. Not everyone has a PS3….lol

    • Coldbird

      Its the main idea behind this one really…
      Not everyone has a PS3… so they cant use Ad-Hoc Party…
      Not everyone has a Xlink Kai compatible WLAN adapter or the nerves to do the whole SSID switching it requires…

      Prometheus is a solution that runs entirely on PSP without any other real requirements.

      Of course, a IQ > bananas is required to operate it like every other software.

      • fate6

        well said ^__^
        (that IQ bit made me lol xD)

      • The Kid

        I here you dude. I wasnt trying to say that the “Ad-Hoc Party” way was better but just trying to show why the Prometheus way was much more accessible to the masses

  10. 007

    me and the girlfriend will be trying this soon. we have 4 psp and are in canada.

  11. Shinny

    Well its still in beta stages, but its playable.. Well in an month or three, we might be able to play Dissidia 012 lag less… anyway good job CB =)

  12. Risk3082

    What about Wifi Max and Xlink Kai?
    Another way to play Ad-Hoc games online…

    • wololo

      Coldbird has prepared an answer that compares Prometheus, XLink Kai, and Adhoc party. We will publish the article shortly.

  13. ririn

    Sony can’t say anything about this because they are the ones that are neglecting the PSP users. This is our only hope after they shut down most of the servers for their so-called online games.

  14. kevin

    wow thi is awesome.I’ve been using adhoc party app or ps3 to play monster hunter portable 3.

    But it sux that you have to have ps3 on at all times.This would be kool if more people were using it.

  15. blizako

    i love it, but is there any easy way to do this setup. like a program with one click of it. it will file the plugins in the folder of the psp and then give you further instruction to configure the networking.

  16. Gerardo

    Thank you guys so much for this great contribution to the psp homebrew community. You guys really put your whole heart and soul into this application.

  17. Guardian

    @wololo Hey, I have no idea what an emulator is or what it does! In fact I have never used one in my life! I don’t even know what the NES is… OK that comment was stupid from my part, but you got to understand me, it have been long since last time i checked your website.

  18. Fängs

    Will always be a fan of this Wall Breaker. (Coldbird)
    I appreciate wololo’s actions & initiative on this.
    I was a witness myself to his contribution on the PRO C ONLINE project. So grateful to good guys such as you are.
    Being a user alone is not enough. Must do something drastic. Will shout this project on the world I am in.

  19. akx

    Why does it seem like Prometheus has gone offline?
    cant access site..

  20. Akamaru

    I can’t find this to download anywhere. The linked site doesn’t exist anymore and it’s not anywhere else. Any help?

  21. ivo

    hi, is this what xlink did for xbox and next gen ?
    ifso why do i need one particular firmware …
    and what router would u run it on ? allso ifur closed connected ?
    meaning a internet router/modem/wifi apparat that gives u and ur wan local ip’s ? … ie no admin features
    is the client any good ? what games are suported … can i use adhoc party with it ? does it do more than umd only ? thkx

  22. Hey Wololo,
    Thanks for that, Rumor has it you can stream games live online? Let me know if you have any websites that you use. Thanks for any help.

  23. i cant found online PSP games please help me

  24. lanie

    i just want a psp so bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. PPSSPP Adhoc Client/Server VPN Alternative (SoftEther).
    Unlimited Number Of Net Player on The Same Room.
    No DMZ router restriction.
    No NAT needed.
    Linux/Mac/Android/Windows Connection Support
    Work on 2G/3G/4G/wi-fi/Cable

    A real Alternative to coldbird “Prometheus Online”.
    We are In The Lobby!

    For Info

    PSP VPN Supported games:

    Tekken 6
    Soul Calibur
    Dragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai
    God Eater Burst
    Metal Gear Solid – Portable Ops
    Monster Hunter 2G
    Monster Hunter 3
    NPJH50878 (Toukiden Kiwami)
    God Eater Burst 2
    Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker
    Metal Gear Solid – Portable Ops
    NPJH50832 (God Eater 2)
    ULJM05238 (Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed: Rengou vs. Z.A.F.T. Portable)
    Gundam VS Gundam – Next Plus


  26. wololo

    We need time for it to make it to other news websites, etc… I think for now development has been quite confidential… we just need to “evangelize” a little bit. As soon as other news websites understand how big a deal this is, they will start writing about it.

    I agree that for now too few people realize what this actually means: that you can play for free a huge amount of PSP titles online with people all around the world. This is a F*cking free replacement to the PSN, AND it supports much more games!

    As soon as more scene websites give it a try and understand what this is, hopefully they will catch up, and we will see tutorials, etc…

  27. sdfsdf

    I tried in my country one psp-lovers website forum to make TuT how to configure/set-up everyting, and answer to all questions, but this was too difficult to them

    I hate when kids crying that it is very hard to configure everything. They dont know how to make custom software, they dont know from where to download games.
    Everythin they trying to do, they face-up lot off quoestions

    And even when you say how to do everyting, in the very end they got results thats this is not working. So they leave and better play offline.

    And why people say that PSP is for kids ?

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