Syscalls, NIDs, Imports??


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  1. Viral_Weaponry

    Nice info, even if sometimes sounds like u r typing in German lol
    I appreciate this info man 😉

  2. Lindo

    the only thing i can do now is pray.

  3. auron

    i think this is going somewhere… somewhere magical

  4. Dovahkiin

    Thanks Freddy! 😀

  5. cris

    well i believe in the end kernel access to ps vita psp emulator will be achieved ,at least from someone that do see the vast possiblities of ps vita we need to find an overflow in the system and then get access to the whole system structure of work….

  6. Shacq Gnarly

    i can definitely appreciate the hard work put into all that programming now.. i never knew it was so difficult

  7. yosh

    Interesting, I never knew about the sha1 thing 😀

  8. CATPowah

    Ugh…I don’t think I get it all, coz it’s just sound like something from the sci-fi movie.

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