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  1. Jacky-D says:

    Hey Wololo,

    I haven’t seen you on irc and dont have an email address for you. I hope you read this 🙂 I wanted to let you know that I thank you for the time you put into these projects. The community at large needs people like you with the know-how and willingness to keep homebrew in the closed console arena alive on these newer systems.
    I unfortunately have been roughly 2 hours too late to download the latest exploitable game each time there has been a release. I hope to have come up with a solution however. Id suggest it to other readers as well. Every time you now update your blog, i have immediately send me an email to my Gmail account. On that account, I have a rules filter that forwards these messages to my ATT SMS text email address. So, as soon as you post, i get a text message, can immediately check to see if i need to purchase/download something, and dont miss the next update! 🙂
    I was also wondering, with the new exploits people have been sending you… I am still on firmware 1.61. Should I upgrade so that I can quickly purchase whatever game may be needed, or should I remain on 1.61 just in case…

    Thanks again!


    • wololo says:

      Hi Gary. Your email system is a nice idea to get the latest releases “right on time”, but remember that members of our forum basically get that information days (if not weeks) in advance, and that is the best way to get the info for now.

      About your upgrade question: tough call, but basically I would say that if you have no reason to upgrade to 1.67, simply don’t. But if 1.61 is preventing you from enjoying your vita, then I’d say you should update… I don’t know of any vulnerability in 1.61 that doesn’t exist in 1.67 for now

      • StepS says:

        I don’t know of any vulnerability in 1.61 that doesn’t exist in 1.67 for now

        You wanted to say “in 1.67 that doesn’t exist in 1.61”? :p Or you aren’t talking about PSP user vulnerabilities?
        However if it’s needed to buy a PSP game, and since the PS Store is the only way to buy it, you will have to update anyway

        • wololo says:

          I’m talking about vita crashes. PSP vulnerabilities don’t matter too much either, unless people use the PS3 trick…

  2. Jacky-D says:

    Thanks wololo!

    And yea, i was asking about updating on the off-chance that any of his given exploits were for 1.61 (system level)

    I will just update for now.

    Do you generally post your own announcement on the forums, or is it just general talk? 🙂

    thanks again.
    I intend to catch it this time!

  3. sam says:

    my ps vita has stopped working i restored it and i have 3g version its just stuck on please wait screen 🙁 being like that a couple of times i reupdated the firmware stll no luck

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