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Fake vita hacks: Let’s play the debunk game


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  1. OMightyBuggy says:

    Clean up the world from scams. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. fate6 says:

    I would not mind cleaning up the net a bit ^___^

    • Kyle Hassen says:

      dude, you would be their for MONTHS trying to clean it up from all the garbage on the internet!!
      My friend doesn’t help either, posting up 5-20 CoDMW3 videos a day……..

      • fate6 says:

        you know I get some nice quick-scopes but I dont go posting them >_>
        (and yes while we cant get rid of everything I still think that if we see any fakes like the one posted here we should shut it down)

      • Xian Nox says:

        I can’t seem to understand why would people thing that if there is too much trash, it’s not worth it trying to clean up. Even if it’s just one faker less, it is one less and getting better, not worse. There will still be fakers, doesn’t mean we should just ignore them and pretend.
        I don’t want to make my point sound too harsh, but it’s not just here that I see this attitude.

    • CATPowah says:

      I like flagging fake vids.

  3. YES says:

    Seems like the video was already removed by Youtube due to violation of the scam/fraud content policy…

  4. Richard_Wayne says:

    Good to see the video is already down ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Shinny says:

    Well i would love to, but exams are driving me mad…

  6. Shinrow says:

    Really nice ! I hate scammers so if you tell us which to report, then, I’ll go report him ! ^^

  7. m1k33 says:

    Yes, This is childish but this fun!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Next fake to put down: this

  8. openvita says:

    a few weeks ago i reported approximately 20-25 videos like that on youtube.
    its easys to do.
    title is something like vita cfw
    video is as wololo said stolen from others

    often you find this in the description

    1. Download and unrar
    2. Connect Console to USB Port
    3. Copy ALL files to main Updt folder.
    4. Run Console
    5. Software automatically install
    6. Download Games, Homebrew and Have Fun!

  9. Chuck says:

    Ironic when you think about it, a person exploiting a exploit.

  10. Josh says:

    I don’t think its childish. It makes searching for real Vita information on youtube very annoying. We would be providing a public service.

  11. yosh says:

    I think it’s hopeless, the web is too much of a mess imho ^^

  12. xcanox says:

    I’m game, this sounds fun. Fakehunt FTW?

  13. Josh says:


  14. Notn4 says:

    please keep up with this! I’m feeling playful ๐Ÿ˜€ nah, but seriously, *** like this needs to be removed or others will suffer, either by messing up their vita (highly unlikely since Sony protections on the vita) or by infecting viruses on their PCs… not even noobs deserve this kinda ***

  15. RapingMyVita says:

    I hate Scammers, I love hackers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Heathen23 says:

    It’s been pulled.

  17. svenn says:

    And to say, I found a youtube hack that will make my psp Vita hover. Only thing I had to do was enter my creditcard nummer and post a small amount to win some lottery I din’t play in.

  18. Jack says:

    Flagged, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m before the decision to buy PS Vita today. Can you please tell me if you think its possible that in the next half year or a bit more PSP ISOs from my old UMD games can be played on the Vita? This is really important for me.

    • ndh777 says:

      Wololo has stated many times that he will not be releasing any sort of homebrew or allow homebrews that allow ISO loaders. After the whole Geohot incident, hackers from all consoles refuse to allow any sort of backups on their hacks. Sorry ๐Ÿ™

  19. the clit tickler says:

    Your being childish wololo…do something more use full with your precious time.

  20. Andrew says:

    Is there anybody still working on HEN or kermit kernel, or something even better, or the works has been suspended?

  21. Abdou says:

    this website “http://gamepsvita.com” is the biggest scam ever made. also, they have a page in facebook named “psvita hack” “http://www.facebook.com/Psvita.Hack”. we have to remove it. it sucks the internet ๐Ÿ™

  22. Abdou says:

    the biggest scam ever is this website “gamepsvita.com”. it has a facebook page named psvita hack “http://www.facebook.com/Psvita.Hack”. we have to remove it because it sucks the internet.

  23. ndh777 says:

    These scammers have ruined YouTube. YouTube used to be a great place to find tutorials on how to hack this or that or how to do this or that, now when you search for something like a console hack, there are millions of videos you have to tread through just to find one legit one that actually works.

    I always report them. There is nothing childish about reporting scammers/thieves who ruin people’s computers, their personal identities and financial information, or just want to make a quick buck or two. We should all report them as we see them. There’s no reason to let them continue to do what they do. Often times, you have newcomes who come to the scene looking for real answers and they give people like Wololo, wth, thecobra, Davee, and other real hackers that benefit us a bad name because then they think that all hackers are the same and want to just ruin your life.

  24. TragicTheBlubbering says:

    LOLOLOL! Sweet justice is sweet. And yes I agree It would be fun to do this to other fakes as well.

  25. Mr.Awsome says:

    Id say lets debunk this one next, the first in the series of the N3rOS4T faker videos.

    Flag here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkrYpmFCMGc

  26. Scythe says:

    In my opinion this is useless. we would never be able to debunk all scammers even half of them. the better way in my opinion is to make people be aware of them and their strategies. To debunk them is recognize them and give them importance but they are just helpless bastards so just ignore them. but if you wanna play…in all cases nerosat or whoever a**h*** he is would only create a different account and do it again.

  27. Scythe says:

    Oh just an idea why not give a tutorial on how to unrar these guys protected files without password putting these guys names on the video’s title so that people would find them in the same search eg. “N3ros4t vita files password FAKE”. by doing this no one would complete the surveys, and everybody will know what’s in the files (gotta have antivirus though).

  28. Blitz913 says:


    Got another. Spam his video with Flags!

    • wololo says:

      This is different. They stole my video, but they are not doing any type of scam in here. The only way to get this video removed is for me to file a copyright infringement complaint, which is too much work.

  29. Kial says:

    I hacked through the password and what did I find some sort of N 3ds exploit

    • Mr.Awsome says:

      like what he said: Contains anything from a psp thing to vhbl to a 3ds exploit. to be expected since these are fakes anyway, so it just seals the deal in ice cream sprinkles.

  30. Mr.Awsome says:

    Found another guys!


    They just keep on coming, like pong consoles in the 60’s.
    ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy flagging!

  31. Different55 says:

    AGAIN! That was fun ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. Mr. Awsome says:

    Hey look, another video! I wonder what this will lead to?

  33. Harvey says:

    So gamepsvita.com is confirmed to be a fake? I was thinking it might be real cause of all the comments on different games and the comments on the facebook pages and stuff but I guess not…

    • wololo says:

      Yes. The more you mention them, the more you give them free advertising. All the comments are written by themselves to make it look like something legit. You see the same type of scam on some youtube videos, where a dozen fake accounts say “thank you” when there’s actually nothing.
      The rule is simple: if a hack is asking you to answer a survey in order to get a password, it is a fake. If it wasn’t a fake, you would see copies of the hack/iso all over the place. One person would answer the survey, get the files, and post them on the pirate bay or something.

      The rule is simple: if you don’t see a massive announcement about a breakthrough on sites like this one, then it is a fake. Extremely simple. I can guarantee you that if Vita isos became a reality, you would see an article on the subject in my blog within days.

  34. Harvey says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

  35. MAXIMOELITE3 says:

    is xxxxx.blogspot.com/ fake?
    (URL edited by mod, no advertising for fakers, please)

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