PSX Games running on the PS Vita through a hack


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  1. NitsudR

    This is useless then , if no exploit is released. Wololo if one guy is able to do this , how many people do you think that Sony has working on this ? 1? 2? 5? 10? This makes no sense to me. It looks like vita is psp all over again hackers actually add functionality that Sony just copies and adds at a way way later date. I can’t believe that Sony was not working on software along with the hardware development for vita , they have learned nothing from ps3 and psp it’s a shame.

    • prd

      “Sony is a Japanese hardware company, if my experience in Japan is relevant, this means they treat their hardware engineers like kings, and they treat their software engineers as code monkeys (low salary, and “anybody can code, it doesn’t require any special skills” type of thinking). The result is what you can experience on any Sony device: great hardware with terrible software (e.g.: PSP, PS3, Vaio computers). This also means critical bugs.” – Wololo

  2. jeerum

    Sony working on bug’s and this takes time, not like homebrew maker they don’t need make research on bug’s/security issues.

  3. vahnx

    Looking forward to the Vita being fully hacked in a year or two

  4. cris

    well just like a treat let us hope for the best 🙂

  5. 8Bit-Monster

    nobody figured out the game with the exploit was rachet and clank and it
    has been removed from the store for awhile now.

  6. Abdou

    Wowww!! The BEST is yet to COME 😀 !!. Thanks Wololo for this great website Man

  7. Chris Highwind

    As cool as this sounds, the developer should realize by now that the files to play PS1 games on Vita is useless without the exploit. If he releases the files, the only people who benefit from them are the hackers who’ve already found a kernel exploit themselves.

  8. Norml

    This is great news, why? The future, you can have a hacked system but it does you no good without the proper software to exploit it. The public is stuck in the waiting game anyway so this just helps cut that wait down when someone with the proper smarts is generous enough to release their kernel exploit.

    The last thing the public needs is a kernel exploit that will just get patched on a system that has yet to be officially supported by it’s producers(outdated software)(so at this point, they’re pulling not only a $ony but also an Apple…years pass before they add features that they (lied) and claimed the system could not do, in-which like Apple, $ony released the PSS). This way, $ony can make bank without paying paychecks, a 3rd party(s) attempts to bring the system up to 2012 standards. Through the PSN(Apple store?), these developers pay $ony(to support THEIR system) and the public pays these developers to have basic features that should have been there from the start. So just like Apple, $ony is going backwards and halting advancement.

    $ony is so clueless(they publicly announced this basically), just like they did with piracy on the PSP.
    What developer wants to support a company that does that?
    $ony is the 1st problem above all problems, they should just stay in japan. They even release their *** there 1st….CLUELESS! morons, why though? $ony still isn’t supporting the system with software updates…
    Basically over half a year the Vita has been out, scary, but $ony claims less time here in the good ol’ US of A, since they halted it’s release(did them a lot of good…we got video camera support! YEAH!!!!! 0.3 megapixels)

    Laugh, I’m laughing, it’s comedy how sad this situation is.

    • OMightyBuggy

      I feel ripped off. Instead of ranting though I got 3 words of the Vita’s epic fail. “Cross Platform Play”, lol. Ya we got sc***.

      PS1 support was just another lie from Sony. At least we finally got Skype.

      Wololo made my system better with VHBL.

      • Norml

        Mad respect to all these developers(even those who WANT! donations). You guys are motivators, YOU should be making the big money, reminds me of the “new” Tron movie where the owner leaks the new OS to the public….It all started off free with sharing…I wouldn’t even be able to type this without you guys.

    • Billyjoebob

      Ok, while i do agree with a lot of what you said here, near the end you start sounding like a whiny baby. Especially with your complaint about the camera. Really? You do realize its a GAMING SYSTEM not a high end camera, smartphone, computer or whatever else you may think it is. Second, if you were a company in the US releasing a product, it would only make sense to release said product in the US instead of shipping it around the world first thing right? Thirdly, its ONLY been out for 6 months in japan. The 3ds has been out a lot longer, and as far as i know, still doesnt have very much to its software. Just give it some time so sony can keep adding features. Don’t forget, that they did have to postpone release so they could fix bugs etc.. would you rather have your product and have some functionality? or wait another year with nothing at all until it got released?

      • CATPowah

        Yeah, u were right. If it’s for gaming, just let it be like that, besides most of us rarely use the camera, and I don’t even give a damn about the software as long as developers keep making and releasing new Vita game. Of course that takes time too, but waiting is rewarding.

  9. Alpmaster

    Kingsfield on PSVITA ohhh yeahh!!! 🙂

  10. Castle

    WOW! Well done and keep up the good work.

  11. garrei

    I see what he is doing…. he wont release the expoit, but he is happy to release the files, he wants somebody else to use their kernel exploit so that he can continue using his for further development in the future… SMART Z… VERY SMART INDEED!

  12. NeoTechni

    “Until then, the only way to run unsigned content on your Vita is still VHBL”

    And Playstation Suite…

    • wololo

      I am pretty sure the content you run through Playstation Suite gets signed somehow before being copied to your device. I haven’t used it yet so I might be wrong.

  13. asdfjuma

    Why does he click on Facebook at the start? Is that were he has a video loaded that he’s rehearsed the timing to? 😛

  14. JD

    Considering the Vita in the video is set to German language, I would bet some money that the anonymous hacker is none other than Total Noob.

  15. 아즈라엘

    나는 커펌유저지만 복돌이짓은 안한다 개새끼들아

  16. Mud

    Add another point to the hackers score! 🙂

  17. Yoshio

    I know 2 things about this anon hacker… It’s a man and he’s german LOL

  18. cris

    maybe he will progress enough to create a tool to flash the psp emulator on ps vita and so no game exploite will be needed but then i fear no waraanty will exist for ps vita
    also on feature updates they will close down psn on those with this hack on system.
    i had an htc with locked bootloader that htc legaly unlocked when a Hardware error occured they denied repair

    • StepS

      as far as i know, it’s impossible, even with PSP kernel access, to bypass the strict PSP Emulator limitations such as EBOOT.PBP files creation (Davee once said that to me).

  19. HLpct1

    Let me just say that we’re getting a big surprise soon. Very soon… does 266152x00f means something to anyone of you?

    I think it does 😉

  20. Yoshi jacobs

    well u guys keep complaing !! As for me i stil appreciate nd lov sony products esp mini disc player for its pure nd powerful sound nd the ps3 for the best gaming exprience eva!! SONY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…software issues lets giv them tym…patienc pays…adios amigos!

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