Release: VHBL r150 for Super Collapse 3

This patch fixes some crashing issues with snes9xTYL and Lamecraft, among other things.

There are still remaining issues with the VHBL port of Super Collapse 3 that I couldn’t solve yet, I am still investigating: the Duke3d engine is crashing (Duke3d, zombie crisis), Daedalus seems to be crashing when loading roms (I probably won’t investigate this, as Daedalus is slow on VHBL no matter what), Geometry War Portable crashes at startup, Picodrive will crash if you press the “select” button, etc…

So, still lots of incompatibilities of course, but this is getting better, and I sure hope you guys will enjoy snes9xTyl. Interestingly, I had to hook sceAudioOutput with sceAudioOutputblocking, which led to a terrible performance result on the PSP, but is not that visible on the vita. Once again, the superior hardware of the Vita is helping us out.

While I’m at it, here’s a tip for those who didn’t know: if you press start and select simultaneously while in a homebrew, you will be taken back to the VHBL menu. This is useful for games that don’t have an exit button. you can also change this key combination in the VHBL hbl_config.txt file.

Oh, and stay tuned, as in the days to come I plan to announce a fun VHBL contest with money prizes. Nothing’s final yet, but people who are not programmers will be able to participate as well :)


Download this new release of VHBL on the vhbl page, as usual

  1. lolzmahface :(’s avatar



  2. Kial’s avatar

    yea I only get an error code (C1-2858-3) when I try to start Duke3d is that the error you where taking about?


  3. Itherian’s avatar

    The /talk forum has info and links on all the emulators that work. All you have to do is take a min go there and look.


  4. soxmandan’s avatar

    Anyone know where I can get Super Collapse 3? or am I out of luck and I have to wait for hopefully a new exploit? Thanks


    1. superhawk610’s avatar

      You’re out of luck, man. I went through a few hours and a friend’s PSP today to try and get Super Collapse 3 on my VITA, and it’s pointless. My friend has a jailbroken PSP3000 and installed Super Collapse 3 without a problem. I also got Rock Band: Unplugged to test the difference between UMD games and flash memory games. The only way you can get it onto your VITA is if you’ve already downloaded the installer to your PSP/PS3, in which case you can do it through Content Manager. Sucks, right?


  5. alucard’s avatar

    una consulta es posible subir la copia de seguridad de mi vita para instalarla en otra ps vita ??


  6. person’s avatar

    I have ps vita version 2.06 and when i try to download it says cant download on ps vita help


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