Flash0 dump, then what?


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  1. DeeKay says:

    Thanks for this clarification, you’re the best 🙂

  2. badass says:

    if vitahacked == true then
    elseif vitahacked == false then

    • dimy93 says:

      if ( System.Language() == VB )
      Person You = new Person(MSLover);
      You.PSVita = NULL;
      Person You = new Person(NormalPerson);
      You.PSVita = new PSVita(Money);

      • codestorm says:

        if(programmingLanguage == C++)
        std::cout << "I don't use VB" << std::endl;
        }else{std::cout << "I don't understand." << std::endl;}
        return 0;

        • System.out.println(“LOL, not using AP Computer Science standards huh?”);


          • cybic says:

            //You know what?
            >+++++++++[-]+++++++[-]++++++++[-] +++++++++++[-]++++++++[- ]<+.[-]++++++++++.
            //so long, and I give a brain****!

          • Different55 says:

            VISIBLE “meh”

  3. Kyle Hassen says:

    Thats pretty interesting. I already planned on selling my vita. im not impressed with the game lineup so far and its been out for a lil while.
    But if it ever becomes fully hacked. i may consider keeping it. I had my PSPgo for 1-2 years before HBL publicly was released on it.

  4. Chris Highwind says:

    I like my Vita, even without homebrew. My policy is that even if I’m bored with a game or system, to keep it anyway in case I want to go back to it at a later date, and it’s always served me well. Plus I’m loving vHBL for my homebrew needs (even if there are bugs, which is prevalent in everything), so even if the flash0 dump doesn’t have any use for us end users, I’ll wait patiently until someone manages to use the dump to get further into Vita hacking to a point that is useful for end users, such as, say, loading PSP homebrew straight out of the Vita menu for starters 🙂

  5. garrei says:

    Im gonna keep my vita on 1.61. Just incase i need vhbl in the future to use a higher level hack. I dont even use it much anyways.

  6. Abdou says:

    could someone explain this website please. ” revitalizedteam.blogspot.com ” thank you Wololo.

    • XK.XV says:

      A scam. you can tell by several things. First of all, the wallpaper for their title is actually for Ubuntu Linux OS, which has nothing to do with Vita. Second, the link to the txt that has the “password” for their files is on a site that requires a completed survey in order to download. Most sites that use that are scams. Third the so called “LeetGaming Review” is a text box that was entered and has no link whatsoever to a real site with the review, hence no support for it. Fourth, All their download links require surveys, and the download links are all under so called “torrent” links. A legitimate site would not make a mistake like that. Finally, if you google “Leet gaming” there is no crew, and the top result is a site called LeetGames, not Gaming. Anyway that is my analysis, I could be entirely wrong, but you also have to know if there really was a hack wololo or Davee would have found out earlier and have shared it out to the world.

      • XK.XV says:

        o ya and if you check out their so called tutorial video, if you notice, there is no scene where theres a video of both the vita installing and with the computer screen installing. both videos are isolated, easily pieced together with the technology accessible to everyone nowadays.

    • OmNom says:

      Just click on the virus scan and the file size is small.

    • CATPowah says:

      that’s just a *** website. PS Vita iso? How come Vita can load isos when there’s not even one news about it? You can’t play iso on Vita and you never will be and XK.XV was right, it’s just a scam.

  7. Lupe says:

    Honestly the ps vita is on its way to being cracked. Whether Sony has a last line of defense or not everything gets hacked at some point but should we fully crack the ps vita to the point of how the psp turned out. No. Biggest reason being “Market Wise”. Once the ps vita gets to the point of where you can download any ps vita game for free its a huge turn off to gaming companies. You may say ” I don’t give a **** I just want my stuff free”. Well your not gonna get much free *** when companies stop making games for the vita cause to them there’s no point, its just a black hole there putting there money into. People will just wait for the game to show up on the internet and stop buying games for the Vita. Now i’m all in favor for ADDING onto the vita like homebrew, emulators, and maybe even psp iso loader now knowing that the psp is nothing more than our portable gaming system with a unlimited library. Mainly because these things don’t affect gaming companies directly so they will continue to make games. But sadly people get greedy and they run great systems like psp that could have been left at the homebrew scene and nothing more cause i don’t know about you but I cant wait for resistance burning skies and gravity rush. Why ruin such a great system with amazing upcoming titles like CoD and StreetXTeken. IMO it should be left at the homebrew scene and the psp iso loader because idk about you but I would like to play CoD on the go and many new games coming out for the Vita even if just cost a little out of my pocket.

    • svenn says:

      PSP V3 board never got hacked and prolly will never happen. Also current hackers referred in this article are clearly against piracy. There is no such thing as unbreakable, but to what degree is definatly not sure. In essence PSP allows custom code running, using VHBL and the psp SUITE (?)

    • Soczi says:

      PSP ISO Loader is a must for the Vita. Sony needs to be punished for making us buy again our PSP games for the Vita.

  8. Drei says:

    THX a lot for the explanation what the leak means for a user like me.And could you tell me that,is it necessary to get to a Kermit level runned homebrew(maybe) by a vhbl homebrew acting as a bridge or sth like that,from the view of what we’ve get now?(sorry for my poor english)

  9. darkenvy says:

    I love how you have to reiterate the same thing many times :P. Are people that insistent?

  10. Gs1Azul says:

    300+ comments in 3.2.1…,GOD LUCK

  11. cris says:

    mmm i believe that psp user access mode can stabilize homebrew on ps vita ,but i see the legal danger that there is by modding your ps vita so i understand why no development of the flash0 will come at least from here…

  12. KnuxTheTurtle says:

    Huh. Well that is quite interesting and suprisingly easy to understand. Hopefully a “motivated developer” will be able to do something with this.

  13. dgothicrocker101 says:


  14. syafiq tatsuya says:

    thank for the update wololo hoping update some more abour this!!!

  15. StepS says:

    did you think about Vita’s own user/kernel on diagram? 🙂 that may be important, unless the vita iso loaders magically won’t require vita kernel

    • wololo says:

      Yeah, I intentionally let that undefined in the “gray” zone, as I have no clue how permissions are handled on the vita. It could be a much more complex system involving various users, etc…

      Actually, this shows even more how my diagram sucks, I got it backwards compared to a “regular” security ring (the most protected zone should be at the center, not on the outer layer… oh well…)

      • codestorm says:

        But we have hacked the “core”, the PSP emulator, and we’re trying to break out into LiveArea, so it makes sense IMO

  16. Baldassano says:

    revitalizedteam.blogspot.com is FAKE

  17. lolzmahface :( says:

    I hacked my vita with an axe :/

  18. donrefri says:

    from a old school psp scener this is big news for my yeaaaaa time to go oldschool hacking man nice lol

  19. lolzmahface :( says:

    Teh el oh elz =_=…

  20. syafiq tatsuya says:

    wee i hack my vita by buying psvita game XD just kidding
    well i support vita but hope get play psp using iso because it still ridiculous to buy over again when you have the umd… and umd passport only work for JPN 🙁

  21. Clarkal says:

    I would love to have Yu-gi-oh Tagforce 6 with English patched running on my Vita, but don’t seem like its possible at this rate. Checked the JPN PSN and they don’t even have that title which is really lame. Only way i can see the sale for Vita going up is a PSP ISO LOADER in all honesty the way its marketed is just terrible should have waited till November to release it with THML 5 and Youtube apps or at least a better browser.UK PSN is giving away free games once in a while and they know that its the only way to

  22. syafiq tatsuya says:

    yeah i heard Sony racked up a record annual loss of 457 billion yen ($5.7 billion) in its fourth straight year of red ink as the once-glorious maker of the Walkman and PlayStation struggles toward a turnaround under a new president

  23. Totoro says:

    Honestly, I don’t play my psvita anymore. It just sits there with firmware 1.61 after I beat uncharted and got bored of blazblue. I have all my psp games on my shelve with no way to play them, and GameStop gives like 4 bucks as the most money for each. I’m really not enjoying the vita at all, and so far I’ve been playing the 3DS about 12x more than my vita (Kid Icarus is awesome). I tried ever since the beginning to get vhbl but I’m always late to get the game, or it’s released outside the US. Something needs to happen on the vita hack scene, because I remember the awesomeness of being able to homebrew on the PSP, and how it brought me back on board, leaving my DS in the dust shelf instead.

  24. lolzmahface :( says:


    • lolzmahface :( says:

      Ive noticed the uploaders name was (thez94) could it be the zed or or whatever his name is the same guy who tweeted about getting the flash0 dump? Hmmh

  25. that video could just be him running a psx game from psn because i got an email saying that psx games are in the ps vita store now.

  26. the-green says:

    Thanks for this clarification Wololo.

  27. ZeRo says:

    Why says Ps Vita 660 keys??

  28. bibo450 says:

    how do install flash0 dump on your ps vita, so i can started playing psp games

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