Trouble with VHBL?


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  1. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    Have fun 😉

    • anderson says:

      io o propio quello che non va porca palleta 1.67 come posso fare :'( per installarlo su la mia psp vita se avete informazioni per favore fatemi sapere grazie facebook anderson yahin agrippino bracho comunque siete dei mostri mi inchino a la vostra sapienza e vorei imparare la meta di quello che sapete voi
      ps : miticooooooooooooo italiano :)

      • OMightyBuggy says:

        È necessario installare CMA sul tuo computer.

        Poi mettere il file VHBL ULUS10287DATA04 nella cartella \ Documenti \ PS Vita \ PSAVEDATA cartella \ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

        Apri il tuo gestore di contenuti sul vostro PS Vita quindi copiare il VHBL al vostro sistema.

        Mi dispiace Google tradurre sto usando per voi.

  2. Chocogow says:

    i cant complain i have fun playing sonic 2 and gba kirby

  3. suprgamr232 says:

    Thanks for the update, hope someone goes and fixes the SNES issue!

  4. be0ut says:

    enjoy your vaca wololo! there is a working snes emulator, check out the talk forums

  5. Sub-Zer0 says:

    no complaints here, after all im having fun playing GBA for now with a working save mode atleast :)

  6. Viral_Weaponry says:

    Nice, enjoy your family time man :)

  7. vhbl fans says:

    Thanks for update blog. hope run dosbox for super Collapse 3,please.

  8. SMOKE says:

    Thanks for the update Wololo!
    Im looking forward to an update :)
    Have fun on your vacation!

  9. andrew says:

    hey wololo could i please get the download to the hello world for 1.67 i would really appreciate it thank you.

  10. Hello_Indigo says:

    It’s okay, there’s no rush. Just relax and enjoy your vacation and family. ^_^ you’ve already done plenty for the community.

  11. Asmith906 says:

    I finally got one of the games for vhbl. But I can’t really justify going through all the trouble of getting things to work when I have a psp go. Hopefully it gets easie to use in the future.

  12. Teslafiy says:

    Can anyone tell me how to install Roms on EmuMaster help appreciated

    • HIMFan says:

      The Emumaster I got has a Roms GBC folder and a Roms SMS folder. But Gameboy and Gameboy color roms in the folder named Roms GBC and the Sega Master System roms in the folder called Roms SMS. Then once the emulator is loaded, go to the option to Load a Rom and search for it. It’s literally that easy. If the download of EmuMaster you got doesn’t have those folders, just make them.

  13. ihackyurdevice says:

    make locoroco midnight carnival VHBL!

    • Chris Highwind says:

      They may if an exploit is found in it. If no exploit is found, they can’t exactly make a VHBL out of the game, can they?

  14. zCatalyst says:

    Can someone help me recover my Super collapse 3? I accidentally deleted the game while messing with CMA. :(

  15. Sony employee says:


  16. Mud says:

    I’m having lots of luck with it I have 8 Home brews working.

    Good stuff!
    Love Wagic on the big screen, lol.

    list of games I confirm working.

    Doom – Wololo’s uploaded a game, TY Wololo.
    PicoDrive – Sounds works fine “when” you change the sound setting in the emulator options.
    EmuMaster v3 – Works 100% for me “I love Phantasy Star 1”
    CPS2PSP – works 100% Arcade goodness.
    GPSP – Works 100%
    WTH 171 – Works 100% “Best Home Brew EVER!”
    Daedalus R13 – Its not rinding the Rom directory :I’m Googling it” :/
    CaveStory – 100% grate retro looking game.

    Any help with Daedalus is welcome. :)

  17. anonymous says:

    super collapse isn’t in the store … ouiiiiiiiin ='(

  18. thanks for the informations 😉
    and bad holidays !

  19. jcouto says:

    What tools do I need to edit the VHBL R148
    And I’m not finding the source files VHBL this link that has only put up HBL R101
    I’m new in the area of analysis of system I would look a little more.

  20. Fausto says:

    Any ps2 emulator for a long time?

    • Jose says:

      Impossible. This is a PSP emulator hack. The PSP doesn’t even come close to handling PS2, but maybe in the future if someone hacks the actual Vita we may see it.

  21. Richard_Wayne says:

    Enjoy your vacation wololo! I start mine may 2nd ! 😉 will be very excited to see more homebrew become compatible in the next couple weeks.

  22. Torstein says:

    I just wonder, when i have VHBL can i play downloaded psp games? :)

  23. bronxholla says:

    zelda 2 – nes where the heck is this dam candle

    • OMightyBuggy says:

      I know how you feel, lol. Hope this helps.
      Link finds it in the Parapa Palace, guarded by an orange Iron Knuckle. The candle automatically lights caves and without the candle, the caves are so dark that the enemies within are invisible, making the longer ones exceptionally difficult to cross. However, some enemies can be “seen” by their appendages crossing the line of the floor. Unlike other objects used to light areas, the candle cannot be used as a weapon or tool.


  24. giotto says:

    thank you for your efforts

  25. Luis Laurencio says:

    Suerte amigo
    sigue en lo que mejor sabes hacer y logra un triunfo para los del resto del mundo
    llegaras a ser un heroe entre todos los mortales

  26. TheGuardian says:

    Hey Wololo! I know this is a little bit off topic, but I can’t help but ask. Did you actually eat the meat bun thingy from dragon quest? I must say I thought it was some sort of candy or bread. But anyhow here is the link to the article in case you forgot.

  27. luis says:

    Hey men have a lots of fun and thanks again for vhbl and your work and the community’s

  28. sjow says:

    Can’t get how i need to put extra files next to the

    to get them to work for vhbl installation

    please help

  29. jcouto says:

    With files from Flash 0 Running on the Internet what we can expect?
    Or you are not going to comment about it? More news on

  30. dgothicrocker101 says:

    i have fun playing cps2 & mvspsp too.. arcade goodness FTW!! ;))

  31. alisson says:

    i guys, I made some modification, super nintendo emulator, nintendo 64 and whoever wants to download it, I send by email,

  32. vasquez99 says:

    Hey im haing trouble installing homebrew does anyone know were I could find homebrew that is already prepared and ready to install Can you give me the link thanks!!!!

  33. xKintoUn says:

    Keeps giving me an error when I try to check out the forum :/

  34. razor says:

    Where can I get Daedalus,SNES,Sega Genesis and the Nesterj emulators for the psp vita? I have super collapse 3 installed on my vita. So far only Doom I’ve been able to play on the vita

  35. razor says:

    SNES works for me too, but it’s kinda slow

  36. Techa says:

    What version of cps2psp is compatible?

  37. Mud says:

    Cool I didnt know the SNES and NES where working, I’ll try the ones from this link.


  38. Andrew says:

    Is it safe to go on the psn store or should I stay off of the Internet still.

    • OMightyBuggy says:

      I have been on the store a lot even tried a system update a few times. Sony hasn’t made a silent patch yet otherwise I would be sc***, lol. I also use CMA when I link to my PC.

      I wanted Skype enough to risk my VHBL, lol. Anyways I “think” its fine to check PSN but not 100% sure. I haven’t seen Sony do a silent patch before, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

  39. razor says:

    where canI get the real bios for gba for the ps vita?

  40. hiitman says:

    what exactly is VHBL? I was searching for any kind of information about successful jailb…k of PSVita and it led me here

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