VHBL r148 for Super Collapse 3

Less than 24hours after our public announcement of the existence of a vulnerability in the PSP game “Super Collapse 3″, Sony pulled out the game from their store, like they did for Motorstorm and Everybody’s Tennis before.

Now comes the stressful moment for me: releasing the VHBL files publicly, and cross fingers that it works correctly on everybody’s Vita.

It is worth mentioning that, as for our previous releases, members of the /talk forums knew about the game’s name up to one week in advance, which gave most of them enough time to get the game without any issue. I want once again to thank the community for being able to keep the secret, although it didn’t go without issues. Way too many people talked about the release publicly on our forums, despite the message on the forum clearly stating not to. We appreciate the support, but next time, if you want to say “thanks”, say it with a PM ;) . There were also a few leaks on a few websites, we are in the process of tracking down the sources of the leaks, and making sure these people will not get access to future Ninja releases.

Many thanks go to thecobra for this release, he found the exploit and did the VHBL port, I just tweaked it for the EU version of the game. I’d also like to mention that this game exploit had been sent to me years ago by WosRet on the lan.st forums, so thanks go to WosRet as well.


If you want to thank thecobra for his work, please use the paypal button below.

If you want to thank me for the release process, please donate to the Red Cross, depending on your country they accept paypal.

Download on the VHBL page, as usual, and please report success or failure!

Note: Sources for the exploit and additional code for the vhbl port will follow shortly in our svn

  1. sweet_leaf85’s avatar

    im still really impressed by the whole thing, i mean, i havent stopped playing doom sense i got VHBL to work, but thats about all i CAN play right now…

    SNES still half ass works on some games with the sound off and the framerate skippin me to an untimely death
    and my GPSPkai loads like 3 of my 35 games..
    however, this does give me quite a few more things to do on my pretty lil overpriced screen, so i cant complain too much..
    not like some of these other ungateful fux who cant even shout out a thank you to the hard working DEVs or just want to bitch about missing the release of the title..

    totally worth my $9.99 anyways ;)


  2. Richard_Wayne’s avatar

    Many thanks again to Wololo, theCobra and all involved in the r148 release! I have not put my Vita down since! Emumaster works flawlessly as well as NZP and Left for Quake!


  3. alisson’s avatar

    quero agradecer, primeiramente o wololo, e thecobra, e deves, e todos desenvolvedores, pelos seus trabalho, que sao muito bom,
    e quero tambem faser, uma critica, da quele frances, que sao idiota, quer chamar a tençao, pença que agalera ta de brincadeira, fasendo gastar dinheiro a toa, com tau de ninja.

    and so tradusir


  4. cain kirisgai’s avatar

    anyone know if downloading skype off the psn network with block the new exploit?


    1. Wisdomseeker89’s avatar

      It doesn’t effect the exploit


  5. razor’s avatar

    OPEN CMA does not work on windows vista. Does anyone knows how to fix this?


    1. bronxholla’s avatar

      run as administrator


  6. alpmaster007’s avatar

    I have windows vista what is your bit operating system
    32bit or 68bit?


    1. razor’s avatar

      I have windows 64 bit operating system and opencma won’t open =(


      1. dialtone’s avatar

        ive got 64bit vista and it worked fine for me


      2. alpmaster007’s avatar

        I had to reinstall cma and then use opencma through
        Admin Right click run.dll


    2. Ghost’s avatar

      Open CMA r3 (Ready to use files)
      Download from here: sendspace(dot)com/file/mk5a8u
      Rep[lace ‘(dot)’ with ‘.’. :)

      Should work for anyone no problem now.

      DOWNLOAD <– Right Click open in a new tab. (Clicking it seems to not work. Must be a site bug.)

      Replace your 'Content Manager Assistant' folder in: C:\Program Files\Sony
      With the one provided.

      Now it should work completely without being connected to online
      Content Manger will no longer tell you to update your Vita even if a new firmware is out.
      Useful if you have a game for VHBL and you don't wish to loose your exploit.
      Sony won't be able to spy on your Vita anymore. :D

      I patched latest CMA with the latest Open CMA R3 files.
      On a Windows 7 PC.

      Now they work on all latest Windows operation system.
      Including Windows XP.

      I have posted these files on another site.
      With multiple people reporting it working.

      Hope it works for you just as well.


  7. cain kirisgai’s avatar

    sweet thanks i didnt wanna download it and risk it lol


  8. OMightyBuggy’s avatar

    Is there a site with already made install.zip that work?


    1. fate6’s avatar

      yea its this odd site called wololo.net you might not have heard of it

      im feeling rather nice so ill just link you


    2. Richard_Wayne’s avatar

      Download the homebrew preparer and use that to convert your homebrews to install on the vita.


  9. alpmaster007’s avatar

    I have two vhbl vitas so believe me it will work.


  10. windgust’s avatar

    im on windows 8 64bit pre and the cma r3 works fine


  11. razor’s avatar

    can someone make a video on step by step on how to install VHBL? using supercollapse 3


  12. heero01’s avatar

    I was wondering if we can still go online in the sense of using the web browser or is it set in a way as soon as the system is online the game is pulled ?


  13. vangelo’s avatar

    hey mr wololo. :)
    i found out that someone here in my country (philippines) is selling soft copies of vita games using what they call “wololo homebrew trick”. they said you just need a hotshots gamecard to be able to play some vita title games using your trick. are you aware of this sir wololo? because my friend said that it really worked and he saw how the game really worked after using your trick. pls we, in our group, need your words :)
    tnx my wololo


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Hi vangelo, I am not aware of such a thing. I never worked on any “trick” that allow to play copies of vita games. If somebody did work on a way to play pirated games on the vita, that’s not me, and I don’t know why these people would give me credit for something I didn’t do, unless this is a fake.


      1. dgothicrocker101’s avatar

        agree sir!


  14. lopzmahface :(’s avatar

    This is getting ridiculous, just release the kernel exploit already


    1. dgothicrocker101’s avatar

      just wait til the good games like cod & killzone come out before they release kernel exploit.. coz we here are no to piracy and dont want the vita dies! ;(


      1. lopzmahface :(’s avatar

        The psp didn’t die of piracy Sony still sold in the million


  15. whitey’s avatar

    keep going but please only in crappy games, we dont want sony taking out games like GOW or peace walker =)


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