VHBL r148 for Super Collapse 3


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405 Responses

  1. Kain says:

    It’s not snes9x it’s bugs in the VHBL. Wololo will prob let update out as soon as he can

  2. Nick W says:

    Damn, I leave on deployment tomorrow for a few months and won’t have access to internet, wanted SNES on my PS Vita SOOOOOOOO bad! I tried every SNES PSP emulator I could find and all of them error out. Nice to see it’s not just me. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed. I paid the $10 for this strictly to play my SNES games, consider me a sad panda this evening.

    • RabidWeezle says:

      Check the forums, there was a post in there about a working snes emulator.

      • Shaun says:

        I tried it but its an old version of the SNES emulator which runs really slow. All games I tried run at half speed even with a bit of frameskip.

  3. redkain says:

    good luck man u can play road rash 3 and sonic 3

  4. cain kirisgai says:

    it seems with the pico drive emulator when ever you press select to go back it freezes the emulator anyone else having same issue?

  5. Trollkilla says:

    whoever got homebrew working should upload the files as install.zip files to make it easier
    and help the community .

  6. somebody says:

    picodrive freezes if you hit select to go back to the emulator yes :(

  7. Trollkilla says:

    if wololo would have said hardly Any homebrew worked on this version ,i wouldn’t have wasted my money but since he didn’t because of his revenue he was getting.
    don’t feed me that *** that you say neither.

    • redkain says:

      Trollkiller you r the troll this is the first release when the next one comes you will still need the game and you will be thanking WOLOLO just sit back play GBA or SEGA and wait for update

    • Bebop says:

      Come on, 10 bucks isn’t much. Go play GBA roms.

    • Shaun says:

      Wololo doesn’t get any money out of Super Collapse 3 sales. He has no incentive to make you buy the game. Just sit tight and maybe there will be updates that will improve compatibility.

    • wololo says:

      Please compare this to the first release of hbl for the patapon exploit. There is no deception here, just some bugs that need to be ironed out.

  8. Dark_Phoenix852 says:

    Seriously all the popular nintendo and snes games also came out for the gba people! BE HAPPY!

  9. Trollkilla says:

    @shaun I never said he made money off the sale of the game.Only an idiot
    would think that or come out and say that lke you have.
    But he does get revenue from people coming to this site.
    I hace nothing against wololo , i just feel kind of cheeated

    • wololo says:

      Also, about ads revenue: compared to the amount of work the ninja releases require, if that was my actual job i would quit and go selling fries at mcdonalds to get a better salary. Keep that in mind.

  10. redkain says:

    just posted from wololo

    Guys, im in an airport waiting for a plane, and i wont have access to my psp or vita for the next 2 weeks so now is the good time for people with coding skills to step up :)

    Based on what i read about peoples issues with snes9x, i think there is a missing audio function, so an additional hook might be necessary.

    All the code is in the svn, so hopefully thecobra or somebody else can fix this while im away.

    Sorry for the lack of proper announcement on the blog, im typing from a phone.

  11. auron says:

    i think we need the davee kernel that would be better he need to share, so what it can play PSP ISO, its the inevitable not like psp cant play ISO’s

  12. Madblaster6 says:

    I was capable of navigating and installing games but how do you uninstall games? To get rid of clutter on the sd card

    • RabidWeezle says:

      Go to the settings app, where you can manage data files, goto psp content and match up the filesize to the size of the zip you installed (ballpark figure, it’s not a science, but it usally lists whatever you installed last, first) hit delete, checkmark the corrupted file, and hit delete.

    • SMOKE says:

      Install the “psplorer” homebrew app. I have it working on my Vita and deleting those “Corrupt” files from my Vita and it works great!

  13. Trollkilla says:

    @redkain lol I have the right to my opinion which happens to be true.
    ive never been dickrider because someone offered me something free
    and learn what a troll is first ,fanboy.
    I apologize to wololo maybe i should have pm him how i felt instead
    of ranting.

  14. Trollkilla says:

    Sorry wololo for insulting you, im just having nicotine withdrawals since i qut smoking
    and its been easy for me to lse my cool.

    • wololo says:

      No problem, i understand the frustration. I am frustrated too since i believe it is a trivial bug but i am away from my tools so i can’t fix it now.

  15. Del says:

    I can’t even get CMA to connect, even with openCMA, i tried first with openCMAr3, that didn’t work so i tried with r2, that didn’t work, so i tried with just CMA, that didn’t work, so i reinstalled CMA, that didn’t work …. so my vita is refusing to connect to any kind of CMA atm, idk if sony patched it or what but basically i can’t do anything with my vita even though i have the game already installed on it.

    • redkain says:

      u try to hard reset it?

      • Del says:

        Yes, i held the button on top, turned the system off and back on and still the same results

        • Del says:

          is there a way to completely uninstall openCMA? i’m wondering if that’s the issue, because i got an error saying my CMA isn’t updated for my ps3, even though i don’t own a ps3 and i was trying to update through my computer

          • Ghost says:

            Use my Open CMA r3 files:
            Remove the ‘( )’

            (CMA only patch properly with Open CMA in Windows 7)
            Afterwards it can be used on both Win 7 or XP.
            I use it on Win XP.

            Should work just fine for you.
            As long as your Vita is not below 1.60.
            Latest CMA requires a minimum of 1.60 firmware on the Vita to work.

            Just download:
            Replace your folder in ‘C:\Program Files\Sony’ with this one.

            Disable CMA in task bar if it’s running first.
            Works 100% without online on my Firmware v1.67 Vita.

            You can even extract the folder and run it from anywhere on your PC and it should still work.

          • Del says:

            i figured it out, apparently the driver for the vita was corrupted, just had to uninstall it from the device manager, simple fix

  16. auron says:

    hey wololo, any idea if we will get a CFW soon? or something that can get us direct access to the homebrew without the use of a game exploit?

    • Danny Boy says:

      Not possible, HBL is strictly built for the PSP. The save game exploit is needed to exploit the PSP emulator running atop Vita OS, while running a PSP game.

  17. bck2012 says:

    please make it more homebrews and emulators compatible like VHBL r149

  18. bck2012 says:

    please make it more homebrews and emulators compatible in VHBL r149

  19. redkain says:

    Want VHBL and Some Emulator already in there SAVEDATA form Ready to install check “1.67 VHBL+EMU in SAVEDATA form ready 2 go” TOPIC in the forums

  20. bck2012 says:


  21. redkain says:

    from WOLOLO bout SNES9x every1 calm down
    I tested most games on my psp and had absolutely no problem. There is clearly a bug somewhere and i tried to describe it in another thread. It is true that i only tested doom on the vita…i assumed the rest be ok since it ran correctly on psp. I am working in parallel with about 10 different people on 10 different exploits and i am also extremely busy irl, so yes, i make mistakes. If anything, i need to apologize to thecobra, but i am convinced him or somebody else will quickly figure out a fix.
    I can’t fix this myself, i wont have access to my vita or psp for the next two weeks.

    I believe this is a missing hook for some audio function.

  22. redkain says:

    Also some1 said this SNES9x works any1 want to confirm

  23. garrei says:

    why wont the forum work?? :(

  24. auron says:

    i think the forum should get VB and possibly better forums.

  25. Gargadon says:

    WHERE IS MY ISO LOADER???????? this is nothing until we got a ISO LOADER and VITA CARD DUMPERS!!!!!

  26. Gamblor420 says:

    A got a working snes emulator from the forum and it runs OK. Definitely not full speed though. Guess GBA games will have to do for a bit.

  27. andrew says:

    hey wololo or anybody could i get the download for the hello world for this i would appreciate it thank you.

  28. Madblaster6 says:

    I was capable of navigating and installing games (homebrew) but how do you uninstall games? To get rid of clutter on the sd card

  29. I need snes and nes on vita! says:

    so is anyone gonna work on a fix for the vhbl, anything I’ve gotten to load either eventually crashes or runs too slow. It really seems like the vhbl needs some tweaking. wololo said he can’t do it cause he is without his vita for 2 weeks, I don’t have the skills to do it somebody step up and fix this please!.

  30. razor says:

    OK i have the download file for vhbl. Now how do I install? can anyone make a video on how to do this. I’m a newbie on the vita homebrew scene.
    Thank you in advance

  31. Kain says:

    Sorry a MOD took my links to help y’all down. Even thou wololo posted on my topic and
    Didn’t say anything. Maybe the dude needs to get laid. Chill out and b-easy guy. Lmao

  32. Kain says:

    Email me for the files

  33. Victory says:

    has anyone been able to change or edit the image files?
    heres a pic hoping someone is further than I am. bad pics sorry but this is on my vita.

  34. XXXAszHackCoderXXX says:

    We live in the society where pizza gets to your house before the police.

    -True Story.

  35. JPFresh says:

    Thank you Wololo and thecobra!

  36. Sloppycrap says:

    Hey wololo–

    Forgive me for stating the obvious, but:

    Maybe Sony really does have some sentient employees. Maybe the reason they haven’t updated the official Vita compatible PSP list is *everything else* is exploitable.

    Just a thought,

    PS Thank you for your work. The PSP is the one system really in control of it’s users thanks to you and Coldbird. Lord knows I’d be lost without you two.

  37. sweet_leaf85 says:

    on the SNES try turning the sound to OFF and frameskip on 1
    and turn off transparency if the game doesnt need it… it sped it up too playable for me..

  38. Kain says:

    Would be great if we could figure out gpskai savestate problem

  39. Elric03200 says:

    Hello everybody. it’s since yesterday that i try to make work an homebrew, I tried a lot of different versions of a lot of emulators… Nothing boot !! It’s just take me :

    xx remaining Files (with a tut tut tut tut tut tut )

    Not normal I bought the game for nothin??? 😥 I gave a Donation !!!

    • don’t worry everything will be fix as just tge first r soon as possible,is not a waste trust the programming in processed this is just the first release.

    • Grimlock says:

      I think the “tut tut tut tut” sound means that if xx files remain and it does nothing like it froze then in the (winrar)install archive, you didn’t set the compression to *store*. click on the archive>compression>store. then retry.

  40. ok,so i have issues can someone answer this questions please.

    1.How do i make the folder that the honebrew goes too? (slus bla,bla,bla)
    2.Where you put the roms folder for the emulator?
    3.How to delete homebrews already install if you do a mistake?

    Thanks in advance,damn the forum is down.

  41. zCatalyst says:

    Hi, I’ve just deleted super collapse 3 from CMA by accident and I didn’t back it up is there any way I can recover the game?

    • youngoz says:

      I did the same thing when I deleted the corrupt file… so sad right now :(

    • UE says:

      Nope you be boned, also sony can do this amusingly enough as you had recieved the game which fullfills their TOS

      • SSASS says:

        DO NOT WORRY MY FRIEND,If you are in windows 7, I think it should also work with Vista too,
        If you deleted the game in your PSVbackup folder,
        all you need is follow this.

        1. Right Click on the Folder (where the files was deleted)
        2. Select “Previous Versions” Tab.
        3. Folder Versions is listed.
        4. The Choice is yours. Choose the date and time you desire.
        5. *** *** ***…

  42. NetwoGard says:

    I can”t find it in the store guy’s … Help

    • SMOKE says:

      Thats because $ony took the game off their storesa couple days ago. Your a little late!

    • dhubz says:

      Gee… I wonder why you can’t find it in the store… *face palm* Go to the top of the page and read very carefully as to why that might be, and be amazed at your problem solving skills.

  43. Kain says:

    Today looks like a great day for some homebrew

  44. Trapstar30 says:

    How do you install vhbl r148 for super collapse 3 I know this is a noob question

  45. cain kirisgai says:

    go to main vhbl thread and it walks you through everything

  46. Kene says:

    How do I deinstall Hombrews?

    • SMOKE says:

      I use a app called “psplorer”. It is a file management app. Also works fine on my Vita.

      • SMOKE says:

        It might actually be called PSPLover.. I think the place where I downloaded it mispelled lol

        • HIMFan says:

          It is PSPlorer is a file explorer for PSP. PSNLover is what you’re thinking of and its something different, originally called PSNFucker, it enables online play and store under circumstances where online wouldn’t normally be possible.

  47. cain kirisgai says:

    tells you on the link i just posted

  48. hi3 says:

    The emulator that supports the two are pretty slim.
    uo_Snes9x_0.02y32_vhbl succeeded in driving
    But too slow

    mh gpspkai
    It stops during loading

    Let me know if you have a compatible emulator

    Just write it down. The name and version

  49. hi3 says:

    The 1.67 version is more compatible with different versions of it bad

  50. RedKain says:

    finally gpskai’s Savestate crash problem has been fixed

  51. redkain says:

    TragicTheBlubbering is a punk who has nothing better to do than hold people back from helping one another all files he removed if needed email kain1486@yahoo.com

    • TheBudds says:

      No, he’s a great mod who likes following the rules which you didn’t. You were given enough warning as well, so you only have yourself to blame for getting banned.

  52. Gamblor420 says:

    Redkain, u seem to know what’s up. Can i add more Roms to the emulator once I have already installed it? I’m thinking that it would just overwrite all my files and delete my savestates if I attempted it. Also, have u tried the Mario games for the gba emulator? I tried Mario world and it gave me a corrupt save error and Mario 3 just freeZes up with weird sounds. Thanks in advance for ur help!!!

  53. RedKain says:

    yes just drag and drop into roms folder at 0 compression

  54. Chocogow says:

    This is why sometimes i hate the comunity because they complain to much its true that i whant more homebrew compability but the man needs rest and has a family so if u think ure a good coder go ahead and step up to the plate and be recognize

    • cain kirisgai says:

      i completely agree with you choco just be glad you get anything at all i mean they could keep it to themselves and not share with anyone at all.

      • TheGuardian says:

        I agree with you both. I am studying video game design and development in college and damm it! There are huges amounts of coding involved in this kind of job. What is funny about it is that the people who create the games don’t have the time to actually play them!

        @ Wololo. I said in the past that I completely hated your Wagic game, and yes I still hate it (not because I always lose or anything related to that). Anyhow, the point is that now that I am taking this course I deeply respect you and all the devs involved in the homebrews and all the coding stuff! Man the amount of work involved in this is just insane. I have not code anything yet, but the veterans in the class and the teacher already told me about it!

  55. Andrew says:

    Hey Wololo or anyone could I get the download to the hello world that was in one of his videos for this I would appreciate it a lot thank you.

  56. sweet_leaf85 says:

    soooo… whats to stop someone from using PSPfiler to add a folder called ISO…
    and then….
    get that prometheous ISO loader up in the spot?

    Run tell dat….

  57. RabidWeezle says:

    Now we just need some way to install cheaper memory. Those new memory cards have a killer pricetag, I’m having issues juggling the space of a few psp games I bought on psn and homebrew now on this 4 gig card.

    • UE says:

      -raises eyebrow- sure they are more expensive than the average SD card but not THAT expensive, I got my 32gig card for $100 including shipping ($80 before shipping)

      • TheGuardian says:

        -also raises eyebrow- Yeah, I don’t understand why people say Sony are leechers that are slowly sucking out your blood and money. This is a crazy world, I think almost $400 for a paper weigth is reasonable for a “portable” device.

        • UE says:

          Well considering I bought my vita and 32gig memory card for $330 aud on release before $30 shipping… $360 for a capable device with decent technology (the screen was a letdown though, really low class OLED screen compared to the GS2 screen) is not that bad… The console itself is good and it has quite a few decent games for it… I dislike sony and dislike their approach to things on a software side… heck I would have rathered a slightly larger psp go design with two circlepad esque thumbsticks and 32gig inbuilt to be fair… HOWEVER the device isn’t bad nor is it a paperweight for not being perfect.
          I cannot think of a single device that before hacking is a better portable gaming device than the vita execpt for the psp go although that fails due to it’s lack of any physical media games.
          (not including non official emulators on any system)

          Also I dislike people comparing the psvita datacards to the cheapest SD card they can find… It is kinda like people comparing a Caviar Black 2tb drive to a Caviar Green 2tb drive and complaining about the price difference but ignoring the performance difference.
          I really do believe that the datacards have good access times that are RAPED by sony encrypting the *** out of everything and locking down the system (I blame CMA for the slow transfer speeds as playing the videos from the vita wouldn’t work at the speeds that it transfers for the file sizes that I have used otherwise)
          And I can understand why they wouldn’t want people using any old SD card as cheap sd cards would impact the performance of bought games in a really bad way and therefore impact the general consensus in a bad way

          HOWEVER I DO think that they SHOULD have given atleast 16gig of onboard memory to the device.

          • wololo says:

            There are strong beliefs that those cards are nothing more than regular memory sticks with a different shape though.

  58. Kain1486 says:

    SNES9x_0.02y32 still freezes b4 mario jumps for the block in begining..if press o then goes to rom select then freezes roms r mario ff6 and zelda===thanks for any help
    and yes roms r stored @ 0 compression

  59. Clarkalel says:

    How much roms do you have in the folder hopefully less then 50 because the emulator has issue detecting more then 50 in the roms directory.

  60. Athropos says:

    This is much harder than it needs to be, simply because the instructions are not clear and the prepackaged homebrews in this site are really terribly made.

    The emulators you provide don’t even work, they lack critical files to run once they are installed and picodrive wont load the .bin games I install with them, even if I select the games once picodrive is loaded. It’s even worse for the SNES emulator where all you provide are some eboot files that won’t even load an actual emulator when you run it through VHBL. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, but it’s not like there is any step by step documentation on how to do it anyways. Do you need any external files to make picodrive work and actually load roms or what?

    • Kain says:

      Dude email kain1486@yahoo. For working files

    • UE says:

      Yup blame others

    • TheGuardian says:

      Seriously you don’t even know what wololo and the others have to go through in order to make these things work! I wonder how come all the devs have not gone insane yet! Sorry for over posting about the same, but since I have no coding experience, what I have seen in these two weeks has been overwhelming.

  61. bronxholla says:


  62. Aaron says:

    Thanks Wololo and anyone who helped him for uploading this, really i appreciate it lol even though i missed this one but keep up the good work. =D what you do in making these VHBL is a great Feat that not the average person could do.

  63. sweet_leaf85 says:

    Yeah, what he said!

    Many thanks to Wololo, thecobra and WosRet for these brilliant milestones in PSVITA history..

    but dont get mad when i mention that i really want some Prometheus ISO whatnot, or that this release needs work.. It realy does.. and i am trying to learn how to code and help out, its what im about to go to shool for, but all i have for now is forums and youtube examples..

    And just think of this thing in a year from now. We’ll prolly be laughing about this, but for now, Wololo and his crew are heros making this stuff possible.
    I love it, please keep up the great work!

    • TheGuardian says:

      I am already going to school for that. I just started and I hope the same as you do. I hope to become a more active part in the Scene. A little hint dude, after a while, there will be a moment in which you will wish to shut your teacher up. Coding will become so everwhelming that even when you close your eyes to sleep you will see coding and hear the voice of your teacher giving you more and more tasks and lecture!

  64. Hackervita says:

    still looking for something better than SNES gotta find missing hook for SnesTyl if anyone finds better emulator please post it thanks to Wololo and thecobra

  65. Gargadon says:


  66. windgust says:

    hey i got pimpsteamer working on vhbl 1.67 but it dont connect to the net wonder if any one can fix that.

  67. jeremy says:

    Its worth a try can anyone send me a copy of the game on a memory card?? Sniffing..

  68. Richard_Wayne says:

    Has anyone got kurok working on VHBL.?

  69. Redkain says:

    Why do some get banned for posting links while others post whatever they want
    All the links most people get banned for they get from wololo.net

    • wololo says:

      Not sure, you got banned from the forums? Usually this would happen if your links contain warez, roms, emulator bios, that kind of stuff. Please note that i have limited internet access so i cant easily confirm if you got banned or why, but usually the mods do it for a good reason.

  70. Redkain says:

    ie == Re: VHBL Compatibility testing
    by The Z » Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:21 pm
    There you go guys, ive packed some homebrews for the Vita HBL, let us hope i did my job right ^^

    Snes9xTYL for vHBL (SNES Emulator)
    mh gpSP Kai for vHBL (GBA Emulator)
    EmuMaster/Masterboy for vHBL (GB/GBC Emulator)
    Bookr for vHBL (PDF/Comic Reader)
    CSPSP v1.56 for vHBL
    Doom for vHBL
    No warnings or ban

  71. syafiq tatsuya says:

    if some how we able to convert iso file to eboot like psp XD and play on vita !!!i mean vita coverter

  72. alpmaster007 says:

    I have a theory of making a psp emulator in vhbl since I am able in install
    Disc 0 and all the other psp had.

  73. Nine1 says:

    Any1 know how to make cps2 fullscreen? Thanks

  74. npt says:

    Another great Ninja Release Wololo! And with US compat this time… :)

    Cheers, talk soon my friend.


  75. jlo138 says:

    During psp hbl I used to post my links to emulators and I included a rom with each one as well as necessary bios for gba and sega cd. I even posted it here but I was never warned or banned. Maybe it slipped by, or I’m a trusted member…IDK. I didn’t post them in the forums. I don’t have a vita so I can’t do that anymore. Plus my links were on MU…

  76. windgust says:

    hey i was wondering since PSPlorer 1.5 working in vita 1.67 could we jut copy the files in the saves insteed of install.zip. just copy the files folder in the save game to the games folding going to test that

  77. windgust says:

    hahaha damn it dont show folders you have to zip them or have the files out darn thought i had something there

  78. lopzmahface :( says:

    Useless exploit =_=

    • Richard_Wayne says:

      Useless why? Because you can’t blatantly rip off Sony and play iso’s!

      • lopzmahface :( says:

        I could honestly care less about ISO loaders and such , the only thing I ever wanted on psp (or future vita cfw) is a full speed Daedalus so I can play OOT *_^

    • wololo says:

      Strange, you were one of those waiting the most for it, why are you disappointed all of a sudden? Did you *just* realize what hbl does and does not allow you to do?

      • lopzmahface :( says:

        No…I’m okay with just homebrew and emulators i just didn’t realise how limited it was..I guess its okay for now

        ..and I meant useless as in limited speed in even the simplist emulators..

        • dhubz says:

          simplest emulators? is there such thing as a simple emulator? daedalus NEVER ran full speed on the original PSP so why would it run at full speed on a PSP emulator ON the Vita? The N64 is a beast of a machine to emulate, ESPECIALLY on a battery operated portable device. go with GBA… that thing runs near damn flawless and talk about a huge library of awesome games.

  79. lopzmahface :( says:

    I’m just curious as to how many unknown hackers working to crack the vita side unless dave decides to release his kernel exploit to further the vita hacking scene, until then these current exploits are useless..

    • Nine1 says:

      This is the ground floor. And wololo and thecobra did a great job
      The only thing useless is complaining when u add nothing to the scene
      Maybe u should start out on jailbreaking an etch a sketch Lol

    • wololo says:

      Before hbl, the only thing people got with the initial hacks was a hello world. Hbl changed the rules and gives you access to hundreds of games on day one. It is not perfect, but much better than before, keep constantly in mind that people used to be happy with just a hello world.

      • lopzmahface says:

        not bashing ur work wololo “hbl” was the best thing to happen to the psp since the pandora battery, cfw even on ofw…genious!

  80. Oscar says:

    when will there be a working snes9xTYL emu for this exploit i want to play megaman x lol

  81. Kizumik says:

    Skype is out today!!! With Video chat too! Amazing 😀

  82. Richard_Wayne says:

    Many thanks again to Wololo, theCobra and all involved in the r148 release! I have not put my Vita down since! Emumaster works flawlessly as well as NZP and Left for Quake!

  83. alisson says:

    quero agradecer, primeiramente o wololo, e thecobra, e deves, e todos desenvolvedores, pelos seus trabalho, que sao muito bom,
    e quero tambem faser, uma critica, da quele frances, que sao idiota, quer chamar a tençao, pença que agalera ta de brincadeira, fasendo gastar dinheiro a toa, com tau de ninja.

    and so tradusir

  84. cain kirisgai says:

    anyone know if downloading skype off the psn network with block the new exploit?

  85. razor says:

    OPEN CMA does not work on windows vista. Does anyone knows how to fix this?

  86. alpmaster007 says:

    I have windows vista what is your bit operating system
    32bit or 68bit?

    • razor says:

      I have windows 64 bit operating system and opencma won’t open =(

    • Ghost says:

      Open CMA r3 (Ready to use files)
      Download from here: sendspace(dot)com/file/mk5a8u
      Rep[lace ‘(dot)’ with ‘.’. :)

      Should work for anyone no problem now.

      DOWNLOAD <– Right Click open in a new tab. (Clicking it seems to not work. Must be a site bug.)

      Replace your 'Content Manager Assistant' folder in: C:\Program Files\Sony
      With the one provided.

      Now it should work completely without being connected to online
      Content Manger will no longer tell you to update your Vita even if a new firmware is out.
      Useful if you have a game for VHBL and you don't wish to loose your exploit.
      Sony won't be able to spy on your Vita anymore. 😀

      I patched latest CMA with the latest Open CMA R3 files.
      On a Windows 7 PC.

      Now they work on all latest Windows operation system.
      Including Windows XP.

      I have posted these files on another site.
      With multiple people reporting it working.

      Hope it works for you just as well.

  87. cain kirisgai says:

    sweet thanks i didnt wanna download it and risk it lol

  88. OMightyBuggy says:

    Is there a site with already made install.zip that work?

  89. alpmaster007 says:

    I have two vhbl vitas so believe me it will work.

  90. windgust says:

    im on windows 8 64bit pre and the cma r3 works fine

  91. razor says:

    can someone make a video on step by step on how to install VHBL? using supercollapse 3

  92. heero01 says:

    I was wondering if we can still go online in the sense of using the web browser or is it set in a way as soon as the system is online the game is pulled ?

  93. vangelo says:

    hey mr wololo. :)
    i found out that someone here in my country (philippines) is selling soft copies of vita games using what they call “wololo homebrew trick”. they said you just need a hotshots gamecard to be able to play some vita title games using your trick. are you aware of this sir wololo? because my friend said that it really worked and he saw how the game really worked after using your trick. pls we, in our group, need your words :)
    tnx my wololo

    • wololo says:

      Hi vangelo, I am not aware of such a thing. I never worked on any “trick” that allow to play copies of vita games. If somebody did work on a way to play pirated games on the vita, that’s not me, and I don’t know why these people would give me credit for something I didn’t do, unless this is a fake.

  94. lopzmahface :( says:

    This is getting ridiculous, just release the kernel exploit already

    • dgothicrocker101 says:

      just wait til the good games like cod & killzone come out before they release kernel exploit.. coz we here are no to piracy and dont want the vita dies! ;(

  95. whitey says:

    keep going but please only in crappy games, we dont want sony taking out games like GOW or peace walker =)

  96. rabidweezle says:


  97. redkain says:

    look man WOLOLO just said it would be ironed out so calm down u try releasing files to 1000s of people and it go perfect since ur the one NEO

  98. wololo says:

    My answer to you on the forum. Most of the testing happened on a psp. There is a probably simple bug that needs to be fixed, but somebody else than me needs to fix it as i wont have access to my vita in the next two weeks.

  99. RabidWeezle says:

    Yeah, exactly. You can’t exactly test on a Vita since there is no PSPLink for debugging purposes. It’s not his fault the vita’s emulator isn’t 100 percent accurate to the real psp hardware/firmware. There will be bugs. But if you think you can do better Trollkilla, pull up a chair, get on the svn, and help squash some bugs. Or as the rest of the open source community would say to someone like you, “Accepting patches”.

  100. RabidWeezle says:

    Yeah, I got Nester working, the link is in the forums under download vhbl homebrew :)

  101. RabidWeezle says:

    I use 7zip, I download the zip, extract install.zip from within that zip with folder structure, I stick my roms in it, I right click it in explorer, click add to archive, filetype = zip, compression = store, filename install.zip, stick it in a psp savegame , transfer that savegame with opencms remembering the name of the folder (I always use the same one because it’s at the top of the list in my savegame list on vhbl, I load the exploit, navigate to the save, press x, it asks to install, I say yes, it installs, I navigate to psp/game/nesterxxxxx, press x, it loads with a huge list of roms. Hope that helps.

  102. Bebop says:

    I’ve tried doing it myself (all those steps) and while it transfers it doesn’t show up in my manager. I even removed all my saves (after backing them up) and it still wouldnt show up. I guess I’ll just download premade ones that work in the forum – maybe I’m messing something up here with winrar and should be using 7zip. Thanks.

  103. Hello_Indigo says:

    I’m no coder or anything, but “it crashes” was a pretty obvious answer. lol

    If you think that that is how homebrew works, then whats to stop you from adding a folder called ISO on the PS3/any other device and loading prometheus? hahhaha. you’re funny.

  104. Victory says:

    Haha it was a simple answer. I added the ISO folder and tried the prometheous ISO loader. The ISO loader crashes because no kernel.

  105. sweet_leaf85 says:

    just an intrucive idea for the fine folks that understand how to code up some shyt… thats all.

    i know it crashes, iv been trying, however, the “Inception” has been made. now, real hackers sleep on it and get to work, cause im already racking my tiny brain on how to make this thing worth my almost 400$

  106. RabidWeezle says:

    Naw, they would just take down psn for a month, blame hackers, and force an update, blocking all savegames from having extra files in them, or remove psp support :/

  107. Guy says:

    You mad bro lol, everyone gotten and you don’t HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

    Go back to the 90s FAGGOOOOTTTT!!!!

  108. dhubz says:

    Get off daddy’s computer and do something productive there asshat.

  109. TheBudds says:

    Soo…I’m guessing you won’t be involved with the next ninja release either :)

  110. SMOKE says:

    Are you mad? lol well what for?

  111. UE says:

    you actually had to try this… oh I remeber your name… I believe I berated you on being a bit stupid in the past… -facepalm-

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