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Insert here random rant for Sony.

Insert here weird explanation on why people should buy the PSP game Super Collapse 3 on their Vita. Implicitly make it clear that this is the next game being used for VHBL. Don’t forget to thank thecobra for his exploit and the port.

Mention that the game is mostly unavailable for the vita in Europe/Asia, but has been so far spotted in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Finland, Czech, Sweden, and Poland.

Tell people to wait a bit more for the VHBL files.

  1. Kain1486’s avatar

    SNES9x_0.02y32 still freezes b4 mario jumps for the block in begining..if press o then goes to rom select then freezes roms r mario ff6 and zelda===thanks for any help
    and yes roms r stored @ 0 compression


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