Motorstorm and Everybody’s Tennis are back on the PSN


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113 Responses

  1. encryption says:

    So are you saying if your still under 1.65 the game itself hasn’t been patched and we could still d/l the game and install VHBL?

    • M3rror says:

      Whether it’s patched or not doesn’t matter. You can’t gain access to the PS Store through a proxy so there’s no way to get the game on the Vita without updating, unless you have a 2nd Vita. Heck Sony probably took extra measures and made it so that you can only have one Vita registered on your account.

      • darthscottydog33 says:

        use ps3 and have more accounts forign and not get access to grvity daze with forign

        • M3rror says:

          I’m pretty sure the PS3 will check to make sure the Vita is up-to-date or something. Otherwise, why would they have this feature only on PC with the CMA? Sony is a big company, and big companies make sure there is no loop hole.

          • yosh says:

            If a hacked ps3 could access psn, then I guess both of these patched games VHBLs could be used again on a fw <1.65 psvita xD

          • M3rror says:

            PS3 =/= PS Vita though. Sony obviously took way more precautions with the PS Vita to avoid the mistakes of the PSP and PS3.

      • sortadan says:

        It was my understanding that you can use a proxy to fake your firmware version and still access the store from the old Vita firmware. Wonder if you can also download the games that way too…

        • M3rror says:

          That got patched. You can’t anymore.

          • dialtone says:

            Im not so sure about that, I was using the charles proxy app to use 1.61 to get on PSN during 1.67 right until wololo announced he has a 1.67 VHBL, then I just updated but point is I was using the charles proxy method like a week ago, worked fine.

          • stridhiryu030363 says:

            Remember that maintenance earlier in the week? That was when they patched it.

  2. zzjsd2011 says:

    Very good!
    And best wishes for you,wololo!

  3. some1 says:

    I think you forgot to mention the possibility that the game itself has patched/fixed the buffer overflow.

    • wololo says:

      PRetty sure that’s not the case, I doubt Sony has access to the source code, and, for example, the company behind Motorstorm does not exist anymore.

    • yosh says:

      Nope, at least I checked Everybody’s Tennis and the Eboot.pbp’s md5 didn’t even change lol
      It’s still 3A7F4246900B0C1FFE7733DB865AF7D5 as it’s always been

  4. everyglenn17 says:

    The same afternoon I update to 1.67 in prep for new vhbl these two are back up, lol. Would have been nice to see if it still worked or if they did indeed patch the game. Oh well, at least (as you said) Sony did the right thing.

  5. alpmaster007 says:

    im pretty sure that you would have to update the system the latest firmware just to get on psn store. hence forth the game is patched and worthless for Vhbl. My question is how does Sony know how to patch it anyway?

  6. Sparkey480 says:


  7. Chris Highwind says:

    To everyone saying you can’t access Motorstorm or Tennis without updating to 1.67: Yes you can. Just not directly through the Vita. Nothing’s stopping you from going on your PS3 (if you have one) and downloading it to there, then using Content Manager to put them on your Vita.

    Now, if you can’t access PS3 Vita Content Manager without updating, or you don’t have a PS3…then I’ll have to retract my above statement. I’ve never done PS3 Vita transferring on a non-updated firmware (since the previous exploits before this current one were EU only)

    • Chris Highwind says:

      But yes, some people might wanna play Motorstorm and Everybody’s Tennis, and don’t want them for the exploits, and for that, I say good job, Sony.

      • Mcleod says:

        Sony employee kill him LOL J/K, I agree they patched the game and what’s done is done.

        sparkey480: use spell check and its only one title and no.

        • Green Ranger says:

          The games are still unpatched but you won’t get access to them if you’re not on FW 1.67. On FW 1.67, the exploited Savegames won’t load and are shown as “corrupted savegame”.

        • sparkey480 says:

          The word “Teh” is a common replacement for the word, “The”. It’s done purposefully.
          It’s one title yes, but that one title means the difference between Homebrew games and nothing.

    • Green Ranger says:

      The PS3 won’t transfer any PSP Game to the Vita without an online connection to PSN. And when you try it, it says that you have to update your FW to 1.67 😉

      I wondering what have changend that the Proxys won’t work anymore.


  8. utnsoldier says:

    wololo ur killin me release already plz :)

  9. Karma_Darkly says:

    I been checking regularly every 30 minutes since I read about their finally being a U.S exploit. Iam dying of anticipation. XD

  10. Dcherry69 says:

    Please be patient and wait….

  11. Karma_Darkly says:

    Perhaps I can take my mind off it for a while and play some magic with teh college buddies. :)

  12. everyglenn17 says:

    I had access to the psn store before updating. Seems if u leave the vita on stby and the store open u can still DL new stuff. I was able to dl and try that horrible montezuma game and play it last week and i was on 1.61. I wonder if they made the games require firmware 1.67 though.

  13. creamsoda08 says:

    Sony did something that doesn’t screw over its customers and increase their profit$? *thump thud clang* damn it, gravity just reversed =-(

  14. don't cross that bridge says:

    wololo!your work is much appreciated, but don’t hold out..Give he people what they want!

  15. NitsudR says:

    These games are not available on US PSN. Neither is phantasy star portable 2. I don’t understand why they re available for vita in UK and not US.

  16. ThePolishBlaze says:

    I’am downloading motorstorm just in case vbl comes out for it 😀

  17. knarlockk says:

    It doesn’t matter, you couldn’t access the PSN with 1.66 anyway.

    I have to disagree that this is Sony doing something right, it’s really more of Sony finally fixing something they did wrong. Sony punished their legit customers again, for their own means. I believe they may choose these types of actions to make it look like hackers are the problem, so that everyone will get mad at hackers instead of Sony themselves. Two years ago, I was a pretty big Sony fan, but they’ve done everything they could think of to push me away…F “em.

  18. ThePolishBlaze says:

    Also why is the price on the picture £14.99 o_O i only paid ££6.99 for it

  19. beanzncornbread says:

    You know man, I’m kind of sick of seeing you post repeatedly about this piracy free homebrew. Stop beating around the bush and being less than honest on the subject. There is not a SINGLE video game that exists that is public domain yet. So even if you’re loading SNES or wad files and emulating them, it’s still piracy no matter how you cut it. Just call it what it is.

    • Mastershake01 says:

      its not piracy if i bought the umd games and converted them to run on home brew for vita but sonys customer service and policy has been horrible lately i remember when ps3 came out they weren’t so strict about linux it was your risk which is is believe right and it is not sonys there not losing money at all we still have to buy the game vhbl is not piracy sony

      • Koji says:

        Not piracy, but still technically illegal. The DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) states that it is illegal to circumvent copy protections on hardware to play backups… legally owned or not.

    • Norml says:

      Not a single public domain game?

    • wololo says:

      Games dont have to be in the public domain for people to play them freely. For example, my game, wagic, is under the bsd license. The doom version i am showing in my videos is the free to distribute shareware version. Look up the /downloads section of this websites for thousands of free games or apps.

      This is what i mean by piracy free. Emulators are another story, i agree. But it seems that to you, as for many console gamers, videogames stop at sony, nintendo, and sega…

      Im so tired at comments that say i promote piracy… Always the same arguments about emulators, the only arguments you can find since our code does not allow to play psp and vita games. Find new ideas, ive read that *** about 20 years old games for the past 5 years.

    • knarlockk says:

      It’s not piracy if I already own the SNES game. What could possibly be your motive? This isn’t something that’s gonna have a negative impact on any market (in fact it’s probably good for the Vita market). This is people having fun with systems and games that they paid for and own, or having fun with games that are free.

      The Vita is potentially the greatest portable emulation device ever created. I’ll gladly buy new games and play my ancient games on it.

    • Shaun says:

      I can play all the SNES games on an emulator if I want and game companies do not lose any sales since there isn’t a market to begin with (at least not anymore). Nobody gets hurt from this so called “piracy”.

  20. Norml says:

    That last part brings up a red flag, new one is not a game?

  21. vasquez99 says:

    You could have did this article on the release of the title and tutorial

  22. Mastershake01 says:

    how do you even know if a games compatible with vhbl

  23. Mastershake01 says:

    how do you even know if a games compatible with vhbl?

  24. Watching The World Burn says:

    Checking every 5 hours to make sure i get the game before sony takes it down

  25. cscash241 says:

    So did Sony Patch them or just take them down for a bit and block the exploited save data from running on newer firmware revisions? If so then we could use the Charles debugging proxy method to get on use PSN store if you were not able to buy either of the games before they were pulled but you did not update your vita

  26. xentar says:

    I use an rss aggregator on my android phone with only this feed and have it alert whenever a new article is posted. It may not be as good as the ninja list but its a close second and certainly beats refeshing constantly 😉

  27. beanzncornbread says:

    @wololo, you know EXACTLY what I meant. There’s no point in playing semantics over it. And why the display of naivete? You know well that 90% of the people looking forward to this are after exactly what you say it isn’t (or shouldn’t) be used for. I was just simply making the statement that it get’s equally as old hearing people hide behind the term “homebrew” as it does hearing people complain about emu’s and free domain. So why bother? Just call it like it is and dodge the piracy speech eh? I grew up with my uncle making video games of his own and building arcade machines. So I love homebrew and look forward to seeing it evolve with every generation of hardware and I back the work being done here 110%, I just don’t agree with how it’s sometimes presented.

    • Shaun says:

      So whats wrong with emulation? People say piracy is bad because the game companies lose sales. But what sales are there to be lost in emulation? The games aren’t even for sale anymore.

  28. bahaha! wololo!! you speak in such a news reporter way!
    i couldnt help but read your article with a news reporter accent thing. 😛

  29. JD says:

    Has anyone checked if Motorstorm has reappeared in their download history? Mine hasn’t yet, but I’m not sure if that’s just because it was one of the 10 games you got for buying a PSP Go here in Europe.

  30. Orohu says:

    Am I the only one who was bugged about how the screenshot was with a camera, and not the Start+PS screengrab tool?

  31. lopzmahface :( says:

    Wololo I have HBL for my psp go that I download from YOUR downloads section on THIS site and it let’s me play backed up pirated games I got from the pirate bay , u say ur code does not allow pirated software? BS!

  32. lopzmahface :( says:

    Then why* does it…

    • holding the truth of knowledge between my 3rd nut says:


      Just because someone miss uses something doesnt make the creator at fault.

      YOU SOUND LIKE AN PS3 scene MEMBER always moaning & complaining about things especially piracy.

      Bottom line just because you can use something for a different purpose doesnt mean you have to.

      Besides we all know that if you want psp games you use cfw not hbl.

      So leave wololo alone

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