VHBL on Vita 1.67: Tweaking in progress


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322 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    you should wait a week or two just in case a new update comes out or gets announced.

  2. Aaron says:

    CAN’T WAIT! Maybe I’ll finally get some value out of my Vita!!!!

  3. midnitdragoon says:

    soo exciting cant wait to relive the fun i had with homebrew on psp but instead on the VITA!!! Does it run Duke Nukem 3D better or worse than on the PSP?

    • wololo says:

      From my tests, Duke 3d runs basically as it would on the PSP. I have sounds problems (duke’s voice is high pitched) but I think it’s a known issue with the port

      • darthscottydog33 says:

        hay WOLOLO i have an idea that might get your exploit to more people on the next one you make. dont give any annoucement dont even give an annoucement that your not giving one when you say real soon and working on one sony pays attention saying you wont give an annoucement and sony will watch more cause they now your not saying anything. not saying anything at all will let people have a chance if they pay attention to your blog for the release they are more likly to think you just havent found anything yet

      • 30W says:

        There is a version that fixes the voices on psp.

  4. GodofDark says:

    Mr.Wololo you said WHBL game (HotShotTennis, Motorstotm Artic Edge etc.) will be released to trusted members if i join would i still get it, and if your on PSVITA ofw 1.66 will future VHBL work

    • ndh777 says:

      You will either need to update or use a pr0xy because you’ll need to download a game off of the PSN market. And in order to access PSN, you need to be on the latest firmware or using a pr0xy.

  5. jshishido says:

    Im deploying over seas for 6 months please release it before next month comes or i wont be able to get the hack in a location i cant say :(

  6. Mike says:

    Hey Wololo! How do you get notification if you are a part of the /talk community?!

    Very excited for the US release! Thanks for your work!

  7. GodofDark says:

    like if you just joined and is new would you get the name of the game

  8. rudaz says:

    A want it now :(

  9. Ungarok says:

    irl is surely the most important.
    Merci for all you’ve done until now and merci thecobra for this exploit.

  10. McLeod says:

    Thanks for keeping us all on the edge, I haven’t been this excited since the invention of warm k1 jelly yay!

  11. GodofDark says:

    Am broke :(

  12. EpicJimber says:

    Very nice work to everyone involved! Wololo, can you elaborate on the ETA? 😀

  13. rudaz says:

    A aint been to kip since a found out its cumn a dnt wana miss ths 1

  14. Trolkilla says:

    thanks cobra for sharing and wololo for tweaking and hbl.

  15. GodofDark says:

    Sims 2 Castaway I hope

  16. Josh says:

    Wololo I’m getting mixed messages…is a new vhbl being released for 1.67, and if so is the game that is being used for this purchasable on the U.S psn? I have about $20 so I can go grab a psn card if this is legit. Thanks <3

  17. granasaberx says:

    I personally can’t wait for this! I wanna be able to play some emulator goodness.

  18. Seaking says:

    I say wait. They’re waiting for you to release it just so they can update and add ps1 classics. Je deteste $ony.

  19. The Budds says:

    (flashes back to when I use to mod Doom a lot)

    😆 What’s so bad about showing Doom? I still remember great times telling everyone in family not to answer the phone whenever me and my friend used to play over the 56k.

    Great times!

  20. bravo815 says:

    I’m guessing this exploit game isn’t available on the UK ps store?
    I hope it is.

  21. Aaron says:

    Hey Wololo! Make me a moderator so I can shut these people up who just beg for Piracy instead of appreciating what they ARE getting. If I could BAN Gargadon right now, I would DROP THE HAMMER! So sick of that stuff.

    • The Budds says:

      Unfortunately you can’t kill stupidity. Your hope is trying to teach people tobe well informed to combat it.

      Indeed a ban could be dropped, but it won’t solve the problem. It would be a short term solution.

  22. Chris says:

    You should try to release it on a weekend, If it’s saturday night, it would be better, as on weekends the response by the PSN staff is the slowest, because the majority of the workers or managers are resting at their homes.

    You have seen it with past releases.

    Thank you!!

  23. says:

    씨발 미친 복돌이새끼들

  24. says:

    현피 뜨자 씨발럼들아!!!!!!!

  25. 아즈 라엘 says:

    내가 씨발 루리웹 뻘글러 아즈라엘이다 개새끼들아

  26. ed says:

    Hi Wololo,

    Could you confirm if this game is available on the Australian PSN store?

    Kind Regards and thank you for all the work you have been putting in.

  27. sweet_leaf85 says:


  28. sweet_leaf85 says:

    sorry bout the caps..

  29. Watching The World Burn says:

    Can’t wait and I hope i can get the exploit game before sony takes it down again.

  30. Watching The World Burn says:

    Also does Doom 2 work or only 1

  31. bennv59 says:

    wololo can you plz give us a price range so that we get the game before sony pulls it?

  32. dialtone says:

    Actually I’m dying for a way to boot iso images from the vita and my desire doesn’t stem from piracy needs. I own a lot of original UMD games and theres no way in heck I’m going to pay again for software I already own to get it in digital format so I can run it on the Vita. Homebrew is real exciting as I can get countless hours messing with brews and emulators but beyond that the Vita software available is limited and I’ve already beaten the couple titles that interested me (Unit 13 and Uncharted, they really should have put the online mode for Uncharted to give me some replay ability) being able to go back and play my psp titles without having to carry around a 2nd piece of hardware would be fantastic. Now I know Wololo is developing VHBL which is great and am very excited for the US 1.67 release (I’ll die if I miss the short window before sony pulls it) but I just wanted to point out there are legit reasons for wanting psp iso backup capabilities and it’s not just about piracy. Hoping Davee brings the scene a little present. Congrats on 1.67 VHBL and can’t wait for the release, trying to keep my eyes peeled.

  33. sortadan says:

    I currently have VHBL for Everybody’s Tennis and am happy with it now that it works in English (thanks wth!!!). I do live in the US though and if this new release is as good or better then I may will switch. Is it known yet what syscalls are missing from this one vs. previous options, or will you release some type of compatibility list? I’m mostly interested in emulators like psp2600, NesterJ, psphugo, snes9xTYL, etc…

    • wololo says:

      I haven’t checked compatibility much, I think this is something we will know when massive testing really starts… I’ll try to do a bit more testing this week to give more feedback

  34. OMightyBuggy says:

    I can’t wait to play DOOM II again. :)

  35. SNIPERFOX says:

    [V]_[@w@]_[V] wololo my main man

  36. Mp1 says:

    With the problems people (myself included) are having accessing PSN using proxies since the Sony maintenance, are those of us who missed the first two exploits stuck with updating to 1.67? Is there any reason now to stay on a lower firmware?

    • wololo says:

      It depends on your own priorities. As long as you don’t have a true proof (actual vhbl files) that a hack is available for 1.67, and unless you desperately need access to the PSN, I would recommend to not update. But since vhbl is extremely limited anyways, and the vita loses lots of features if you cannot connect to psn, I think it is really a personal choice…

  37. Mp1 says:

    Point taken. My only reason to update would be to access the store for “The Game!” I just would be very disappointed to miss out on the opportunity. Hopefully the access for lower firmware issue is worked out before your new release. I will stay on 1.61 and try to be patient. Thank you.

  38. ??? says:

    Wololo is over using Doom you should try other games for testing.

    I personally want to see SCUMMVM running on that oled screen

  39. add137 says:

    Thank you wololo ,Good Job.

  40. wololo says:

    new game need money 39.99$
    tekken 6

  41. Bubba says:

    Thanks for your hard work wololo.

  42. darthscottydog33 says:

    WOLOLO i have an idea that might get your exploit to more people on the next one you make. dont give any annoucement dont even give an annoucement that your not giving one when you say real soon and working on one sony pays attention saying you wont give an annoucement and sony will watch more cause they now your not saying anything. not saying anything at all will let people have a chance if they pay attention to your blog for the release they are more likly to think you just havent found anything yet

  43. Justin says:

    please please please wait for the weekend, I wanna make sure I have money in the bank so I can get the game needed 😛

    • darthscottydog33 says:

      the week end the worst time to wait for the psn updates info on tuesday they try to get rid of the exploit asap so if they get rid of it sooner then they can patch it sooner and maybe have it back up by the next tuesday

  44. syafiq tatsuya says:

    well even 3ds can play ds and 3ds game via flashcart XD and what about vita well i know that vita are more complex then psp and 3ds but like wololo say it’s just a matter of time and money that psvita will be hackable XD now i just focus buying 3ds YAY

    • OMightyBuggy says:

      The 3DS isn’t hacked it can only play DS and DSi mode (kinda like PSP emulation on the Vita) off of a flash cart, there is no 3DS rom support on any card made. Cards that say, “works on 3DS” only means that the flash cart can run on it. Btw the only card that claims that it can play 3DS roms is most likely a fake (Crown 3DS).

  45. utnsoldier says:

    Wololo just release already :)

  46. darthscottydog33 says:

    is that the exploit tekken 6

  47. Brandonheat8 says:

    Cannot wait :) i have been with the community a long time and this is another step in the right direction that i want to be a part of, great job wololo, and team members who’s names escape me at the moment.

  48. Richmond Tan says:

    will VHBL work for Singapore ?

  49. is the title released?

  50. James says:

    Brilliant work, can’t wait!

    Looking forward to getting the latest firmware as I am stuck on the UK PSN store at the moment as I do not dare play with the activation of my console and want to get back to playing my Japanese games!

  51. Richmond Tan says:

    Will this work in Singapore?

  52. SHIN-ODIN says:

    Hello I was reading this and I swear some stuff got deleted.. what driving me crazy is did I see a game title? If yes is that the one I should download?

  53. orfeu says:

    So is it ok to update ?

  54. Mastershake01 says:

    im confused where is the title

  55. SHIN-ODIN says:

    I swear I saw it on the previous page, if I’m right it was removed for a reason I won’t say the name I just join this past night I don’t want to get banned. I went with my gut instinct and started downloading it.. if I download the wrong game I will slap my self

  56. SHIN-ODIN says:

    I think my internet was messing me around I’m using my friends phone and I see the post that says tekken 6 need $39.99 I bought it I hope I get more then just tekken lol

  57. sjow says:

    Tuis must be a trap again, just wait untill tussendoor wololo releases thee real name.I allready got screwdover in the last blogpost by a fake wololo. Keep the faith! :-)

  58. sjow says:

    Sorry for my bad english. autocorrection was still on

  59. GodofDark says:

    I thought he said Tekken 6 ?

  60. astromatik says:

    hi wololo.
    i update my psvita 1.67 and i have motorstorm artic (thx a lot for it)
    my question is simple.
    is it possible to execute vhbl with motorstorm with the new vhbl version of cobra?

    • StepS says:

      there will be a different version for the cobra’s exploit. It will be released shortly after the game is publicly announced

    • Green Ranger says:

      The Exploits has nothing to do with the Version of VHBL. Its Game relateted. VHBL with Motorstorm will never work on any FW over 1.61 because it has been patched. So you’re out of luck. Or you’ll buy the next eploitable Game that will released soon.

  61. Del says:

    i just registered in the /talk forums, is there a way to ensure i get the info for the new exploit or is it just by chance? i’ve been following the blog since the day vita was released, just didn’t make an account, but i’m getting sick of my $300 piece of machinery collecting dust and i want it to be useful again.

  62. Elistrat says:

    Downloading 😀

  63. hiyo 4life says:

    woholo – Ninja release is necessary RIGHT NOW b/c as you can tell from your blog, people are faking others out and saying fake games. Why not do the ninja release now and help these people?

  64. knarlockk says:

    It shouldn’t be possible for someone to input that name (wololo) into the posting system.

  65. Coxey says:

    Wololo any idea when Sony will remove coz am at work till -lalf 5 and what price dude respect for the work too bro

  66. jshishido says:

    That’s not his avatar

  67. knarlockk says:

    I believe the avatars at the side are random

  68. bck2012 says:

    is it ok to download tekken 6 before I spend $39 That’s none refunable

  69. knarlockk says:

    I don’t think so, it looks like someone is putting “wololo” into the posting system just to mislead people.

  70. bck2012 says:

    it is possible to create a fake wololo please delete my wololo test post thanks and the game tile could be fake

  71. bck2012 says:

    Released soon could mean a day a couple of days or a week

  72. David vasquez says:

    Let him post it on his homepage underneath his video so that we know its him and he can post it whenever he wants bc as he mentioned he has a life

  73. bck2012 says:

    A life of responbilites and work

  74. bck2012 says:

    Or school

  75. Dcherry69 says:

    I joined the talk forums. Where do I find when they announce the next title for VHBL. I missed the last two games and do not want to miss out on this chance.

  76. Sparkey480 says:

    Does anyone know the timeframe after the title release to download it?
    Like, how fast was Motorstorm taken down after the release?

  77. 30W says:

    Motorstorm was down in 8h, everybody’s tennis more than 24h

  78. Sparkey480 says:

    So are we expecting like an hour or something this time?

  79. david vasquez says:

    He should post it on his homepage, time:no one knows it depends on him, lets just hope the game is not expensive and psn doesnt take it down so that all of us can enjoy the ps vita we bought with our money

  80. Sparkey480 says:

    Last question(s):

    I don’t know what timezone Wololo is running in, but it’s 9:00 in the morning here.
    So my question would be, what time does he usually release it on whatever time he’s on, and is it on a weekend?
    I only ask because I would have no internet access at any other time from 7:00 am to about 3:00 pm. (My time zone)

  81. David vasquez says:

    My time is also 9:00 but I would keep trying to refresh this page every hour or so to see the latest news but I think it will take a while for psn to take down the game I estimate about 7 hours for them to take it down or you can ask a friend to let them use their phone to keep updated
    In School 😉

  82. sparkey480 says:

    Nah I got internet on my phone, but my schools internet blocks the PAN stuff so its useless to try and download anything…
    Thanks though :)

    Were the other 2 released on the weekend?
    Cuz that would be fantastic.

  83. sparkey480 says:

    PSN not pan. Damn autocorrect.

  84. bck2012 says:

    I now the game tile and I’m not telling anyone

  85. David vasquez says:

    Not sure but lets hope that every thing go’s good and everyone can get the HBL working and thanks wololo for the hacks
    And sparky I think if you have an iphone you can jailbreak easily or ipod

  86. sparkey480 says:

    Nope, DROID lol.
    But I do have the AAT&T thing on my vita, so if worst comes to worst I can buy a day pass.

  87. yael hernandez says:

    oye wololo me podrias mandar el nombre del juego para poder cargar el VHBL a mi cooreo que es yae100@live.com.mx

  88. Name1 says:

    I hope we get to download the game before it get’s removed from the PSN store

  89. Duffus says:

    don’t release for a couple of days!!! i don’t have any psn credit!!

  90. Name1 says:

    don’t listen to Duffus just release it when you want thanks

  91. noah says:

    in the words of daniel bryan

  92. noah says:

    in the words of daniel bryan YES YES YES YES YES!!!! lol cant wait to learn the game name keep up the awesome job every 1

  93. Rich says:

    Everybody’s Tennis and Motorstorm Arctic Edge is back on the PSN store. But it isn’t visible on the PS vita. So if you want to download the games, you need to access it through your PSP (if you own one).

  94. zonicdx09 says:

    Please be Daxter lol

  95. bravo says:

    Please be Monster Hunter freedom unite! since its the only PSP game i have bought on PSN 😉

  96. moop says:

    Where exactly will the game title be released?

  97. aces691 says:

    where will the game title be released

  98. aces691 says:

    sorry im new to psv

  99. SHIN-ODIN says:

    Ok, I bought tekken 6 for no reason :( I got it on ps3. If its true someone is impersonating wololo they should be ashamed of them selves and I would like an apology -.-

    • dhubz says:

      hahahah. if people just READ and did RESEARCH things like that wouldn’t happen. it’s been said about a million times in the past 12 hours where the name of the game would be released. sorry if you lost money on a purchase, but a *** is born every minute… darwinism and all.

  100. knarlockk says:

    Yeah, I saw that happen, that was ***, hopefully karma pays him or her a visit. Sorry bout the money loss.

  101. aces691 says:

    yea thats not right at all

  102. Alessandro says:

    hello what is the next exploit game Ninja or what??

    • dhubz says:

      Hey, I know a great idea, how about you come on here, don’t read ANY of the previous postings or comments, don’t bother reading the forums, and then ask a question that has been asked a million times and has no answer. Yeah, that’s a great idea.

      • knarlockk says:

        Your avatar suits you…

        • dhubz says:

          lol. I mean, I’m new to Wololo’s board too, but I have yet to post a dumb question like that because you know… I read. I’ve only been here one day and already am getting aggravated at the noobs asking the same thing over and over. As far as I’m concerned, if you bought a game as soon as you saw the name of it on some board you JUST logged into, then you deserve to be out the money. If I put up a website called “PSVITAVHBL167.COM” and the only thing on it was the name of a psp game and a link to a zip file with nothing but virus in it, I wonder how many people would be stupid enough to go buy the game and run whatever exe file was in that zip. This is the information age people, learn to LEARN, otherwise make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

          • knarlockk says:

            Yep, when I’m reading your post, I can visualize your avatar talking, all grumpy and high-blood-pressury. I would say be less grumpy, but that would be a waste of that avatar. I wonder how in the heck the system got your avatar so right. I’m just messing with you so don’t bust a blood vessel.

  103. Mastershake01 says:

    whats a ninja release

  104. z3r01 says:

    God! I joined the talk forums a while ago to learn about psp hackin and now these damn leeches join only to ask about the damn game sheesh!! Thats all you see on the forums now..massive people registering asking for one thing…I joined when the first exploit was found working on vita and chose to not download none of the games used…people have no patience.

  105. sparkey480 says:

    If you’re there, all mighty wololo or some other associate, would you be kind enough as to release it on a weekend, or at least say when exactally it will be released?

    • knarlockk says:

      hush yo mouf, I and others want it released ASAP

      • Z3r01 says:

        It’s you and others like you with no patience that messes up the release for others who are patient….I bet you registered to the talk forums just to ask when it’s getting released.

        • knarlockk says:

          No, it’s got nothing to do with patience, I would like to get it before Sony catches wind of it. They will block it, and the longer it’s out there, the greater the chance they’ll shut it down. You would’ve lost yer bet too, I haven’t asked any such question.

          • Sparkey480 says:

            It’s got a lot to do with patience.
            If the title is released on the weekend, more people will be able to grab it before it gets taken down. Why?
            90% of this sites users are still in school. The other 10% or so have work. Most likely, the majority of us won’t have internet access at school or work, and by the time we get home it might be too late.

    • dhubz says:

      lol. and he’s going to do that especially for you? the hundred other people that asked the exact same thing… no way, but for you of course!

      to say exactly when it would be released would completely undermind the tried and true ninja release method. if you don’t understand what i’m talking about, get on the forum, read for 2 hours, and then if you STILL have questions, post away…

      • Sparkey480 says:

        You talk like you’ve been following wololo since birth.
        If I look up a few posts, I see you asking a fairly stupid question yourself.
        Don’t be so quick to judge.

        • dhubz says:

          No I’ve just been on the internet long enough to know how forums work and how annoying it is to the community when a mob of new users join and fill the forums with nothing but the exact same question over and over when the answer is right there. It’s insulting to the members to expect them to hand feed information when it’s right there to read. Also, quit trolling, I haven’t made a SINGLE post on this board except here on this blog post, and not a single post was a question of any kind, let alone a stupid one. Fabricate moar lies there Sparkey.

          • Sparkey480 says:

            You’re either a really young child, or a neckbeard of some form.
            “I’ve been on the internet long enough…”
            Good God, we all know that questions are annoying when nobody read any FAQ or previous posts. If you’ll notice, I never asked a question. I simply requested a weekend release.


  106. iHack4Fun says:

    I can’t wait to play some DKC2 on that beautiful OLED screen.

  107. aces691 says:

    the boards down

    • clicks says:

      Boards are down because people keep refreshing. It’d be funny if it weren’t so nerve-wracking.

      • dhubz says:

        The funny thing is that it’s 430am in Japan right now. I seriously doubt he’s even awake TO release anything. Yet the f5 spam continues…

  108. Kagero says:

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to the impending release. I’ve had my fair share of whining when releasing fansubs, and real life definitely comes first!

  109. Dennis G. says:

    What we really need is a big mailing list. everyone will get an email with the psn title and sony cant get in the list. So this is one solution for the homebrew gamers to get the game before sony remove the game.


  110. Mastershake01 says:

    i joined yesterday i hope ill get the ninja release

  111. Mastershake01 says:

    quik question if i find a vita game back up can i just back it up on my vita

    • Sparkey480 says:

      Rephrase the question?

      • xSpectrum says:

        If I find a(n) ISO/BIN etc download, can I use it.

        Answer: No.

        • Mastershake01 says:

          yeh so the game from my friends ps vita wont work after i back it up to my comp witch means i cant put it on my vita

          • James says:

            You can put it on your Vita, simply deactivate their Vita from account management then, factory reset your Vita and logon with that users account. Once your logged on you simply copy the game to your Vita from your PC. Simple is that!!

            But, I presume you were trying to play it on both whilst still logged in as yourself then as stated about a million times on the site.


  112. Kain says:

    Stay away from N3rOS4T. In wololo we trust. Great work keep it up

  113. yael says:

    oygan si sirve el hack N3rOS4T para hacer el hack o me espero el de wololo

  114. Chris Highwind says:

    Haha, can’t wait, I’m all prepped and ready to go! The game wasn’t one I already had, but by insane luck, I picked up a PSN card today to reward myself for suffering the trials of the bank today, and I come home in time to see the title and pick it up.

  115. dhubz says:

    in reply to:

    >Sparkey480 on April 17, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    >You’re either a really young child, or a neckbeard of some form.
    >“I’ve been on the internet long enough…”
    >Good God, we all know that questions are annoying when >nobody read any FAQ or previous posts. If you’ll notice, >I never asked a question. I simply requested a weekend release.


    So I look up at the original post:

    >sparkey480 on April 17, 2012 at 8:26 pm
    >If you’re there, all mighty wololo or some other associate,
    >would you be kind enough as to release it on a weekend, or
    >at least say when exactally it will be released?

    So I apologize Sparkey. You’re right. The neckbeard must have gotten in my eyes. I don’t know how I could mistaken a post ending with a question mark as a question.

    • Sparkey480 says:

      Nailed it!
      Can you release it on a weekend is ending in a question mark, yes HOWEVER it was a request/demand not an inquiry.
      Ergo, didn’t ask a question.

      • knarlockk says:

        You asked if he would release it on a weekend, and you even ended the sentence with a question mark. How is that not a question?

        • Sparkey480 says:

          It’s a request, saying “Can you do this for me”, but according to dhubz I asked a question along the lines of “When is it coming out?” or “What is the title” or “Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?”

      • Seaking says:

        Quit filling up this blog post with butthurt.
        I was trying to key in some more of the noobs that flooded this page in the past week, so they can ***.
        Calm down and quit being such children.

  116. Kosuke says:

    ok both of you asked a stupid question beacuse sparky he has to say yes to the last part of the sentence then do it. And dhubz you did ask a stupid question by accident couldnt find the post but you said something like are you mad? or this (and he’s going to do that especially for you? which would be a question.Look im not trying to get in the middle of the conflivt just trying to end cause whats going back and fourth bewteen you two is not helping ppl that joined and is looking for info. so would both be kind and stop.

  117. Mud says:

    Nice video Wololo! now I’m really craving for it.
    Good luck every one, hope we all get it!
    Cant wait to play Vagic = Wagic on the vita. 😉

  118. knarlockk says:


  119. xSpectrum says:

    Why are the forums down?

  120. TheBudds says:

    [quote=”wololo”]The release should happen soon, although please keep in mind that I also have a real life to deal with in addition to this release, so please be patient while we’re getting ready.[/quote]

    It’s funny how most people stopped reading at that part. It’s like they didn’t want that part to exist. This project is of no cost to you over-eager end-users nor are the ones who bring us vHBL is a company with a cash-flow. Patience is a virtue and you can at least pay with that since we are going to be able to enjoy it.

  121. rabidchild says:

    Thanks for the update, wololo!

  122. t-ice says:

    ich warte weiter^^

  123. Kosuke says:

    Just wish i knew how much it cost cause i was gonna go get Disgea 3 for the psv and could get the right amount of money ready for the vhbl game

  124. Kosuke says:

    well imma go get disega so ill see ya

  125. PieMuncher says:

    So im fairly new to anything Sony. The Vita is my fist actual Sony purchase since the PS2 lol. So my question, is this a site that is reliable and are there other reliable sites for homebrews? I dont want to get scammed like it seems some other people have on here. Thank you. :)

    • TheBudds says:

      Don’t want to get scammed…think first and research before jumping into anything. That has nothing to do with Wololo and more just the users themselves not taking a moment to think.

      To even come out with that kind of remark is in bad taste. If you get scammed it’s due to you not paying attention and nothing to due with the site itself.

      Wololo and the mods here are very quick to stamp out anything like that. Still though, they can’t be blamed due to someone’s lack of patience or intelligence.

      • PieMuncher says:

        I wasnt bashing on Wololo. i was just reading though page 3 of these comments and i seen that someone was told some false information. Thats also why i asked if this was a legit site with good information.
        Im new to this homebrew stuff since this is my first Sony handheld. And since im new, i dont know of the websites that will give me good info.

        • wololo says:

          Yes, my site is considered as a reliable source of information for homebrew, but take everything you read with a pinch of salt. In particular, the comments on this blog are loosely moderated.

  126. knarlockk says:

    This is probably one of the most reliable sites you’ll find when dealing with homebrew. Wololo is kind of a big deal.

    • PieMuncher says:

      Thank you for the reply. Ill be sure to stay on here then. I never heard of Wololo untill i came to this site. Im not new to forms so i try my best not to be the n00b and ask the same question over and over. Thanks again.

  127. GodofDark says:

    The problem is you need a PSP and your Vita fimware has to be less than the firmware is less than the intended one

  128. edv says:

    Its time wololo release the title

  129. GodofLight says:

    Wololo if this works can you put up a donate button so that people can donate money to you for all your hard work. we apriciate you doing all of this and nothing in return

  130. meoff, jack says:

    Yeah i think its time wololo, u can’t keep this sharrade on long enough

  131. vasquez99 says:

    Ayy wololo can you just tell use the title bc im so tense and nervous that I wont get it bc I have school tmmrw and afraid that when I come backit would be taken down

  132. bck2012 says:

    They will properly release the game title in a month

  133. bck2012 says:

    My guess would be saturday may 5th

  134. Mastershake01 says:

    is the title out

  135. sparkey480 says:

    Dear Mr. Wololo.
    We would like an approx time frame for the release. (A month, a week, less than a week, anything.)

    -Much regards,
    A man losing his sanity checking the blog every half hour.

  136. Billy goat eater! says:

    Quit teasing the people with theses tweaking videos. We need this release!

  137. ThAt_GuY says:

    Wololo could you at least tell us how much this game is going to cost, a price range at least.

    Is it between $10-$20 or is it above that?

    • Shaun says:

      Buy a $50 PSN card and you will definitely be safe. If there is spare money leftover it won’t matter, just use it to buy another game that you enjoy.

  138. rcast says:

    my god the anticipation is killing me

  139. be0ut says:

    After reading most of these comments all i have to say is WOWW.. the future of this world is looking very dim.. SMH

  140. be0ut says:

    on a different note, and off topic as always 😀 sony is releasing 3 free apps, paint park looks interesting, but an app that allows you to sync your ps vita with others who set their alarm for the same time… REALLY SONY??????!!!!!!l… SMH here is a link http://blog.us.playstation.com/category/ps-vita/

  141. liligu says:

    i can’t wait ;D

  142. Gfour84 says:

    me too!

  143. heero01 says:

    I am sorry way behind but I am still on 1.66 must I update to 1.67 for vbhl , also was that update mandatory ?

    • SMOKE says:

      You cant access PSN without updating, so you will not be able to get the new game from the PSN store, so ya its mandatory

  144. knarlockk says:

    Sort of, they won’t let you get on PSN until you update. It’s part of their consumer abuse policy.

  145. XStationBR says:

    No. He can acess PSN yes he can.
    Because this is not a Mandatory update, this update is not necessary, i was playing online Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 online and acess PSN STORE with full STORE Avaiable to me, well the VHBL can Works or not in 1.66 but if you cant Works with that 1.66 using the VHBL just try to update to 1.67, but the unique thing you have to do is download the Game no announced at this moment.

    • Hello_Indigo says:

      This. But if you want the new vHBL, you’re probably gonna have to update.

      • Hello_Indigo says:

        Wait, actually don’t take my word on that. I was just thinking since the title says “vHBL on Vita 1.67…that it’s made specifically for that firmware version. But yeah, idk.

  146. XStationBR says:

    Wololo how old you are?
    Just like a reference to me, im 30yrs old.

  147. ajajajBhaH says:

    **refreshes page every 17 seconds**

  148. GodofDark says:

    Today is my birthday and i received cash so now I will buy the PSN card and buy the game when released

  149. GodofDark says:

    Ty wololo

  150. zonicdx09 says:

    when this comes out i know what im gonna do play some gamegear games on a big screen 😀

  151. lopzmahface :( says:

    Fxxck hurry up quit stalling

  152. lopzmahface :( says:


  153. hook2008 says:

    I wait until the flowers have wilted

  154. bck2012 says:

    don’t hold your breath for this week or weekend try next week or weekend for the game title and the new VHBL release wololo does not want to release the game title because sony will remove it fast

  155. M4ttes says:

    and that will change next week / next weekend?

  156. granasaberx says:

    He’s slowly releasing it to those he trusts. Once somebody leaks it, Sony will pull. Also if Sony notices a large amount of people downloading a PSP game, they will notice that too. By releasing in groups, Sony won’t notice as quickly.

  157. GodofDark says:

    Am least trusted just joined *cough* leak *cough*

  158. bck2012 says:

    Please release the PSP game title before Sony removes it thanks and because Sony really hates homebrew and piracy

  159. asmodeus says:

    Yeah !!
    That’s Troll Science !!!

  160. Rushables says:

    Grr he got me so excited about this but it probly wont be released for weeks still lol

  161. miguel says:

    Can you play online if you have the VHBL?

    • StepS says:

      apparently not, i read somewhere that vhbl removes the network functions. but who knows (also, this particular game may happen not to import them, it’s possible).

  162. alpmaster007 says:

    Vhbl files here I come :)

  163. lopzmahface :( says:

    He deserves nothing from us he does this as a hobby derp

  164. dk says:

    Vhbl files probably getting released this weekend. Can’t wait!

  165. knarlockk says:

    Anyone have any idea what a good donation is?

  166. alpmaster007 says:

    I noticed something cool with my 2 Vitas. One would only
    Connect to my at&t plan even though both have the same
    PSN but I realised with at&t it keeps the device so I could notUse it on my other Vita so I got the idea to change the memory cards on the same vita that had an active plan and downloaded the same vhbl
    Game that had been on my other memory card so basically I am copying
    The game on multiple memory cards so I do not have to worry about
    The patch on the firmware :)

  167. dfg says:

    1.67 vhbl game dragoneer’s aria $9.99

  168. dfg says:

    1.67 vhbl game dragoneer’s aria $9.99

    1.67 vhbl game dragoneer’s aria $9.99

    1.67 vhbl game dragoneer’s aria $9.99

    100% real

  169. JSJSJS says:

    Hope thats not true… the game looks… horrible…!.
    And *** with the files… the release wasnt today?

  170. bck2012 says:

    any game title is fine and you don’t have to like the game your just using the game tile to run homebrew and emulators

  171. vhbl fans says:

    Wololo, thank you, new game vhbl test done? When the release?

  172. JSJSJS says:

    of curse i have to like the game… Sony will release a new firmware update, so you will not be able to play online ps vita games… and you just waste 9.99 in a piece of *** that you will never play… and when you get bored of emulators or doom, youll have to update… and NO MORE emultors…

  173. bck2012 says:

    fake fake fake fake

  174. bck2012 says:

    dear vhbl fans is dragoneer’s aria the real game title not fake

  175. JSJSJS says:

    you say that because you already pay for it… LOL!!!!!!!!

  176. bck2012 says:

    dear JSJSJS so it is fake then wow

  177. JSJSJS says:

    i dont know if its the real one or not… but i HOPE it isnt…

  178. gfd says:

    1.67 vhbl game Justice League:Heroes $9.99

    1.67 vhbl game Justice League:Heroes $9.99

    1.67 vhbl game Justice League:Heroes $9.99

    100% real

  179. OMightyBuggy says:

    Everybody listen. Wololo has his way of doing things do not listen to people post about game cause you will waste your money. Wololo will most likely make another post on this site with the name of the game after the ninja release.

    Again don’t listen to people who are on the comments, only listen to Wololo. Be patient and wait.

  180. JSJSJS says:

    Come on!… i want to play Mario on my vita !!! Were are the files?!

  181. Bulldog says:

    wololo wololo give me the homebrew please please 😉

  182. vhbl fans says:

    wololo working??

  183. Coxey says:

    Quick q guys does Nija release mean it will be released on here b4 on home page ???

    • Xenocide says:

      Ninja release means hat he will only include a few people at first and give them a chance to get the VHBL working and then release it a little at a time, so it isn’t obvious which game has the exploit. If you are part of the ninja release you will be notified in the /talk forums as long as you are registered.

  184. simondavies315 says:

    Thank you for including me in the Ninja release Wololo if you want help trying to get wagic onto the PSN oficially I may be able to help you through my mate as he is developing a game with the official SDK atm.

  185. Mandyadden says:

    Thanks for letting me know the game name – Looking forward to the Vhbl files. Pokemon on the PSVITA… Can’t wait!

  186. Yatessama says:

    Please include me as well, you rock wololo!

  187. shawn says:

    Soo excited great work wololo ^^ have a good weekend

  188. Yatessama says:

    Wololo, talk is down right now…any way you could email me or pm me the game…(or for members will we get like an email or something?) just wanna make sure im in the loop

  189. shawn says:

    Thanks for including me. Very much appreciated!

    • Yatessama says:

      yo shawn, 1+ good deed for the day if you give me a tip(email name at gmail). Otherwise, Wololo nice job once again, my friend

  190. GodofDark says:

    Dragoneer’s Aria isn’t the game, the people smart enough to join /talk got game name

  191. fate6 says:

    man these comments always make my day ^___^

  192. GodofDark says:

    Dont get game name from others if you joined you got real name, I got it last night

  193. matte329 says:

    I believe i was selected for the ninja release even though I created a profile a few days ago. you have to log in to wololo talk and if you’ve been selected you will know cuz of a post, if not just be patient. Best wishes thank you thecobra for this release and wololo keep doing what you do.

  194. mark morris says:

    how do i get added so i can get the game name?

  195. matt329 says:

    idk i think its random to be honest

  196. GodofDark says:

    Its on how trusted you are, if you had bans and warnings dont expect it soon

  197. Drago Malfoi says:

    please include me too!!! tanks im looking forward!

  198. Bombastic says:

    me too!=))

  199. Seaking says:

    NO piracy. How many times do they have to say this?

  200. WarBearFace says:

    Vhbl and iso support are completely different things. This is just user mode and you can’t expect too much from it. However Davee is making progress towards a HEN and has already shown an iso running on it. Assuming you own this game physically and that you can’t play it on your psp for some reason that’s what you should be following. However straight up piracy is never looked at in a nice light, so from now on keep your all caps demands to yourself or inquire more politely. You might actually get more useful answers that way.

  201. Mastershake01 says:

    wololo thanks for working hard on this but can at least tell us if its going to be some time this week or next month at least i time period cause im home all day but im paranoid but its not your fault that Sony keeps puling games making every one nervous but a sometime next week or month would be nice but are you waiting for you know to you know

  202. Mud says:

    Good for him then! He never asks for money tho donations are always welcome. He should find some way to get something from his hard work and keeping everyone in the loop.

    Thanks Wololo, your web page is now my home page. 😀

  203. Disturbed0ne says:

    The amount of money made from ads barely pays for the server the site uses… lol

    You know nothing about how internet ads work, why are you even commenting on them?

  204. Mud says:

    lol, the wait is driving me nuts tho. Hope I get it in time.

  205. OMightyBuggy says:

    Don’t listen to people who talk about games here, Wololo will be the only one to say anything. He will most likely make his own post so people don’t get confused.

  206. wololo says:

    About your last paragraph: We also “all know” that we’d find more pirated movies on your hard drive than pirated games on my psp, but you don’t see me posting such an unverified insult on your blog.

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