New VHBL version for Everybody’s Tennis, gets rid of language limitation in EU version


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  1. HeRo

    any chances to get the new game xploit today?


    or anything like the price range?

    thanks so much for your work

  2. be0ut

    thanks wth.. this helps alot!! great work

  3. SWG

    Stop releasing your damn f***** Exploits

    Wish Sony would sue you guys into bits
    instead of removing the games from psn

    • wololo

      Sadly, what we do is not illegal, so your wish will probably not be fulfilled, sorry 🙁

    • AnonX007

      they can’t that cuz there’s nothing illegal about this 😛

    • EnigmoEnigmo

      Somebody’s a little butthurt.

    • be0ut

      sony is benefiting from vhbl.. every 2 weeks the sales of a random psp game sky rockets, they make their money, remove the game, patch it and put it back, vhbl does not enable isos..if anything it seems as if wololo might be in cahoots with sony 😀 he sure is making them alot of money.. so cool it doood!!

    • SSJ-vita

      Our machines, our rules. If sony didn’t want anyone putting homebrew on them, they would only rent the vitas out instead of selling them.

    • UE

      I just want to know WHY someone would be upset about this, anyone who believes that the psp was killed by hackers and THEN calls walolo a pirate or “opening up the system to hacks” is not only an idiot but needs to do more reading than an “article” from some “dash hacks” esque craptastic site.

      But my ranting is in vain… die please because you are obviously too stupid and ignorant to live.

    • Curtis

      It’s just a freaking HOMEBREW LOADER it loads homebrew games and which I for one love quake,doom and wagic to be played on my VITA.

  4. mindstate

    SWG, you sound like an idiot. Homebrew isn’t illegal. smh..

    this is great news, i got tired of having my vita in french lol. Cant wait for the US exploit to be released though, so i can switch back to my US psn account.

    • SWG

      Everytime you guys release an Exploit,
      updates and removal of the games will

      $250 ~ 282 + ?$30? just for some childish
      Homebrew and no future playing upcomming
      Vita games?

      Its more like beeing an Idiot, spending
      this much money for a Vita and the Game
      in need, instead using a not protected

      Who knows, maybe the Work might end
      up in Piracy like it happend before.

      • wololo

        SWG, you’re entitled to your opinion, but don’t assume that people who think differently from you are idiots, it just makes your whole credibility vanish.
        You have to know however that HBL has been on the scene since 2010, and has *never* led to psp or vita piracy. Stop assuming all hacks lead to piracy, this specific tool does not. As a matter of fact, the only impact this tool would have on Sony (if they weren’t removing the games) would be to boost their psp sales for the games used in the exploits (I however understand that for image reasons they do not let that happen)

        As far as game removal is concerned, you’re barking at the wrong tree, we are not the ones taking the games away from players, Sony are.

        Finally, I’ve had the argument of “why do you go to closed platforms instead of open ones” many times… I’m not, check the Wagic download page, Wagic is available on 8 platforms, of which 5 of them do not require any form of hacking to play the game. PSP and Vita only happen to be some of the platforms Wagic runs on 🙂

        • SWG

          You can’t deny that after YOU or someone else
          releases an Exploit using a PSN game, it leads
          in the first place on removal of the game from
          the shop.

          Because YOU, they have to remove a game we
          pay for. Because YOU, honest users can’t
          Download thoose Games to simply play it.
          Because YOU Sony has to spend time preventing
          the usage of the Exploits.

          Sad Story, but how do you think Sony needs to
          protect their Consoles from that? It showed
          quiet some time that the wish for Homebrew was
          misused in the end.

          I don’t know what tomorrow someone else might
          find after using one of these Exploits as a
          base and opening pandoras box.

          You know that the System is protected with good

          If you keep doing this, it might end up in removal
          of backwards compatibelity and PSP Games are gone
          on PS Vita like Other OS on PS3. The name says VITA,
          not PSP. Happy?

          I wish PS Vita a good future and good new games!

          So i can’t support or will understand you guys
          making a nearly brand new Console the scapegote.

          • wololo

            @SWG, sorry, I can’t figure out an answer that doesn’t insult your intelligence, so I’ll just say nothing. Just check Sony’s financial health before you wish too seriously for a bright future of the vita, though.

          • Ron B


            You do realize that $ony does take it off the market because they have flaws in it, so think of it this way, Wololo & team are just trying to make their security better by checking what game and how the exploit happened.

            $ony needs teams like this on their side, if $ony did, they wouldn’t have had a better chance that these exploits would have never happened (or taken a lot longer to find). You say because of Wololo, $ony has to take the game down. Well if it was that well protected, they wouldn’t have so many exploits flopping around, now would they 🙂

            Have you not seen the letter to $ony from the last time these similar exploits were released? Wololo told them to take it down! Plus $ony made some extra money in this ordeal.

            There is nothing wrong with playing Homebrew (the only reason I got a PSP back in the day (Emu’s on the go was the best idea ever IMHO). I dont even play Emu’s on my PS3 and it runs SNES flawlessly.

          • SWG

            @ Ron B

            It is different in stating the Security Issues and
            releasing the Exploit into public.

            If this ever was his purpose in messing with
            Security, he simply could forward the Information
            directly to Sony without releasing anything.

            Telling to take the game down, might be a horse
            simply to see if they would do it. His Post
            sounded more like having a high nose instead of
            beeing helpful.

            George Hotz > PS3 Other OS
            Wololo > PS Vita PSP ability?

            George ended up in a truce, never
            ever messing with a Sony Product again.

          • Green Ranger

            SWG, your anger torwards Sony for removing the games from PSN and from the downloadlists is right, but wololo working to get something useful Stuff on the Vita like Emu’s and other Homebrew and i never enjoyed a GBA Emu so much as on the Vita. It looks brilliant and works flawlessly.

            And how about other aspects of the Vita like the Remoteplay, the crappy browser, expensive Memorycards, no PSN-Acc switching without restoring the Vita, missing Games in the Vita Lineup, no real backwarts compatibility (and i got a lot of UMD’s at home…and i don’t want to buy all of my Games again..or the fact that they weren’t either available on PSN like Tag Force 5)…and so on. It’s all Sony fault and the “Hacker” (we should call them Dev’s) just makes the Devices even better than sony could or would ever do. The Vita is already deathborn because Sony doesn’t care much about customers and promised features for the Vita. I’m still waitng for the promised PS1 Support and the “real” Remoteplay Feature.

          • UE

            oh dear god if it weren’t 3am I would try explaining some simple buisness and facts to you.
            Also it is ALWAYS sonys choice to remove a game rather than patch it… the source for HBL is there they have purely chosen the easy route. None of this would be an issue if they allowed people to create homebrew to start with.
            But oh well you are stupid and I am tired and not bothered with talking to a troll 4channer atm. I own a vita 12 games, do not have hbl on it (by choice, no point till the homebrew can use the hardware as I have two psps atm)

            Oh a fun little tidbit of information, people who buy second hand games are no different from pirates in developers eyes, neither give the developers any money -laughs- fun stuff.

          • darthscottydog33

            swg do you even listen to your self because of you this because of you that wololo dosnt take the games down he dose not do piracy he only opens the door to new posabilitys what others do with it is not his to blame sony could keep the games up but that means giving up control over extras over apps over choose they create great devices and blame the homebrewsers but there not to blame the pirates are if your friend open a door for you and a dog all of a sudden comes through and bites you its not the friends fault your friend is the homebrew the dog is the pirate -BLAME THE DOG !!!-

          • darthscottydog33


          • SWG

            He is the cause for taking down the games
            and harming all who did buy it because they
            cant download them again when needed.

          • Aaron

            Are you for real guy? You really have NO idea how this works. Sony removing any features is NEVER acceptable, no matter WHAT any hackers may do. We OWN the machine and have the RIGHT to do whatever kind of modifications I see fit. That’s why I paid for the machine in the first place. If you want to be a victim of Sony’s fearmongering and their unwarranted removal that’s fine. Go bark up their tree because they are the ones to blame, not a man who is making homebrew playable on our systems. If sony did more for their consumers who continue to buy their overpriced machines then maybe people wouldn’t turn to homebrew. Where’s my PS1 game compatibility? Sony has promised many things and has not delivered. Meanwhile, Wololo is providing some entertainment WITHOUT piratinmg being involved WHATSOEVER. Nobody is losing revenue or Vita features because of it. Crawl back in to your hole troll.

          • wololo

            @SWG: you are standing your ground and I respect that, especially since not so many people will share your opinion on my blog. I’ve myself been in positions where I tried to explain why I do these things, against an army of people who disagreed with me, and I know how tough it is.

            About me disclosing the security issues to Sony only, without making the information public: Sony would *still* remove the game from the store, and on top of that we wouldn’t have vhbl. I see it as a lose-lose situation for both regular players and people who want to play homebrews.

            There are many ways Sony could handle this situation better.

            One, as you mentioned, it to purely prevent people from copying their savegames from a psp to the vita. Or maybe change the way it is done: upload your savegame to a sony server, and you can then download it (encrypted differently so that hackers cannot touch it) from your vita.

            another has been followed by many companies, Sony is actually the only software company I know that is arrogant enough to not go this way: Pay the people who find security issues for you. This works very well for firefox, Chrome, etc… If Sony was paying hackers, say, 100$, for every proof of concept/hello world in a game, do you think people would come to me with these hello worlds? I don’t think so.

            Finally, as some people have said, I am merely blogging about these exploits. One thing the three exploits have in common: they were not found/exploited by me, but by three different hackers from three different countries. Stopping me from releasing those will not stop the hundreds of other websites from doing it.

  5. vince99

    just a question
    i have the first version of this exploit
    i’m french 😉

    and the bug don’t disturb me…
    This is useful for me to do this update?

    • wololo

      This is v3. If you have v1, I suggest you update, because since v2, Yosh improved a bit the stability of the exploit, so it might start correctly more often. But if you’re not seeing any issues when you start vhbl, then no need to update.

    • yosh

      well since the 2nd version of the eu exploit, the exploit’s loader is a bit better so if you still have the very first update that’s still useful

    • Koji

      Vince: You don’t need to upgrade then. This update doesn’t improve the compatibility at all, it’s merely to make it easier for english speakers.

      • vince99

        thank you for your answers.
        I don’t know if this is the v1 or v2 …….
        I chose to update.

        thank you for this great job anyway

  6. John

    That would be nice, since in the french menus I accidentally deleted the Game the first time around 🙂

  7. Victory

    A game i have been looking at with the VHBL is Dungeon Explorer (US) for the PSP. I haven’t been able to fully import VHBL into the game but I have been able to freeze the game and crash it. I’m not the best at this so if you more experienced people wanna look into it.

  8. Jshishido

    has anyone got psp revolutiin to work on vita?

  9. Sabertooth

    Hello, is there any chance that in the future Everybody Tennis Exploit will work on the latest firmware??

  10. Pyrex

    Any info on the rating would be appreciated 0___o
    thx in advance

  11. sweet_leaf85

    USD$300.00 for VITA
    + tax
    +USD$45.00 for Damage Protection
    +USD$35.00 for Game
    +USD$20.00 for a VITA Case
    +USD$20.00 for a $20PSN card
    =$420… i want some free games!!!!!

    or at least my N64 back in my hands…

    Wololo, you’re my hero

    • SWG

      You might end up dissapointed if its removed
      before you even could get your hands on it.

      Seriously, paying $420 and end up without
      upcomming PS Vita games is nuts.

      Dingoo or JXD is about $100 and no worries getting
      your account banned or having issues with declined
      warranty because messing with TOS.

      Even if you consider playing PS1 is no piracy,
      that would work if you get at least a JXD3000.

      • Hmmf

        So you want him to pay more money just to emulate the PSX? People got the Vita for a reason, not only PSX. After reading your previous statements, you seem more and more like a troll with every post. Sony is removing PSP games, not Vita games, so stop whining about upcoming games. There won’t be any more “upcoming games” on the PSP. Only in Japan, but most PSP games aren’t on the PS Vita store. Anyway, messing with the TOS is illegal and you’re promoting it? You’re just like the gamers back when the PSN went down because of Sony’s poor investment in securing their customers’ data. They started bashing on Anonymous and other PS3 hacking sites and whining them to stop so they can continue playing CoD zombie mode online. Sheesh.

        • SWG

          “So you want him to pay more money just to emulate the PSX?”

          Dude, did you read and understand it?

          “Sony is removing PSP games, not Vita games, so stop whining about upcoming games. There won’t be any more “upcoming games" on the PSP.”

          Uhm dude, who said upcomming PSP? Uhm i said VITA.

          “Anyway, messing with the TOS is illegal and you’re promoting it?”

          Again, you didnt understand.
          Read again and try to understand it.

          • Aaron

            Everyone here but you understands. You just sound like an Idiot. And honestly, It’s amazing that anyone can understand you with your poor excuse for grammar. If you don;t like it Mr.Sony employee, then get the heck out of here. Pretty simple. NOTHING you have said is true. It’s not because of Wololo that anything gets removed, It’s because of Sony. Last time I checked, Wololo did not have the ability to remove psp games from the psn. OMG! People who paid more for a Vita than a PS3 are playing SNES games! Quick! Stop them! Man oh man. Communist dictators LOVE guys like you. Crawl back in your hole troll.

    • dimy93

      Come to Europe duuude – it’s about 420 Euro

  12. ZeroX

    Wololo: Since I miss the last two game unveil (because I didn’t know about VHBL) I just wanted to know if you are going to be the one revealing the next exploitable title or is somebody else going to be doing it (IE an other website)?

  13. cris

    swg my dear friend what does annoy me is your opinion that sony will stop making games cause of homebrew,well in real world companies loose money when they stop caring for their customers and release games just for the profit of it.
    also statistically sony sold many ps3 when a hack was released on sonys firmware
    end of story ,just troll again.

    • SWG

      It is not “sony will stop making games because of Homebrew”,
      it is simply they could consider having PSP games on
      PS Vita is a bigger problem than it is worth.

      The other part you might misunderstood is, keeping Homebrew
      functionaly, you might have issues updating your PS Vita
      because they fixed it like FW 1.61 > 1.65/1.66

      New Vita games will need at least the actual firmware that
      comes with it. If you want to play it, you will be forced
      to update, but you will loose HBL compatibility.

      Thats why i said:
      “end up without upcomming PS Vita games is nuts.”

      To continue the use of Homebrew, it would need a new
      Exploit if you update > more $ for another PSN game
      that will vanish until updates (maybe never comes back).

      If this repeats, the whoever released the Exploit is at
      fault AND this might be worth checking in a filed case.

  14. anonymous

    SWG, you appear to be either a sony employee or just a blind 12 year old sony fanboy, SONY and all other companies dont give a flying f**** about the consumers, all they care about is money. take a look at the iphone or ipod touch, they can get jailbroken, and still apple is pretty succesful no matter what.

    hopefully PSN gets hacked again to teach sony a lesson for removing features off their products.

    • SWG

      No, an official sony emplayee would never post in here.

      Its not about beeing blind or beeing a fanboy. You can’t
      compare a Mobile / MP3 Player that has additional features
      to a console that is ment to play thoose games and not to
      phone or listen to music (additional Feature on PS Vita).

      If you seriously consider PSN hacked again… sorry but
      thats some stuff i thing the one beeing 12 is you.

      There is one point i have to agree, Sony DOES things,
      with or without the consumers consent.

  15. StepS

    @SWG if i were sony to remove psp emulator, i’d rather remove the transfer ability of savegames in vita’s cma. 😉 simple, and no serious sacrifices

    • SWG

      Good point, make that psvimg only and we are good to go. 🙂

      • StepS

        just to say that sony will anyway do what it thinks the best. Other OS on ps3 is not the completely same thing, as it didn’t have any impact on the PS3’s games, etc, whatever, it was only causing problems without any profit for Sony. You can run other OS on any pc. And sony received nothing from that. Here, it’s PSP games, people pay for them, and they are very important. The probability of “fully” removing the psp ability is extremely low.
        just don’t accuse wololo in the findings that other devs do. it’s not him who found the exploits, he only blogged about them. even if he didn’t, the exploit owners would decide themselves on how to release, etc. Would you come to each their site and shout your disagreement? You are not helping here…
        VHBL is only for loading user-mode homebrews, no piracy at all, which was already said a hundred times. Are you sure that a few harmless homebrews would make a decision at Sony’s side to completely remove the PSP emulator? Sounds like nonsense, which many people try to prove you. Why didn’t the PSP die of that then? On the PSP it was a thousand times more serious problem, piracy, etc, whatever, but enough noticeable, it didn’t stop the developers to make new games and didn’t kill the PSP itself. After all that, why should a bunch of little homebrews lead to the end of world? I’m repeating myself already, I think you have much to think about before writing your next comment…

        • SWG

          PSP is a little bit older now and Sony had a hard time
          with it. Thats sure some parts plus PS3 what leaded to
          the System we have on PS Vita. CMA with Internet check,
          and the need for a SEN Account to use Data-Transfer.

          As svenn said, the results from Sony was in response
          that someone caused and does affect other players.

          Removal of PSP backwards compatibelity would be the
          worst-case, but even with Other-OS, Sony could take
          a longer step in bringing it back. (They did not.)

          Everytime a new game gets announced for the Exploit,
          Sony response in removing the game because it is the
          fastest way to stop spreading it.

          As for Sony, they can’t allow it in this manner.

          They could add a Software that would allow Emulation,
          but thats impossible, because the rights belongs to
          other Companies such as Nintendo and so on.

          Like in OtherOS, Sony analysed the Exploid and decided
          for removal entirely it. What they see in overtaking
          the PSP Part on Vita might be the same.

          > better no risk instead of having a ~6 Month old
          console completly open against TOS.

          Employee’s and Updates costs time and money.

          I got damn angry after Everbody’s Tennis got removed
          from PSN and didn’t transfer it to my PS Vita in time.

          Thats why i take them responsible for this, because
          it was their fault.

          I think we have a good Solution in removing importing
          old PSP Savegames… Start a new game on Vita is sad,
          but 100000000000x better than no PSP game on Vita.

          I already suggested this to Sony and hope this comes
          to an end.

          • SWG

            Forgot to write, with “THEM” i talk about Wololo,
            Davee, wth… and whoever will work on exploiting
            the PS Vita. (No i didn’t talk about Sony)

          • StepS

            >>”Like in OtherOS, Sony analysed the Exploid and decided
            for removal entirely it. What they see in overtaking
            the PSP Part on Vita might be the same.”