New hello world on PS Vita 1.67, and vhbl on the way


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315 Responses

  1. natsu says:

    i will be waiting… hoping to get a psn card in time…

    can you specify the price range? i know its not practical but i wanna buy some vita games using the psn card i bought.. n not just the psp game…

    • Jose says:

      I just spent $25 too, damn I wish I would have waited a little longer. Oh well. It was worth it, Super Stardust Delta is quite fun.

  2. Jose says:

    Will be patiently waiting.

    Here’s to hoping I get to the game one time.

    I really want to try Wagic and Doom, and other great homebrews.

  3. TheBudds says:

    A Mr.Burns “Excellent…” fits quite nicely with this news. They always say “Good things come to those who wait”

    Glad I did :)

    …and congrats to thecobra for his upgrade to orange.

  4. James says:

    ahhh the good old game of cat and mouse with Fony,

    It maybe worth waiting a week or two though to see if the Fony updates slow down as the rate they have been pumping out useless updates the last 2 weeks we will just get the game and another update will come out a day later and kill it!

  5. Peleep says:

    Cant wait! Updating to 1.67 now. Is there a way to get auto notified when the news of the game is released? I’m a new member to the forum and not sure what I should subscribe to? Thank!

  6. Garry says:

    hmm hope its a game i already have =D and is the psn down right now??

  7. Elric03200 says:

    All our congratulations!

  8. crow132 says:

    So what they do is “fix” the known exploited games, but not the psp emulator itself?

    Can I guess this game will be “fixed” too? I mean, this is not a step to run everybody’s tennis or motorstorm hbl’s again in some other way, right?

    • TheBudds says:

      For your first question…correct. As to the other part of fixing the psp emulator. Sony would also have to release a new psp firmware update to match any changes made so the two can be compatible with the games.

      For your second question…Most likely given the situation with the last two, I would say yes. Technically all HBL versions being run on the Vita are the same. Just with changes as to what each game brings in terms of compatibility with HBL.

  9. cris says:

    hope i will be more lucky with it as i lost money on arctic edge
    ps if possible wolowo pm me with the game to download it before i wont tell to anyone :)

  10. hook2008 says:

    I was wondering, Sony 1.67 firmware is it doing for the previous two vulnerabilities game patches, rather than repair PSP emulator, so that each released a loophole games Sony will do the repair, go on like this endlessly.

    • TheBudds says:

      Actually it was firmware 1.65 which blocked the exploits in MotorStorm and HotShots Tennis. It was rushed though and pulled due to causing problems for people playing psp games and it was taken down and replaced with 1.66, you can easily say they were one within the same.

      Firmware 1.67 was for bugs within certain games. Either way, with Sony now focusing more on gaming…it might just end up that way :(

      (protip – I’m just speculating, don’t mind me)

  11. Nerke says:

    how much will the game cost?

  12. Josh says:

    A U.S exploit? I’m freaking out xD! I stayed up all night, and now I’m surely not going to be able to sleep. I’l be checking in a lot to make sure I grab the game before Sony takes it down. I plan on playing a lot of lamecraft <3 I love you wolo(and thecorbra) <3.

    • TheBudds says:

      I wouldn’t expect any type of anything to go out until a couple days. Going by the last two…It will be a slow build up to let everyone know before vHBL itself is released.

      I can understand your excitement, but it will still be awhile. Honestly I would say a weeks time will pass from this point onward.

      LOL, also…I understand your happy and may have rushed your message, but it’s wololo and thecobra. 😆

      (protip – I’m just speculating, don’t mind me)

  13. jshishido says:

    I’m on 1.66 now go ahead and update? Also is there any way to release it on the weekend? Or some sort of email that can go out to people? Or like some sort of countdown? Just throwing out ideas I work every weekday until 1630 would like to get in on the homebrew gaming :)

  14. malak! says:

    HEY wololo! please release the game on monday or the next day because i want to put some money on my bank accountand i dont now how much it cost the game! i will put 50 euros to be sure! lol!! please tell me how much it costs!

  15. GS1Azul says:

    I now hope that this “hack” can be used in any of two gwmes that I bought five days ago(I don’t have more money!).

  16. Z3r01 says:

    Finally a USA release! This timemim jumping in the action

  17. razor says:

    In the words of Daniel Brian WWE wrestler. YES,YES,YES,YES,YES!!!…Finally a USA game release!!!

  18. SirPsp says:

    awesome news. hopefully this will be at least a weeks notice that something is coming, some of those psp games are expensive.

  19. ndh777 says:

    I’ve been not updating since 1.61 waiting for a true Vita hack but this is definitely worth the update to 1.67. Thanks for the update Wololo.

  20. psv4eva says:

    Price range?

  21. Michaelsalmon says:

    Would you consider setting up a newsletter via email so we all get a chance to download the game or something along those lines? I assume Sony will pull it faster this time.

    • The_Budds says:

      Hmm… You don’t think by doing such a thing it would help Sony even find the game faster?

      The ninja releases have shown to be working quite well. Given the circumstances faced trying to release it :(

      I’m pretty sure that wololo would just release right away if there wasn’t Sony in the back lurking. Wish I could have given you something better, but it’s the harsh truth.

  22. DigiTak says:

    Hmmm maybe I already have the game!? Probably not… I wish

  23. ndh777 says:

    Is there a way that I can subscribe to your blog so that posts can be sent directly to my e-mail?

  24. Clarkalel says:

    I already have Everybody’s Tennis is it worth it to get this upcoming one, or should i just stick with what i have?. More possibility for something bigger with this one or just the same.

    • ndh777 says:

      I’m not an expert on it, but I’m pretty sure that yours is best if not better. Wololo stated that they are still trying out games. If I were you, I’d keep that one because typically it’s best to stay with the oldest version you can have. When these things get released, there are often issues with them due to the changes between each update and it’s hard to tell what has been changed so your games may act all crazy if you update and get this one. From my understanding, all of the VHBLs are the same. They have the same purpose, this just allows people to get a different game and use the same exploit.

      • wololo says:

        agreed with ndh777 above. If you have a working verson of vhbl and no special need to update to 1.67, I’d suggest to stick to your current version. In particular, I don’t think we will have better homebrew compatibility with that specific exploit. Not significantly, at least.

        • ff6man says:

          Hey Wololo, will everyone in the forums have a chance to find out which game it’s for via email? Because I mostly posted in the Psp/Psp Theme forums before.

  25. Mud says:

    So it safe to do the system update right?
    I might still be able to buy Mortal Kombat! :)

    • TheBudds says:

      By the way it sounds, you didn’t have a previous version of vHBL. So yes, go for it and pick up Mortal Kombat.

      I’ll be doing that myself.

  26. Se7EN says:

    yea im excited i only recently got my psvita so im glad the exploit was found keep up the good work

  27. meoff, jack says:

    Wow really, now that I try to update to get ready for the next exploit my vita won’t update I keep getting error after error, someone help Mr please I’ve tried updating through wifi/PC/ps3 even through safemode :*(

  28. meoff, jack says:

    I get this error after the update finishes downloading (c3-12077-7) then PS store crashes anybody know how to fix this? :*(( I want to update before the next exploit is announced :*((((((

  29. †Wesker† says:

    would be a good post the name of the game by email only to those who commented here, so more people would have the opportunity to download the game before the sony remove the Store, because I think she has an eye here, is put the name and it withdraw from the Store

    • TheBudds says:

      The way it’s been handled before seem to greatly have benefits in terms of letting the people know in a bit-by-bit information trickle.

      It’s one of the best way to make sure we can all get it before Sony takes down yet another game.

      Wololo is going out of his way to make sure he can get to as many people before Sony puts up the road blocks. I’m sure he’ll love another way, but Sony is the one who’ve forced this type of release.

  30. zonicdx09 says:

    yay I’m gonna be sure to not miss out on vhbl this time

  31. Trollkilla says:

    Wololo, i hope i get pm with the game before you announce publicly.ty

    • TheBudds says:

      click on the link “history repeats itself” to find out why that’s not going to happen.

      Sorry, but the current way of releasing does have it’s benefits. It’s not the Wololo is leaving anyone out, more like trying to get in as many as he can to share this info before Sony steps in.

  32. razor says:

    there is hope for us US gamers…yes,yes,yes,yes,yes!!!!

  33. buchan says:

    I think alot of you thatare asking for the price or any details doesn’t realize any one of these “excited” posters could be a sony employee. Giving a price can help sony narrow down the game. I do not plan to hack my vita but i have no issues with those who do, but if a price is given there is no telling how far sony will go to prevent it, even pulling off every title at that price. I dont care for sony and wouldn’t put it past them to do that so just be patient, and those asking for special treatmen by getting it prvately from wololo is not fair either just be active and you should be eable to recieve it. while i dont hack my vita i give props to both thecobra and wololo (i do have my psp hacked though :P)

  34. Ross31192 says:

    This is a good day for the us

  35. mAvbig says:

    If I subscribe the forum channel of the VHBL, how do I get informed of a new post? I hope via E-Mail? I’m looking everyday for a new post on this site, and if I miss a day a new VHBL is released, at least it was like this the last two times 😀 Damn it, I only bought the vita to play SNES games and so on, that would totally rock

    • buchan says:

      Why you get a vita just for that, you can put that on both Wii, Ps3, and PSP and they are lot easier and less frustrating than on the vita, and wont be much different, Honestly dude you kinda wasted your money sorry to sound cruel

      • Aaron says:

        Wow. Opinions are like ***Holes, everyone has one. What may be a waste to you is not always a waste to others. For example, we could say it was a waste of tax dollars to send you to school, because apparently you did not learn English. See how easy that is? Troll

        • buchan says:

          huh troll that wasn’t trolling it was being honest, you spend 300$ on a system for a feature the old ones can perform better. And personally I wasn’t being a troll I didn’t call him stopid like the post below, I just said it was a waste of money to pay so much for one thing. Oh and btw I do speak english very well, but not online so before you go insulting people maybe you should stop trolling, FYI I am studying to be an english teacher and when needed it is very well.

  36. meoff, jack says:

    “Training” XD

  37. lol says:

    Sure ans then sony have to create an account and be informed in the same time about all infos uncovering here…

    U stupid by TWay / I sell a SNES for 30 box….

  38. godzirra says:

    This is super exciting. Thanks for all your hard work, Wololo.

  39. OMightyBuggy says:

    So I have a US Vita and I am registered on the how do I find out bout the game?

  40. t-ice says:

    endlich 😀
    bei tennis hat ich pech das meine karte zu spät kam :/

    bin gespannt 😀

  41. t-ice says:

    wololo arbeit er auch für die eur ps vita ?

  42. Draygon says:

    Can I buy a PSN Card in germany/austria for this game? Will it be available in the german/austria psn store?

    Thanks wololo!!!

  43. Chris Highwind says:

    I hope it’s a game I already have, because I’ll never be able to get a PSN card before Sony gets rid of the game.

  44. meoff, jack says:

    Does anyone here have Daedalusx64 (n64 emulator) for vhbl up and running, how does it run 50%-80%-full speed? How about ocqrija of time how may frames per second with and without sound?

  45. Bravo says:

    Will this game be available on the UK PSN store?

  46. Twizzer says:

    Wololo? PLEASE STOP !

    It is very Great BUT at the end of this Month Sony Update The PSVita System.. please relase it after the Update!

  47. Kyle says:

    Great job Wololo and Thecobra! Awesome news, especially with this being compatible with a US psn game finally! Any word on how much the game costs or if this port of VHBL will be a “fully functional” port or one with more limitations?

  48. Trollkilla says:

    wololo wait till after the next update before releasing.

  49. Aaron says:

    I have been patiently waiting for this. I have smartly saved my psn money even though it was very tempting to spend. So thankful Wololo! Thanks for being generous and not keeping it for yourself! Wish i could help somehow!

  50. jack says:

    Jas anyone tried daedalux64 n64 emulator for vhbl? How does it run (50%-80%-full speed).

    • xSpectrum says:

      As far as I know, it probably doesn’t run any better than it did on PSP. Maybe even worse, since its NOT the same hardware, but just an area in the Vita that plays PSP games at PSP speed.

  51. Me says:

    Just for the record, if the exploit uses a game I play and it get’s removed, I’ll be more than a bit perturbed.

    • wololo says:

      Do backups regularly so that you dont lose your games. Whatever the reason, sony has proven you shouldn’t trust them with digital downloads.

      • jlo138 says:

        I’ve basically done the same myself. You probably read my comments a few times (wololo) about how I recommend people backup their games and licenses. I did that a long time ago and I am grateful that I did. Especially since I don’t need psn’s slow speeds to redownload my own game.

  52. Seaking says:

    Seriously, wololo, you are a king. I’ve been lurking this blog and the forums since day 1 of owning my Vita. I don’t want to miss this release. I just added $50 to my account for this. I work 12 hour shifts for my job and I will not sleep until I boot up OoT on my Vita. Lol. I refresh the page every ten minutes.

  53. Gfour84 says:

    will this VHBL work straight on fw 1.61 too, or did i have to update it to fw 1.67 to get it work. if it just work on fw 1.67, then please tell us your game before the update comes out! thanks

  54. Simon Davies says:

    I’ve read a load of the comments made by people here and the best idea I’ve read is about having a countdown so people can get ready to buy the game straigt away. Please go with the countdown idea as being a coder myself I don’t see it being much of a problem to impliment onto your site

    • Green Ranger says:

      when there was a countdown, what would sony do….?
      I mean there is a possibility that they can read numbers.

  55. Z3r01 says:

    I’m Refreshing every hour lol

    • Enigma says:

      me too haha! i really don’t wanna miss this one and i’m pretty sure i will since i could’ve gotten the last two. i just wanted to wait for a US version so i didn’t have to swap memory cards lol

  56. Simon Davies says:

    Ah I just thought the countdown makes it also easier for sony. If you had an option where only registered users could see it and a disclaimer like xbox360iso does to stop sony associates being able to act on what they see that could work no?

  57. Scottbaylo says:

    I don’t wanna be “that guy” who keeps asking when you are gonna release the game name, but….
    Well, you see, I’m not a registered member so I won’t be one of the few privy to get the game name early. Can you at least let me know if you plan on telling us this weekend? Mr. Wololo? Please? Kind sir! If I miss out on this one I’ll stick toothpicks in my pee-hole.

  58. meoff, jack says:

    why aren’t my post showing up what the heck

  59. meoff, jack says:

    Man I work long shifts too, last thing I want is to come home to find the the game being pulled off psn

  60. HackThiefCoder93 says:

    Can’t wait finally an U.S exploit

  61. meoff, jack says:

    Wololo there is something seriously wrong with your site lots of bugs

    • wololo says:

      The site is doing caching of the pages, this is why it may take up to a few hours before your comments show up.

  62. dumb says:

    Wololo whoever developed your website is a COMPLETE AMATEUR!!!!! Tons of bugs everywhere!!!!!!

    • wololo says:

      It’s called wordpress, look them up in google and send your complaints there. Also, please stick to one username, i heard you when you posted as meoff, jack just above.

  63. Duffus says:

    is there like an intended release time when the public gets to know? i need to get money on my psn before sony takes the game down -_-

  64. alasdairvfr says:

    Maybe upload an encrypted torrent file or something with the savegame file so that everybody can dl it, but not actually seed it until there are x-thousand leechers ready. The distribution will be quick as it is a small file, leechers will become seeders quickly, etc.

  65. Duffus says:

    encrypt file, upload it to a bunch of websites, allow everyone a couple days to download it, then post the password

  66. Xstationbr says:

    just put the day of release to us can sleep fine LOL.

  67. Be0ut says:

    a little off topic again lol, but hey wololo , just curious has sony every contacted you regarding your work on hbl, if so how did the conversation go?

  68. Trollkilla says:

    Take your time wololo,fix the tweaks

  69. ThAt_GuY says:

    Wololo, whats the price range of said game if you could grace me with that answer.

  70. meoff, jack says:

    *** it says 109 comments then when clicking the article it only shows 85 its been doing that all day, this site has more bugs than skyrim smh

  71. bennv59 says:

    i have 1.61 and i can access psn with psvita proxy should i update? will the vhbl run on 1.61?

  72. Jet says:

    God, I hoped it was metal gear solid series

  73. Jet says:

    But that would lead to removal of it… I guess that’s dilmemma

  74. tonyuk73 says:

    waiting to pay §°ny. I think I will come back in year or two. good luck

  75. Elistrat says:

    Where will you anounce the game?? will it be right here on this comment section or on some forum??if so someone plz post the link to that threat or hatever??

  76. alpmaster007 says:

    Wololo i joined your forum a while back am going to get the name game sent by a message please i really do not want to miss out on the u.s psn game name release.

  77. adokitkat says:

    Will this game be available on the UK PSN store? Wololo please answer 😉 And sorry for my English I am not from Enlgish speaking country I have only UK account.

  78. mlkslo says:

    Will this game be available in EU??????

  79. HeRo says:

    OMG …. I CANT WAIT !!!

    the game is available en MEX?



    please, give us a light ray ….

  80. Ike3000v2.0 says:

    sweet. well i was wondering if it this would work for 1.61 because i have a ps vita with that firmware. but i do not have internet or wifi for the vita.. is there any way i could do it though computer? and then to vita. or is there another way to do it since i havent updated? thank you for your time.

  81. Alex says:

    It must be a mistake I think! zhe Vita’s system must be have a big update!

  82. Alex says:

    So,it will be up to 2.0 in a few week

  83. RDilux says:

    I hope he will use the ape psp demo lol and for the one who dont yet there is a psp demo on vita store lol ape starter or something

  84. LawLiet says:

    Releasing 10 exploits followed to see what Sony does :)

  85. vhbl fans says:

    wololo,please tell me Price Range?

  86. sjow says:

    I know that it gets lame and that i’m repeating a question that has allready been asked a couple of times, but when will it be announced wich game it will be? can’t i allready do some things in advance to be set to go for vhbl exploit 3?!?!?

    Tnx in advance…
    (The Cobra and) Wololo keep up the good work !! 😉

  87. Rob says:

    I’m So excited! Can’t wait for this release!

  88. Infinity says:

    Can’t wait, keep up great work Wololo!!!

  89. sjow says:

    your secret will be save with me 😛

    will the preperation for everybody’s tennis be the same as for the new exploit…with opencma etc.?

    or not?!

    keep up the best work Wololo..

    • wololo says:

      Yes, until dridri gets ready with Open Idea CMA, installing homebrews, etc… will remain the same as for the previous versions of VHBL

      • sjow says:

        Tnx 4 the respond, to bad u won’t tell how long we’ll have to wait 4 the announcement.

        Will it be announced in this topic or where the other two method’s/exploits are mentioned?

        just in case we’re all refreshing the wrong page, ghehe and ur site will be down due to impatient posters, like me!

  90. tonyuk73 says:

    I have been reading up on this and had a change of mind. looks all good. hurry up and release the beast :-) .

  91. wololo says:

    [Moderated by wololo. Guys, just check the avatars before you trust anything. As it’s been said, I would never make those public announcements in the comments section, but in a blog post]

  92. sjow says:


    also got some homebrew to start with 😛

    u rule!!!

  93. razor says:

    Wololo Is corpse party the next game for US gamer that runs VHBL?

  94. Gogoplatau says:

    It keeps saying connection to the server has been lost (NP-2244-2) arg..

  95. Gogoplatau says:

    Ahh got it now…sweet thanks wololo

  96. Damn says:

    Welp.. I just wasted money on corpse party.. lol:(

  97. sjow says:

    tnx shaun……….i was too quick….
    did’nt noticed the avatar… what a wanker :(

  98. sjow says:

    tnx shaun……….i was too quick….
    did’nt noticed the avatars… what a wanker :(

  99. Gogoplatau says:

    Damn it’s fake huh that sucks. Well hope it’s at least a decent game

  100. meoff, jack says:

    Wololo it would be a good idea to release the game name when us US vita owners have our typical days off (weekend) so we won’t miss out..(not trying to rush you guys) just saying a few thousand of us will miss out do to work :*(((((((

  101. utnsoldier says:

    Dam spent 20 dollars on that game this sucks

  102. cruzer2 says:

    I’m still on 1.61 is 1.67 the newest one? Should I updateor just buy it off my ps3 anyways thanks for the work wololo!

  103. ungarok says:

    Whoa!! 20 dollars for it in US but only 9,99 euros in europe!!!

  104. razor says:

    OK I got the game(corpse party) now I can’t wait to play Homebrew games on my vita since i missed the last 2

  105. Trollkilla says:

    I would like if the game name gets released after the skype app which is coming at the end of this month.

  106. Alessandro says:

    Wololo please is this the exploit game Corpse party?? i waiting soo long auf this exploit….

    • Shaun says:

      No, the exploited game is NOT Corpse Party. The person that said it was Corpse Party was impersonating wololo. The real wololo will make a new blog post announcing the game.

  107. Alessandro says:

    wololo can you please the game to my email adress sending sorry for my englisch i say nothing of the another people this is top secret………Thank you please

  108. Alessandro says:

    I fly to Miami tommorrow and sony patched the game i waiting sooo long of this homebrew i will play in the plane ;)….

  109. Gfour84 says:

    we can use the ape quest demo for vhbl too, if someone port the vhbl for this game!!! and it´s for free and still in the stores!

    • Shaun says:

      No, we can’t use ape quest demo. It has been discussed before. The programming of the game makes it impossible to use for an exploit.

      • Gfour84 says:

        but the exploit worked on the psp too. i know someone who did it but he don´t want to share!

      • Gfour84 says:

        we can use it, it is confirmed that it is the ape quest demo (i was prepared all the time) hehe; google if <ou don´t believe! but i hope he will release the vhvl files for it!

  110. z3r01 says:

    My PSVita has a time bomb that will explode and kill a church full of orphans unless the game is bought and homebrew is loaded !!! Help me please!!!!!

    People no matter how much you plead , you will not influence anyone with cries or excuses on why it should be released on your convenience…of u waited thisong (especially for a U.S. market exploit) then u can wait longer…(this means you Alessandro and anyone else)

  111. Bravo says:

    Hey Wololo can you confirm if the new exploit game is available to buy on the UK store.
    Would help us out a lot :)

    Appreciated the work you’re doing.

  112. meoff, jack says:

    ..sorry for these pointless post guys but I have to post something or else I can’t see the new post :\ the sites comment system is all weird

  113. Green Ranger says:

    Please stop trolling or asking about the game…it will be announced when the time is right. So please be patient.

    And about the Fake Wololo…i don’t understand whats so funny about doing things like this. IT’S NOT CORPSE PARTY!!
    And for all who downloaded the game already..sorry for that but Wololo never postet a Gametitle in an Blog-Comment. He’ll post an new Article about the Exploit when the Time has come. And next time, look on the Avatar Pic…

    The last Exploit was online for over 24 Hours, so everybody have enough Time to buy the game when the Title is released.

    And @Wololo, whats about the Rumor about the next FW Update on the end of April ? Maybe you should wait some days bevore you start releasing the Gametitle. Just thinking.

  114. Green Ranger says:

    Please stop trolling or asking about the game…it will be announced when the time is right. So please be patient.

    And about the Fake Wololo…i don’t understand whats so funny about doing things like this. IT’S NOT CORPSE PARTY!!
    And for all who downloaded the game already..sorry for that but Wololo never postet a Gametitle in an Blog-Comment. He’ll post an new Article about the Exploit when the Time has come. And next time, look on the Avatar Pic…

    The last Exploit was online for over 24 Hours, so everybody have enough Time to buy the game when the Title is released.

    And @Wololo, whats about the Rumor about the next FW Update on the end of April ? Maybe you should wait some days before you start releasing the Gametitle. Just thinking.

  115. cruzer says:

    Does this ONLY work on 1.67 or no? im still on 1.61

  116. ungarok says:

    @ cruzer
    just need to read this post …

  117. Draygon says:

    Is the game available in the GERMAN or AUSTRIA PSN store?

  118. ungarok says:

    just wait…

  119. Trollkilla says:

    No dont release soon .We all know what happens.Be patient.

  120. Peleep says:

    Is there a MAME emulator working on VHBL for Commodore 64 ROMS like Galaga, Galaxian, Donkey Kong etc?


  121. ungarok says:

    i envie you wololo, you’re able to make such thing!! thanks you for sharing your work like this and the time you pass on it for all of us. i hope new team of sony will understand what about of all of this. Make more fun and usefull the vita could(maybe) help them to stop fire people (yes sony too is in the crisis…).

    (sorry for my poor english i’m a froggie :) )

  122. Mud says:

    I’m going to guess the game is SNK Arcade, as it loads multi games. Just my guess. Don’t buy the game.

  123. rudaz says:

    the new exploit game is super monkey ball (psp) download it quick before psn take it off!!!

  124. Mud says:

    Not true!!!! Don’t buy it!!!!!!!!!!! Not funny!

  125. Mud says:

    Bah, theres no super monkey ball for psp, guess it was kinda funny after all. :/

  126. meoff, jack says:

    **refreshes page every 5min**

  127. rudaz says:

    yeh there is a super monkey ball for psp lol

  128. Chaotic0 says:

    I think the game name will be released tomoroww till 15:00 or from Tuesday after the maintenance @ the psn-store.
    keep cool and wait it will be rewarded 😉
    and this time i won`t miss to download the title :p
    and please please stop to fool us guys with fake titles thx.

  129. Koji says:

    Instead of refreshing the main page every 5 minutes, make an account in the /talk forums and refresh there every 5 minutes since that is where the name of the game will likely be released first.

    I joined the forum only 2-3 weeks before Everyone’s Tennis was announced (had been following the blog for months before that) and I still knew the name of the game 3-4 days before Wololo officially announced it on the blog.

  130. Damn says:

    I’ve read online that the Vita has another update out right now….

  131. Gamblor420 says:

    Koji, where on the talk forum would it be announced? Under PSVITA GENERAL or PSVITA GAMES?

  132. Stealth Ninja says:

    I am really looking forward to this release after missing out on the previous two because of region. The anticipation is as great as it was leading up to the swap-ploit release for the psp. Thank you Wololo and thecobra for yor hard work and dedication.

  133. Calvin says:

    Just how much will the game cost? want to buy a psn card with the right amount

    • Stealth Ninja says:

      I’d go with enough to cover you for the most expesive game in your region. If you’re in the US than two $20 cards should cover you worst case scenario. Based on the two previous releases, we probabably won’t find out the price point until we are notified.

  134. creamsoda08 says:

    Oh god i cant wait for this!Looking for wagic and other homebrew!

  135. kevlar says:

    if i miss it this time, i will cry

  136. Draygon says:

    Wololo, I really don’t want to miss VHBL this time.

    Could you just tell me please if I’ll be able to download the game from the german psn store? I want to buy a psn card before it’s too late again. :(

  137. Gfour84 says:

    hahaha it is the ape quest demo, and they always say i am lying, but it will be proved soon. IT IS A DEMO! AND I THINK IT IS APE QUEST, and i got it!

  138. Tetris says:

    Ohh, I can’t wait to get some of that sweet, sweet homebrew goodness! I got a vita, seeing all the “cfw” vids on YouTube, so I was very disappointed when I saw that they were all fake. I had it on my PSP, and it was the only reason I kept it, so hopefully vita homebrew will be just as good. Where is a good place to DL homebrew for the vita BTW?

  139. Madblaster6 says:

    I can’t wait. Hopefully I can play my backed up PSP GAMES.

  140. RadioActiveIceCreamProject says:

    We salute you for what you have achieved, I, as one of your supporters we know that you can go farther than that..

    Since the PSP is now more like a wrecked building, why don’t we rebuild it like a tower of useful homebrews or having a blast from the past games to run from the emulators?

    I think it will not hurt our PSV game developers.. right players??

    • Spike says:

      The PSP is hacked wide open every which way from here to Sunday and back again. I don’t know what else you would want for it.

  141. Yuanhuang says:

    Hi, can i know when is the game name release? is it a ps vita game demo?

  142. geopis says:

    ape quest is right game for the new exploit?

  143. Gfour84 says:

    maybe, i just sayd what i heard in the past, but good to know that it is a demo!

  144. TrE says:

    demo? i never heard anyone say demo..

  145. Shaun says:

    No reputable source has stated that it is a demo. Ignore the trolls.

  146. Deftrip says:

    hey!! can anyone tell me if 30$ will be ok to get the game from the US store?
    Please wololo tell me i dont wanna miss this time…

  147. barjololo says:

    please, say us, if we should spend a lot of moneys?
    I have enough moneys, that is why i have’nt could buy motor storm !

    Keep good work, and congratulation !

  148. silver_ring says:

    PSN Store is undergoing maintainance. Maybe Sony is trying to removes the exploit games :(

  149. Gfour84 says:

    sorry guys i don´t want to troll. i just tell you what i heard. the guy send me a file, he told me to rename it to .png, then i can see which game it is, after renaming it, it showed the cover of the ape quest game. maybe he lied, but he told me something about W I P S Wrapper or similar. i try to find the post again where someone say it´s a demo game. i hope they will share, but i think this time they will not, maybe someone told sony too and now (the psn under maintainence) and now they maybe fixed it.

  150. t-ice says:

    server wird gewartet =O

    • ndh777 says:

      lol read what everyone says after the OP.

      This is scheduled maintenance from Sony. If they wanted to remove the game, they could do it easily with the flip of a switch.

  151. windgust says:

    finaly US game exploit wonder how much you would need for it.
    please let us know what the game is when your rdy hope i will have enough for it. missed out on the others

  152. ajajajBhaH says:


  153. Ricardo says:

    Well as the PSN are down for maintenance, I am totally that game name will not be release today.

    So let stop refreshing this blog or Wololo talk today….

  154. algorithm says:

    What is the whole advantage in this anyway? Having to purchase a game, then to fiddle around with homebrew inside a PSP emulator on the Vita. Then ofcourse Sony not allowing access to the store without a firmware update (although proxy methods may circumvent it) For the price of a purchase of a £25 game, i can get a second user PSP system and exploit it entirely.
    Now if allowing Vita games and to utilise the quad cores of CPU and GPU, then it would be a different thing, but i cannot see this happening in the near future (unless it is a hardware hack like on the DS range of machines.

    • Shaun says:

      Please let us know where you can obtain a PSP for £25. Here in Australia the cheapest second hand PSP would be around AU$80.

  155. Josh says:

    Uh…did you guys not see that this post isn’t real? =/ no new vhbl has been announced to my knowing…

  156. Rob says:

    psn is up & running again!
    release the damn thing already

  157. Trolkilla says:

    Don’t release it till next month after the new fw update,please .And to all you trolls telling to release now,have patience and think with your head,id rather vhbl with my new fw with skype which is coming @the end of the month .

  158. HeRo says:

    The Store is ONLINE again.

  159. Rob says:

    them you dont need homebrew then! you’ll rather sit back and wait for a half-built skype app! lol

  160. Mud says:

    lol, waiting…..
    I just hope I get this game in time, I want Wagic on the Vita, lol Vagic!

  161. Trolkilla says:

    If you cant wait for it then you dont deserve homebrew/sarcasm. I guess you already tried the skype on vita if you know so much.Enlighten us loser.

  162. alpmaster007 says:

    Hello Wololo I requested you as a friend on the forum and
    was just wondering if you got mu p.m thanks :)

  163. Ungarok says:

    the french ps store maintenance is end now, i just check it

  164. Trolkilla says:

    Good for you .You now know how to go on psn.

  165. astromatik says:

    hi wololo.
    i update my psvita 1.67 and i have motorstorm artic (thx a lot for it)
    my question is simple.
    is it possible to execute vhbl with motorstorm with the new vhbl version of cobra?

    • Green Ranger says:

      The exploit has been patched in FW 1.67 so Motorstorm won’t work anymore.

      thecobra found a new eploit in a ”NEW GAME”. So if you want to use VHBL you have to buy the NEW GAME!!! or you’ll out of luck. Launch VHBL with Motorstorm will never work again on any FW after 1.61!!!!

  166. Gfour84 says:

    hey download the patapon2 psp demo, it was exploited on the psp. maybe this will be the game. we have nothing to loose! i sayd maybe it is it!

  167. Gfour84 says:

    patapon2 isn´t downloadeble with my account? whats going on, was this the game and did sony already fixed it?

  168. Gfour84 says:

    here is a list of all exploitable psp games:

    ULUS10041 – GTA:LCS (US)
    ULES00151 – GTA:LCS (EUR)
    ULES00182 – GTA:LCS (DE)
    ULJS00005 – Lumines (JAP)
    ULUS10002 – Lumines (US)
    ULES00043 – Lumines (EUR)
    ULKS46005 – Lumines (KOR)
    ULJM05089 – Gripshift (JAP)
    ULUS10040 – Gripshift (US)
    ULES00177 – Gripshift (EUR)
    ULKS46040 – Gripshift (KOR)
    ULJM05097 – Pursuit Force – Daitsuiseki (JAP)
    UCUS98640 – Pursuit Force (US)
    UCES00019 – Pursuit Force (EUR)
    UCKS45016 – Pursuit Force (KOR)
    UCUS98703 – Pursuit Force – Extreme Justice (US)
    UCES00694 – Pursuit Force – Extreme Justice (EUR)
    UCAS40150 – Pursuit Force – Extreme Justice (UK)
    ULUS10141 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (US)
    ULJM05213 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (JAP)
    ULAS42082 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (UK)
    ULKS46066 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (KOR)
    ULES00557 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (EUR)
    ULES00558 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (FR)
    ULES00559 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (DE)
    ULES00560 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (EUR Platinum)
    ULES00561 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (SP)
    ULES00562 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (DE)
    ULUS10310 – Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (US)
    ULJM05301 – Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (JAP)
    ULES00955 – Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (UK)
    ULES00988 – Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (EUR)
    ULES00956 – Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (FR)
    ULUS10017 – Archer Maclean’s Mercury (US)
    ULES00011 – Archer Maclean’s Mercury (FR)
    UCJS10011 – [Hg] Hydrium (JAP)
    UCKS45007 – [Hg] Hydrium (KOR)
    ULUS10133 – Mercury Meltdown (US)
    ULES00466 – Mercury Meltdown (EUR)
    UCJS10043 – Shutyuuryoku Ikusei Korogasu Ekitai Puzzle – Tama-Run (JAP)
    UCUS98711 – Patapon (US)
    UCJS10077 – Patapon (JAP)
    UCKS45076 – Patapon (KOR)
    UCAS40193 – Patapon (UK)
    UCES00995 – Patapon (EUR)
    ULES00281 – Splinter Cell Essentials (EUR)
    ULUS10070 – Splinter Cell Essentials (USA)
    UCUS98732 – Patapon2 (USA)
    UCJS10089 – Patapon2 (JAP)
    UCJP12345 – Patapon2 (JAP)
    UCAS40239 – Patapon2 (UK)
    UCES01177 – Patapon2 (EUR)
    ULJM05561 – Fuuun Shinsengumi Bakumatsu den Portable (JAP)
    UCJS10001 – Mina no Golf Portable (JAP)
    UCKS45004 – Minna no Golf Portable (KOR)
    UCJM95401 – Minna no Golf – Coca Cola Special Edition (JAP)
    UCES00012 – Everybody’s Golf (EUR)
    UCUS98614 – Hot Shots Golf (USA – Everybody’s Golf)
    UCJS10075 – Minna no Golf Portable 2 (JAP)
    UCES00767 – Everybody’s Golf 2 (EUR)
    UCUS98693 – Hot Shots Golf 2 (USA – Everybody’s Golf 2)
    ULES00387 – Sudoku Coach (EUR)
    UCJS10094 – Minna no Sukkiri (JAP)
    NPUG80524 – Hot_Shots Shorties Green (USA)
    NPUG80527 – Hot_Shots Shorties Blue (USA)
    NPUG80528 – Hot Shots Shorties Red Pack (USA)
    NPUG80529 – Hot Shots Shorties Yellow Pack (USA)
    NPEG00046 – Everybody’s Stress Buster: Green Pack (EUR)
    NPEG00047 – Everybody’s Stress Buster: Blue Pack (EUR)
    NPEG00048 – Everybody’s Stress Buster: Red Pack (EUR)
    NPEG00049 – Everybody’s Stress Buster: Yellow Pack (EUR)
    UCAS40290 – Everybody’s Stress Buster (UK)
    ULES00389 – Professor Sudoku (EUR)
    ULES00388 – Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku (EUR)
    ULUS10126 – Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku (USA)
    UCES01250 = Motorstorm Arctic Edge (EUR)
    UCUS98743 = Motorstorm Arctic Edge (USA)
    UCJS10104 = Motorstorm Raging Ice (JAP – Motorstorm Arctic Edge)
    UCKS45124 = Motorstorm Arctic Edge (KOR)

  169. Gfour84 says:

    sorry but this is just a list of the tested games!

  170. sjow says:

    psn store is online again, now the board \talk is down :-S

    Everybody just chillex, wololo has his own life just like you!

    So be patient… and don’t download anything before the official annoucement of wololo has been released to this blog or u got a p.m. (if ur special enough, not me :-))

    ps. if ur smart you wait of confirmation of others..

  171. Gfour84 says:

    hey guys don´t update your vita, i have found a way to download motorstorm on ur vita (ofw 1.61) don´t update it worked for all the new ridge racer stuff. i will tell after i buyed motorstorm!!!! important don´t update if u want vhbl!!!

  172. NeoTechni says:

    “remember that history repeats itself. ”

    So quit being a *** and leave things be.
    Sony released their homebrew SDK, just use that.
    You’re not fooling anyone anymore, you are only aiming for piracy

    • wololo says:

      You’ve been following this blog for years I believe, and you still think I am in for piracy? This is crazy. At first I thought you were one of those random people who come here for the first time through a random post on a major gaming website.

      I have a well paid job and no time to play videogames, why on Earth would I be aiming for piracy?

    • wololo says:

      Also, cut me some slack about the PSS. It was released yesterday out of the blue and you are commenting on an article that is more than a week old. A week ago, Vita support on the PSS was not even a given. I *did* subscribe to the closed beta back in december (january?) and was never accepted. I *will* have a look at the open beta, but again, give me a break, it was announced yesterday, for f…’s sake.

      Also, hacking and developing officially are not mutually exclusive. This is especially true here since from what I read, the terms and conditions of the PSS are not acceptable for most of the things I work on. A game like Wagic (assuming I could come up with a game that does not infringe on a patent in the US) for example, couldn’t go in, because it is open source.

      You’d also be surprised at the amount of hackers in the scene who are working officially with Sony, directly or indirectly, in parallel.

      • Yatessama says:

        Yo wololo f this weiner. You are doing a great job and i know your not in for piracy. Its about all the old school things. Rock on ninja :) plz email me when you decide. Thnks

    • andrerson says:

      io solo devo dire una cosa miticiiii grandi e forti e espero che il nuovo sia rilaciato al piu presto

  173. Gamblor420 says:

    Don’t listen to all these negative douchers. Keep up the good work wololo!!!

  174. pabli95v says:

    what is the game needed for VHBL?

  175. Omar says:

    Fml!!!! Well I missed it again. Where the h3ll was the post tellin what game it was.. I checked here everyday and a few other places.. And now I’m reading that the game has already been pulled. I thought it was going to be announced here!?!?

  176. Omar says:

    Wow right site wrong thread! Such a simple mistake. You can bet your halfbite loader I’ll get it right next time lol hopefully the next exploit isn’t too far away

  177. halwasa says:

    ms.wololo oh god that sound weird XD any way
    I was wondering why dont you release the hack to the ppl in dld or torrent why do we have to download it from the store that may remove it in couple of hours ???

  178. JEAN says:

    vous aver réussi le hack 1.-ç avec une démo?

  179. wololo says:

    You’re welcome.
    Also feeel free to go back to high school, and do not skip economy classes this time, you might understand a few things about why companies like Sony really remove features from their consoles after they’ve lured enough people into buying the new generation of devices :)

  180. TheBudds says:

    They could try, but due to the nature of the exploits used. It would be a really hard case to sell when how VHBL gets run on the Vita is no danger at all to the system itself, no matter how much anyone wants to warp the truth.

    The notice they got over removing both games shows just that. Trying to use vHBL as an excuse to remove the psp emulator will never sell.

    So your insults are pretty baseless, at least learn about the subject your trying to demonize.

  181. wololo says:

    Yes, I am one of those. These black screens with a bunch of random white text always make me super excited. I remember the first time I installed noobz’ eLoader, or the first time I ran the tiff hello world on , err… was it firmware 2.6 ? I was much more excited on that day than with any actual game (homebrew or official games)

  182. KvD says:

    You can add me to your list^^

    every time i load the savegame i´m really exited to see my psv switching from game graphics to plain text :-)

    @wololo: you should add a break before starting the wmenu so that i can extend the moment from switching from sony to user will 😉

    i have several PSPs and i know that feeling since the beginning of psp hacking. i can only hope that skilled people like here around never stop their work (because i will ever stuck at “user level”)

  183. fate6 says:

    yep im with you on that one ^___^

    I even have a boot logo screen like that on my XP and iPod :3

  184. Green Ranger says:

    Yeah, it’s an awesome feeling when you see the Gamescreen dissapears and the plain text runs on your screen…every time.

    And i remember when i got dualboot work on my Iphone 3G for the first time…it was an awesome feeling.

  185. Koji says:

    Linux was free, made Sony no money (really they lost money since the systems sold at a loss and people that used it only for Linux never bought any games to make back that money), and since no one spent money on it, they had no real legal recourse (you can’t claim monetary damages if you didn’t lose money).

    The PSP games are NOT free, DOES make Sony money, and since some people have already spent tens to hundreds of dollars on it Sony would be in a HUGE legal bind. At the MINIMUM they’d have to to do a full refund to all the customers (something Sony would not want to do) and likely they’d face legal fees and possible damages on top of that.

  186. Norml says:

    Ja jA Ja! That’s going to end bad.
    Training! LMAO! Nice guy.

  187. z2442 says:

    im also with you guys there the good days haha back when i was around 14 programming for the psp.

  188. wololo says:

    You assume correctly.

  189. kofek says:

    so you admit you are nothing but a selfish pirate, hope sony sues the hellout of you…

  190. wololo says:

    I am definitely selfish, but I don’t see where you came up with the idea of me being a pirate.
    What I am doing is legal, I am not bypassing any drm, and I am not promoting any type of intellectual property infringement. Stop trolling, ignorant people like you just annoy me.

    If you want to discuss the pros and cons of what I do, at the very least, do it politely and with actual knowledge to explain your opinion. I am ok to discuss with people who have enough respect to understand both sides of the arguments pro or against console hacks.

  191. Jose says:

    In light of recent events, I can understand why these people would get angry at this.

    The PSN hack left a very bad taste to name one thing. The removal of Other OS might be another, all these things create a sort of stereotype towards the homebrew community.

    I know very well of the pro’s and cons this can create, and I wish people would be a little more mature and open minded when it came to these type of things.

    I can’t wait for the release of this, since I didn’t buy my Vita in time for the last ones.

  192. Seaking says:

    Lol. Everyone needs to stop falling for this. Im surprised there weren’t news articles posted as “Corpse Party is the US exploit game!”

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