New hello world on PS Vita 1.67, and vhbl on the way

Hope you didn’t wait too long since our last VHBL release a bit more than 2 weeks ago… This is a new PSP user mode exploit by thecobra (also discovered a while ago by WosRet), which I confirmed runs on a PS Vita with Firmware 1.67. Unlike Motorstorm and Everybody’s Tennis, this game is available in the US store as well as some other countries (details to come). Check the video and details below.

Thecobra already ported VHBL to this exploit, and we already have something running, that just needs a few tweaks here and there before being released. So far I didn’t see anything that would prevent HBL from running on Vita 1.67, but that will need to be fully confirmed in the days to come.

The name of the exploited game is obviously kept a secret until the public announcement, and if you don’t want to miss the release, remember that history repeats itself. Sony will most likely remove the game within hours following the announcement, so stay tuned.

Congrats and thanks to thecobra!

  1. NeoTechni’s avatar

    “remember that history repeats itself. ”

    So quit being a douche and leave things be.
    Sony released their homebrew SDK, just use that.
    You’re not fooling anyone anymore, you are only aiming for piracy


    1. wololo’s avatar

      You’ve been following this blog for years I believe, and you still think I am in for piracy? This is crazy. At first I thought you were one of those random people who come here for the first time through a random post on a major gaming website.

      I have a well paid job and no time to play videogames, why on Earth would I be aiming for piracy?


    2. wololo’s avatar

      Also, cut me some slack about the PSS. It was released yesterday out of the blue and you are commenting on an article that is more than a week old. A week ago, Vita support on the PSS was not even a given. I *did* subscribe to the closed beta back in december (january?) and was never accepted. I *will* have a look at the open beta, but again, give me a break, it was announced yesterday, for f…’s sake.

      Also, hacking and developing officially are not mutually exclusive. This is especially true here since from what I read, the terms and conditions of the PSS are not acceptable for most of the things I work on. A game like Wagic (assuming I could come up with a game that does not infringe on a patent in the US) for example, couldn’t go in, because it is open source.

      You’d also be surprised at the amount of hackers in the scene who are working officially with Sony, directly or indirectly, in parallel.


      1. Yatessama’s avatar

        Yo wololo f this weiner. You are doing a great job and i know your not in for piracy. Its about all the old school things. Rock on ninja :) plz email me when you decide. Thnks


    3. homebrew rules’s avatar

      neotechni your a fag


    4. andrerson’s avatar

      io solo devo dire una cosa miticiiii grandi e forti e espero che il nuovo sia rilaciato al piu presto


  2. Gamblor420’s avatar

    Don’t listen to all these negative douchers. Keep up the good work wololo!!!


  3. Jerrett OQuinn’s avatar

    Attention all Wololo HATERS.

    If you LOVE him like me!
    1.Your awesome.

    If your a hater!
    1.Go fuck yourself.
    2.Your gay with insertions in your ass.
    3.Go hang yourself.

    Wololo your a great and i just bought the game needed for VHBL.



  4. katzmsa’s avatar

    Um please. Youre honestly getting nowhere, wasting all these peoples time and Sony is already losing money. Go see what a real vagina feels like and use the system for what it was built for. Spend your money a bit more wisely and stop with these exploits before you FUCK SOMETHING UP. Its inevitable. But Im sure your vita will crap out with all the bullshit your doing to it. Cut Sony some slack. Hack a pc. Waste your own life. Not these….faggy, brainless followers lol. NO BALLS


  5. pabli95v’s avatar

    what is the game needed for VHBL?


  6. Omar’s avatar

    Fml!!!! Well I missed it again. Where the h3ll was the post tellin what game it was.. I checked here everyday and a few other places.. And now I’m reading that the game has already been pulled. I thought it was going to be announced here!?!?


  7. Omar’s avatar

    Wow right site wrong thread! Such a simple mistake. You can bet your halfbite loader I’ll get it right next time lol hopefully the next exploit isn’t too far away


  8. halwasa’s avatar

    ms.wololo oh god that sound weird XD any way
    I was wondering why dont you release the hack to the ppl in dld or torrent why do we have to download it from the store that may remove it in couple of hours ???


  9. JEAN’s avatar

    vous aver réussi le hack 1.-ç avec une démo?


  10. Prince’s avatar

    Wololo i love what your doing!! and dont let those fags let you down!!!


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