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New hello world on PS Vita 1.67, and vhbl on the way


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  1. Gfour84 says:

    sorry guys i don´t want to troll. i just tell you what i heard. the guy send me a file, he told me to rename it to .png, then i can see which game it is, after renaming it, it showed the cover of the ape quest game. maybe he lied, but he told me something about W I P S Wrapper or similar. i try to find the post again where someone say it´s a demo game. i hope they will share, but i think this time they will not, maybe someone told sony too and now (the psn under maintainence) and now they maybe fixed it.

  2. t-ice says:

    server wird gewartet =O

    • ndh777 says:

      lol read what everyone says after the OP.

      This is scheduled maintenance from Sony. If they wanted to remove the game, they could do it easily with the flip of a switch.

  3. windgust says:

    finaly US game exploit wonder how much you would need for it.
    please let us know what the game is when your rdy hope i will have enough for it. missed out on the others

  4. ajajajBhaH says:


  5. Ricardo says:

    Well as the PSN are down for maintenance, I am totally that game name will not be release today.

    So let stop refreshing this blog or Wololo talk today….

  6. algorithm says:

    What is the whole advantage in this anyway? Having to purchase a game, then to fiddle around with homebrew inside a PSP emulator on the Vita. Then ofcourse Sony not allowing access to the store without a firmware update (although proxy methods may circumvent it) For the price of a purchase of a £25 game, i can get a second user PSP system and exploit it entirely.
    Now if allowing Vita games and to utilise the quad cores of CPU and GPU, then it would be a different thing, but i cannot see this happening in the near future (unless it is a hardware hack like on the DS range of machines.

    • Shaun says:

      Please let us know where you can obtain a PSP for £25. Here in Australia the cheapest second hand PSP would be around AU$80.

  7. Josh says:

    Uh…did you guys not see that this post isn’t real? =/ no new vhbl has been announced to my knowing…

  8. Rob says:

    psn is up & running again!
    release the damn thing already

  9. Trolkilla says:

    Don’t release it till next month after the new fw update,please .And to all you trolls telling to release now,have patience and think with your head,id rather vhbl with my new fw with skype which is coming @the end of the month .

  10. HeRo says:

    The Store is ONLINE again.

  11. Rob says:

    them you dont need homebrew then! you’ll rather sit back and wait for a half-built skype app! lol

  12. Mud says:

    lol, waiting…..
    I just hope I get this game in time, I want Wagic on the Vita, lol Vagic!

  13. Trolkilla says:

    If you cant wait for it then you dont deserve homebrew/sarcasm. I guess you already tried the skype on vita if you know so much.Enlighten us loser.

  14. alpmaster007 says:

    Hello Wololo I requested you as a friend on the forum and
    was just wondering if you got mu p.m thanks 🙂

  15. Ungarok says:

    the french ps store maintenance is end now, i just check it

  16. Trolkilla says:

    Good for you .You now know how to go on psn.

  17. astromatik says:

    hi wololo.
    i update my psvita 1.67 and i have motorstorm artic (thx a lot for it)
    my question is simple.
    is it possible to execute vhbl with motorstorm with the new vhbl version of cobra?

    • Green Ranger says:

      The exploit has been patched in FW 1.67 so Motorstorm won’t work anymore.

      thecobra found a new eploit in a ”NEW GAME”. So if you want to use VHBL you have to buy the NEW GAME!!! or you’ll out of luck. Launch VHBL with Motorstorm will never work again on any FW after 1.61!!!!

  18. Gfour84 says:

    hey download the patapon2 psp demo, it was exploited on the psp. maybe this will be the game. we have nothing to loose! i sayd maybe it is it!

  19. Gfour84 says:

    patapon2 isn´t downloadeble with my account? whats going on, was this the game and did sony already fixed it?

  20. Gfour84 says:

    here is a list of all exploitable psp games:

    ULUS10041 – GTA:LCS (US)
    ULES00151 – GTA:LCS (EUR)
    ULES00182 – GTA:LCS (DE)
    ULJS00005 – Lumines (JAP)
    ULUS10002 – Lumines (US)
    ULES00043 – Lumines (EUR)
    ULKS46005 – Lumines (KOR)
    ULJM05089 – Gripshift (JAP)
    ULUS10040 – Gripshift (US)
    ULES00177 – Gripshift (EUR)
    ULKS46040 – Gripshift (KOR)
    ULJM05097 – Pursuit Force – Daitsuiseki (JAP)
    UCUS98640 – Pursuit Force (US)
    UCES00019 – Pursuit Force (EUR)
    UCKS45016 – Pursuit Force (KOR)
    UCUS98703 – Pursuit Force – Extreme Justice (US)
    UCES00694 – Pursuit Force – Extreme Justice (EUR)
    UCAS40150 – Pursuit Force – Extreme Justice (UK)
    ULUS10141 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (US)
    ULJM05213 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (JAP)
    ULAS42082 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (UK)
    ULKS46066 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (KOR)
    ULES00557 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (EUR)
    ULES00558 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (FR)
    ULES00559 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (DE)
    ULES00560 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (EUR Platinum)
    ULES00561 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (SP)
    ULES00562 – Medal of Honor: Heroes (DE)
    ULUS10310 – Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (US)
    ULJM05301 – Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (JAP)
    ULES00955 – Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (UK)
    ULES00988 – Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (EUR)
    ULES00956 – Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (FR)
    ULUS10017 – Archer Maclean’s Mercury (US)
    ULES00011 – Archer Maclean’s Mercury (FR)
    UCJS10011 – [Hg] Hydrium (JAP)
    UCKS45007 – [Hg] Hydrium (KOR)
    ULUS10133 – Mercury Meltdown (US)
    ULES00466 – Mercury Meltdown (EUR)
    UCJS10043 – Shutyuuryoku Ikusei Korogasu Ekitai Puzzle – Tama-Run (JAP)
    UCUS98711 – Patapon (US)
    UCJS10077 – Patapon (JAP)
    UCKS45076 – Patapon (KOR)
    UCAS40193 – Patapon (UK)
    UCES00995 – Patapon (EUR)
    ULES00281 – Splinter Cell Essentials (EUR)
    ULUS10070 – Splinter Cell Essentials (USA)
    UCUS98732 – Patapon2 (USA)
    UCJS10089 – Patapon2 (JAP)
    UCJP12345 – Patapon2 (JAP)
    UCAS40239 – Patapon2 (UK)
    UCES01177 – Patapon2 (EUR)
    ULJM05561 – Fuuun Shinsengumi Bakumatsu den Portable (JAP)
    UCJS10001 – Mina no Golf Portable (JAP)
    UCKS45004 – Minna no Golf Portable (KOR)
    UCJM95401 – Minna no Golf – Coca Cola Special Edition (JAP)
    UCES00012 – Everybody’s Golf (EUR)
    UCUS98614 – Hot Shots Golf (USA – Everybody’s Golf)
    UCJS10075 – Minna no Golf Portable 2 (JAP)
    UCES00767 – Everybody’s Golf 2 (EUR)
    UCUS98693 – Hot Shots Golf 2 (USA – Everybody’s Golf 2)
    ULES00387 – Sudoku Coach (EUR)
    UCJS10094 – Minna no Sukkiri (JAP)
    NPUG80524 – Hot_Shots Shorties Green (USA)
    NPUG80527 – Hot_Shots Shorties Blue (USA)
    NPUG80528 – Hot Shots Shorties Red Pack (USA)
    NPUG80529 – Hot Shots Shorties Yellow Pack (USA)
    NPEG00046 – Everybody’s Stress Buster: Green Pack (EUR)
    NPEG00047 – Everybody’s Stress Buster: Blue Pack (EUR)
    NPEG00048 – Everybody’s Stress Buster: Red Pack (EUR)
    NPEG00049 – Everybody’s Stress Buster: Yellow Pack (EUR)
    UCAS40290 – Everybody’s Stress Buster (UK)
    ULES00389 – Professor Sudoku (EUR)
    ULES00388 – Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku (EUR)
    ULUS10126 – Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku (USA)
    UCES01250 = Motorstorm Arctic Edge (EUR)
    UCUS98743 = Motorstorm Arctic Edge (USA)
    UCJS10104 = Motorstorm Raging Ice (JAP – Motorstorm Arctic Edge)
    UCKS45124 = Motorstorm Arctic Edge (KOR)

  21. Gfour84 says:

    sorry but this is just a list of the tested games!

  22. sjow says:

    psn store is online again, now the board \talk is down :-S

    Everybody just chillex, wololo has his own life just like you!

    So be patient… and don’t download anything before the official annoucement of wololo has been released to this blog or u got a p.m. (if ur special enough, not me :-))

    ps. if ur smart you wait of confirmation of others..

  23. Gfour84 says:

    hey guys don´t update your vita, i have found a way to download motorstorm on ur vita (ofw 1.61) don´t update it worked for all the new ridge racer stuff. i will tell after i buyed motorstorm!!!! important don´t update if u want vhbl!!!

  24. NeoTechni says:

    “remember that history repeats itself. ”

    So quit being a *** and leave things be.
    Sony released their homebrew SDK, just use that.
    You’re not fooling anyone anymore, you are only aiming for piracy

    • wololo says:

      You’ve been following this blog for years I believe, and you still think I am in for piracy? This is crazy. At first I thought you were one of those random people who come here for the first time through a random post on a major gaming website.

      I have a well paid job and no time to play videogames, why on Earth would I be aiming for piracy?

    • wololo says:

      Also, cut me some slack about the PSS. It was released yesterday out of the blue and you are commenting on an article that is more than a week old. A week ago, Vita support on the PSS was not even a given. I *did* subscribe to the closed beta back in december (january?) and was never accepted. I *will* have a look at the open beta, but again, give me a break, it was announced yesterday, for f…’s sake.

      Also, hacking and developing officially are not mutually exclusive. This is especially true here since from what I read, the terms and conditions of the PSS are not acceptable for most of the things I work on. A game like Wagic (assuming I could come up with a game that does not infringe on a patent in the US) for example, couldn’t go in, because it is open source.

      You’d also be surprised at the amount of hackers in the scene who are working officially with Sony, directly or indirectly, in parallel.

      • Yatessama says:

        Yo wololo f this weiner. You are doing a great job and i know your not in for piracy. Its about all the old school things. Rock on ninja 🙂 plz email me when you decide. Thnks

    • andrerson says:

      io solo devo dire una cosa miticiiii grandi e forti e espero che il nuovo sia rilaciato al piu presto

  25. Gamblor420 says:

    Don’t listen to all these negative douchers. Keep up the good work wololo!!!

  26. pabli95v says:

    what is the game needed for VHBL?

  27. Omar says:

    Fml!!!! Well I missed it again. Where the h3ll was the post tellin what game it was.. I checked here everyday and a few other places.. And now I’m reading that the game has already been pulled. I thought it was going to be announced here!?!?

  28. Omar says:

    Wow right site wrong thread! Such a simple mistake. You can bet your halfbite loader I’ll get it right next time lol hopefully the next exploit isn’t too far away

  29. halwasa says:

    ms.wololo oh god that sound weird XD any way
    I was wondering why dont you release the hack to the ppl in dld or torrent why do we have to download it from the store that may remove it in couple of hours ???

  30. JEAN says:

    vous aver réussi le hack 1.-ç avec une démo?

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