10 Things that should be improved on the Vita


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107 Responses

  1. Etika says:

    Er, I meant to say online play not supported on 3G, my bad XD

  2. lulz my fac says:

    PWth my post are jot showing up

  3. lulz my fac says:

    Wololo its been two weeks since the last exploit, either you guys are planning something big or ur just slacking

  4. Edge76 says:

    I believe this is a example of what you are talking about Sony products

  5. Romin Khan says:

    vita is not bad as u think

    • James says:

      its not that good either ;) its been one in a line let downs from Sony.

      Annoys me they make great hardware but they’re software just plain sucks!!

  6. Sunjay140 says:

    See that Sony hates Wololo and they’re on this site 24/7, I’m sure that they’re gonna read this

  7. SSJ-Vita says:

    I just wanna see weather channel “in motion” for storms… adobe and sony need to fix this garbage, my first phone ever could go to weather.com and see it move. It was old school graphics back then.

  8. Zenin says:

    it should have had LTE or 4G – its not future proof

  9. CATPower says:

    Sony can be so dumb at some point. Wololo’s right, why vita still have that crappy web browser, I mean it got touch screen, high RAM, but the browser works like slug. I don’t really mind the game price, just wait like 2-3 years, it might drop down.

  10. fer says:

    let me solve 99% of SCE vita problems on one step:

    Move software and firmware development to silicon valley.


  11. DorkIdol says:

    The lack of PSP games on the Vita is disappointing, because they look and play so much better on it then they did on the PSP. No longer do I need to cramp my hand trying to do the crab claw for Monster Hunter, so I can map the camera controls to the second joystick.

    Sony really needs to get the publishers to get their PSP games on the PSN. I’d really like to play Phantasy Star Portable 2 on my Vita, but Sega took the game off PSN several months ago and won’t put it back up.

  12. Joseph Kony says:

    I kill you!

  13. TheGuardian says:

    Exactly! That is the one Website I am talking about!

  14. Viral_Weaponry says:


  15. whitey_mcguee says:


  16. UE says:

    why an iphone? even the latest one BARELY came up to the mark with the galaxy s 2.
    Admittedly when it was released the GS2 was a beast of a phone and is still one of the best phones on the market (also meaning that apple’s new phone is one of the best on the market) but the fact it took apple that long to come up with a phone that was just “nearly” as good is kinda sad especially considering the price range.
    Any other iphone is slaughtered though and the Galaxy S 3 is set to come out in the comming months (which looks aimed to be a direct attack on apple)

  17. Gfour84 says:

    Sony told it before they sold the 3G unit. you can´t play online without wi-fi! but i hope we will can do in the future!

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