Clone Wars


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  1. Insua says:

    Dommage… but of course the big question is

    why did you bought a PS3 when you can buy a x360 ?

    • wololo says:

      My initial choice was for the bluray player. Also, most people i know own a ps3, it made more sense from a multiplayer perspective.

    • dave says:

      They wouldn’t let me buy an xbox because I didnt live in a trailer… finally my friend gave me an old one and now it just sits around making my living room ghetto with its ‘big crayon’-feeling controllers

    • krimoz says:

      Because the games are better (IMO of course).

    • Jacky-D says:

      “why did you bought a PS3…..”
      WHY IS EVERYONE ***?

    • flayer says:

      I bought an xbox back in ’06 because I wanted to play halo 3. 2 years later it got the rrod error and proved unrepairable. Then I bought a ps3 which got thr ylod error after only a few months. Now i’ve moved on to pc gaming and laugh as people think that they can run battlefield 3 on their half decade old consoles. So basically both ps3 and xbox 360 suck.

  2. SzosszeNET says:

    Hey Wololo! 🙂

    “why don’t you start installing in your patched games an application that steals your customers’ credentials” – nice one, but on CFW no PSN (SEN…) access thus cannot store card data…

    Anyway nice article.

  3. pinoyps3 says:

    @wololo pls make a savegame exploit for the ps3. i think its the only way to hack the latest fw of the ps3.

  4. fc says:

    Ha! glad I don’t have interests in consoles

  5. Jet says:

    This sure is a great drama

  6. Sharo93 says:

    i still dont get sony..when a guy (hacker, a clean one) is interested in a hardware,he tries to see what this device do so he finds a way to push the device to its maximum potential , now for sony’s ps3 when it came out it was (and is ) full of potential , especially that OtherOS stuff so people started playing with it, it was cool…when it was taken away these guys wanted it back,then sony replayed with a law suit and all heck broke lose…you see if your ps3 can be hacked to have homebrewe on it is very interesting and it will attract people to the ps3, because people think “oh the ps3 can have emulator , a media player, etc. , that is so cool im getting one “, the market for the ps3 goes up and sony is happy (more money), this is like the fansubing business ,and for people thinking of piracy, most hackers (clean ones ) do not do it , because they see the potential of the device and what it takes to create a device like this and they also feel for the game creators, what they have to go thru to create a game, that is why most of the hackers do not like piracy ….

  7. Mcleod says:

    I don’t know how TB is able to create all these anti-clone technology so easily, maybeee it’s Sony in disguised as TB trying to get control of the Ps3 scene and then conquer the world!!!!!…… Anyways tthousand has been keeping everyone informed pretty good with this mess, I was planning on getting one last month but then it all started. I have 2 Ps3 one kmeaw and the other updated, I’ll just keep everything the way it is. Only wish that project64 was available for the ps3 that would complete everything.

  8. Salah says:

    I got an PS3 with 4.XX hacked an i can run my backups 😀

  9. svenn says:

    lol, your right, this drama is fun ! 😀 I love my computer, i’m never doubting again!

  10. Insua says:

    Run homebrews is getting harder and harder, but maybe that is an opportunity to emerge new machines (no sony, no ms, no apple) built to gamers and for gamers. A space for indie games, for freeware, for emulatores…. Even this kind of machine would have some support to new ppl who want to do their own game. Of course, one can say, buy a PC but i think this should be a new kind of machine, but a powerful one.

    I think with this kind of new “era” these pirates would eventually end.

  11. Adrian says:

    The funny thing is, that at least the PSN password is stored in plain text.

  12. be0ut says:

    hey guys.. a little off topic but i just found out myself.. free puzzle game u can download for the vita.. just search for treasures of Montezuma blitz.. here is a link

  13. tigerchitpile says:

    it would seem that the pirates dont like piracy…how ironic

  14. Lindo says:

    my ps3 3.55 wont run almost games.

  15. DigiTak says:

    Wow the ps3 scene is like collapsing on itself. Well at least Sony didn’t do it this time.

  16. Ahmed says:

    Sometimes hacking is bad…im kind of with Sony here!

    I truly hope Vita scene does not end up in a mess like with the PS3. :/

    This is bad for everyone.

  17. NOT COOL says:

    Sony sees record $6.4 billion loss, cuts 10,000 Jobs Worldwide

  18. NitsudR says:

    The only reason I would want to hack my ps3 is to enable the remote play hack someone talked about here, since Sony will probably never truly support it, I am going to find out more about it

  19. Iono says:

    Money, mmm…

  20. WarBearFace says:

    No good can come from charging for the ability to pirate. Sure a large part of it is corrupt as heck but there is a small portion that can be used for personal good. Most people pirate the games with no concern, but some people use this technology to play backups of their own games on a HDD, or use it to play games they own which have been damaged (really it sucks to repay for a game you know you payed for already). For these few people their legal experience is greatly enhanced, they never have to switch game disks, and get to play a wrecked game again. When you start charging for these sorts of things you essentially cut these people out, and your left with the people that will gladly pay 15$ for the ability to have any game they wish. Really these people should be ashamed of themselves, this is the kind of information that should be open source. It would be like GEN charging for CFW on the PSP, or the iphone-dev team charging for a jailbreak. Sure you can do it but you gain the nice effect of public disdain and people who do it for free will always come along. With the added effect of viruses for those who woud use a free option is just plain dirty ethics. These people aren’t just morally deprived, they’re stupid to boot. Sony learned the hard way people will always find a way in. These people aren’t Sony, they can’t defend for long and forever after will be known as the douches who charged people for a service usually given out for free.

  21. TheGuardian says:

    I wanted to buy the PS3 I remember, but I chose to buy the PSP instead because of the only thing the web browser does without fail, DOWNLOAD ADULT VIDEOS! Seriously, I know it is akward and stuff, but the PSP web browser sucks for regular use, so I just use it for my own dirty purposes! 🙂

  1. April 11, 2012

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