PS Vita Firmware Update 1.66 available

People are now able to update their PS Vita to Firmware 1.66. Firmware 1.66 is probably a simple regression bug fix from Firmware 1.65 unveiled yesterday, to address the “adhoc” issues people were seeing on PSP games.

This firmware patches both Motorstorm and Everybody’s tennis exploits used to run VHBL, as expected. This was also, of course, the case for firmware 1.65. Update at your own risk. Reports also say that SKFU’s Vita pr0xy allows you to spoof your firmware version, in order to access the psn store without updating, so you don’t have to update immediately unless you need all of PSN’s services.

Thanks to everybody who let me know.

  1. wololo’s avatar

    Kernel exploit for teh winz =_=


    1. ???’s avatar

      FUC|< You!!! Stop Trolling you're not funny you dumbass
      and btw suck my motherfuc|<ing ASCII Art made just for you


    2. AnonX007’s avatar

      get a life Iono


  2. Justin’s avatar

    You’re clearly not Wololo because he has a different avatar than you.


    1. StepS’s avatar

      he’s not wololo. He is Iono, posting shit under blog posts


  3. ThAt_GuY’s avatar

    So, that isn’t wololo just some punk using the name.

    You sir are a disgrace.


  4. Sponkey’s avatar

    VitaPr0xy is blocked now … doesn´t work anymore !!!
    no chance to get into psn store without update !!!!!!


  5. :p’s avatar

    Hell yeah ^ fxxk yeah can’t wait!!!!”!”"!!


  6. xo’s avatar

    Goddamn u hackers give us the exploits already!!! And free ones not $50 exploits


    1. fate6’s avatar

      good luck with your research


  7. Jshishido’s avatar

    not sure if anyone said this already but when i updated to 1.66 it fixed my bug in near on wifi vita where it wouldnt find my location.


  8. loki’s avatar

    Wololo a simple “do not update firmware” would help


  9. OMightyBuggy’s avatar

    I just bought Monster Hunter Unite (USA) and it seems that the “Download” option doesn’t work? I just want to know if the server is gone or was this a bug?


    1. thorwak’s avatar

      This is off topic really so I won’t be offended if my comment is deleted, but since there may be some general interest: I also bought MHFU (from EU PSN) and in-game downloading missions etc works fine for me. Running PSV FW 1.61.

      Make sure your wifi is working for browsing and it should work in US version too AFAIK.


  10. oxMUDxo’s avatar

    So with this update is there still work going on with game exploits or should I just bite the dust and update.
    Or are there more game hacks on the way?

    Really wanted to get Mortal Kombat 9. :/

    Thanks Wololo!


  11. tron209’s avatar

    all you hackers need to stop. you guys already messed up psp for legit playerz. leave the vita alone. so everyone can finally enjoy a system without people with no gaming skills hacking jus to get a kill or to cheap to buy games. jus wait for vita to update for ps1 games and more psp games. if you want to mod or hack then go mod a DlLDO that fits you.


  12. Romin Khan’s avatar

    My ps vita’s left shoulder button doesn’t work half the time.. does anyone have this issue?


  13. Marco g’s avatar

    even if i use skfu’s vita pr0xy, when i try to enter in the psn it says to me that i must update.. why..?


  14. William Harper’s avatar

    I won’t be updating the OFW, I’ve already got enough games for it (I’ve got Vita games like Unit 13, Ninja Gaiden and Rayman, and I’m catching up on the PSP Persona games) and I’ll be happy my Vita is ‘feature complete’ when I get my GBA and C64 emulation going on the new VHBL version, I’m still running the initial release and installing it all again will be a good day’s work for non hacker types like me he he.. oh hey wololo do you have a newer version coming in the next few weeks? If so I’ll hold off updating and do it all fresh when it drops


  15. OMightyBuggy’s avatar

    1.67 is out now, I see no changes so far.


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