PS Vita Firmware Update 1.66 available


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114 Responses

  1. OMightyBuggy says:

    I am really hating my Vita…

  2. wasii says:

    Sony et phatethic !

  3. Callum says:

    Seems kind of pointless update, bet it didn’t fix the bugs how the Bluetooth turns itself on all the time randomly after rebooting it from “Power Off” I must admit also I am disappointed with the Vita it’s boring after Uncharted, and Unit 13 is just MEH.

  4. jim says:

    I think sony needs to put those add ons on like th adobe and some or there going to start
    Losing there sales on this.

    • Totoro says:

      What? Sony lose their sales?? NO I LOVE SONY HOW COULD THEY LOSE SALES?? … oh wait have I forgotten they’ve been losing psvita sales ever since launch? Hah, nevermind.

      I hope we can get full access or at least something very close to it so devs can make this system fun just like the PSP because I’m so not happy with 300 bucks down the drain.

  5. lingchen shi says:

    Hi wololo, i have not yet used your HBL because i missed out on motor storm and the tennis game. I was wondering next time could you release a count down timer before you announce the game that contains saves exploit so people like me won’t miss out on it. I can’t wait to play crisis core on it. Keep up the good work!

    • wololo says:

      The best way to not miss out on future releases is to register on our forums. rusted forum members got access to the information up to 1 week in advance for both the Motorstorm and the Tennis exploits.

  6. KizumiK says:

    In case to make PSVita better! Sony’s job = Fix a youtube add, make skype online asap and release those good games in english!

  7. Callum says:

    What this really needs is some good games… maybe add Android Market to it also. What’s the point on the front facing camera when there isn’t even video chat?

    I paid $418.00 for my PS Vita 3G+WiFi and I am still playing MK7 on my 3DS… the Vita is literally boring. I agree with those other comments from owners about how it feels like money put down a drain.

  8. james says:

    So….who is brave enough to test VHBL on the new firmware?

  9. jim says:

    If i were to update the firmware onto one memory card and keep the lower firmeware on the card with the homebrew, will this work or is the firmware installed into an internal memory on the vita?

  10. TheJimsterJim says:

    How do you use SKFU’s Pr0xy? Ive got it running but how do i spoof my vitas version because at the moment I can access the store but can play some games, such as montezuma blitz


  11. Aiden says:

    I admittedly have grown a bit bored of my Vita too. After all, there is only so much entertainment to be had from playing the FIFA demo (finished Uncharted, can’t be bothered with WipEout or Rayman).
    Having said that, there is no way I’d want to trade it in or sell it, because I know what will be available in the future.

    • jim says:

      Rayman is awesome i must admit!

    • TheJimsterJim says:

      I agree, I should have probably waited to get the vita later but im too impatient and wanted it right away, but yeah not much, all i do now is wait for new homebrew, which is kinda *** atm, maybe later we get much better hacks and also good games will be released later, call of duty, lbp, resistance, metal gear solid, grand theft auto, so much goodness!

  12. jim says:

    GRAVITY RUSH!!! im almost tempted to get in japanese!

  13. xiaobai says:

    <iajc outjar="${home.dir}/output/application.jar" 增量为“true”>

    do this

  14. natsu says:

    probably not the best place to ask but…

    if you download an update for a game in the live area, where is it stored?

    for example, 380+ MB update for Uncharted?

  15. :p says:

    Wololo I would really like to register so I can get a hint of the next game exploit in advance , but would rather not do to a fear that my email would get spammed with advertisments, is there Amy other way? :(

  16. jackbone says:

    I tried it and on the EU Version of Arctic Edge the VHBL doesnt run any more.

  17. stingray1059 says:

    if theres a will theres a way.. when psp 4.01fw arrived. pandora is no longer useful. i thought were doomed. then when 5.03 arrived , we can now use CHICKHEN. then 6.20 for permanent patch.

    same with ps3.. when 3.41 arrived, backup loaders were available using usb devices. then came 3.55 jailbreak, usb devices are no longer needed. now were back with true blue so that we can play latest games like skyrim and nba 2k12. and im hoping wololo will work on a savegame exploit on the ps3 too.

    we just have to play the waiting game now.

  18. svenn says:

    If firmware was installed on a card separately, the vita would be a brick w/o one.

    • svenn says:

      this was a reply to jim . WP doesn’t like me so it posted as a general reply 😛

      • jim says:

        haha yeah thanks it does make sense really to do it in that way i didnt really think about it to be honest! In which case im going to have to just leave it on airplane mode until something usefull comes out in the form of CFW. Hope this is before gravity rush as i will need to get this but i suppose it will be on the physical card rather than just download.

  19. Jesse says:

    You know I was real excited about the Vita and bought it the day it came out. After a month of having it and without Sony actually releasing more playable psp titles and no ps1 support besides the remote play i started hating my vita. Sony is real stupid and they have a device with hardly any good games (i played uncharted and wasnt impressed, i want to play a console game on a portable device without them making the controls so that a 5 yr old can play) now ive returned it and have a 3ds. Sony you just lost 1 customer and im sure im not the first.

    • Really? says:

      You wanted console-type games on a handheld so you got a 3ds… -_-
      Which game on the 3ds plays like a console game(with a single analog nub)?

  20. svenn says:

    @svenn Agreed.

  21. troLlkilla says:

    i was trying to downloaded 1 .66 and it froze my vita , i try to turn it oFf and now it has blAck screen and continuos circle. it wont turn it off. im a wait till battery runs out and then charge it and turn on, if problem still there i will return back to gamestop.

    • asl says:

      Did you try holding the Power button for 25 seconds? It should send you to a screen that let’s you reboot your device.

  22. troLlkilla says:

    and no i didnt have hack

  23. koda says:

    try to hold start select power and home 25-30 sec

  24. troLlkilla says:

    thank you it worked . im glad i dont have to wait for battery drain and that vita didnt brick, thanks alot.

  25. :p says:

    how the heck do u register on this site? :\

  26. raziel says:

    They made a beautiful device..& without enough apps & games, & their stupid security measures, everybody seems hating the Vita pretty soon

  27. man_of_power05 says:

    what do you expect? its sony. expect the ps4 to be locked up even more. not necessarily that whole “lock out used game thing” becuase surely they’re not that stupid. but it’ll still be locked up even more than vita

  28. giavol says:

    Sony becomes more and more South Park worthy.

  29. :p says:

    Yeah matt and trey should deff make a Sony episode :p

  30. syafiq tatsuya says:

    well i just hope that they making nvg game psp for psvita or hacking or something it suck when u can play only psvita game…(because i dont have credit card to buy psp game) to tell the true i think 3ds making cool game like KD3DS/tales of ablyss/ unlike psvita only have the uncharted and crappy game ~_~

  31. cscash241 says:

    I am having a problem trying to get on ps store on a 1.61 vita. I used SKFU’s proxy to replace the string with (my modified version of the file) and I am getting error C0-10112-5

  32. Sasuke says:

    yo i did it this morning and it worked fine and now even using proxy it wont work it asks for updates why????

    • wololo says:

      I believe Sony is adapting progressively. Could also be their cache catching up. I am not sure the user agent is enough to spoof access to the PSN

  33. Sasuke says:

    so does that mean im sc*** like does it work for you or am i doing it wrong??

  34. Sasuke says:

    so does that mean i wont be able to be on psn?

  35. ndh777 says:

    I have question!

    I am on the older version of 1.61?…anyway, I’m not up to date and I don’t want to update because I want to wait around until an exploit is discovered to hack 1.XX firmware. Is it possible for someone like me, who doesn’t have the hack already, to be able to use Vita Pr0xy? If so, can you direct me to some directions to install it? Thank you, Wololo!

  36. Romin Khan says:

    wait for the ps vita games coz sony is making many new games for it

  37. frustrateannoyed says:

    this is becoming ridiculous! when will Sony learn that focus on innovation vs complete protection is the way to mass public appeal? Thats where their ratings have dropped and people will lose interest because the stop listening to our demands and are focused on fighting hacks. It looks like the hackers are the ones listening to the consumers by creating apps we are asking for. Come on Sony, get your act together and dont make us feel we threw out our hard earned money on a gadget you arent supprting.


  38. Romin Khan says:

    can u plz tell me is there any free games available for psvita on psn?

  39. Kabanos says:

    Can enyone tell my:
    How to spoof 1.65 to 1.66?
    What i need to do in vita pr0xy ?

  40. Djdeath says:

    spoofing still works, but i am not using Vita Pr0xy since it doesnt seem to work most of the time. im on 1.61 right now.
    Wololo if you’d like to know how, then ill send u a message because it might be to long to explain it here.

  41. Kabanos says:

    Why spoofing is not working on 1.61 ?
    Browser don’t work if pr0xy not runnin, but if run pr0xy
    all works fine without PSS :<

  42. cospe says:

    Really the game motor storm rc is a free game in the usa psn? i that’s the case i feel like giving my money to sony because in mexico psn that game is 9.99 dollars, damn sony

  43. zonicdx09 says:

    It kinda sucks that Sony keeps shoveling out updates. I mean I’ve beat Uncharted and Rayman Origins but without homebrew there is nothing to really do. The only thing keeping my Vita from just sitting in it’s case is the fact that Daxter is playable on it now

  44. :p says:

    The vIta is boring :( and is currently collecting dust until they release some serious titles

  45. :p says:

    I bet wololos been having fun the pat 4 months tinkering with the vita with hombrew and exploits , while we are left on the main menu wishing there was games to play XD

    • wololo says:

      Yup, haven’t played a single vita game yet (unless you call ridge racer a game), but I am having lots of fun with the vita :)

  46. Techa says:

    Well I guess psp game hacks are impossible now unless you upgrade to download the game assuming it still works so is there any harm in upgrading wololo?

  47. wololo says:

    I am your father!

  48. wololo says:

    I will release the kernel exploit by next week!

  49. Romin Khan says:

    My ps vita’s left shoulder button doesn’t work half the time.. does anyone have this issue?

  50. MB says:

    Does this also block potential new similar exploits in as of yet unannounced titles?

  51. wololo says:

    Kernel exploit for teh winz =_=

  52. Justin says:

    You’re clearly not Wololo because he has a different avatar than you.

  53. ThAt_GuY says:

    So, that isn’t wololo just some punk using the name.

    You sir are a disgrace.

  54. Sponkey says:

    VitaPr0xy is blocked now … doesn´t work anymore !!!
    no chance to get into psn store without update !!!!!!

  55. :p says:

    heck yeah ^ fxxk yeah can’t wait!!!!”!””!!

  56. Jshishido says:

    not sure if anyone said this already but when i updated to 1.66 it fixed my bug in near on wifi vita where it wouldnt find my location.

  57. loki says:

    Wololo a simple “do not update firmware” would help

  58. OMightyBuggy says:

    I just bought Monster Hunter Unite (USA) and it seems that the “Download” option doesn’t work? I just want to know if the server is gone or was this a bug?

    • thorwak says:

      This is off topic really so I won’t be offended if my comment is deleted, but since there may be some general interest: I also bought MHFU (from EU PSN) and in-game downloading missions etc works fine for me. Running PSV FW 1.61.

      Make sure your wifi is working for browsing and it should work in US version too AFAIK.

  59. oxMUDxo says:

    So with this update is there still work going on with game exploits or should I just bite the dust and update.
    Or are there more game hacks on the way?

    Really wanted to get Mortal Kombat 9. :/

    Thanks Wololo!

  60. tron209 says:

    all you hackers need to stop. you guys already messed up psp for legit playerz. leave the vita alone. so everyone can finally enjoy a system without people with no gaming skills hacking jus to get a kill or to cheap to buy games. jus wait for vita to update for ps1 games and more psp games. if you want to mod or hack then go mod a DlLDO that fits you.

  61. Romin Khan says:

    My ps vita’s left shoulder button doesn’t work half the time.. does anyone have this issue?

  62. Marco g says:

    even if i use skfu’s vita pr0xy, when i try to enter in the psn it says to me that i must update.. why..?

  63. I won’t be updating the OFW, I’ve already got enough games for it (I’ve got Vita games like Unit 13, Ninja Gaiden and Rayman, and I’m catching up on the PSP Persona games) and I’ll be happy my Vita is ‘feature complete’ when I get my GBA and C64 emulation going on the new VHBL version, I’m still running the initial release and installing it all again will be a good day’s work for non hacker types like me he he.. oh hey wololo do you have a newer version coming in the next few weeks? If so I’ll hold off updating and do it all fresh when it drops

  64. OMightyBuggy says:

    1.67 is out now, I see no changes so far.

  65. dimy93 says:

    Contact Sony’s crew on any issues with the FW- they cannot help you if U don’t point them the problem

  66. dimy93 says:

    For many years the big software projects proved to be untestable and rely on bug reports from the users…
    It’s quite normal process U know…
    Even HBL uses user feedback..

  67. wololo says:

    Haha, yeah, I of course meant Trusted 😀
    “Rusted”… nice 😛

  68. fate6 says:

    good luck with your research

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