Best PSP/Vita homebrews for March 2012

Here are the 10 most popular homebrews as voted by you in March 2012. The “VHBL effect” is clearly here, with a good share of the top homebrews this month being compatible with VHBL on the PS Vita. Enjoy!

10. Bookr (compatible PSP/Vita)

The PDF Reader for the PSP has been one of the favorite homebrews on the PSP for years, and keeps going strong. The PSP and Vita both lack PDF reading features, and this homebrew is here to fill the void on both consoles.

Download Bookr here.

9. Cave Story (Compatible PSP/Vita)

The old school platformer with some RPG elements is still one of people’s favorites.

Works on the vita too!

Download Cave Story here

8. Kingdom Of War PSP

Unlimited X gave a boost to Kingdom of War recently, with an udate to both the game and his servers. Kingdom of War is a MMORPG for the PSP, entirely free!

Download Kingdom of War here

7. Lamecraft (compatible PSP/Vita)

Since it was released in 2011, Lamecraft, a great Minecraft clone, has never lost its popularity. Its creator Drakon updated it 5 days ago to make it compatible with VHBL on the PS Vita!

Download Lamecraft here

6. Open CMA

Still need to introduce this? Open CMA is Virtuous Flame’s tool that allows you to copy files from and to your vita without the need to be connected to the internet.

download Open CMA here

5. Pro CFW

The open source Custom Firmware is still growing strong, progressively replacing older Custom Firmwares on everybody’s PSP.

download Pro CFW here

4. Sce Live Area

A Shell that aims at reproducing the Vita menu on your PSP.

I for one am wondering why anybody would want to do that (I largely prefer the PSP XMB), but hey, I won’t judge :)

Download Sce Live Area here


3. Med PSP, PSP Medical Doctor

I’m confused at the recent popularity of a homebrew that has been around for years, but maybe that’s me being sick somehow. Let’s diagnose this…

PSP Medical Doctor is not a game but an actual tool, a database of symptoms and diseases. Enter your symptoms, and find your disease… Of course, the results are to take with a grain of salt! Supports several languages, and hosts a database with thousands of diseases.

Download Med PSP here

2. Snes9xTYL (Compatible PSP/Vita)

The most stable and fastest Super NES emulator on the PSP, also works on the Vita with VHBL. ’nuff said?

Download Snes9xTYL here (This version is recommended for VHBL)

1. Adventure Game Studio

JJS’s port of this point-and-click-adventure-games engine was updated recently to support more games. Adventure Game Studio allows you to play gems such as Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth (an project – pictured below – to revive the old Indiana Jones series of games) or Gemini Rue. Lots of AGS games are free, and those that are not are extremely affordable.

Download Adventure Game Studio here

We have many more cool homebrews on /downloads, feel free to add yours and to rate your favorite ones!

Also be sure to check the best homebrews for February and January!

  1. Iono’s avatar

    Dude, jokes over now…


  2. M3rror’s avatar

    I was wondering something, but it’s kinda off topic. So I get the VHBL is a PSP emulator exploit and not a Vita one. It shows the Vita emulating any PSP software, as evident it can run the snes emulator, so this must mean it has a built-in PSP firmware. My question is, can the PSP emulator on the Vita read PlayStation Store downloaded games? My question specifically pretains to being able to play Phantasy Star Portable 2 that was purchased off the PlayStation Store. I’m leaning towards a “no” though because I don’t think the PSP emulator on the Vita contains SEN account data for the game to verify the account owner.

    *Note: I am against piracy, but I am greatly disappointed Sony neglected to put big PSP titles on the Vita, especially those that are on the PlayStation Store.


  3. Kevin M’s avatar

    This was posted a day into the future :O Greetings from the past where I’m still getting RickRoll’d.


  4. TransX2’s avatar

    SNES9XTYL makes me wish I got one of the exploit games to use VHBL… :/


    1. TransX2’s avatar

      Also, XMB for the Vita would be a great idea.I perfer the XMB too. :P


  5. Shawn’s avatar

    Any possibility of bringing Flash support to Vita?


  6. zzj’s avatar

    Hello wololo ,can you creat the vhbl of METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER?


  7. whackm’s avatar

    Hello all, just a quick update the Atari 800 Emulator also runs fine under VHBL…


  8. Maikelix’s avatar

    the reader is not working, all the time wired letters



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