Best PSP/Vita homebrews for March 2012


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9 Responses

  1. Iono says:

    Dude, jokes over now…

  2. M3rror says:

    I was wondering something, but it’s kinda off topic. So I get the VHBL is a PSP emulator exploit and not a Vita one. It shows the Vita emulating any PSP software, as evident it can run the snes emulator, so this must mean it has a built-in PSP firmware. My question is, can the PSP emulator on the Vita read PlayStation Store downloaded games? My question specifically pretains to being able to play Phantasy Star Portable 2 that was purchased off the PlayStation Store. I’m leaning towards a “no” though because I don’t think the PSP emulator on the Vita contains SEN account data for the game to verify the account owner.

    *Note: I am against piracy, but I am greatly disappointed Sony neglected to put big PSP titles on the Vita, especially those that are on the PlayStation Store.

  3. Kevin M says:

    This was posted a day into the future :O Greetings from the past where I’m still getting RickRoll’d.

  4. TransX2 says:

    SNES9XTYL makes me wish I got one of the exploit games to use VHBL… :/

  5. Shawn says:

    Any possibility of bringing Flash support to Vita?

  6. zzj says:

    Hello wololo ,can you creat the vhbl of METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER?

  7. whackm says:

    Hello all, just a quick update the Atari 800 Emulator also runs fine under VHBL…

  8. Maikelix says:

    the reader is not working, all the time wired letters

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