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  1. Kenny says:

    Wether or not this is an April Fool’s. I wish you luck with the future and i hope development continues on Wagic.

  2. Namana says:

    Happy april fools day!

    Nice Trolowololo!

  3. Lindo says:

    i´m fall, cuz i´m one april fool.

  4. cscash241 says:

    I didnt even notice it was april fools day untill I saw this

  5. TrE says:


  6. kv says:

    Hello! wololo! as a’ve trusted you all the players to see you today, formal exit. i am sorry, but today the messages 4.1日. i don’t think the news is a lie. we trust you. all your news was really, thank you! wololo! thank you for the big players bring joy! this deeply appreciate! chinese friends ” “ling”

  7. dboyz says:

    seems legit since he said gudbye to “PSP” scene…not vita (hopefuly) =)

  8. Flyer says:

    Eew, I was ready to write sentimental thanking post . Lulz .
    Happy fools day, wololo 😉

  9. Darkside says:

    Wololo announces Game for Exploit
    > Sony takes it down

    Plz repeat posting Games until PS Store is empty!

  10. delta191 says:

    lol, kinda reminded me of Dark Alex saying bye bye……oh no! then read the April Fool comments…..

    Had me going, you little tinker lol

  11. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    hahahhahaha that was nice !


    very clever!

  12. DigiTak says:

    JK Happy April 1st wololo

  13. R.A.V.S.O says:

    And now for a special KH quote….

    You play the game quite well XD

  14. razor says:

    what the heck?….who will help us now?…. (o o) Nooooooo!!!!… My vita aint hack yet.

  15. Marc says:

    better to fool us with this than some putting out false vita hacks!

    good work Wololo and as always THANKS!!

  16. jisé ash says:

    Tu m’as eu pendant 40 sec, c’est-à-dire jusqu’à ce que je regarde la date de parution. 🙂

  17. OMightyBuggy says:

    Apirl 1st

  18. th3pwnsh0p says:

    I noticed F O O L after the first paragraph 😉

  19. CRXSZC says:

    Almost got me there hahaha

  20. jecko says:

    What a bad aprifool :P. I just visited your blog today, because i wanted to know whicht kind of joke you wanna post 😀

  21. tbag says:

    Nice I knew you would come up with something. here’s my contribution.

  22. K says:

    I eat that lol

    I am watching this blog and forums from the outside and never thought maybe its necessary to post anything I am just a reader you know…

    when I first read that I was like dayum cant be, without wololo my ps vita and scene going to suck dayum I just felt it was too early…

    I sure do know we will miss you wololo, fortunately I realized it was the aprils fools joke after read the first comment…

    thank you for been here wololo like I said I cant think about a ps community without you!

  23. Honzis says:

    First I was like “Goodbye then,” but then I noticed the date. Well played, wololo. (Well, if you meant it seriously, that would be the biggest April Fool ever. o_0)

  24. Ross31192 says:

    Dude you got me lol it would be over if you left.

  25. TheGuardian says:

    I hate you wololo, I hate you! I thought it was for real, damm it, you really got me. I was real afraid you truly left and then I started to think in all the work you did for all of us. I was remembering following your blog, reading your posts, the news and the offers, ahh yes the offers I was not able to pay for… he he he.

    Then I remembered the day I got HBL for the first time, it felt like losing my virginity to you, oh wololo and now you were saying you are leaving me? with no reason at all? I was thinking about it, that HBL was the reason I felt in love with you, thinking that I should have done more for the scene rather than playing lamecraft or jelly car.

    I was getting ready, ready to face life without you for now on, I took two cans of beer and some cigarettes and started to read the comments, you knoe to see the reaction in your followers that like me had their psp hacked and looked for news and exploits.

    It was then that I saw it, the reason I hate you now. What the heck? April Fools? I totally forgot… Hate you Wololo, HATE YOU!!!!

    🙂 by the way nice work on the vita.

  26. Viral_Weaponry says:

    im god…

  27. Sam says:

    @TheGuardian: That’s pretty *** man, just sayin.

    @Wololo: You are a genius sir. Truly in-tune with the ways of the Internet.

  28. Reine says:

    🙂 LOL

  29. xcanox says:

    I see what you did there.

  30. SirPsp says:

    lol, I noticed the bold letters before even reading the title. Made it too noticeable.

  31. LOLZA says:

    and you people actually thought he was really gonna leave. Nice 1 wololo.

  32. The Grue says:

    Yes, yes april fools and all that but I would’ve understood if this was real. The PSP scene is probably the most vitriolic, aggressive monument to fandumb ever.

  33. SINCaliber says:


    Heard that too many times from Dissidia. >_<

  34. Mitoraw says:

    Haha nice one wololo

  35. a says:

    after all, thanks for your work.

  36. ??? says:

    I thought he really is leaving I don’t recognize the FOOLS and then I saw the comments

  37. Cercata says:

    I believed it. I was going to write some thing like “Best Endeavours for your new hobbies and that I was sad of loosing you”.

    I’m very glad it’s an Aprils Fool 🙂

  38. “Next year, I’ll try something less obvious I guess :p”
    I look forward to you continuing to be active year after year. 😀
    Never quit blogging wololo! i love your posts. 🙂

  39. wololo says:

    happy fakero fools

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