Release: SKFU’s Vita pr0xy


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12 Responses

  1. Kade

    That’s quite useful for a bad download speed by wifi.

  2. vita

    is it possible to replace the url of a psn download, to make the vita load a vhbl game like motorstorm?

  3. Ricardo

    Any change for a Mac OS version?

  4. Chwey

    Awesome! Putting a Last Requested URL in Firefox worked 🙂

  5. keane

    Still no idea what this does, protect your ip adress, url replacement??? if you could help me understand that would be good. 😀

  6. dominic98

    can I download demo using pc to psvita using dis? coz i dont have wifi..

  7. mizz

    very good with doing stuff with the iphone ,ipod new to the ps vita could u help i downloaded it and ran it but nothing special happen